Melissa TEMPLE (private). Parents: Thomas Mack (Tom) TEMPLE-60323 and Sharon L. -60324.

Melissa TEMPLE (private).39011 Parents: Robert Edwin TEMPLE-34637 and Valerie Elva FERRILL-109782.

Spouse: Jack HINTON-121173.

Melissa TEMPLE (private).30459 Parents: Ronald L. (Ron) TEMPLE-124660 and Patricia B. (Pat) DUMAS-124661.

Melissa TEMPLE (private).28106 Parents: Carl E. TEMPLE-113457 and Linda R. DE GREEN-129128.

Spouse: Joseph SHOWERS-129134. Children were: Dalyn SHOWERS-129135.

Melissa TEMPLE (private).943 Parents: Nicholas TEMPLE-131794 and Julia -131795.

Melissa TEMPLE (private). Parents: TEMPLE-153832 and UNKNOWN-153833.

Spouse: RUHLMAN-153835.

Melissa TEMPLE (private). Parents: Edward Ash (Edward) TEMPLE-154358 and Florence June (June) BOWMAN-154359.

Spouse: David -154364.

Melissa TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: James COFFEY-164767.

Melissa TEMPLE (private). Parents: Richard Alan TEMPLE Jr.-139703 and Catherine Ann ELLMANN-139704.

Spouse: Branden REAGAN-179408.

Melissa TEMPLE (private).40981 Parents: UNKNOWN-181122 and Grace TEMPLE-176554.

Melissa TEMPLE (private). Parents: Amos Spencer (Dick) TEMPLE-183845 and UNKNOWN-183846.

Spouse: JACKSON-183854.

Melissa TEMPLE90159 died before 2007. Died as an infant. Parents: Leaman Maurice TEMPLE II-3651 and Nicci -65074.

Melissa TEMPLE65607 was born in 1848 in OH.6710 She appeared in the census in August 1860 in Van Buren, Shelby, IN.6710 Surname may be Teeple. Parents: John TEMPLE-146464 and Ruana -146465.

Spouse: Charles Lucius WANEE-134782. Melissa TEMPLE and Charles Lucius WANEE were married on 26 December 1876 in Shelby Co., IN.65607 This wedding is odd, since her husband was still married to his first wife in 1880.

Melissa TEMPLE (private).80287 Parents: Alan E. TEMPLE-51845 and UNKNOWN-125171.

Melissa TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Mickey BURNS-154377. Children were: Brian BURNS-154378, Robert BURNS-154379, Robin BURNS-154380, Melissa BURNS-154381.

Melissa TEMPLE30833 was born on 1 April 1963 in Seoul Special City, Republic of Korea.115625 She was adopted in November 1964.115625 She died on 27 July 2017 at the age of 54 in Salina, Saline, KS.115625 Buried in Roselawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Salina, KS. Parents: Eldon Francis TEMPLE-27448 and Maxine Mae DURYEE-91300.

Melissa TEMPLE (private).53294 Parents: Steven Royce TEMPLE-82023 and Elizabeth (Liz) RODRIGUEZ-82027.

Melissa TEMPLE (private).7892

Spouse: BOGGS-167558.

Spouse: Jeffrey Allen ADAMS-167559.

Melissa TEMPLE (private). Parents: Phillip Gene TEMPLE-39530 and Catherine Elaine CROME-41937.

Spouse: James CHAVEZ-75915. Children were: James CHAVEZ-75916, Damien CHAVEZ-75917.

Melissa TEMPLE (private).115626

Melissa TEMPLE (private).60973

Spouse: Matthew NEDVED-175806.

Melissa A. TEMPLE (private).34090 Parents: Steven J. TEMPLE-64893 and Denise COPLEY-64895.

Spouse: Joseph ALLRED-118003.

Melissa A. TEMPLE (private).115627

Melissa Ann TEMPLE (private).115628 Parents: Paul Wayne TEMPLE-65851 and Pamela (Pam) TROUTMAN-65854.

Spouse: Christopher Neal REYNOLDS-75428.

Melissa Ann TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Scott Allen JONES-145309.

Melissa Ann TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: William Glenn FERRELL Jr.-174842.

Melissa Ann TEMPLE (private).23 Parents: Lester Randolph TEMPLE-36986 and Catherine Eva (Cathy) MORIN-38574.

Spouse: Danny J. HILL-48775.

Melissa Ann TEMPLE was born on 28 March 1978 in Flowood, Rankin, MS.115629 She died on 16 November 2007 at the age of 29.115630

Spouse: MAY-170920.

Melissa Anne TEMPLE (private). Parents: James Glenn TEMPLE-88720 and UNKNOWN-88723.

Melissa Anne TEMPLE (private).45703 Parents: William Douglas (Doug) TEMPLE-98412 and Marjorie Ann (Ann) BURCH-99122.

Spouse: Randal Denis HULL-100157.

Melissa Anne TEMPLE (private).40965,115631 Parents: Dove Chester (Dove) TEMPLE-86671 and Nancy C. HANKS-92642.

Spouse: Brock HARRIS-92638.

Spouse: Jeff PEDERSON-116229. Children were: Madeline PEDERSON-116232, Sarah Dove PEDERSON-116233.

Melissa C. TEMPLE (private).695

Spouse: Robert S. SWAN-158960.

Melissa Carol (Missy) TEMPLE (private).8243,115632 Parents: Deronda Cortez (Ronnie) TEMPLE III-41069 and Jo Ann ONLEY-41073.

Spouse: Allen Wayne STALLINGS-54178. Children were: Kenley Elizabeth STALLINGS-54179.

Melissa D. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Belzazar M. FLORES-164288.

Melissa Dawn TEMPLE (private). Parents: Noah Timothy (Tim) TEMPLE-108486 and Marilyn Eloise EALY-108487.

Melissa Dawn TEMPLE was born on 20 September 1981 in Oscoda, Iosco, MI.115633 She died on 23 January 2007 at the age of 25 in MI.115634,115635 Buried in Brookside Cemetery, West Branch, MI. Temple may not be her maiden name.

Melissa Dawn TEMPLE (private).115636

Melissa E. TEMPLE died on 16 May 1915 in Willow, Ulster, NY.115637 Temple may not be her maiden name.

Melissa Elizabeth (Liza) TEMPLE8511,16750 was born on 24 October 1903 in Pike Co., MS.8511,51388,87707 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Amite Co., MS.87707 In April 1930 she was a cotton mill battery in Magnolia, Pike, MS.51388 Melissa died on 30 May 1948 at the age of 44 in Tangipahoa Parish, LA.8511,115638 Buried in New Beulah Cemetery, Hammond, LA. Given as Eliza Jane in Find-A-Grave. Parents: David B. TEMPLE-20598 and Marguerite (Maggie) WHITTINGTON-20606.

Spouse: Herman SMITH-20613. Melissa Elizabeth (Liza) TEMPLE and Herman SMITH were married on 21 July 1923 in Pike Co., MS.16750

Melissa G. TEMPLE (private). Parents: Robert Darrel TEMPLE-79573 and Helen Lucille BOWMAN-79588.

Melissa Helen TEMPLE (private). Parents: Noah Timothy (Tim) TEMPLE-108486 and Martha Lynn WOODARD-108489.

Spouse: Cliff -108508. Children were: Bryonna Lynn TEMPLE-108509.

Spouse: Kurt Brandon VAN GORDER-108505. Children were: Ashlei Marie VAN GORDER-108506, Hannah Camille VAN GORDER-108507, Bryonna Lynn TEMPLE-108503, Savannah Nikole VAN GORDER-108510, Caleb James VAN GORDER-108511.

Melissa J. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: John K. BOSSARD-164334.

Melissa Jane TEMPLE83948 was born on 8 September 1848 in Wayne Twp., Greene, PA.67571 She appeared in the census in November 1850 in Wayne Twp., Greene, PA.67571 She died on 10 May 1852 at the age of 3. Parents: Benjamin TEMPLE-1393 and Matilda REEVES-1984.

Melissa Jean TEMPLE (private).31822 Parents: Stanley Allyn TEMPLE-86912 and Mary Louise ELLERMAN-89077.

Melissa Jeanne TEMPLE (private).7745 Parents: Thomas Edward TEMPLE-25956 and Carolyn Jeanne TATE-60435.

Spouse: Scott Daniel ROSENBAUM-60439. Children were: Kyle Asher ROSENBAUM-60440, Elias Jacob ROSENBAUM-63315.

Melissa K. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Jeffrey D. BOBBITT-174763.

Melissa Kay TEMPLE (private).115639 Parents: TEMPLE-184292 and Anna Mildred TEMPLE-184290.

Melissa Kaye TEMPLE (private).15301 Parents: William Hubert (Billy) TEMPLE Jr.-65299 and Cynthia Denise (Cindy) GRAHAM-65303.

Melissa L. TEMPLE (private).353 Parents: Harry Franklin (Stump) TEMPLE-115759 and UNKNOWN-115761.

Melissa L. TEMPLE was born in 1964.115640 She died on 27 November 2015 at the age of 51 in Lima, Allen, OH.115640 Buried in Elm Grove Cemetery, Saint Marys, OH. Temple may not be her maiden name.