Dean Richmond PAUL64031 was born in 1868 in NY.5817 In April 1930 he was a tool supply salesman in Lima, Allen, OH.5817 He died.

Spouse: Mary W. -116878. Mary W. and Dean Richmond PAUL were married in 1897.5817 Children were: Virginia PAUL-116876.

Donald PAUL20339 died in 2011 in Bethune, Saskatchewan, Canada.20340

Spouse: Lois CAMPBELL-90525. Lois CAMPBELL and Donald PAUL were married before 1953. Children were: Barbara Eileen PAUL-90523.

Elizabeth PAUL34036 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mathew FLEMING-160366. Elizabeth PAUL and Mathew FLEMING were married before 1881. Children were: Elizabeth Paul FLEMING-136975.

Fred Faulk PAUL10633 was born in 1906 in Pike Co., AL.64032 He died before 1978 at the age of 72. Parents: James F. PAUL-98601 and Lula FAULK-98602.

Spouse: Mildred Richie TEMPLE-37697. Mildred Richie TEMPLE and Fred Faulk PAUL were married on 12 March 1946 in Petersburg City Co., VA.64032 In her marriage certificate, Mildred claimed to be divorced, but also that she had never been married.

George Washington PAUL was born in 1853 in IA.50426 He lived in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA in 1930.50426 He died.

Spouse: Ledora (Dora) KNIGHT-89029. Ledora (Dora) KNIGHT and George Washington PAUL were married on 17 August 1930 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.50426

Harry PAUL64033 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-128577. UNKNOWN and Harry PAUL were married before 1923. Children were: John A. (Jack) PAUL-83646.

James Benjamin PAUL (private). Parents: Jerry Henry PAUL-151360 and Mary Elizabeth TEMPLE-151359.

James F. PAUL (private).

Spouse: Lula FAULK-98602. Children were: Fred Faulk PAUL-37713.

Jennie Grace PAUL33699 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William Hamilton FINNEMORE-16202. Jennie Grace PAUL and William Hamilton FINNEMORE were married before 1892. Children were: Winnifred H. (Winnie) FINNEMORE-16201.

Jeremiah PAUL (private).

Spouse: Elisabeth HARDEE-151584. Children were: Jerry Henry PAUL-151360.

Jerry Henry PAUL was born on 22 April 1855 in Stewart Co., GA.64034 He died on 14 February 1939 at the age of 83.64034 Some sources give his given name as John Henry. He may be the J.H. Paul enumerated in Shellman, GA in 1880 and 1920, but if so, his wife at the time was Bethanie. Parents: Jeremiah PAUL-151583 and Elisabeth HARDEE-151584.

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth TEMPLE-151359. Mary Elizabeth TEMPLE and Jerry Henry PAUL were married. Children were: William Henry PAUL-151361, James Benjamin PAUL-151585.

John A. (Jack) PAUL64035 was born in 1920.64035 He died in 1987 at the age of 67.64035 Buried in Saint Mary Cemetery, Saint Bernard, OH. Parents: Harry PAUL-128576 and UNKNOWN-128577.

Spouse: Roselyn Bertha TEMPEL-72976. Roselyn Bertha TEMPEL and John A. (Jack) PAUL were married on 11 October 1941 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH.64033,64036

Kenneth H. PAUL was born in 1852 in OH.21232 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA.21232

Spouse: Alice Myrtle TEMPLE-50574. Alice Myrtle TEMPLE and Kenneth H. PAUL were married before 1920.

Larry PAUL (private).

Spouse: Evelyn TEMPLES-92578. Children were: Chris PAUL-107795.

Leo C. PAUL was born in 1888 in IN.64037 He lived in Kern Co., CA in 1934.64038 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.64037

Spouse: Jane L. TEMPLE-160752. Jane L. TEMPLE and Leo C. PAUL were married on 7 January 1934 in Vancouver, Clark, WA.64039

Marianne McDonald PAUL (private).

Spouse: Alfred STEPHENS-124792. Children were: Rosa Fruing STEPHENS-124789.

Mary Ann PAUL was born on 19 October 1939.64040 She has a marker in Deerfield Beach Memorial Cemetery, Deerfield Beach, FL with no death date as of 2009.

Spouse: Joseph Paul TEMPLE Sr.-85281. Mary Ann PAUL and Joseph Paul TEMPLE Sr. were married on 8 February 1958 in Palm Beach Co., FL.64040,64041 Children were: Joseph Paul TEMPLE-123688.

Richard D. PAUL (private).38547 Parents: PAUL-94438 and Maryjane GREAVES-62789.

Sophie PAUL was born in Germany.52657 She died.

Spouse: Reverend John LEST-114728. Sophie PAUL and Reverend John LEST were married before 1885. Children were: Julia Lisa LEST-114727.

Virginia PAUL was born in 1907 in OH.5817 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Lima, Allen, OH.5817 Enumerated with her parents. Parents: Dean Richmond PAUL-116877 and Mary W. -116878.

Spouse: Winfield Leroy (Leroy) TEMPLE Jr.-3189. Virginia PAUL and Winfield Leroy (Leroy) TEMPLE Jr. were married on 21 October 1926 in Lima, Allen, OH.64031 They married in the home of the bride's parents. The place was as reported in the newspaper, but requires proof such as a marriage certificate. She did not report an age of marriage in 1930. It is not clear that she and Leroy were married, but if they were, the marriage was brief and they were either divorced or were in the process by the Apr 1930 census. Children were: David Blake (David) TEMPLE-3328.

William PAUL (private).

Spouse: Frances COBURN-73131. Children were: Benjamin F. PAUL-73129.

William Henry PAUL (private). Parents: Jerry Henry PAUL-151360 and Mary Elizabeth TEMPLE-151359.

Michael Robert PAULASKI (private).63690

Spouse: Delores PAROLISE-167751.

Naomi Pauline PAULDING (private). Parents: Virgil Scott PAULDING-43419 and Stella Leona (Stella) TEMPLE-569.

Orpha La Rue PAULDING (private). Parents: Virgil Scott PAULDING-43419 and Stella Leona (Stella) TEMPLE-569.

Peggy Lee PAULDING (private). Parents: Virgil Scott PAULDING-43419 and Stella Leona (Stella) TEMPLE-569.

Rebecca Jane PAULDING (private). Parents: Virgil Scott PAULDING-43419 and Stella Leona (Stella) TEMPLE-569.

Vera Jean PAULDING (private). Parents: Virgil Scott PAULDING-43419 and Stella Leona (Stella) TEMPLE-569.

Virgil Scott PAULDING Jr. (private). Parents: Virgil Scott PAULDING-43419 and Stella Leona (Stella) TEMPLE-569.

Virgil Scott PAULDING was born on 7 September 1894.64042 He died on 10 April 1971 at the age of 76 in Ballwin, St. Louis, MO.23,64042

Spouse: Stella Leona (Stella) TEMPLE-569. Stella Leona (Stella) TEMPLE and Virgil Scott PAULDING were married on 25 February 1923.23 Children were: Virgil Scott PAULDING Jr.-43420, Rebecca Jane PAULDING-43421, Naomi Pauline PAULDING-43422, Vera Jean PAULDING-43423, Peggy Lee PAULDING-43424, Orpha La Rue PAULDING-43425.

Mary PAULETO was born in 1892 in Italy.46385 She lived 179 Portland Avenue in Rochester, Monroe, NY in 1912.46385 Parents: Casimo IPPOLITE-173731 and Mary TAPPONELLO-173732.

Spouse: Samuel L. TEMPLE-132687. Mary PAULETO and Samuel L. TEMPLE were married on 20 April 1912 in Rochester, Monroe, NY.46385

PAULEY (?) died in Frame, Kanawha, WV.64043 Buried in Pauley Cemetery, Frame, WV, with no stone. Records only give her as "Mrs. Temple," and she is buried with her son, given only as "boy." She may be a Pauley, for no other reason than she is buried in the Pauley Cemetery.

Spouse: TEMPLE-142846. Children were: TEMPLE-142848.

Samuel PAULK was born in 1665 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.

Spouse: Sarah BRABROOK-5048. Sarah BRABROOK and Samuel PAULK were married.

Martha PAULL (private).

Spouse: Harvey GADDIS-44525. Children were: James Paul GADDIS-44524.

Jery PAULSELL was born in 1815 in OH.3085 He died before 1886 at the age of 71.

Spouse: Hannah E. -118409. Hannah E. and Jery PAULSELL were married.

Orpha (Ofa) PAULSELL6468,56242 was born in January 1873 in OH.64044,64045,64046,64047 Gave her age as 43 in 1920. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Marion Twp., Hancock, OH.64046 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Eagle, Hancock, OH.64047 Orpha appeared in the census in January 1920 in Findlay, Hancock, OH.64045 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Findlay, Hancock, OH.64048 She died in 1938 at the age of 65 in Eagle, Hardin, OH.64044,64049 Buried in Bishop Cemetery, Eagle, Twp., Hardin, OH. Her parents were from Germany (father) and OH (mother) in later censuses, but she gave them both from OH in 1900. Appears as Ofa in 1900 and 1910. By 1900 she had had 3 children, all of whom survived. By 1910, she had had 6 children, all of whom survived. Given as Ophelia in her daughter Blanche's marriage to William Russell. Given as Othelia in her daughter Leona's marriage to John Walters.

Spouse: Charles H. (Charley) TEMPLE-27156. Orpha (Ofa) PAULSELL and Charles H. (Charley) TEMPLE were married on 15 February 1892 in Franklin Co., OH.64046,64048,64050 Children were: Effie M. TEMPLE-27166, Ralph R. TEMPLE-27167, LeRoy Charles (Roy) TEMPLE-27168, Hazel Leona TEMPLE-27169, Blanche Rebecca (Blanche) TEMPLE-27170, Alice L. TEMPLE-27171, Robert Lavern TEMPLE-31563, Royce Ervin (Jack) TEMPLE-27172, Edwin E. TEMPLE-44416.

PAULSON (private).

Spouse: Wanda Clarice TEMPLE-51737.

Judy Lynn PAULSON (private).64051

Spouse: Dwight Eugene TEMPLE-50902. Children were: Sarah Jean TEMPLE-50904.

Spouse: Jerome Edward FLADELAND-110335.

Michael PAULSON (private).

Spouse: Cindy TEMPEL-128962.

PAUOLASKI (private).

Spouse: Bernice Helen TEMPLE-54150.

George Robert PAUS was born in 1913 in Saskatchewan, Canada.64052 He appeared in the census in 1916 in Weyburn Co., Saskatchewan, Canada.64052 Parents: Tomas PAUS-154956 and Elspeth TEMPLE-154955.

Tomas PAUS was born in 1885 in England, United Kingdom.64052 In 1916 he was a farmer` in Weyburn Co., Saskatchewan, Canada.64052

Spouse: Elspeth TEMPLE-154955. Elspeth TEMPLE and Tomas PAUS were married about 1922. Children were: George Robert PAUS-154957, Tomas Gordon PAUS-154958.

Tomas Gordon PAUS was born in 1915 in Saskatchewan, Canada.64052 He appeared in the census in 1916 in Weyburn Co., Saskatchewan, Canada.64052 Parents: Tomas PAUS-154956 and Elspeth TEMPLE-154955.

Martha PAVITT (private).

Spouse: James ARCHER-78859. Children were: Lydia Pavitt ARCHER-78867, William Barnes ARCHER-78868, Mary Jane ARCHER-78869.

Andrew PAVLO died on 30 August 2000.64053

Spouse: Shirley Mae TEMPLE-94259. Shirley Mae TEMPLE and Andrew PAVLO were married.

Deborah Lou PAWLUK (private).

Spouse: David Carlton TEMPLE-72550. Children were: Darren TEMPLE-72570, David TEMPLE-72571, Dayna J. TEMPLE-72572, Deborah TEMPLE-72573, Dianna TEMPLE-72574.

Emily PAXSON55300,55311 was born in September 1822 in PA.55312,55313 She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Concord Twp., Delaware, PA.55313 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Concord Twp., Delaware, PA.55312 Emily appeared in the census in June 1900 in Concord Twp., Delaware, PA.55311 Enumerated living with her daughter and her family. She died. By 1900, she had had 2 children, both of whom survived.

Spouse: Thomas MARSHALL-23985. Emily PAXSON and Thomas MARSHALL were married. Children were: Philena MARSHALL-18065.

PAXTON (private).

Spouse: Connie STAFFORD-96227.

Richard PAXTON48417 died before 2019.

Spouse: Althea Doloris TEMPLE-88504. Althea Doloris TEMPLE and Richard PAXTON were married about 1948.

PAYNE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mavis Doree MATTHEWS-82290. Mavis Doree MATTHEWS and PAYNE were married before January 1947.55905