Levi BROWN7416 was born on 6 August 1780 in New Ipswich, Hillsborough, NH.15010 He died on 10 September 1840 at the age of 60.15010 Existence derived from will of Sibbyl Temple, signed 28 Jan 1822 and received for probate 30 Nov 1822. Parents: Josiah BROWN-30775 and Sarah WRIGHT-30776.

Spouse: Elizabeth (Betsey) TEMPLE-16641. Elizabeth (Betsey) TEMPLE and Levi BROWN were married on 15 May 1803 in Walpole, Cheshire, NH.7416,15011 Children were: Eliza BROWN-16646, Lewissa BROWN-16647, Betsey BROWN-47620.

Lewissa BROWN (private). Parents: Levi BROWN-16642 and Elizabeth (Betsey) TEMPLE-16641.

Lillian BROWN (private). Parents: Henry Madison BROWN-82742 and Daisy Lillian TEMPLE-82741.

Lillie D. BROWN was born on 18 October 1857 in KY.3849,15012 In 1920 she was a seamstress in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.15012 She died on 26 March 1920 at the age of 62 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.3849,15012 Buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Louisville, KY. Her relationship to Logan and Sarah (Sample) Brown is from the information supplied on her death certificate. The problem is, Logan and Sarah do not appear to have had a daughter named Lillie. Logan was born in 1806, and Sarah in 1815, and were living in living in Shelby Co., KY in 1850. In 1860, they were in Larue Co., KY. In 1860, no one under the age of 12 was living with them. The 12 year old was E. L. Brown, but in 1850, she was Lucinda.

As far as being a Temple, she was not found under the known parameters in 1900 or 1910. Parents: Logan BROWN-137588 and Sarah W. SAMPLE-137589.

Spouse: TEMPLE-137587. Lillie D. BROWN and TEMPLE were married.

Linda Lou BROWN (private).10669

Spouse: Brian Carl BASFORD-74023. Children were: Donna Rae BASFORD-52822.

Linnie BROWN (private).

Spouse: Tom PAGE-163664. Children were: Tillar Viola PAGE-163640.

Liston W. BROWN15013 was born in March 1844 in NH.14915 He died before 1910 at the age of 66.

Spouse: Maria Melissa (Mary) TEMPLE-1779. Maria Melissa (Mary) TEMPLE and Liston W. BROWN were married before 1880 in Albion, Boone, NE.15013 Children were: Wilford R. BROWN-34901, Roy N. BROWN-34902, Harry J. BROWN-34903.

Lizzie BROWN (private). Parents: Amsey BROWN-69515 and Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) TEMPLE-42219.

Lizzie BROWN15014 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Floyd TEMPLE-110609. Lizzie BROWN and Floyd TEMPLE were married on 15 June 1893 in St. Joseph Co., IN.15014

Lizzie BROWN15015 was born in 1842 in ME.15016 She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Lynn, Essex, MA.15016 She died. Identification of Lizzie Brown as the daughter of Cyrus and Mary H. Brown is based on her daughter Rose's presence with them in 1870, so it requires proof. Parents: Cyrus BROWN-54306 and Mary H. -54307.

Spouse: Charles W. TEMPLE-3471. Lizzie BROWN and Charles W. TEMPLE were married on 23 July 1861 in Freedom, Waldo, ME.6286,15017,15018,15019 Intention filed in Knox, ME 15 Jul 1861. Children were: Ada A. TEMPLE-51431, Rose M. TEMPLE-51432, Lizzie Mabel (Lizzie) TEMPLE-13549.

Logan BROWN (private).

Spouse: Sarah W. SAMPLE-137589. Children were: Lillie D. BROWN-111694.

Lois Virginia BROWN (private).7507 Parents: Frederick W. BROWN-43828 and Eva BATOURNEY-43829.

Spouse: Arthur Eugene TEMPLE Jr.-37531. Children were: Brian Christopher TEMPLE-43830, Sherri Ann TEMPLE-43831.

Lolita BROWN (private).

Spouse: Michael Anthony TEMPLE-25617.

Loretta Louise BROWN (private). Parents: Walter Henry BROWN-10790 and Nancy WINBERG-10791.

Lorna E. BROWN (private).7220

Spouse: William L. TEMPLE-130236.

Lottie E. BROWN12875,12886 died.

Spouse: Jacob Sampson BODIE-66873. Lottie E. BROWN and Jacob Sampson BODIE were married before 1909.12886 Children were: Grace Verona BODIE-56805, Ersa (Esrie) BODIE-45139.

Louis BROWN was born in 1903 in LA.14764 He appeared in the census in May 1910 in Ascension Parish, LA.14764 He died. Parents: Clifton W. BROWN-35319 and Caroline Ann (Carrie) TEMPLE-35308.

Louis Trent BROWN III (private).1111

Spouse: Angela Marie TEMPLES-78552. Children were: Dylan Alexander Trent BROWN-78559, Olivia Rae BROWN-78560.

Lucy BROWN (private).

Spouse: Joel BALCOM-24031. Children were: Cortes BALCOM-21070.

Lucy BROWN15020 was born about 1798/9 in Ashby, Middlesex, MA.419,8748,15021 She appeared in the census in 1850 in Montville, Waldo, ME.15021 Enumerated living with her son Josiah. She died on 25 February 1852 at the age of 53 in Knox, Waldo, ME.22,419,8748 Buried in East Knox (Union) Cemetery, Knox Center, ME. Lucy has reference number RLT # 1011W.1009 Parents: Joab BROWN-46628 and Elizabeth INGRAHAM-46629.

Spouse: Levi TEMPLE Jr.-1109. Lucy BROWN and Levi TEMPLE Jr. were married on 18 July 1811 in Thomaston, Knox, ME.8748,15020 Children were: Lucy W. TEMPLE-3464, Rachel TEMPLE-13093, Joab Brown (Joe) TEMPLE-13095, Joseph TEMPLE-13094, Levi TEMPLE III-3463, Christianna TEMPLE-3495, Josiah F. TEMPLE-3465, Elizabeth TEMPLE-3466, Rosamond P. TEMPLE-30498, Sarah J. TEMPLE-3467.

Lula E. BROWN15022 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Henry E. TEMPLE-153289. Lula E. BROWN and Henry E. TEMPLE were married on 13 September 1886 in Clark Co., IN.15022

Lula Louise (Lula) BROWN15023 was born on 16 March 1871 in West Halifax, Windham, VT.15023,15024,15025,15026 She was adopted before 1880.15025 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Heath, Franklin, MA.15025 Lula appeared in the census in June 1900 in Shelburne, Franklin, MA.15026 Enumerated with her father. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Shelburne, Franklin, MA.15024 She died on 28 June 1922 at the age of 51 in Greenfield, Franklin, MA.15027 Buried in Arms Cemetery, Shelburne, MA. Lula was also known as Lula Louise Temple.15027 Buried in Arms Cemetery, Shelburne, MA. She was also known as Lura Temple.15027 Buried in Arms Cemetery, Shelburne, MA. By 1910, she had had 3 children, all of whom survived. Parents: Amos TEMPLE-1751 and Ann Eliza (Ann) GOULD-17458. Parents: George Russell BROWN-39106 and Susan ROBERTS-39107.

Spouse: Frederick Bradley (Fred) HUTCHINS-17701. Lula Louise (Lula) BROWN and Frederick Bradley (Fred) HUTCHINS were married on 16 September 1900 in Shelburne, Franklin, MA.22,15028 Children were: Osburne A. HUTCHINS-48622, Olive Glenwood HUTCHINS-48623, Elliot Clarke HUTCHINS-32090, Helen Louise HUTCHINS-32089.

Lydia Ann BROWN15029 was born in 1828 in MD.15030,15031,15032 Gave 1828 in 1870 and 1880, but gave 1835 in 1860. She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Waldo, Alachua, FL.15031 She appeared in the census in 1870 in Wilmington, New Castle, DE.15030 Lydia appeared in the census in June 1880 in Wilmington, New Castle, DE.15032 She died. Surname may be Woodrow. Enumerated with them in 1860 was James Woodrow, who might be her brother. Her parents were both from MD.

Spouse: Samuel Clemens (Samuel) TEMPLE-23994. Lydia Ann BROWN and Samuel Clemens (Samuel) TEMPLE were married before 1859 in VA. Children were: Anna A. (Annie) TEMPLE-29705, William Bayard (William) TEMPLE Sr.-29706.

Lynn Nora BROWN (private).

Spouse: William Gilbert EVANS-55411. Children were: Annie Virginia EVANS-51458.

Maggie Mae BROWN4907 was born on 10 October 1914 in Grandview, Johnson, TX.15033 She died on 30 November 2001 at the age of 87.15033 Parents: Elijah Lancaster (Lige) BROWN-18922 and Susan Elizabeth TEMPLE-18917.

Marcella Dean (Marcella) BROWN14945,15034 was born on 9 May 1827 in Giles Co., TN.15035,15036,15037,15038 She claimed TN in the 1860 and 1870. She was Baptist in 1856 in Jackson Co., MO.15035 She was received at a Baptist Church in Jackson County by letter in July 1856. She moved about 1856 in Jackson Co., MO. Marcella appeared in the census in July 1860 in Sni-a-bar Twp., Jackson, MO.15039 She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Lee's Summit, Jackson, MO.15040 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Coldwater Twp., Cass, MO.15037 Marcella died on 29 March 1892 at the age of 64 in Jackson Co., MO.8162,15035,15041,15042 Buried in Brown Cemetery, Sni-A-Bar Township, MO, with her husband. Some sources put the date in 1898, but not the cemetery records. The confusion seems to stem from her estate settlement, since she died intestate, and the proceedings were dated in 1898. I found one report of cemetery records giving the date as 29 Mar 1898. The records of Jackson, MO, give her surname as Dean, but this is incorrect, as this was her original married name. Parents: James BROWN-36695 and Elizabeth Payne WEBB-36696.

Spouse: John H. DEAN-57694. Marcella Dean (Marcella) BROWN and John H. DEAN were married after 1870 in MO.8162

Spouse: John Smith TEMPLE-36693. Marcella Dean (Marcella) BROWN and John Smith TEMPLE were married on 7 November 1850 in Jackson Co., MO.1133,15043,15044 Children were: William T. TEMPLE-71200, Nancy Jane (Nancy) TEMPLE-37537, Francis E. TEMPLE-71201, Albert A. TEMPLE(S)-37538, Elizabeth J.A. TEMPLE-37539, Sarah Matilda (Sallie) TEMPLE-37543, John Smith (John) TEMPLE Jr.-37544.

Margaret BROWN15045 was born in 1820. She died in 1880 at the age of 60. Parents: William Albert (William) BROWN-30594 and Sarah TEMPLE-30593.

Margaret BROWN was born on 27 November 1898 in MS.15046,15047 She lived 3612 Bellwood Drive in Nashville, Davidson, TN in 1958.15048 She an applicant for a veteran's headstone for her husband in November 1958 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.15048 Margaret lived in Nashville, Davidson, TN in 1977.15049 She died on 5 March 1988 at the age of 89 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.15046,15047 Her parents were both from MS.

Spouse: Thomas Hudson (Tom) TEMPLE-34718. Margaret BROWN and Thomas Hudson (Tom) TEMPLE were married before 1958.

Margaret A. BROWN (private).

Spouse: Ralph E. TEMPLE-151404.

Margaret A. BROWN was born in 1780 in GA.3671,5833 She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Hart Co., GA.3671,5833

Spouse: John T. TEMPLE(S)-35230. Margaret A. BROWN and John T. TEMPLE(S) were married on 5 April 1842 in Franklin Co., GA.5833,7921,15050

Margaret Ann BROWN was born on 4 May 1914 in Duluth, St. Louis, MN.15051 She lived in MN before 1951.15052 She died on 2 September 1998 at the age of 84 in Hollywood, Broward, FL.15052 Parents: John BROWN-155378 and Anne GAVIN-155379.

Spouse: TEMPLE-155377.

Spouse: David Joseph ARKIN-149763.

Margaret Ann BROWN (private).15053 Parents: Melville Campbell BROWN-138082 and Laura TEMPLE-138081.

Margaret L. BROWN (private).

Spouse: Wiley Kemper WELLS Jr.-99157. Children were: Bonnie Michelle WELLS-81197.

Margaret Mary (Peggie) BROWN (private).

Spouse: Robert Owen MATHIS-58126. Children were: Robert Owen MATHIS Jr.-58380, Bryan Sabastian MATHIS-58381, Christopher Clayton MATHIS-58382.

Margaret P. BROWN was born on 17 June 1847 in OH.15054,15055,15056 The probate records give 1 June 1847. Gave her age as 28 in 1870. She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Franklin Twp., Mercer, OH.15055 She died on 9 November 1874 at the age of 27 in Franklin Twp., Mercer, OH.15054,15056 Buried in the Bodkin Cemetery, Franklin Twp., Mercer County, OH. The cemetery records must be wrong, giving her death as 9 Nov 1871, as her probate was in 1874, and she had a daughter in 1873.

Spouse: Jasper TEMPLE-42557. Margaret P. BROWN and Jasper TEMPLE were married on 8 June 1865 in Mercer Co., OH.442 Children were: Elizabeth Matilda (Matilda) TEMPLE-45075, Mary Viola TEMPLE-45076, George Newton TEMPLE-45652, Bartha A. TEMPLE-42561, Bertha A. TEMPLE-45077.

Marion Allie BROWN was born on 22 March 1927 in Sedan, Chautauqua, KS.15057 He died on 22 August 1992 at the age of 65.15057 Parents: Allie W. BROWN-104088 and Mary E. TEMPLE-40140.

Martha BROWN (private).

Spouse: Nathaniel GARDNER-18041. Children were: Martha GARDNER-18040.

Martha BROWN15058 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: George Hayden HUME-9669. Martha BROWN and George Hayden HUME were married on 24 February 1869.15058

Martha BROWN15059 was born in TN. She died.

Spouse: William Les CARPENTER-89549. Martha BROWN and William Les CARPENTER were married. Children were: Mary Frances (Mary) CARPENTER-53525.

Martha Anna BROWN died.

Spouse: John BENNETT-107003. Martha Anna BROWN and John BENNETT were married before November 1897. Children were: Helen BENNETT-86523.

Martha Blanche (Blanche) BROWN15060 was born in 1918 in TN.15061,15062,15063 In April 1940 she was an amusement bookkeeper in Nashville, Davidson, TN.15063 She died on 25 April 2002 at the age of 84 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.15061,15062 Buried in Woodlawn Memorial Park, Nashville, TN.

Spouse: Carl Halbrook (Carl) TEMPLE-20157. Martha Blanche (Blanche) BROWN and Carl Halbrook (Carl) TEMPLE were married on 12 February 1938.15060 Children were: Steve TEMPLE-74747, Marleen TEMPLE-74748, Camille TEMPLE-74749.

Martha Edna BROWN14959 was born in 1896. She died in 1970 at the age of 74. Parents: John Austin BROWN-66821 and Leatha Ann TEMPLE-24053.

Martha Maria (Mattie) BROWN8069,15064 was born on 7 August 1870 in Colrain, Franklin, MA.22,15065,15066,15067 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Colrain, Franklin, MA.15067 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Colrain, Franklin, MA.15066 Martha appeared in the census in January 1920 in Colrain, Franklin, MA.15065 She died on 8 December 1922 at the age of 52 in Colrain, Franklin, MA.22 Buried in Colrain West Branch Cemetery, Colrain, MA. Her parents were from MA (father) and VT (mother). By 1900, she had had 4 children, all of whom survived. By 1910, she had had 5 children, 4 of whom survived. Parents: Frank Leroy BROWN-18276 and Elizabeth M. (Lizzie) OLIVER-35702.

Spouse: Seth Edward (Seth) TEMPLE-1848. Martha Maria (Mattie) BROWN and Seth Edward (Seth) TEMPLE were married on 1 October 1889 in Colrain, Franklin, MA.22,8069,15064,15066,15067,15068 Children were: Earle Henry (Earl) TEMPLE-2484, Mildred Brown TEMPLE-2485, Forrest Edwin TEMPLE-2486, Vincie Henrietta TEMPLE-2487, Harold Dalton (Harold) TEMPLE-2488.

Mary BROWN (private).

Spouse: George TUCKER-43416. Children were: George Randolph TUCKER-43415.

Mary BROWN (private).

Spouse: James B. PLUM-43485. Children were: Harry Richard PLUM-43484.

Mary BROWN84 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Absolom WHITE-57995. Mary BROWN and Absolom WHITE were married on 19 April 1822 in Greene Co., TN.

Mary BROWN (private).

Spouse: Harry HARVEY-148957. Children were: Kathleen (Kathy) HARVEY-131615.

Mary BROWN (private).

Spouse: Herbert Ernest CLARKE-154440. Children were: Ritchie H. CLARKE-154439.

Mary BROWN15069 died on 30 June 1900 in Canada.15070 She was born in Blenheim, Wentworth and Brant, Ontario, Canada.15070

Spouse: John William (John) TEMPLE-72884. Mary BROWN and John William (John) TEMPLE were married before 1864. Children were: Oscar Felix TEMPLE-56267, Elizabeth TEMPLE-72897, Francis E. (Frank) TEMPLE-96662, William James TEMPLE-72887, Bertha Alice TEMPLE-72890, Maude TEMPLE-72893, Frederick Guy (Fred) TEMPLE-72891, Roy Gilbert TEMPLE-72892.

Mary BROWN was born in 1853 in NH.14892 She appeared in the census in August 1860 in Plainfield, Sullivan, NH.14892 Parents: Oren C. BROWN-19369 and Rebecca L. TEMPLE-19367.