Fannie TEMPLE was born in 1875 in IA.7217 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Codington Co., SD.7217 Enumerated with her grandparents. Parents: TEMPLE-140828 and WALKER-140829.

Fannie TEMPLE was born in 1878 in KS.4794 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Sheridan, Cherokee, KS.4794 Parents: George TEMPLE-134279 and Margaret -148120.

Fannie TEMPLE was born in 1879 in NC.52333 She lived in Danville Co., VA in 1911.52333

Spouse: Robert Fletcher LEE-167516. Fannie TEMPLE and Robert Fletcher LEE were married.

Fannie TEMPLE16882 was born on 19 February 1886 in Hutchinson, Reno, KS.12329,95329,95330 She died on 2 March 1886 at the age of 0 in Pratt, Pratt, KS.95329 Buried in Saratoga Cemetery, Pratt, KS. Died in infancy. Parents: James Albert TEMPLE-28065 and Catherine Jane (Catherine) REA-28083.

Fannie TEMPLE was born on 10 March 1886.95331 She died on 9 July 1964 at the age of 78 in Smith Co., TN.95331 Buried in Gordonsville Cemetery, Gordonsville, Smith, TN. She may have been the Fannie Temple who married Robert Earwood.

Spouse: ORANGE-146470.

Fannie TEMPLE was born in March 1893 in Pine Bluff, Jefferson, AR.95332 She died on 6 January 1975 at the age of 81 in Little Rock, Pulaski, AR.95332 Buried in Campbells Cemetery, Hensley, AR. Parents: Thomas (Tom) TEMPLE-184904 and Fannie BROCK-184905.

Spouse: WALKER-185416.

Fannie TEMPLE was born on 12 March 1894.95333 She lived in AL in 1966.95333 She died in December 1975 at the age of 81 in Bessemer, Jefferson, AL.95333 Temple may not be her maiden name.

Fannie TEMPLE was born in 1895 in KY.8108,95334 In April 1910 she was a servant in Lockport, Henry, KY.95334 Serving in the home of John L. and Sallie A. Williams, of no known relation. Her parents were both from KY in 1910. Her surname is uncertain, and may possibly be something other than Temple.

Fannie TEMPLE24892 was born on 18 September 1896 in Middleton Creek, Franklin, MS.24894,95335 Year given in the 1900 census was 1895. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Franklin Co., MS.24894 She died on 4 August 1987 at the age of 90 in Meadville, Franklin, MS.8511,95335,95336 Buried in Middleton Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery. Parents: Thomas Roland (Tom\T.R.\Tone) TEMPLE-20349 and Catherine Evelyn (Evie) CORBAN-20466.

Spouse: Gordie Eugene COTHREN-20595. Fannie TEMPLE and Gordie Eugene COTHREN were married on 11 February 1917 in Franklin Co., MS.25211 Children were: Jewell Edward COTHREN-82319, Juanita COTHREN-82320, Geneva COTHREN-104221, Charles Maurice COTHREN-82321.

Fannie TEMPLE was born on 27 June 1917 in Manhattan, New York, NY.95337

Fannie TEMPLE was born before 1922. She lived in PA in 1965.3663 Parents: Reverend F. Eugene TEMPLE-125088 and Lula MONDAY-125090.

Spouse: SNYDER-125102.

Fannie A. TEMPLE30515 was born before 1850 in AL.30516

Spouse: George Willie DUNCAN-149510. Fannie A. TEMPLE and George Willie DUNCAN were married before 1869. Children were: John Alexander DUNCAN-149511, Annie Ladelle DUNCAN-149512.

Fannie Alice TEMPLE95338 was born on 15 September 1856 in Northborough, Worcester, MA.23,30693,43050,95339 She appeared in the census in July 1860 in Northborough, Worcester, MA.95340 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Charlestown, Suffolk, MA.43050 Fannie died on 4 June 1932 at the age of 75 in Worcester, Worcester, MA.23 Buried in Howard Street Cemetery, Northborough, MA. In the Centennial History of Millbury, MA, she is incorrectly given as the third child of Silas and Olive Dunton. Her middle initial in 1860 was E. Parents: Seth F. TEMPLE-1244 and Abbie Francis (Abbie) WHITNEY-1733.

Spouse: Joseph Robbins (Joseph) DUNTON-17455. Fannie Alice TEMPLE and Joseph Robbins (Joseph) DUNTON were married on 31 January 1881 in Charlestown, Suffolk, MA.30694,30695

Fannie Alice TEMPLE65791,95341 was born on 29 April 1903 in Lyme, Grafton, NH.66546,66548,72784,95341 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Lyme, Grafton, NH.66548 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Lyme, Grafton, NH.66546 Fannie lived in FL in 1942.65791 She died. Parents: Leslie Joel TEMPLE-43105 and Amy Laura PUSHEE-48924.

Spouse: Alvin Anderson (Allie) WELLS Jr.-110594. Fannie Alice TEMPLE and Alvin Anderson (Allie) WELLS Jr. were married on 2 September 1922 in Lyme, Grafton, NH.72784 This was a first marriage for both.

Fannie B. TEMPLE95342 was born in 1859 in Queen Anne's Co., MD.27699,64341,64342 She appeared in the census in July 1860 in Queen Anne's Co., MD.64341 She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Caroline Co., MD.64342 Enumerated with her next door neighbors. Fannie appeared in the census in June 1880 in Queen Anne's Co., MD.27699 She died on 10 June 1944 at the age of 85 in Marydel, Caroline, MD.45752 Buried in Templeville Cemetery, Templeville, MD. Identification as the Fannie Temple who married William Wilson requires proof. She was Fannie B. Hummer when her brother James claimed she was his next of kin in 1918. Parents: James H. TEMPLE-31248 and Anna Rebecca (Annie) PEIRCE-30637.

Spouse: William WILSON-50762. Fannie B. TEMPLE and William WILSON were married on 14 November 1890 in Queen Anne's Co., MD.95342 Children were: Robert WILSON-50763.

Spouse: Lowell N. HUMMER-73187. Fannie B. TEMPLE and Lowell N. HUMMER were married before 1918.45751

Fannie Bell TEMPLE lived in FL in 1944.16641

Spouse: Cleo BRAXTON-167947. Fannie Bell TEMPLE and Cleo BRAXTON were married before 1944. Children were: Thomas Leo BRAXTON-167948.

Fannie C. TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Daniel A. MITCHELL-186044. Fannie C. TEMPLE and Daniel A. MITCHELL were married in December 1898 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.59102

Fannie Caroline TEMPLE (private).95343

Fannie Carolyn (Carryl) TEMPLE45219,62326 was born on 3 February 1879 in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.8655,31896,62324,62362 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.8655 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.31896 Fannie lived in Grants Pass, Josephine, OR in 1909.62347 She lived in Medford, Jackson, OR in 1924.95344 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Howard, Jackson, OR.62324 Fannie lived in Portland, Multnomah, OR in 1960.23 She died. Birth records for her daughter Ethel gives the middle name of both as Corryl. Parents: Marcus TEMPLE-2112 and Jane Amelia (Jennie) ALLEN-2665.

Spouse: SHAW-37272. Fannie Carolyn (Carryl) TEMPLE and SHAW were married in 1900.62324 The date assumes she gave an accurate birth year. They62324 were married before 1960.

Spouse: Louis OLIVER Sr.-37273. Fannie Carolyn (Carryl) TEMPLE and Louis OLIVER Sr. were married on 23 June 1909 in Grants Pass, Josephine, OR.62347 This was his second and her first marriage. Children were: Hazel Fannie OLIVER-64836, Louis Temple OLIVER-64837, Edith Velma OLIVER-64838, Ethel Corryl OLIVER-64839, Eva Lucy OLIVER-64840, Myrtle Aileen OLIVER-64841.

Fannie D. TEMPLE84579 was born on 1 August 1874 in Hammond, Piatt, IL.11422,38629 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Hammond, Piatt, IL.38629 She lived in Lovington, Moultrie, IL in 1928.38631 Fannie died. Also given as Annie in 1880. Parents: Leonard M. (Len\Lynn) TEMPLE-5422 and Mary C. (Mollie) GREEN-5605.

Spouse: Knowles B. EVANS-19553. Fannie D. TEMPLE and Knowles B. EVANS were married on 30 March 1893 in Piatt Co., IL.11422,32654,32655

Fannie E. TEMPLE died on 29 February 1904 in Bala Cynwyd, Montgomery, PA.95345 Buried in West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, PA. Temple may not be her maiden name. She might be the daughter of Clifford Walker and Emily (Rowley) Temple, based on timing and her location in Bala Cynwyd, PA.

Fannie E. TEMPLE was born in 1867 in CA.95346 In April 1910 she was a teacher in Oakland, Alameda, CA.95346 Enumerated with her brother Broderick and her aunt. She died. Unmarried in 1910. She may have died before Jan 1923 as she was not mentioned in her mother's obituary as a survivor. Parents: Rufus J. TEMPLE-3474 and Julia SWITZER-28894.

Fannie E. TEMPLE was born in 1869 in MA.23,65 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Somerville, Middlesex, MA.65 Parents: James S. TEMPLE-134203 and Ada S. -134204.

Fannie Emiline TEMPLE died on 28 July 1963 in Jefferson Co., TX.95347 Temple may not be hr maiden name.

Fannie Estella TEMPLE80454 was born on 19 December 1874 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.11510 She died on 17 August 1875 at the age of 0 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.23,11510 Buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery, Reading, MA. Parents: William Henry TEMPLE-6049 and Ruth Ann (Ruth) WELCH-19460.

Fannie Estelle TEMPLE64239 was born on 24 July 1874 in Hillsborough, Hillsborough, NH.1053,8555,17568 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Hillsborough, Hillsborough, NH.64241 She moved in Pittsfield, Berkshire, MA.12162 By 1900, she had had 1 child, which survived. Parents: Joel P. TEMPLE-5918 and Anna B. (Ann) PEASLEE-6204.

Spouse: Fred B. WELLS-19447. Fannie Estelle TEMPLE and Fred B. WELLS were married on 19 January 1896 in Stoddard, Cheshire, NH.323,10291,35289,95348 They323,10291,35289,95348 were divorced between June 1900 and 1905.12162 Children were: Fay O. WELLS-40433, WELLS-90301.

Spouse: Scott A. RICHARDSON-24627. Fannie Estelle TEMPLE and Scott A. RICHARDSON were married on 3 February 1906 in Henniker, Merrimack, NH.4513,12162 This was a second marriage for both.

Fannie Evon TEMPLE was born on 23 May 1919 in Kangeranaramiut Village, Dillingham, AK.1886,47961,95349 SSDI gave the date in 1918. She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Kangeranaramiut Village, Dillingham, AK.1886 She died in January 1993 at the age of 73 in Dillingham, Dillingham, AK.95349 Fannie Inuit.1886 Parents: Evon TEMPLE-151268 and Elena -151269.

Spouse: JONES-168997. Fannie Evon TEMPLE and JONES were married before July 1955.47961

Fannie F. TEMPLE31867 was born in December 1870 in Ireland.31868 She immigrated before 1885. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Evanston, Cook, IL.31868 Fannie was educated . Parents: William TEMPLE-130698 and Jeannette ELLIOTT-130699.

Spouse: SMILEY-130706.

Spouse: J.W. SHROEDER-130707. Fannie F. TEMPLE and J.W. SHROEDER were married in 1897.31868 Children were: Ethel S. SHROEDER-139323.

Fannie Forest (Fannie) TEMPLE33277,79806 was born on 6 February 1863 in Ottumwa, Wapello, IA.17281,33274,33275,33277,76589,76599 She appeared in the census in August 1870 in Chariton, Lucas, IA.76589 In June 1880 she was a school teacher in Creston, Union, IA.76599 Fannie lived in Burlington, Des Moines, IA between 1883 and 1886.33277 She lived in Kingman, Kingman, KS between 1886 and 1910.33277 They moved to Kingman, KS in Sep 1886. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Kingman, Kingman, KS.33275 Fannie lived in Little River, Rice, KS about June 1910.33277 They moved to Little River in about Jun 1910, but shortly thereafter moved to Wichita. She died on 12 January 1912 at the age of 48 in Wichita, Sedgwick, KS.33277 She died at home. Buried next to her father in Walnut Hill Cemetery, Wichita, KS. By 1900, she had had 8 children, all of whom survived. By 1912, she had had 10 children. Parents: Augustus Dodge TEMPLE-2289 and Julia Ann SWETT-2852.

Spouse: George R. FEAR-17852. Fannie Forest (Fannie) TEMPLE and George R. FEAR were married on 1 August 1883 in Fairfield, Jefferson, IA.33275,33276,33277 Children were: Herbert FEAR-83101, Augustus FEAR-83102, Ralph FEAR-83103, Horace B. FEAR-62807, George FEAR-83104, Frank FEAR-83105, Martha FEAR-83106, Charles FEAR-83107.

Fannie K. TEMPLE was born on 23 March 1895.95350 She died after 13 August 1957 at the age of 62.95350 Temple may not be her maiden name.

Fannie L. TEMPLE was born in 1866 in IN.80041 She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Jackson, Harrison, IN.80041 Parents: TEMPLE-141421 and UNKNOWN-141422.

Fannie Lee TEMPLE died on 7 December 1961 in Potter Co., TX.95351 Temple may not be her maiden name.

Fannie Louella (Fannie) TEMPLE was born on 22 December 1860 in Wilton, Hillsborough, NH.23,66272,66275,66276,95352 Her death certificate gave 21 Dec. She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Wilton, Hillsborough, NH.66275 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Wilton, Hillsborough, NH.66276 Fannie appeared in the census in June 1900 in Milford, Hillsborough, NH.66272 She died on 9 March 1934 at the age of 73 in Marlborough, Cheshire, NH.73653,95352 Died of senile dementia and epilepsy. Buried in Wash Street Cemetery, Milford, NH. By 1900, she had had 3 children, of whom 2 survived. Parents: George Thane (George) TEMPLE-1731 and Harriett A. (Hattie) PRINCE-34512.

Spouse: Henry E. SPALDING-66134. Fannie Louella (Fannie) TEMPLE and Henry E. SPALDING were married on 1 November 1900.73653 Children were: Harriet SPALDING-66135.

Spouse: Frank Z. SMITH-37182. Fannie Louella (Fannie) TEMPLE and Frank Z. SMITH were married on 7 June 1882 in Wilton, Hillsborough, NH.73654 Children were: Frederick Charles (Fred) SMITH-40434, Bertha Graziella SMITH-90297, Myrtle L. SMITH-40435.

Fannie Louise TEMPLE28458 was born on 28 March 1881 in Fulton, Whiteside, IL.28459 She died on 16 January 1935 at the age of 53 in Fulton, Whiteside, IL.28459 Buried in Fulton Township Cemetery, Fulton, IL. Her parents were both from Holland in 1910. By 1910, she had had 5 children, 3 of whom survived. Only one of those children was surnamed Decker, if the 1910 census is correct about the year of their marriage. She might have been Fanny Cherry Temple, or the wife of John Harry Morgan, though this seems unlikely.

She is probably the sister of Lizzie, daughter of Luitje Tempel and Grietje van der Hoek, who married Hiram Housenga the next year.

Spouse: Ed HOUSENGA-179501. Fannie Louise TEMPLE and Ed HOUSENGA were married on 2 May 1898 in Whiteside Co., IL.45047,45048

Spouse: John F. DECKER-179494. Fannie Louise TEMPLE and John F. DECKER were married in 1906 in IL. This was a second marriage for both. Children were: Folkert DECKER-179497.

Fannie M. TEMPLE27474 was born on 19 January 1850 in ME.27823 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Bangor, Penobscot, ME.27823 She died on 31 May 1933 at the age of 83 in Bangor, Penobscot, ME. Buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, Bangor, ME. By 1900, she had had 6 children, 5 of whom survived. Her parents were both from ME. In the 1860 census, only one Frances of Fannie Temple was enumerated with a birth year within 2 years of this person. That Frances Temple, daughter of Elbridge Jones and Isabel (Curtis) Temple is not the same person. No other candidates are known to exist.

Spouse: Thomas A. DAVIS-156427. Fannie M. TEMPLE and Thomas A. DAVIS were married. Children were: Harry C. DAVIS-156429, Cora A. DAVIS-156428, Edith M. DAVIS-156430, Gertrude L. DAVIS-156432, Grace E. DAVIS-156433, Ralph F. DAVIS-156431.

Fannie M. TEMPLE95353 was born on 14 June 1863 in Wilmington, Windham, VT.24288,24289,38101,95354 She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Wilmington, Windham, VT.38101 Enumerated twice. She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Bennington, Bennington, VT.95354 Enumerated in the household of Henry and Eliza Scott, of no known relationship. Fannie appeared in the census in June 1880 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.24288 She died. Middle initial in 1870 was L. Parents: Charles Amos (Charles) TEMPLE-2493 and Angenette (Janette) FOX-2970.

Spouse: P.M. HERLEHEY-19268. Fannie M. TEMPLE and P.M. HERLEHEY were married after 1880.

Fannie M. TEMPLE82066 was born on 18 September 1879 in Oakfield, Fond Du Lac, WI.1998,16962,39355,95355,95356,95357,95358,95359 Gave her age as 40 in 1920. Some Temple Pedigrees gave her birth year as 1875, which seems to fit, but she insisted on 1879. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Oakfield, Fond Du Lac, WI.16962 In June 1900 she was a servant in Fairfield, Sauk, WI.95358 Living in the household of Merton L. and Geta Porter, of no known relationship. In April 1910 Fannie was a laundress in Baraboo, Sauk, WI.95357 In January 1920 she was a laundress in Baraboo, Sauk, WI.95355 In April 1940 she was a laundress in Baraboo, Sauk, WI.95359 Fannie died on 17 March 1962 at the age of 82 in Baraboo, Sauk, WI.39355,95360,95361 Buried in Fairfield Cemetery, Fairfield, WI, between the Thomas and Norton families. Unmarried. Parents: Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon) TEMPLE-1180 and Louise Lucinda BRIGGS-1632.

Fannie Mae TEMPLE (private). Parents: Thurston Jerald (Thurston) TEMPLE-53386 and Fannie Ethel (Fannie) BEASON-63479.

Spouse: RUDD-63487.

Fannie Maie TEMPLE was born on 16 April 1905 in Burke Co., NC.43468,81041,83750,95362,95363,95364 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Icard, Burke, NC.81041 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Icard, Burke, NC.83750 In April 1930 Fannie was a high school teacher in Stanley, Gaston, NC.95362 She lived in Drexel, Burke, NC in 1957.85963 She died on 15 October 1999 at the age of 94 in Valdese, Burke, NC.95364,95365 Buried Burke Memorial Park, Morganton, NC. Parents: Beauregard Jefferson (Beauregard) TEMPLE-17045 and Cora Belle (Belle) WARLICK-17049.

Spouse: Bailos Earls COLLINS-29781. Fannie Maie TEMPLE and Bailos Earls COLLINS were married on 19 May 1934.23985

Fannie Marie TEMPLE was born on 15 November 1914 in Newland Twp., Pasquotank, NC.12506,17523,17525,48011,95366 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Newland Twp., Pasquotank, NC.12506 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Newland Twp., Pasquotank, NC.17525 Fannie appeared in the census in April 1940 in Newland Twp., Pasquotank, NC.48011 She died on 5 September 1986 at the age of 71.95366 Parents: William Edward (William) TEMPLE-35121 and Mary Elizabeth BROTHERS-40569.

Spouse: Everett JONES-100648. Fannie Marie TEMPLE and Everett JONES were married about 1934 in NC.48089 Children were: Carolyn JONES-100649, Mary Ann JONES-100650.

Fannie May TEMPLE was born about 15 August 1874 in Lewiston, Androscoggin, ME.4394 She died on 29 August 1874 at the age of 0 in Lewiston, Androscoggin, ME.4394,95367 Died ae 2 weeks. Buried in Riverside Cemetery, Lewiston, ME, Plot: 320. Parents: Ivory TEMPLE-2145 and Louise Gale -13700.

Fannie P. TEMPLE appeared in the census in June 1880 in Chester, Randolph, IL.4682 She was born in October 1880 in IL.4682,84294 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Bolivar, Polk, MO.84294 Fannie lived in Bolivar, Polk, MO in 1903.59749 She died. Parents: Joseph Marshall (Joe) TEMPLE Sr.-51863 and Frances Ada (Fannie) WITTUM-51864.

Spouse: John Harry MORGAN-69077. Fannie P. TEMPLE and John Harry MORGAN were married on 30 July 1903 in Rolla, Phelps, MO.609,18618,59749

Fannie T. TEMPLE16500 was born in 1832 in Prince George Co., VA.16489,38383 She appeared in the census in August 1850 in Prince George Co., VA.38383 She died. Parents: Frederick (Fred) TEMPLE-22425 and Elizabeth MALLORY-22437.

Spouse: Sterling G. BRANCH-22536. Fannie T. TEMPLE and Sterling G. BRANCH were married before 1862. Children were: Frances Mallory (Fannie) BRANCH-22492.

Fannin Olan TEMPLE died on 20 May 1954 in Andrews Co., TX.95368

Fannira TEMPLE18319 was born on 7 February 1768 in Westborough, Worcester, MA. Parents: Thomas TEMPLE Jr.-342 and Martha BREWER-335.

Fanny TEMPLE (private). Parents: John Calvin TEMPLE-5250 and UNKNOWN-59420.

Spouse: HOVER-19664.

Fanny TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Joseph B. BEMIS-137641. Children were: Lucy BEMIS-137642.

Fanny TEMPLE47889 died on 12 November 1960. Parents: Kerian TEMPLE-129508 and Hannah MOLES-129509.

Fanny TEMPLE was born in 1756 in "Ten Hills", Boston, Suffolk, MA.61088,61089 She died on 25 November 1775 at the age of 19 in Burlington, Middlesex, MA.61088,61089 May alternatively died in Woburn. Parents: Robert TEMPLE-4628 and Harriett SHIRLEY-4631.

Fanny TEMPLE was born on 6 November 1767 in NH.10879,50366,95369 The Boston Transcript gave only 1750-1760, and the place as MA. She moved before 1788 in NY.50367 She died in 1825 at the age of 58 in NY.95369 Buried in Factoryville Cemetery, Waverly, NY. Parents: William TEMPLE-76969 and UNKNOWN-76978.

Spouse: William KNAPP-76968. Fanny TEMPLE and William KNAPP were married in January 1788.50336,50367 Children were: William KNAPP Jr.-76970, Sylvester KNAPP-76971, Isaac KNAPP-76972, David KNAPP-76963, Fannie KNAPP-76973, Hiram KNAPP-76974, Martha KNAPP-76975, Jemima KNAPP-76976, Eleanor KNAPP-76977.