Debbie (private).

Spouse: George Leonard TEMPLE Jr.-3655.

Debbie (private).

Spouse: Ken TEMPLE-73249. Children were: Ashley TEMPLE-73253, William (Will) TEMPLE-73254.

Debbie (private).

Spouse: J. Arthur TEMPLE-78249.

Debbie (private).

Spouse: Floyd TEMPLE Jr.-83435.

Debbie (private).1537

Spouse: Mark TEMPLE-113333. Children were: Aaron TEMPLE-113336, Sara TEMPLE-113337.

Debbie (private).1538

Spouse: Rex TEMPLE-116224.

Debbie (private).

Spouse: Larry TEMPLE-120640.

Debbie (private).

Spouse: Richard TEMPLE-123261.

Debbie (private).

Spouse: Ken TEMPLE-150272. Children were: Ashley TEMPLE-150277, Will TEMPLE-150278.

Debbie (private).

Spouse: Lane Steven TEMPLE-143031. Children were: Joshua TEMPLE-150418, Terry TEMPLE-150419.

Debbie (private).

Spouse: James TEMPLE-154216.

Debbie K. (private).1539

Spouse: William Herbert TEMPLE Jr.-114742.

Debbie K. (private).1539

Spouse: William H. TEMPLE Jr.-153495.

Debbie Marie (private).1540

Spouse: MARTIN-119305.

Spouse: Chuck Allen TEMPLE-119291. Children were: Elizabeth TEMPLE-119293, Curtis James TEMPLE II-119294.

Debbie N. (private).1541

Spouse: William Eugene (Gene) TEMPLE-78169.

Debbie R. (private).

Spouse: Tommy J. TEMPLES-163357.

Deborah (private).

Spouse: Paul TEMPLE-159194.

Deborah22 was born in 1818 in MA.1542,1543 She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.1543 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.1542 Deborah died.

Spouse: Thomas CASWELL-39612. Deborah and Thomas CASWELL were married. Children were: Betsey E. CASWELL-39606.

Deborah (Debbie) (private).1544

Spouse: James Carl TEMPLE-59988. Children were: Amanda TEMPLE-79059, Stephanie TEMPLE-79060.

Deborah A. (private).

Spouse: Stephen W. TEMPLE-63533. Children were: Steve J. TEMPLE-63539, Michael J. TEMPLE-63540, Kara A. TEMPLE-63541, Christopher J. (Chip) TEMPLE-63542.

Deborah A. (private).1545

Spouse: Louis TEMPLE-153616.

Deborah J. (private).

Spouse: Davis J. TEMPLE-163300.

Deborah K. (private).1546

Spouse: John L. TEMPLE-153497.

Deborah L. (private).1547

Spouse: Kenneth R. TEMPLE-78250.

Deborah V. (private).1548

Spouse: Dean S. TEMPLE-153493.

Deborah W. was born in 1839 in NJ.1549 She died.

Spouse: James H. SLOCUM-77660. Deborah W. and James H. SLOCUM were married before 1869. Children were: Carrie E. SLOCUM-50252.

Debra (private).

Spouse: Jeffrey M. TEMPLE-63499.

Debra (private).

Spouse: Michael TEMPLE-85119.

Debra (private).

Spouse: Michael F. TEMPLE-57614.

Debra (private).1550

Spouse: Sammy TEMPLE-116045. Children were: Wendy TEMPLE-116050, Adam TEMPLE-116051.

Debra (private).1551

Spouse: Carl Edward TEMPLE-116988.

Debra (private).

Spouse: Jesse W. TEMPLES-122357.

Debra (private).

Spouse: Daryl D. TEMPLE-125766.

Debra (private).

Spouse: Craig Allen TEMPLE-142989.

Debra (private).

Spouse: Keith TEMPLE-152880. Children were: Tiffany TEMPLE-156155, Carly TEMPLE-156156.

Debra (private).

Spouse: Johnnie TEMPLE-159237.

Debra A. (private).1552

Spouse: Larry TEMPLE-153499.

Debra B. (private).254

Spouse: Vernon Lewis TEMPLE-88741.

Debra D. (private).1553

Spouse: David L. TEMPLE-153624.

Debra G. (private).1554

Spouse: Michael C. TEMPLE-153501.

Debra J. (private).1555

Spouse: Ernest Travis TEMPLE Jr.-76044.

Dee (private).

Spouse: Boyce TEMPLE-81532.

Dee (private).

Spouse: Robert G. (Rob) TEMPLE-84307.

Dee (private).

Spouse: Tom TEMPLE-101798.

Dee S. was born on 17 July 1953.1556,1557 She lived in SC in 1969.1557 She died on 17 May 2010 at the age of 56 in Hiram, Paulding, GA.1556,1557 Temple may not be her maiden name. There is a remote chance she is related to the line of George Cates and Marjorie H. (Rackley) Temples.

Spouse: James Ralph TEMPLE Jr.-116188. Dee S. and James Ralph TEMPLE Jr. were married. Children were: Mackie TEMPLE-116191, Darlene TEMPLE-116192.

Deidri (private).1558

Spouse: Jeff TEMPLE-153672.

Delia (private).

Spouse: Walter VORIS-65595. Children were: Veronica Barbara (Bonnie) VORIS-65592.

Delia (private).

Spouse: William Herbert TEMPLE-152499.

Delia1559 died before 2020.

Spouse: Alfred TEMPLE-180591. Delia and Alfred TEMPLE were married. Children were: Jimmy TEMPLE-180589.

Delia70 was born in March 1852 in TX.1560 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Callahan Co., TX.1560

Spouse: George A. LOPER-59170. Delia and George A. LOPER were married in 1877.1560 Children were: Rosa LOPER-59172, Myrta LOPER-59173, Sallie LOPER-59174, Delia LOPER-59175, James A. (Jim) LOPER-59067.