Darrell Dean TEMPLE15420,89768 was born on 2 March 1933 in Bartlett, Labette, KS.44308,70750,89769 He lived in IN before 1950.89769 He served in the military between 1953 and 1955.89770 Served as a specialist 3rd class in the Army, 11 Sep 1953-9 Sep 1955. Darrell died on 21 March 2001 at the age of 68 in Denver, Denver, CO.70750,89769 Buried in Ft. Logan National Cemetery, Denver, CO, Section T2 Site 716. Parents: Ralph Cleo TEMPLE-49320 and Mildred Roberta LEAP-61190.

Spouse: Virginia Sue SCHELLER-61189. Virginia Sue SCHELLER and Darrell Dean TEMPLE were married on 9 January 1954 in Mt. Vernon, Posey, IN.70751 Children were: Derra Sue TEMPLE-78682, Tyler Dean TEMPLE-78683.

Darrell Dean TEMPLE Sr. was born on 11 August 1935 in Cherokee, Alfalfa, OK.32584 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.24417 He lived in OK in 1951.140 Darrell died on 12 February 2007 at the age of 71 in Newton, Harvey, KS.89771 Enumerated as a daughter with given name Darlene Dean in 1940. Parents: James Paul (Jim) TEMPLE-103582 and Bessie M. EVANS-103584.

Spouse: Phyllis Marie BREWER-85805. Phyllis Marie BREWER and Darrell Dean TEMPLE Sr. were married before 1955. Children were: Darrell Dean (Dean) TEMPLE Jr.-85806, George Alderman TEMPLE-85813, Terry TEMPLE-85814.

Darrell Dean (Dean) TEMPLE Jr. was born on 27 August 1955 in Alva, Woods, OK.89772,89773,89774,89775,89776 He lived in OR in 1970.89777 He served in the military between 1976 and 1979.89772 Served as a specialist 4 in the Army, 29 Dec 1976 to 13 Dec 1979. Darrell lived in Clackamas Co., OR in 1981.89778 He lived 7451 Southeast 82nd Street in Portland, Multnomah, OR in January 1988.89776 He lived 1305 Rhobina Street in Centralia, Lewis, WA in June 1988.89776 Darrell lived in Forest Grove, Washington, OR in 2001.89777 He died on 29 November 2001 at the age of 46 in Multnomah Co., OR.89772,89773,89777 Buried in Willamette National Cemetery, Section Col-2 Row 669 Site E. Parents: Darrell Dean TEMPLE Sr.-85804 and Phyllis Marie BREWER-85805.

Spouse: Kimberly Kay BROWN-85807. Kimberly Kay BROWN and Darrell Dean (Dean) TEMPLE Jr. were married on 29 June 1974 in Clackamas Co., OR.17913 They17913 were divorced on 14 August 1978 in Clackamas Co., OR.17914 Children were: Kristina Kimberly TEMPLE-85809.

Spouse: Charleen P. MC NEAL-90628.

Spouse: Karen Loree WYLDER-85808.

Darrell Doric TEMPLE was born on 21 March 1919 in Hamburg, Erie, NY.140,68580,76019,76022,89779,89780,89781,89782 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Hamburg, Erie, NY.68580 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Hamburg, Erie, NY.76019 In April 1940 Darrell was a university cafeteria waiter in Hamburg, Erie, NY.76022 In October 1940 he was an employee of American Lumber and Treating Company in Macon, Bibb, GA.89781 He served in the military between 1942 and 1945.89783 Dates approximate. Served as a private first class in the Marine Corps in WWII, locations and units unknown. Darrell lived in New Orleans, Orleans, LA in 1945.89779,89780 He lived 300 Old Mill Road in Barrington, Cook, IL in 1988.16077 He died on 14 May 2012 at the age of 93 in IL.140,89783 Buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Barrington, IL, Plot: Section 29. He is possibly the father of John A. Temple, whose grave marker with birth date only is in the same cemetery. Parents: Donald Doric TEMPLE-2903 and Helen Alberta STRATEMEIER-40451.

Spouse: Shirley TRUMP-62927. Shirley TRUMP and Darrell Doric TEMPLE were married on 18 October 1945 in Kansas City, Jackson, MO.89779,89780

Darrell Edmond (Darrell) TEMPLE (private).89784 Parents: Donald Henry TEMPLE-6569 and Julia Josephine (Julia) LA MARCHE-6608.

Darrell J. TEMPLE was born on 23 July 1940 in Morristown, Belmont, OH.11330,89785 He lived in Hickory, Washington, PA in 2007.89786 He died on 25 August 2007 at the age of 67 in Washington, Washington, PA.11330,89786 Buried in Mt. Prospect Cemetery, Hickory, PA. Apparently unmarried. Parents: Benjamin Franklin (Ben) TEMPLE-32867 and Elizabeth Louisa (Libby) BARBE-62274.

Darrell John TEMPLE89787 was born on 15 September 1947. He died on 24 January 2022 at the age of 74 in Springtown, Parker, TX.89788 He might be the son of Robert Glenn Temple and Dorothy Irene Matheny.

Darrell Ray TEMPLE (private).89789

Spouse: Angela Renea WEYER-144759.

Darren TEMPLE (private). Parents: David Carlton TEMPLE-72550 and Deborah Lou PAWLUK-72551.

Darren TEMPLE (private). Parents: Robert Chester (Poss) TEMPLE Jr.-27337 and Edna RICHMOND-109973.

Darren TEMPLE (private). Parents: Charles Kenneth TEMPLE Jr.-94616 and Marjorie Maureen EVANS-94626.

Darren TEMPLE (private). Parents: Lawrence TEMPLE Sr.-180926 and Genevieve -180927.

Darren Lane TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Lisa Ann MURPHY-159559. Children were: Cody Lane TEMPLE-159560.

Darren Robert TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Rebecca Louise QUINN-164833.

Darrin Rock TEMPLE (private).29162 Parents: Paul Leroy TEMPLE-86364 and Colleen GIBSON-97648.

Darryl Andre TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Alice Anita RICHMOND-165280.

Darryl DeWayne TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Wendy Karen TAYLOR-164816.

Darryl Dwight TEMPLE (private).89790 Parents: Lavern TEMPLE-113206 and Vivian EDWARDS-113207.

Spouse: Wanda Marie BOCKELIE-113212. Children were: Ashley N. TEMPLE-113225.

Darryl L. TEMPLE (private).85091

Spouse: UNKNOWN-181967. Children were: Brandon Ve Dar TEMPLE-181968.

Darryl Lee TEMPLE (private).695

Spouse: Verna Annette LYMON-159280. Children were: Brione Lashae TEMPLE-159067.

Spouse: Vernita K. TYLER-160659.

Darwin TEMPLE (private).1106 Parents: Donald Bernard TEMPLE-177819 and Dene Karen ANSETH-177820.

Spouse: Carol -177834.

Darwin TEMPLE was born in June 1926 in Newland Twp., Pasquotank, NC.12508,34382,89791 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Newland Twp., Pasquotank, NC.34382 He died in 1938 at the age of 12 in Pasquotank Co., NC.12508,89792 Sources are in conflict for his burial. "Tombstones and Epitaphs of Northeastern North Carolina" says he is buried in West Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Elizabeth City, NC, but Find-A-Grave read his marker in the Stokley Family Cemetery, Pasquotank, NC. Parents: John Elias (Johnnie) TEMPLE-40103 and Beulah Mae FORBES-44721.

Daryl TEMPLE (private). Parents: Nelson Richard TEMPLE-47217 and Lucille B. (Lucy) ROBINETT-47218.

Spouse: Sue -47220.

Daryl B. TEMPLE (private).89793

Children were: Kelly Jean TEMPLE-181985.

Daryl Berlyn TEMPLE (private).23480 Parents: Oliver Berlyn (Berlyn) TEMPLE-25637 and Erma Fern (Erma) COCHRAN-27447.

Daryl D. TEMPLE (private). Parents: Lewis Henry TEMPLE Jr.-183389 and Bernice -183390.

Spouse: Debra -183402.

Spouse: Carol -183401.

Spouse: Kathleen -183400.

Daryl D. Wayne TEMPLE (private).695,61395

Spouse: Bridgett Jeanell SIMMONS-158897.

Daryl Dean TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Debra Ann LEHEUP-165137.

Spouse: Carol Lynn CONTE-165259.

Spouse: Kathleen CLARK-165403.

Spouse: Sue Lorraine RIFKIN-165593.

Daryl Edward TEMPLE (private).23,89794 Parents: Edward Lawrence (Edward) TEMPLE-3315 and Betsey Streeter PERKINS-3425.

Daryl Kenneth TEMPLE (private).12878 Parents: Kenneth Francis TEMPLE-61867 and Mary Louise THIBDAUE-87013.

Spouse: Grace Eleanore GITTINS-105178. Children were: Heidi Doreen TEMPLE-105179, Amy Jo TEMPLE-105180.

Daryl Lee TEMPLE (private).47339 Parents: Robert Alfred TEMPLE-52259 and Lois Elsie JOHNS-85685.

Spouse: Ruthie -119900.

Daryl Lee TEMPLE (private).61438 Parents: Lowell Don (Don) TEMPLE-52284 and Phyllis Arlene LENZ-52285.

Spouse: Ruth A. NICHOLS-52289.

Daryl Lee TEMPLE (private).89795

Spouse: Melanie Anne TROYER-172262.

Dave TEMPLE (private). Parents: Wilbert Raymond TEMPLE-102883 and Esther HOSENPHLOUGH-102884.

Spouse: Nori -116183.

Dave TEMPLE on the personal property tax roles between 1873 and 1875 in Ashley Twp., Pulaski, AR.89796 May have had a son, David E. who appears in the 1910 census.

Between 1925 and 1930 Dave TEMPLE was a deputy sheriff of Jefferson County in Jefferson Co., CO.89797

Dave TEMPLE a prisoner about 1920 in CO.89798 The date was about 1920 based on prisoner number.

Dave TEMPLE (private). Parents: TEMPLE-153402 and UNKNOWN-153403.

Dave TEMPLE (private).89799

Spouse: Elaine ROTHNEY-156179.

Dave TEMPLE (private).47460

Spouse: Alice SCHMIDT-164164. Children were: Molly TEMPLE-164162.

Dave TEMPLE5950 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Millie Marila -177047. Millie Marila and Dave TEMPLE were married before 1894. Children were: Isabella TEMPLE-174369.

Dave TEMPLE36277 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Babe SWANSON-183589. Babe SWANSON and Dave TEMPLE were married on 14 October 1893 in Anderson Co., TX.36277,76480,76481 Recorded in Marriage Book 12, p. 215.

Dave TEMPLE died on 23 March 1926 in Kenton, Hardin, OH.89800 Buried in Grove Cemetery, Hardin Co., OH. He may be the son of David Clinton and Alvia Summers of Kenton, OH. Parents: David Clinton (David) TEMPLE-60288 and Alvia E. SUMMERS-60307.

Dave TEMPLE52208,52209 died before 2017.5195 Parents: Robert Foster TEMPLE-109988 and Alberta Marie (Marie) LEE-109989.

Dave TEMPLE was born in 1898 in Russia.89801 He immigrated in 1906.89801 In April 1930 he was a garage mechanic and prison inmate in San Quentin Prison, Marin, CA.89801 He might be SSDI's Dave Temple b 15 May 1898 d Dec 1964. He might also or alternatively be David temple, Jr., who married Emma Myer in 1923 in Fresno.

Dave TEMPLE87891 was born on 10 October 1925.87891,89802 Cemetery records gave 10 Oct 1925, but SSDI gave 10 Jun 1926. He lived in FL in 1956.89802 He lived in Douglas, Coffee, GA in 1984.89802 Dave died on 7 August 1984 at the age of 58 in Turner Co., GA.87891,89802 Buried in Westview Cemetery, Turner Co., GA. Possibly related to Charlie Temple, with similar birth and death dates, also in Turner Co., GA. Also, based on a common location and the same name, he may be the father of David Temple, who married Rebecca Ann Ricketson.

Dave TEMPLE89803 was born on 10 October 1925. He died on 7 March 1994 at the age of 68 in Turner Co., GA. Buried in Westview Memorial Gardens, Ashburn, GA. Possibly related to Charlie and Freddie Lee Temple, both buried in the same cemetery.

Dave TEMPLE (private).57024

Spouse: Patricia (Trisha) MC GINLEY-182332. Children were: Bridget TEMPLE-182335.

Dave Eugene TEMPLE (private).89804

Spouse: Barbara E. ENGESATH-146704.

Daven Lee (Davey) TEMPLE (private).89805 Parents: Robert Haylor TEMPLE-48466 and Virginia Lee (Ginny) CLARK-65363.

Spouse: John MC GRADY-65367.