Annie Elizabeth (Annie) LA FORTE was born on 9 November 1919 in Webster, Worcester, MA.51095,51096,51097 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Webster, Worcester, MA.51095 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Uxbridge, Worcester, MA.51096 Annie lived in MA before 1951.51098 She died on 30 January 2004 at the age of 84 in Fort Lauderdale, Broward, FL.51098,51099 Buried in Old South Burying Ground, Bolton, MA. Her husband and her brother's wife were first cousins. Parents: Wilfred W. LA FORTE-37125 and Effie G. LIVELY-37173.

Spouse: Everett Ellsworth TEMPLE Sr.-4693. Annie Elizabeth (Annie) LA FORTE and Everett Ellsworth TEMPLE Sr. were married on 16 June 1934 in Bolton, Worcester, MA.51097,51100 Also registered in Marlboro, MA. Children were: Richard TEMPLE-4799, Everett Ellsworth (Evie) TEMPLE Jr.-4800, Judith Ann (Judy) TEMPLE-4809, Sandra Jean (Sandy) TEMPLE-4811, Joyce Marie TEMPLE-4814, Alice Elizabeth (Alice) TEMPLE-4816, James Dean (James) TEMPLE-4818.

Emerson W. LA FORTE was born on 8 June 1915 in Bolton, Worcester, MA.23 His wife and his sister's husband were first cousins. Parents: Wilfred W. LA FORTE-37125 and Effie G. LIVELY-37173.

Spouse: Madeline Eldora (Madeline) TEMPLE-4987. Madeline Eldora (Madeline) TEMPLE and Emerson W. LA FORTE were married about 1937. They were divorced before 1950. Children were: William Patrick LA FORTE-37177, James Emerson LA FORTE-38905.

James Emerson LA FORTE was born on 15 November 1937 in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.23 He died before 1998 at the age of 61.51101 Parents: Emerson W. LA FORTE-37171 and Madeline Eldora (Madeline) TEMPLE-4987.

Wilfred W. LA FORTE23,51095 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Effie G. LIVELY-37173. Effie G. LIVELY and Wilfred W. LA FORTE were married before 1915. Children were: Emerson W. LA FORTE-37171, Annie Elizabeth (Annie) LA FORTE-4798.

William Patrick LA FORTE (private).51102 Parents: Emerson W. LA FORTE-37171 and Madeline Eldora (Madeline) TEMPLE-4987.

LA FRANCE (private).

Spouse: Martha TEMPLE-184965.

Charles A. LA FRANCE was born in 1888 in Rutland, Rutland, VT.8245 He died. Parents: Jonathan H. LA FRANCE-108735 and Minnie ALBIE-108736.

Spouse: Josephine N. CARTER-3586. Josephine N. CARTER and Charles A. LA FRANCE were married in December 1911 in Whitehall, Washington, NY.8245,21150 Their license was dated 4 Dec 1911, which may also be their marriage date. This was his first and her second marriage. She claimed her first husband had died.

Jonathan H. LA FRANCE was born in NY.8245 He died.

Spouse: Minnie ALBIE-108736. Minnie ALBIE and Jonathan H. LA FRANCE were married before 1888. Children were: Charles A. LA FRANCE-108734.

LA GRAND (private).

Spouse: Dorothy Mae BONAR-168296.

James Francis LA LANNE Jr. (private).

Spouse: Wanda Joyce TEMPLE-141824.

Corrine Mary LA LONDE (private).

Spouse: James Edward LANDRY-167613. Children were: Corrine Ann LANDRY-167612.

Norval R. LA LONDE was born on 6 January 1933 in Rapid River, Delta, MI.51103,51104 He lived in Escanaba, Delta, MI in 1951.51103 He died on 29 April 2003 at the age of 70 in Rapid River, Delta, MI.51104 Parents: Richard LA LONDE-97579 and Ruth Louise DROSEART-97580.

Spouse: Patricia Ruth (Patti) TEMPLE-86935. Patricia Ruth (Patti) TEMPLE and Norval R. LA LONDE were married on 28 December 1951 in Hyde, Delta, MI.51103

Richard LA LONDE (private).

Spouse: Ruth Louise DROSEART-97580. Children were: Norval R. LA LONDE-97578.

Olga V. LA MANCE (private).51105

Spouse: Brandon Allen TEMPLE-158981.

Edmond R. LA MARCHE (private).

Spouse: Frances H. DE FAZIO-37489. Children were: Julia Josephine (Julia) LA MARCHE-6608.

Julia Josephine (Julia) LA MARCHE (private).23 Parents: Edmond R. LA MARCHE-37488 and Frances H. DE FAZIO-37489.

Spouse: Donald Henry TEMPLE-6569. Children were: Michelle Marie (Michelle) TEMPLE-6609, Holly Ann (Holly) TEMPLE-6610, Darrell Edmond (Darrell) TEMPLE-6611.

LA MATTE (private).

Spouse: Norma Jean POE-169503.

George LA MONTAGNE was born in 1909 in Fall River, Bristol, MA.51106 In 1944 he was a carpenter in Hillsborough, Hillsborough, NH.51106 He died. Parents: Olilon LA MONTAGNE-110480 and Rosalie NADEAU-110481.

Spouse: Evalyn Marion (Evelyn/Evly) TEMPLE-36279. Evalyn Marion (Evelyn/Evly) TEMPLE and George LA MONTAGNE were married on 31 August 1944 in Haverhill, Grafton, NH.51106,51107 This was his third and her second marriage.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-110482.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-110483. UNKNOWN and George LA MONTAGNE were married.

Olilon LA MONTAGNE51106 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Rosalie NADEAU-110481. Rosalie NADEAU and Olilon LA MONTAGNE were married before 1909.51106 Children were: George LA MONTAGNE-101668.

Mary L. LA PARETE (private).

Spouse: Albert A. LE PAGE-37088. Children were: Eva Victoria LE PAGE-26870.

Alice Yvonne LA PIERRE (private). Parents: Robert William LA PIERRE-10193 and Alice TEMPLE-10187.

Robert William LA PIERRE13620 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Alice TEMPLE-10187. Alice TEMPLE and Robert William LA PIERRE were married before December 1946.51108 Children were: Alice Yvonne LA PIERRE-10194, Robert William LA PIERRE Jr.-10195.

Robert William LA PIERRE Jr. (private). Parents: Robert William LA PIERRE-10193 and Alice TEMPLE-10187.

LA PLANTE was born on 1 May 1924.23 Parents: Thomas LA PLANTE-38749 and Adelaide Marie TEMPLE-37321.

Clara I. LA PLANTE (private). Parents: Eugene Jerry LA PLANTE-68413 and Jennie Edith (Jennie) TEMPLE-18295.

Edna Jennie LA PLANTE (private). Parents: Eugene Jerry LA PLANTE-68413 and Jennie Edith (Jennie) TEMPLE-18295.

Eugene Jerry LA PLANTE51109 was born on 18 April 1878 in IL. He died on 20 January 1950 at the age of 71 in WA. Parents: Joel LA PLANTE-68429 and Julia Mary LATAMORE-68430.

Spouse: Jennie Edith (Jennie) TEMPLE-18295. Jennie Edith (Jennie) TEMPLE and Eugene Jerry LA PLANTE were married after 1905. Children were: Edna Jennie LA PLANTE-68425, Vernon Joseph LA PLANTE-68426, Mabel Julia LA PLANTE-68427, Nelva Edith LA PLANTE-68428, Clara I. LA PLANTE-68414.

Henry J. LA PLANTE (private).

Spouse: M. Armina BARBIN-38204. Children were: Maria Rose (Mary) LA PLANTE-6628.

Joel LA PLANTE (private).

Spouse: Julia Mary LATAMORE-68430. Children were: Eugene Jerry LA PLANTE-68413.

Joseph LA PLANTE (private).

Spouse: Agnes PLANT-38752. Children were: Thomas LA PLANTE-38749.

Julia K. LA PLANTE (private).695

Spouse: David Edward TEMPLE-142657.

Mabel Julia LA PLANTE (private). Parents: Eugene Jerry LA PLANTE-68413 and Jennie Edith (Jennie) TEMPLE-18295.

Maria Rose (Mary) LA PLANTE51110 was born on 25 April 1915 in Newport, Orleans, VT.23,7952,51111,51112 She lived in Newport, Orleans, VT on 1 April 1935.51112 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.51112 Maria died on 26 June 1993 at the age of 78 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.23,51113 Buried in Saint Marys Cemetery, Newport, VT. Parents: Henry J. LA PLANTE-38203 and M. Armina BARBIN-38204.

Spouse: Howard Russell TEMPLE-6547. Maria Rose (Mary) LA PLANTE and Howard Russell TEMPLE were married on 12 April 1937 in St. Johnsbury, Caledonia, VT.1310,51110 They1310,51110 were divorced before 1948. Children were: Howard Lawrence (Lawrence) TEMPLE-6632, Norman Edward TEMPLE Sr.-6630, Allyn Russell TEMPLE-6631, Paul Henry TEMPLE-6633.

Nelva Edith LA PLANTE51114 was born on 5 July 1913 in Haynes, Adams, ND.51115 She died on 24 December 2001 at the age of 88.51115 Parents: Eugene Jerry LA PLANTE-68413 and Jennie Edith (Jennie) TEMPLE-18295.

Thomas LA PLANTE was born about 1886 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA.23 He died before 1990 at the age of 104. Parents: Joseph LA PLANTE-38751 and Agnes PLANT-38752.

Spouse: Adelaide Marie TEMPLE-37321. Adelaide Marie TEMPLE and Thomas LA PLANTE were married in May 1912 in Franklin, Norfolk, MA.23,51116 Also registered in Douglas, MA. Children were: LA PLANTE-38750.

Vernon Joseph LA PLANTE (private). Parents: Eugene Jerry LA PLANTE-68413 and Jennie Edith (Jennie) TEMPLE-18295.

Elizabeth Mae (Mae) LA POINTE51117 was born on 5 April 1940 in Seat Pleasant, Prince George's, MD.51117,51118 Find-A-Grave says Elkton, MD, but Mae claimed Seat Pleasant, MD, in her SSAN application. She died on 17 December 1999 at the age of 59 in Bear, New Castle, DE. Parents: Everett William LA POINTE-156441 and Ida Elizabeth DRURY-156442.

Spouse: MAYNE-156443. Elizabeth Mae (Mae) LA POINTE and MAYNE were married before April 1956.51118 Children were: Bobby MAYNE-156444, Tommy MAYNE-156445, Herbie MAYNE-156446, Donna MAYNE-156447.

Spouse: LLOYD-169081.

Spouse: PERRINE-169082.

Spouse: James TEMPLE-156439.

Everett William LA POINTE (private).

Spouse: Ida Elizabeth DRURY-156442. Children were: Elizabeth Mae (Mae) LA POINTE-156440.

Peter J. LA POINTE (private).1308

Spouse: Lori J. TEMPLE-150950.

Steve LA POLLA (private).

Spouse: Shirley TEMPLE-65264.

Lana Jeanne LA ROCHE was born on 17 September 1941 in Melbourne, Brevard, FL.51119 She died on 16 January 1997 at the age of 55.51119

Spouse: YOUNG-169085.

Spouse: TEMPLE-169083.

William E. LA ROCK51120,51121 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Estelle Florence TEMPLE-47945. Estelle Florence TEMPLE and William E. LA ROCK were married in August 1937 in Eau Claire, Eau Claire, WI.51121,51122

Jo Ann Anita LA ROSE (private).31105 Parents: Joseph Frank LA ROSE-99929 and Joanne A. LO CASCIO-99930.

Spouse: Franklin Taylor (Frank) TEMPLE-99923.

Joseph Frank LA ROSE31105 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Joanne A. LO CASCIO-99930. Joanne A. LO CASCIO and Joseph Frank LA ROSE were married before 1948. Children were: Jo Ann Anita LA ROSE-99928.

Abigail Vilinta\Villette (Abbie) LA RUE33523,51123 was born in 1839 in NY.33527,51124,51125,51126 She appeared in the census in July 1860 in Port Byron, Rock Island, IL.51124 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Alton, Madison, IL.51126 Abigail lived 2022 Sacramento in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA in 1903.51127 Living with her son Wilbert. She lived 2811 Huron Street in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA between 1908 and 1914.1784,2438,6205,51128 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.51125 Abigail died on 25 July 1919 at the age of 80 in Hutchinson, Reno, KS.51129 Died of an unspecified cause while visiting in the home her son Charles at 312 Avenue C West in Hutchinson, KS. She and her daughter Edna were guests of Charles. Her body was taken to Los Angeles for burial. Curiously, in 1913, the LA City Directory indicates she was the widow of Leon H, which she wasn't. I don't even know who Leon H. was. By 1910, she had had 4 children, 3 of whom survived. Her parents were both from MA in 1880. Parents: Jacob Smith LA RUE-64663 and Joannah SMITH-64664.

Spouse: William Henry TEMPLE-5407. Abigail Vilinta\Villette (Abbie) LA RUE and William Henry TEMPLE were married on 21 December 1856 in Rock Island Co., IL.440,46854,51123,51130 Children were: Ina TEMPLE-5593, Elmer Leon TEMPLE-5595, Wilbert Clyde (Wilbert) TEMPLE-5594, Edna I. TEMPLE-5596, Charles TEMPLE-122550.

Andy LA RUE (private).

Spouse: Golda Almenta WHITELEY-95711. Children were: Donna Jean LA RUE-95698.

Donna Jean LA RUE (private).12839 Parents: Andy LA RUE-95710 and Golda Almenta WHITELEY-95711.

Spouse: BEEDY-95706. Children were: Kristine Annette BEEDY-95707, Sonja Lea BEEDY-95708, Michael Todd BEEDY-95709.

Spouse: Randolph Scott (Randy) TEMPLE-95697.

Jacob Smith LA RUE (private).

Spouse: Joannah SMITH-64664. Children were: Abigail Vilinta\Villette (Abbie) LA RUE-5592.

Carol Marie (Carol) LA SALLE (private).51131 Parents: Leonard Earl LA SALLE-99536 and Arthene Marie WAIT-99537.

Spouse: William David TEMPLE-97530.

Leonard Earl LA SALLE (private).

Spouse: Arthene Marie WAIT-99537. Children were: Carol Marie (Carol) LA SALLE-97532.