James Gary TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Sally Jo CURRELL-165093.

James George TEMPLE Jr. (private).23 Parents: James George (James) TEMPLE-27883 and Lillian Frances (Lillian) SHAUGHNESSY-38788.

Spouse: Solange THEMISTODE-49083.

James George (James) TEMPLE was born on 26 August 1923 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.23,62004,104117,104118 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.62005 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.62004 James served in the military in 1943/4.104119,104120 Enlisted in the Navy 26 Jan 1943 in Boston. Received aboard the USS Augusta as S2C, SV, 3 May 1943 from the Receiving Station, Casco Bay, Portland, ME. Transferred 21 Jan 1944 to US Naval Hospital, Chelsea, MA, for treatment. Returned aboard 25 Mar 1944. Changed rating to S1C 1 Jun 1944. Service # 801-32-83. He lived in Brighton, Suffolk, MA in 1995/6.54477,54478 He died on 17 August 2010 at the age of 86 in Brighton, Middlesex, MA.104117,104120 Buried in MA National Cemetery. Parents: Joseph Leo (Joseph) TEMPLE-2697 and Ellen Frances (Nellie) O'DONNELL-37405.

Spouse: Lillian Frances (Lillian) SHAUGHNESSY-38788. Lillian Frances (Lillian) SHAUGHNESSY and James George (James) TEMPLE were married on 22 November 1951 in Somerville, Middlesex, MA.23,71892 Also registered in Boston, MA. Children were: Regina Theresa TEMPLE-38789, James George TEMPLE Jr.-38790, Conrad Edward TEMPLE-38791, Kenneth Sean TEMPLE-38792, Elizabeth Mary TEMPLE-38793, Patricia TEMPLE-76190.

James Gerard TEMPLE was born on 28 August 1888 in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.104121 He served in the military in 1915.104121 Volunteered for service in the Canadian Over-seas Expeditionary Force on 10 Jun 1915 at Montreal, Canada. In 1915 he was a laborer in Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.104121 James was described as 5 feet 5 inches, fair complexion, hazel eyes and light brown hair.104122

Spouse: Maria Jane (Mary) THOMAS-139067. Maria Jane (Mary) THOMAS and James Gerard TEMPLE were married before 1912.104121 Children were: Lillian Maria TEMPLE-149829.

James Gillis TEMPLE (private).54971 Parents: Gillis W. TEMPLE-56029 and Freda Mae MANN-59946.

Spouse: Carol Ann WILLAN-88854. Children were: Katherine Elizabeth TEMPLE-88855.

Spouse: Jennifer Jo SHAFER-90310.

James Glascock TEMPLE (private). Parents: Jerome Balaam Pound (Jerome) TEMPLE-40852 and Ann GLASCOCK-40858.

James Glascock TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Kimberly Ann LAWRENCE-144993.

James Glenn TEMPLE104123 was born on 12 July 1948 in Independence, Tangipahoa, LA.6055,104124 In his SSAN application he claimed Bogalusa, LA. He died on 6 October 2006 at the age of 58 in Walker, Livingston, LA.6055,104124 Buried in House of Prayer Holiness Church Cemetery, Walker, LA. Middle name also given as Glynn. Parents: Henry TEMPLE-118755 and Myrtle -88722.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-88723. Children were: Melissa Anne TEMPLE-88724, Ted Allen TEMPLE-88725.

James Gregory TEMPLE (private).104125 Parents: Reverend James LeRoy (Buster) TEMPLE-29239 and Lea Joan LANMAN-52424.

Spouse: Janet Henrietta CANNON-127020.

James Griffin (James) TEMPLE was born in 1878 in GA.18099,38373,84267,89013,102969 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Salacoa, Cherokee, GA.38373 In May 1910 he was a farmer in Rome, Floyd, GA.18099 In January 1920 James was a farmer in Iron Hill, Bartow, GA.84267 In April 1930 he was a farmer in Euharlee, Bartow, GA.89013 In April 1940 he was a farmer in Kingston, Bartow, GA.102969 James died on 22 January 1941 at the age of 63 in Bartow Co., GA.104126 Buried in Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery, Kingston, GA. His parents were from TN (father) and VA (mother) except in 1910 when they were both from GA. May be related to George W. and/or General Temple, both enumerated nearby in 1920. Parents: Thomas J. (Tom) TEMPLES-56965 and Harriet GRAVELEY-56966.

Spouse: Minnie Mae BROWN-56964. Minnie Mae BROWN and James Griffin (James) TEMPLE were married about 1902 in GA. Children were: Ruby Lee TEMPLE-56953, Bob Hudson (Hut, Bub) TEMPLE-56954.

Spouse: Nettie Bell WIGLEY-56952. Nettie Bell WIGLEY and James Griffin (James) TEMPLE were married on 9 November 1909 in Floyd Co., GA.104127,104128 In Book J, p. 228. This was his second and her first marriage. Children were: Clyde TEMPLE-56955, Bernice Mable TEMPLE-56956, James Clifford (Clifford) TEMPLE-56957, Virginia TEMPLE-56958, James Thomas (Bo) TEMPLE-56959, Ivanette TEMPLE-56960, Lillie Mae TEMPLE-56961.

James Gustav TEMPLE (private).55202 Parents: Edwin Thomas TEMPLE-83736 and Marjorie A. MARNETT-83740.

James H. TEMPLE (private). Parents: Thomas Brown (Tom) TEMPLE-74825 and Ruby A. NANCE-74874.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-74876. Children were: Tommy TEMPLE-74877, Jimbo TEMPLE-74878.

James H. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Mary A. TUTTLE-130288.

James H. TEMPLE (private). Parents: TEMPLE-143394 and Beth R. SCHNITZLER-143395.

James H. TEMPLE (private).104129

Spouse: Diane WILLIAMS-144995.

James H. TEMPLE lived in New York City, New York, NY in 1886.104130 While returning to New York from his country home at Huntington, he lost a satchel containing $5,000 in diamonds belonging to his wife. Mrs. Temple recovered her diamonds through a Roman Catholic priest.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-148219.

James H. TEMPLE was educated US Military Academy Class of 1881 in 1880 in West Point, Orange, NY.104131 He is not the son of James Temple and Janett Hoag.

James H. TEMPLE (private).104132

James H. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Lilly JOHNSON-157642.

James H. TEMPLE was born (date unknown). Surname may be Lemple. Not found in 1850.

Spouse: Agness Jane SHIELDS-173394. Agness Jane SHIELDS and James H. TEMPLE were married in November 1836 in Oldham Co., KY.72302 License issued 14 Nov.

James H. TEMPLE104133 died in 1912 in Elizabeth City, Pasquotank, NC.104134 He was born in Elizabeth City, Pasquotank, NC. While he appears to be James H. Temple, husband of Laura Jennings, they did not have a daughter named Marie in Baltimore in 1898. He might be the father of Jimmie H. Temple who registered for the WWI draft in Elizabeth City, NC.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-149071. Children were: Marie TEMPLE-149069.

James H. TEMPLE died on 16 August 1927 in Guernsey Co., OH.104135 Possibly the son of James and Mary Jane (Taylor) Temple. Possibly the applicant to West Point from Edgerton, Williams, OH in 1884.

James H. TEMPLE died on 2 November 1998 in Rains Co., TX.109

James H. TEMPLE10562 was born on 1 January 1822 in MD.661,10559,27699,64341,64342,87757 In August 1850 he was a merchant in Queen Anne's Co., MD.10559 In July 1860 he was a farmer in Queen Anne's Co., MD.64341 In June 1870 James was a farmer in Caroline Co., MD.64342 In June 1880 he was a farmer in Queen Anne's Co., MD.27699 He died on 14 March 1883 at the age of 61 in Templeville, Caroline, MD.661,104136,104137 Will proved 23 Mar 1883. Buried in Temple Family Cemetery, Templeville, MD. James has reference number RLT # U1518.10560 Likely to be a descendant of George and Mary (Lee) Temple of Queen Anne's county. Part of the family of descendants of Joshua Temple of Queen Anne's, MD. Parents: Benjamin TEMPLE-27513 and Frances BAILEY-27517.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-66966. UNKNOWN and James H. TEMPLE were married on 7 February 1850 in Queen Anne's Co., MD.10562 There seems to be no evidence of a wife in the 1850 census by August. It is not clear if this marriage was to some other James H., or whether it was annulled. Children were: Sarah TEMPLE-31251.

Spouse: Anna Rebecca (Annie) PEIRCE-30637. Anna Rebecca (Annie) PEIRCE and James H. TEMPLE were married on 15 September 1856 in Queen Anne's Co., MD.10562 Children were: Fannie B. TEMPLE-31252, Lena TEMPLE-33207, William TEMPLE-33208, James Harry TEMPLE-31257.

James H. TEMPLE was born between 1834 and 1837 in TN.457,6953 Year given as 1834 in the 1850 census, 1830 in 1866, and 1837 in the 1870 census. He moved in 1849 in Greene Co., IL.8419 He appeared in the census in 1850 in Macoupin and Apple Creek, Greene, IL.8420 James appeared in the census in 1860 in Marshall, White, AR.104138 In July 1870 he was a farmer in Clear Lake, Pulaski, AR.6953 The identification of this James H. with the one appearing in the 1870 census remains to be proved. Parents: James Harvey TEMPLE-4602 and Mary E. ALEXANDER-21337.

Spouse: Sarah -55162. Sarah and James H. TEMPLE were married before 1868. Children were: Elizabeth TEMPLE-55163, William TEMPLE-55164.

James H. TEMPLE was born about 1840. He served in the military in 1861.104139 He was a graduate of West Point in the class of 1860.

James H. TEMPLE70884 was born about 1848 in VA.18264 Middle initial was given in Find-A-Grave as S.

Spouse: Emma Jane BROWNLEY-141370. Emma Jane BROWNLEY and James H. TEMPLE were married on 13 September 1865 in Petersburg, Petersburg City, VA.18265 They18265 were divorced before 1880 in VA.18264 Children were: Rosa V. TEMPLE-170171, Alice TEMPLE-141371, Elmyra TEMPLE-141372.

James H. TEMPLE was born on 13 August 1850.104140 He died on 11 April 1899 at the age of 48 in Pottawatomie Co., OK.104140 Buried inside an iron fence in Lyons Cemetery, Pottawatomie Co., OK. He might be the son of Joseph and Mary Temple of Rutherford County, TN. He may also have been the James H. Temple who went to West Point.

James H. TEMPLE was born in 1863 in PA.104141 In January 1920 he was a water company bill collector in Upper Chichester Twp., Delaware, PA.104141 His parents were both from PA. He was unmarried in 1920.

James H. TEMPLE was born in April 1863 in VA.27050 In June 1900 he was a furnishings traveling salesman in Spokane, Spokane, WA.27050 In 1900, he did not know his parents' birthplaces. Middle initial was H in the 1900 census and M in the report of his marriage license. He was not found with a birthplace in VA in 1880. He and Eva were not found together in 1910.

Spouse: Eva M. DANGERFIELD-182148. Eva M. DANGERFIELD and James H. TEMPLE were married in May 1894 in DC.27050,27051 They claimed two years of marriage in 1900.

James H. TEMPLE was born in August 1864 in Benton, Lafayette, WI.34761,57114,57115,82480,104142 Gave 1870 in 1910. Cemetery records give 1863. In June 1880 he was a laborer in Benton, Lafayette, WI.82480 In June 1900 he was a zinc miner in Benton, Lafayette, WI.34761 In June 1905 James was an electrician in Benton, Lafayette, WI.57115 In April 1910 he was a zinc mine miner in Benton, Lafayette, WI.57114 He died in 1916 at the age of 52 in Benton, Lafayette, WI.36957,57113,104142 Buried in Saint Patricks Cemetery, Benton, WI. Lafayette County Probate File # 4467, undated. Parents: Jacob TEMPLE-40343 and Margaret WALTON-40344.

Spouse: Bridget Josephine (Bridget) MC GUIRE-50282. Bridget Josephine (Bridget) MC GUIRE and James H. TEMPLE were married on 8 September 1890 in Lafayette Co., WI.34761,34766,57114,57117 Lafayette County Marriage Book 5, p. 293. Children were: Margaret A. (Margie) TEMPLE-50298, James Cloud (Jim) TEMPLE-50283, Bridget Meta (Meta) TEMPLE-50299, Phillip Lloyd TEMPLE-50284.

James H. TEMPLE was born in July 1865 in Elizabeth City, Pasquotank, NC.4878,26435,47128,47153 Gave 1864 in 1870. Gave 1866 in 1880 and 1910. He appeared in the census in August 1870 in Elizabeth City, Pasquotank, NC.47153 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Providence Twp., Pasquotank, NC.47128 In June 1900 James was a farmer in Providence Twp., Pasquotank, NC.4878 In April 1910 he was a farmer in Providence Twp., Pasquotank, NC.26435 He died. Parents: Jonathan (John) TEMPLE-26599 and Lydia F. JENNINGS-35075.

Spouse: Laura L. JENNINGS-49505. Laura L. JENNINGS and James H. TEMPLE were married in 1886 in Pasquotank Co., NC.4878,26435,47148 Children were: Mary A. TEMPLE-62120, William P. TEMPLE-49506, Louis TEMPLE Sr.-49507, Margaret Anne TEMPLE-49508, Laura M. TEMPLE-49509, Selma TEMPLE-49510, Minnie TEMPLE-49511, Katherine TEMPLE-49512.

James H. TEMPLE104143 was born on 1 November 1880 in Greece.104143 He died after 21 June 1946 at the age of 65.104143 His SSAN was issued in WV.

James H. TEMPLE was born in February 1892 in FL.56597,57804,86613 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Hall Co., TX.57804,86613 In April 1910 he was a farmer in Hall Co., TX.56597 James died on 25 September 1913 at the age of 21 in TX.104144 Buried in Old Fairview Cemetery, Memphis, Hall, TX. Parents: Charles Brashear (Charles) TEMPLE Sr.-23213 and Ella TUCKER-23220.

Spouse: Rosa B. STEWART-50044. Rosa B. STEWART and James H. TEMPLE were married in 1910 in TX.56597 Children were: Jimmie Paralee TEMPLE-102621.

James H. TEMPLE Sr. was born on 26 August 1909 in VA.69410,104145 SSDI gave the date in 1909, but cemetery grave marker gave it in 1910. In April 1940 he was a retail coal company truck driver in Richmond City, VA.69410 He lived in VA before 1951.104145 James lived in Richmond City, VA in 1962.69408 He lived 1129 North 32nd Street in Richmond City, VA in 1962.69408 He died on 29 September 1999 at the age of 90 in Richmond City, VA.104145 Buried in East End Cemetery, Richmond, VA. James held the title of Sr.. Possibly the son or nephew of Eliza E. Temple, b 1899 d 2000.

Spouse: Gladys Elizabeth ROSS-185629. Gladys Elizabeth ROSS and James H. TEMPLE Sr. were married about 1933.69408 Children were: Marian TEMPLE-185640, Margaret Marie (Margaret) TEMPLE-185630, Dorothy TEMPLE-185641, James H. TEMPLE Jr.-185642.

James H. TEMPLE75534 was born on 3 August 1928 in NC.75533,75534,104146 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Anderson Creek, Harnett, NC.75534 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Stewart's Creek, Harnett, NC.75533 James served in the military in 1948 in New London, New London, CT.87906 He was serving in the Navy, but specific dates, ranks, units and locations unknown. He lived in NC before 1951.104146 He died in June 1985 at the age of 56 in Carolina Beach, New Hanover, NC.104146 Parents: Herman Ballard (Herman) TEMPLE-53713 and Frances E. STEWART-53718.

James H. TEMPLE (private).52423

Spouse: Rita M. LEGARD-147521.

James H. TEMPLE (private).70911 Parents: James Milton TEMPLE-48601 and Margaret E. SHERLOCK-83733.

Spouse: Barbara J. MATTEIS-124384.

James H. TEMPLE Jr. (private). Parents: James H. TEMPLE Sr.-185628 and Gladys Elizabeth ROSS-185629.

James H. TEMPLE (private). Parents: George Henry TEMPLE Sr.-185944 and Mary Elizabeth (Alice) PENDLETON-185945.

James H. TEMPLE (private).963 Parents: Austin Todd TEMPLE-3151 and UNKNOWN-120014.

Spouse: Carolyn S. LAMBKA-120016. Children were: Tina TEMPLE-120019, Todd TEMPLE-120020, Kenneth TEMPLE-120021.

James Hannibal (Hannibal) TEMPLE24737 was born on 16 May 1864 in Bowdoin, Sagadahoc, ME.23,26727,26728,61827,104147 Some sources give 10 May. He appeared in the census in July 1870 in Webster Twp., Androscoggin, ME.26728 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Webster Twp., Androscoggin, ME.26727 In April 1910 James was a farm laborer in Webster, Penobscot, ME.104147 In 1916 he was a farmer in Lewiston, Androscoggin, ME.1503 He died on 2 December 1920 at the age of 56 in Webster, Penobscot, ME.23,431,24737,26729 Died of chronic rheumatoid arthritis and chronic endocarditis. Different primary records give different dates. ME death records give 1 Dec 1920, while his grave marker gives 2 Dec 1920 and death records give 20 Dec. Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, West Bowdoin, ME. James was a stonecutter in Webster, Penobscot, ME.24737 Unmarried in 1910. Parents: Josiah TEMPLE-1500 and Harriet CURTIS-2144.

Spouse: Nellie JUDGE-26845. Nellie JUDGE and James Hannibal (Hannibal) TEMPLE were married on 20 September 1916 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH.48524 This was a first marriage for both.

Dr. James Harbert TEMPLE24623 was born on 5 August 1866 in Sallis, Attala, MS.13957,45625,104148,104149,104150 He appeared in the census in July 1870 in Attala Co., MS.45625 In June 1880 he was a farmer in Attala Co., MS.45626 In June 1900 James was a physician in Attala Co., MS.104148 He lived in Seminary, Covington, MS about 1904.13957 In April 1910 he was a physician in Seminary, Covington, MS.104150 In January 1920 James was a physician in Seminary, Covington, MS.104149 He was ill with appedicitis in January 1920.104151 When he realized he had appendicitis, he got on a train and went to New Orleans and the Turo institute, where his daughter Willie was studying to become a nurse. He asked for and got a local anesthetic so he could watch the procedure. He died on 24 February 1920 at the age of 53 in New Orleans, Orleans, LA.13957,104152 Buried in Seminary Cemetery, Covington, MS. At the time of his death, it was normal to rest for a week in bed after appendicitis. This he did, and on the morning of the 7th day, he got out of bed and dropped dead from an embolism. Just prior to his marriage to Lute Thornton, he moved his practice to Seminary, MS, which the Hilley genealogy reported was "midway along the Jackson and Gulfport route of the Gulf and Ship Island Railroad line, for which he would provide medical services to the employees in addition to his local practice." Parents: Anderson Flowers (Van) TEMPLE-20211 and Mary Ann Neubilia HUGHES-20244.

Spouse: Lula Ida (Lula) CAMPBELL-20260. Lula Ida (Lula) CAMPBELL and Dr. James Harbert TEMPLE were married on 29 April 1891.20344 Children were: Mary Lula (Lula) TEMPLE-20264.

Spouse: Anna Ophelia WILLIAMS-20261. Anna Ophelia WILLIAMS and Dr. James Harbert TEMPLE were married on 26 February 1896 in Attala Co., MS.20342 Children were: Willie Lorena TEMPLE-20262, Dr. Walter Newton (Doc) TEMPLE-20263.

Spouse: Lutie THORNTON-20265. Lutie THORNTON and Dr. James Harbert TEMPLE were married on 3 May 1905 in Coldwater, Tate, MS.13957,104150,104153 In marriage book Vol. II, Book 9, p. 303. Children were: Lutie Elizabeth TEMPLE-20266, Van Thornton TEMPLE-20267, Mary Katherine (Mary) TEMPLE-20268.

James Harbert Flowers (Herbert) TEMPLE18465 was born on 8 February 1804 in SC.45628 In 1880, Anderson F. Temple gave his father's birthplace as TN. He served in the military in 1814 in LA. Joined Andrew Jackson's army at Nashville, TN, and fought in the battle of New Orleans. He moved in 1825 in Copiah Co., MS.104154 James appeared in the census in 1841 in Copiah Co., MS.83848 Enumerated with 3 males and 4 females. He died on 17 April 1850 at the age of 46 in Attala Co., MS.104155 Buried in Rule Cemetery, Possumneck, MS. Parents: Jesse TEMPLE-16098 and RUSH-24358.

Spouse: Drucilla (Drewsy) WALKER-18877. Drucilla (Drewsy) WALKER and James Harbert Flowers (Herbert) TEMPLE were married on 7 January 1826 in Copiah Co., MS.104154,104156 Date is for their application; there was no return. Children were: Jesse Flowers TEMPLE-20205, Martha Ann TEMPLE-20207, Permelia Ann TEMPLE-20206, Pernesia Ann TEMPLE-20208, Sarah Ann TEMPLE-20209, John Flowers (John) TEMPLE-20210, Anderson Flowers (Van) TEMPLE-20211, Nathaniel Green TEMPLE-20212.

James Hargrave TEMPLE27325 was born on 5 October 1889 in Barhamsville, New Kent, VA.5793,5794,5796,5797,5798,19369,19371,104157,104158,104159 Gave the date in 1889 in his WWII draft registration, but it is in 1888 on his grave marker. It was in 1890 for his SSAN application. His cemetery records give the date in 1888, but he gave it in 1889 in his WWI draft registration. In his WWI draft registration, he spelled his birthplace "Barmville" but apparently meant Barhamsville, VA. But both disagree with his death certificate, which gave the place as Prince George Co., VA. None of these sources are primary for birth information. He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Brandon Twp., Prince George, VA.19371 In April 1910 he was a farm laborer in Brandon Twp., Prince George, VA.19369 In 1917 James was a teamster in Puritan, Fayette, PA.104158 He served in the military in 1918/9.104160,104161 Served as a private in the 47th Company, 12th Training Battalion of the Infantry Replacement Training Group. As a private assigned to the 12th Provisional Company, July Infantry Replacement Draft, he departed Newport News aboard the Pastores on 18 Jul 1918. As a private assigned to the Detachment, Quartermaster Corps, Camp Rochambeau, he was temporarily assigned to Camp Clayton Casual QMC Company # 3, and departed Bordeaux aboard the SS Pocahontas on 6 Feb 1919.
His service number was 3173971. In January 1920 he was a department store delivery man in Portage, Cambria, PA.5793 Enumerated with his sister Wilhelmina and her family. In April 1930 James was an odd job laborer in Brandon Twp., Prince George, VA.5794 In April 1940 he was a public school bus driver in Brandon Twp., Prince George, VA.5796 In 1942 he was an employee of Solvay Process Comanpy in Hopewell, Hopewell, VA.5797 James died on 12 October 1950 at the age of 61 in Blackwater, Prince George, VA.5798,104157,104162 Died of myocarditis and chronic bronchitis. Buried in City Point National Cemetery, Hopewell, VA, Section E Site 3796a. Parents: James Robert (Robert) TEMPLE-22496 and Rosa Chappell BURROW-22498.

Spouse: Mary S. -41105. Mary S. and James Hargrave TEMPLE were married in 1920.5794

James Harley (James) TEMPLE16882 was born on 22 June 1881 in Hutchinson, Reno, KS.67174,67175,67225,67229,103636,104163 Gave Jul 1881 in 1900. Gave his age as 25 in 1910. Claimed CO in 1910. He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Parker Co., TX.67229 In April 1910 he was a lumber company bookkeeper in Chickasha, Grady, OK.67227 In 1918 James was a traveling salesman for Oklahoma Sash and Door Company in Chickasha, Grady, OK.103636 In January 1920 he was a salesman in Chickasha, Grady, OK.67176,67225 In April 1930 he was a lumber company manager in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK.67174 James lived in Chickasha, Grady, OK on 1 April 1935.67175 In April 1940 he was a cowgating material salesman in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK.67175 He lived 213 North Fairchild Drive in Midwest City, Oklahoma, OK in 1949.67177 James died on 1 December 1949 at the age of 68 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK.67177,104164,104165 Died at home of unspecified causes. Buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, Oklahoma City, OK. It is possible he was the James Tamples who married Callie Harr on 13 Apr 1907 at Sallisaw, IT. Parents: James Albert TEMPLE-28065 and Catherine Jane (Catherine) REA-28083.

Spouse: Olivia Hope (Hope) RAY-31546. Olivia Hope (Hope) RAY and James Harley (James) TEMPLE were married on 23 June 1920 in Chickasha, Grady, OK.10388,67176 Children were: James Ray TEMPLE-31547, Jean Hope (Jean) TEMPLE-31548.

James Harold TEMPLE lived in NJ in 1966.7141

Spouse: Shirley Ann -180719. Shirley Ann and James Harold TEMPLE were married on 5 December 1958.7141 They7141 were divorced on 20 June 1966 in Bradley Co., AR.7141 Shirley filed against James on the grounds of desertion, which he contested. An absolute decree was handed down 20 Jun 1966 in Bradley Co. Three children were affected.

James Harold TEMPLE was born on 6 April 1936 in Johnsville, Bradley, AR.22634,104166,104167 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Palestine, Bradley, AR.22634 He died on 20 August 2008 at the age of 72 in Little Rock, Pulaski, AR.104166,104167 Buried in Palestine Cemetery, Bradley Co., AR. Others mentioned in his obituary were Ted Temple, James Kenneth Temple, Carol Brashears, Paul Wooley, Otha Temple, Barbara Savage Temple. It may be that Ted and James were the two sons mentioned in another obituary, and that his two daughters were Carol and Barbara. Parents: Otha Theodore TEMPLE-41842 and Dovie Mae LOWRY-41850.

Spouse: Barbara -80079. Children were: Joey TEMPLE-110701, Jimmy TEMPLE-110702, Theodore John (Ted) TEMPLE-110703, Tricia Ann TEMPLE-110704, Carole Ann TEMPLE-110705.

James Harold (Hal) TEMPLE9604,16128 was born in 1925 in Canada.11615,11621 He lived in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA in 1953.64126 He lived 837 South Beacon Street in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA in 1954.11615 Parents: Shirley Walter TEMPLE-78940 and Pearl Lena THOMPSON-78941.

Spouse: Patricia Ann BARLOW-123484. Patricia Ann BARLOW and James Harold (Hal) TEMPLE were married on 19 June 1954 in Los Angeles Co., CA.11621

James Harold (Jim) TEMPLE9758,55854,59726 was born on 5 March 1944 in Winnsboro, Franklin, LA.9758 He died on 15 July 2005 at the age of 61 in Gilbert, Franklin, LA.9758 Buried in Eureka Cemetery, Franklin Parish, LA. Parents: William Warner (Warner) TEMPLE(S)-20831 and Cora L. (Carrie) WALTERS-42397.

Spouse: Sandra (Sandy) ARMSTRONG-94094. Children were: Bob TEMPLE-118984.