Ernest DAVIS was born on 15 January 1882 in OH.27515 His brother Richard, born in 1882 (according tot eh 1900 census) was born in KY and his sister, b 1884, was born in OH. He died on 24 August 1965 at the age of 83 in Gallipolis, Gallia, OH.27515 He may also have married Bessie Jane Saunders. Unless his first name was Richard, he did not appear with his parents in 1900. In 1920 and 1930, the only Ernest Davis with a wife named Lulu was in NY. Parents: Jacob DAVIS-153142 and Susan -153143.

Spouse: Lulu TEMPLE-153140.

Ernest Leroy DAVIS27516 was born on 26 July 1890 in Earl, Frontier, NE.27517,27518 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Earl, Frontier, NE.27517 He died. Parents: Josiah DAVIS-44034 and Eliza Jane (Eliza) TEMPLE-44025.

Esther DAVIS (private). Parents: Arlando Ellsworth DAVIS-17746 and Aurilla Mae (Rilla) TEMPLE-2019.

Ethelburt DAVIS was born on 25 August 1926 in Emporia, Lyon, KS.27519 She died on 26 January 1992 at the age of 65.27519 Parents: Albert Edwin DAVIS-67082 and Myrtle Ethel (Ethel) TEMPLE-657.

Eula DAVIS died before 2020 in Lake City, Columbia, FL.27520

Spouse: CC SHEPARD-180349. Eula DAVIS and CC SHEPARD were married before 1947. Children were: Martha Jane SHEPARD-141669.

Eva DAVIS (private).

Spouse: Homer THAYER-59834. Children were: Wallace Dickinson (Wallace) THAYER-59831.

Evelyn A. DAVIS (private).

Spouse: Hubert T. STONE-95726. Children were: Gladys Evelyn STONE-95725.

Everett O. DAVIS lived in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA in 1948.27521

Spouse: Viola May RUNNELLS-95872. Viola May RUNNELLS and Everett O. DAVIS were married on 9 May 1948 in Clark Co., NV.27521

Fielding DAVIS11082 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: David CRAWFORD-125817. Fielding DAVIS and David CRAWFORD were married before 1872. Children were: Ruby CRAWFORD-89917.

Spouse: Frank W. BALL-89926. Fielding DAVIS and Frank W. BALL were married after 1873. The date is approximate.

Flora B. DAVIS lived in Russellville, Pope, AR in 1907.27522 She died.

Spouse: John T. DEMPSEY-109856. Flora B. DAVIS and John T. DEMPSEY were married before December 1907. Children were: Alice Alfa (Alfie) DEMPSEY-109855.

Florence Dee DAVIS27523,27524 died.

Spouse: Edwin F. SHAKE-102944. Florence Dee DAVIS and Edwin F. SHAKE were married before 1920. Children were: Nondas I. SHAKE-52270.

Florence Gertrude DAVIS was born on 28 October 1904 in MN.27525,27526,27527 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Fergus Falls, Otter Tail, MN.27527 She lived in OH before 1962.27526 Florence died on 26 December 1988 at the age of 84 in Fergus Falls, Otter Tail, MN.27525,27526 Parents: Willard Abram (Willie) DAVIS-6891 and Gertrude Maud (Gertie Maude) TEMPLE-2447.

Frances Augusta DAVIS (private). Parents: John DAVIS-19564 and Alice TEMPLE-4657.

Frances M. DAVIS (private). Parents: James T. DAVIS-129643 and Margaret Jane TEMPLE-129642.

Frances Mae DAVIS27528,27529,27530 was born on 28 August 1910 in Craigsville, Augusta, VA.12540,12541 She lived in Petersburg, Dinwiddie, VA on 1 April 1935.12540 In April 1940 she was a seamstress for Works Progress Administration sewing room in Rives, Prince George, VA.12540 The census code for her marital status may indicate either she was separated or divorced while living with her parents. Frances lived 36 Bollinbrook Street - the Lee Hotel in Petersburg, Petersburg City, VA in October 1940.27531 She died on 15 April 1948 at the age of 37 in Petersburg, Dinwiddie, VA.27532,27533 Died of a gastric hemorrhage due to suicide by ingestion of tablets of bichloride mercury. Buried in Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg, VA, Plot: Ward MM, Section 13, Square 5b. Parents: Powell R. DAVIS-85252 and Annie BEARD-85253.

Spouse: Thomas Roy TEMPLE-50164. Frances Mae DAVIS and Thomas Roy TEMPLE were married before 1936.1006 Children were: Barbara Annice TEMPLE-82571, Thomas Randolph (Randolph) TEMPLE-82572, Richard Lee TEMPLE Sr.-82562.

Francine (Fran) DAVIS (private).27534

Spouse: STEVENS-92653.

Spouse: Bryan Vincent TEMPLE-92645. Children were: Brayli TEMPLE-92658.

Francis Merrill DAVIS8684,27535 was born in 1931 in Vero Beach, Indian River, FL.27535 Parents: William L. DAVIS-99073 and Ethel TAYLOR-99074.

Spouse: Virginia Ellen TEMPLE-22652. Virginia Ellen TEMPLE and Francis Merrill DAVIS were married on 7 November 1953 in Alexandria, Alexandria City, VA.27535 Children were: Debra Diane DAVIS-100605, Tina Ellen DAVIS-100606.

Francis Randolph DAVIS (private).

Spouse: Evelyn Kathryn CULLEN-99434. Children were: Amy Lou DAVIS-99430.

Frank F. DAVIS was born in 1886 in IN.2723 He died.

Spouse: Florence A. -92700. Florence A. and Frank F. DAVIS were married before 1912. Children were: Glenn Franklin DAVIS-85075.

Frank L. DAVIS27536 died.

Spouse: Agnes Viola TEMPLE-31233. Agnes Viola TEMPLE and Frank L. DAVIS were married before August 1939.27537 Children were: Frank L. DAVIS-104287.

Frank L. DAVIS was born on 26 May 1936 in Anderson, Madison, IN.27536 He died on 16 September 2002 at the age of 66.27536 Parents: Frank L. DAVIS-101301 and Agnes Viola TEMPLE-31233.

Franklin (Frank) DAVIS was born in May 1870 in IL.27411,27494 He appeared in the census in July 1870 in Decker, Richland, IL.27494 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Decker, Richland, IL.27411 Franklin died. Parents: Elijah DAVIS-51227 and Elmira B. FISHER-5286.

Fred Dawson DAVIS71 was born on 1 February 1925 in Fulton, Clarke, AL. Parents: William D. DAVIS-14895 and Lola Dell (Lola) HORTON-14516.

Fred L. DAVIS23099 died after 1972.

Spouse: Libbie Eppes (Libbie) TEMPLE-22330. Libbie Eppes (Libbie) TEMPLE and Fred L. DAVIS were married about 1922.

G.W. DAVIS lived in Wesson, Copiah, MS in 1909.27538

Spouse: UNKNOWN-179833. UNKNOWN and G.W. DAVIS were married before 1879. Children were: Luda DAVIS-179831.

Gardner DAVIS16978 was born on 1 March 1804 in Heath, Franklin, MA.23 He died. Parents: Elnathan DAVIS-46397 and Lucy PARTRIDGE-46398.

Spouse: Celina TEMPLE-20962. Celina TEMPLE and Gardner DAVIS were married on 4 April 1825 in West Boylston, Worcester, MA.16978,27539 Intention filed at Holden, 7 Jan 1825. Children were: Mary S. DAVIS-43166, George E. DAVIS-43193.

Gary DAVIS (private). Parents: Allen Harold DAVIS-22882 and Leona Gonzela TEMPLE-22878.

Geneva DAVIS was born on 4 November 1915.27540,27541 She died on 21 April 1958 at the age of 42 in Harrell, Calhoun, AR.27540,27541 Buried in Union Grove Cemetery, Hampton, AR. Parents: Pate DAVIS-131384.

Spouse: TEMPLE-131382.

Geneva DAVIS (private).

Spouse: Henry TEMPLE Jr.-139536.

George DAVIS27542 died.

Spouse: Emma JEWELL-116965. Emma JEWELL and George DAVIS were married before 1877. Children were: Sam J. DAVIS-116962.

George DAVIS (private).27543 Parents: George Harrison DAVIS-62902 and Thelma Louise TEMPLE-22072.

George DAVIS was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Alice TEMPLE-183476. Alice TEMPLE and George DAVIS were married on 24 June 1900 in Sunflower Co., MS.27544

George DAVIS was born in June 1865.27500 He died.

Spouse: Percilla Anne DYKE-124816. Percilla Anne DYKE and George DAVIS were married. Children were: Elsie Blanche DAVIS-124795.

George Allen DAVIS (private).20564 Parents: George Richard DAVIS-100894 and Elizabeth Francis POE-100895.

Spouse: Theresa Ann CAPPS-100890.

George Arthur DAVIS (private). Parents: Jesse Byron DAVIS-70931 and Daisy Elizabeth TEMPLE-70921.

George E. DAVIS died on 6 August 1835 in West Boylston, Worcester, MA.23 Parents: Gardner DAVIS-20965 and Celina TEMPLE-20962.

George Harrison DAVIS27545 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Thelma Louise TEMPLE-22072. Thelma Louise TEMPLE and George Harrison DAVIS were married in 1942.27543 Children were: Robert DAVIS-125531, Michael DAVIS-125532, George DAVIS-125533, Patricia DAVIS-125534.

George Richard DAVIS (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth Francis POE-100895. Children were: George Allen DAVIS-100893.

George W. DAVIS died.27546

Spouse: Martha ARNOLD-106961. Martha ARNOLD and George W. DAVIS were married before 1886. Children were: Rose Estelle DAVIS-40055.

George W. DAVIS was born on 8 October 1841.5626 He died on 7 June 1929 at the age of 87 in Copiah Co., MS.5626 Buried in Wesson Cemetery, Crystal Springs, Copiah, MS.

Spouse: Mary E. -30801. Mary E. and George W. DAVIS were married. Children were: Lucy Belle (Lula) DAVIS-18962.

Georgeanna DAVIS (private).

Spouse: Charles REED-114327. Children were: Margaret V. (Maggie) REED-114325.

Gertrude DAVIS was born on 18 September 1883 in Hoopeston, Vermilion, IL.27517,27547,27548 She claimed Williams Co., OH, in her SSAN application. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Earl, Frontier, NE.27517 She died on 18 July 1977 at the age of 93.27547 Parents: Josiah DAVIS-44034 and Eliza Jane (Eliza) TEMPLE-44025.

Gertrude (Trudy) DAVIS1248 was born on 28 November 1905 in Morrow Co., OH. She died on 19 August 1997 at the age of 91 in Evanston, Cook, IL. Parents: Marshall Bertrand DAVIS-95406 and Minerva (Minnie) ALBRIGHT-95407.

Spouse: Charles Bernard (Buddy) BRANAMAN-95397. Gertrude (Trudy) DAVIS and Charles Bernard (Buddy) BRANAMAN were married in March 1937 in Mt. Gilead, Morrow, OH. Children were: Judith Joy BRANAMAN-95393.

Gertrude L. DAVIS was born in May 1885 in ME.27549 Parents: Thomas A. DAVIS-156427 and Fannie M. TEMPLE-156426.

Gertrude Martha DAVIS27550 was born on 18 December 1891 in AR.27551,27552,27553,27554 Gave 1894 in the 1920 census and 1895 in 1940. She lived in Leola, Grant, AR in 1918.27555 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Benton, Saline, AR.27552 In April 1930 Gertrude was a telephone operator in Cotter, Baxter, AR.27551 She lived in Cotter, Baxter, AR on 1 April 1935.27553 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Little Rock, Pulaski, AR.27553 Gertrude lived Route # 2 in North Little Rock, Pulaski, AR in October 1940.27556 She died after 7 February 1957 at the age of 65.27554 Her parents were from TN (father) and AL (mother) in 1920 and 1930. She may have been enumerated in Warren, AR, in 1930.

Spouse: Edward Benjamin (Ben) TEMPLE-26407. Gertrude Martha DAVIS and Edward Benjamin (Ben) TEMPLE were married in 1914 in AR.27551,27557 Children were: TEMPLE-80108, Edward Burke (Burk) TEMPLE-41726, Lou Jean (Jean) TEMPLE-41727.

Gilbert Ardis DAVIS27558 was born on 11 February 1917 in Eliasville, Young, TX.9638 He died on 19 April 1996 at the age of 79 in Corpus Christi, Nueces, TX.9638 Buried in Seaside Memorial Park, Corpus Christi, TX. Parents: DAVIS-114517 and Modena ARDIS-114518.

Spouse: Valda HORTON-114496. Valda HORTON and Gilbert Ardis DAVIS were married.

Gladys Marjorie DAVIS (private). Parents: Albert Edwin DAVIS-67082 and Myrtle Ethel (Ethel) TEMPLE-657.

Glenda L. DAVIS was born on 5 May 1934 in Jefferson Co., KY.27559 She died before 1940 at the age of 6. Death assumed due to absence in the 1940 census. Parents: Glenn Franklin DAVIS-85075 and Alva Lee TEMPLE-56585.

Glenn Franklin DAVIS27559,27560 was born in 1912 in KY.2723 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.2723 He died. Parents: Frank F. DAVIS-92699 and Florence A. -92700.

Spouse: Alva Lee TEMPLE-56585. Alva Lee TEMPLE and Glenn Franklin DAVIS were married on 30 September 1933 in Clark Co., TN.27560 Children were: Glenda L. DAVIS-92698.

Gordon Lamar DAVIS (private).

Spouse: Paula Sue TEMPLE-174854.