Daverine Elizabeth TEMPLE (private).37425,37427 Parents: David Elsworth (David) TEMPLE-62931 and Katherine WALLACH-78733.

Spouse: Wayne Jordan GLAZIER-78732. Children were: Michael Steven GLAZIER-78734, Kelly Anne GLAZIER-78735.

David TEMPLE Jr.51728 lived in Prince George Co., VA between 1811 and 1822.89806 Given land in Prince George County in 1811 by his father, he remained on the tax rolls until 1822. He appeared in the census in 1820 in Prince George Co., VA.89806 He appears with one male over 45 (probably his father), one male 26-45, who was probably David Jr., and one male 16-26, a possible son or possibly his younger brother. Also, two females 26-45 appear, and they may be sisters, or one may be an unnamed wife. Parents: David TEMPLE-22085 and Sarah (Sallie) LANTHORPE-22087.

David TEMPLE was stillborn on 18 March 1918 in Malden, Middlesex, MA.685 Buried in Forestvale Cemetery, Malden, MA. Parents: Thomas Arthur (Thomas) TEMPLE-2743 and Laura Jane (Laura) COLBERG-3214.

David TEMPLE (private). Parents: Arthur Ray TEMPLE-22078 and Theresa M. -40470.

David TEMPLE (private).21554 Parents: Allen Ray TEMPLE-52746 and Goldie FOREHAND-52748.

Spouse: Sheryl -54185.

David TEMPLE (private). Parents: Donald Victor (Don) TEMPLE Sr.-49804 and Patricia Ann CAPPEL-55021.

Spouse: Carmen -55027. Children were: Mark TEMPLE-55029.

David TEMPLE (private).23 Parents: Herbert Erven (Herbert) TEMPLE-4681 and Sarah M. (Sallie) REAGAN-37609.

David TEMPLE (private).52458 Parents: David Gene Edwin (David) TEMPLE-42435 and Harolyn Jean MEFFORD-62294.

Spouse: Misty FOX-62303.

David TEMPLE (private).32275 Parents: William Duane (Bill) TEMPLE-43348 and Dorothy Louise ERBST-63653.

Spouse: Judy -63662.

David TEMPLE (private).83246 Parents: Clifton Lee TEMPLE-66691 and Karen Fay MATHIAS-66677.

Spouse: Lora -66682. Children were: Alexander TEMPLE-66683.

David TEMPLE (private). Parents: Roy David TEMPLE-49723 and Myrtle Melinda (Myrtle) CARTWRIGHT-49728.

David TEMPLE (private). Parents: David Carlton TEMPLE-72550 and Deborah Lou PAWLUK-72551.

David TEMPLE (private). Parents: Donald A. TEMPLE-45907 and Dora Ann (Ann) BRUNNER-73393.

Spouse: Darla -73399.

David TEMPLE (private).89807 Parents: Ralph Martin (Pete) TEMPLE-22879 and Betty Beryl WELLIVER-22884.

David TEMPLE (private).17146 Parents: James TEMPLE-20576 and Wessie Mae BRISTER-20591.

Spouse: Polly Anna -82409.

David TEMPLE (private). Parents: Harold William TEMPLE-83788 and Norma Jean -84071.

Spouse: Ruth -84076.

David TEMPLE (private).3186 Parents: Troy TEMPLE-65814 and Helen -85313.

Spouse: Mary -85321.

David TEMPLE (private). Parents: Robert Thomas TEMPLE Jr.-85574 and Cheryl LAMSON-85575.

David TEMPLE (private). Parents: Tommy Suggs TEMPLE-83261 and Patricia RILEY-89979.

Spouse: Robin -108005.

David TEMPLE (private).50920 Parents: George Louis TEMPLE-44845 and Helen M. PORT-90010.

Spouse: Linda -90017.

David TEMPLE (private).89808 Parents: Frank J. TEMPLE Jr.-90140 and Imogene -90141.

David TEMPLE (private). Parents: Walter Hugh (Bud) TEMPLE-96289 and UNKNOWN-96298.

David TEMPLE (private).41951 Parents: Jack Lewellyn TEMPLE-97366 and Elsie SCHIPPERS-97371.

Spouse: Jonie -97373. Children were: Nathan TEMPLE-97377.

David TEMPLE (private).52450 Parents: Douglas Champion TEMPLE-48270 and JoAnne LEHMANN-106997.

Spouse: Barbara -107002.

David TEMPLE (private).3937 Parents: John Lester TEMPLE-88246 and Rose Margaret PAGE-107980.

David TEMPLE (private). Parents: David Wayne TEMPLE-38174 and UNKNOWN-108202.

David TEMPLE25757 died.

Spouse: Florence CRANE-108822. Florence CRANE and David TEMPLE were married before 1900. Children were: Hila Madine CRANE-37085.

David TEMPLE (private). Parents: James Jacob (Jim) TEMPLE Sr.-75632 and Christine -109617.

Spouse: Louanne -109624.

David TEMPLE (private).35937 Parents: Earl Edwin TEMPLE-83704 and Nancy Lee GALLOWAY-83705.

David TEMPLE (private).5185 Parents: Ralph Louis (Ralph) TEMPLE-67266 and UNKNOWN-116217.

David TEMPLE (private). Parents: Francis Kenneth (Kenneth) TEMPLE-117186 and Eileen LUDLAM-119271.

Spouse: Karen -122414.

David TEMPLE (private). Parents: Christopher TEMPLE-78474 and Susan (Sue) LUCE-78478.

Spouse: Anna -120473.

David TEMPLE (private). Parents: Lantz Elwood (Lantz) TEMPLE-85483 and Lucille Marie (Lucille) MILLER-97668.

Spouse: Colleen -120810. Children were: Lori TEMPLE-120811, Brandy TEMPLE-120812.

David TEMPLE (private).1092 Parents: T.J. TEMPLE-122001 and Norma E. ANDERSON-122002.

Spouse: Carla -122019.

David TEMPLE (private).27231 Parents: Richard (Rick) TEMPLE-122654 and Sherrie DARNELL-122655.

David TEMPLE (private).6456 Parents: Bradley William TEMPLE-41843 and Edna M. -79050.

Spouse: Linda JEFFUS-124065. Children were: Jennifer Lynn TEMPLE-124063.

Spouse: Phyllis -124067.

David TEMPLE (private).3663 Parents: TEMPLE-125103 and UNKNOWN-125104.

David TEMPLE (private). Parents: Murrill Robert (Joe) TEMPLE-55769 and Kathryn Joyce MC GILL-88328.

Spouse: Betsy -125400.

David TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-137586.

David TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elizabeth -138442. Elizabeth and David TEMPLE were married on 24 February 1858 in Coles Co., IL.296,440,1950 Some sources give 26 Sep 1858, and I do not know the source of the confusion.

David TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Milly MORELLA-138956. Milly MORELLA and David TEMPLE were married on 30 December 1872 in West Feliciana Parish, LA.2065

David TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Joan M. -143885. Joan M. and David TEMPLE were married before 1957. They were divorced in July 1957 in Clay Co., FL.3706

David TEMPLE (private). Parents: Gerald Don (Jerry) TEMPLE-146786 and Karma Lynn FORREST-145033.

David TEMPLE (private).35466

Spouse: Diane Lou FRITZ-144761.

David TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Alicia S. ORJALO-145801.

David TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Patricia -147482.

David TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Ann Hilliard MARKLEY-149695.

David TEMPLE (private). Parents: Albert TEMPLE-150037 and Mary BAILIE-150038.

David TEMPLE (private). Parents: Jim TEMPLE-150207 and Gloria -150208.

Spouse: Linda -150213.

David TEMPLE (private).89809

Spouse: UNKNOWN-151262. Children were: David Keith TEMPLE-151263, Irene TEMPLE-151264, Fiona TEMPLE-151265.