Everett (Red) TEMPLE30283 was born on 17 August 1906 in Eureka, Humboldt, CA.148,20578,20579,30283,30284,30285,30286,95230 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA.30286 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA.30284 In April 1930 Everett was an oil distribution company truck driver in Petaluma, Sonoma, CA.30285 In April 1940 he was an oil company distribution salesman in Petaluma, Sonoma, CA.20578 In October 1940 he was an employee of Shell il Company in Petaluma, Sonoma, CA.20579 Everett lived in Petaluma, Sonoma, CA in 1993.95230 He died on 27 January 1993 at the age of 86 in Marin Co., CA.148,95230,95231 Buried in Cypress Hill Memorial Park, Petaluma, CA, Plot: Acacia Lawn. Described in his WWII draft registration as ruddy complexion with brown hair and eyes, it is not clear just why his nickname was Red. Parents: Clarence Henry TEMPLE-1857 and Margaret Smith DU BOSE-52374.

Spouse: LaReta L. CARDWELL-74374. LaReta L. CARDWELL and Everett (Red) TEMPLE were married on 30 August 1931 in Petaluma, Sonoma, CA.1069,20581 Children were: Nancy Dolores (Nancy) TEMPLE-74377, Peggy TEMPLE-74378.

Everett Alson (Everett) TEMPLE was born on 25 March 1910 in Albany, Orleans, VT.23,7952,33099,33100,63546,95232 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Waterford, Caledonia, VT.63546 In April 1930 he was an electrician for CT Light and Power in New Britain, Hartford, CT.33099 In April 1940 Everett was an electric power lineman in Plainville, Hartford, CT.33100 In October 1940 he was an employee of Connecticut Light and Power Company in New Britain, Hartford, CT.33101 He lived in CT before 1951.95232 Everett died in December 1974 at the age of 64 in Tucson, Pima, AZ.95232,95233 Buried in South Lawn Memorial Cemetery, Tucson, AZ. Parents: Clarence William (Clare) TEMPLE-43111 and Pearl Lillian (Pearl) PARKER-43112.

Spouse: Hope E. FARRAR-43116. Hope E. FARRAR and Everett Alson (Everett) TEMPLE were married in 1929.33099 Children were: Beverly Hope TEMPLE-86905, Marilyn TEMPLE-86906, Shirley M. TEMPLE-86907, Muriel Jean TEMPLE-86908.

Spouse: Ruby M. YOUNG-118954. Ruby M. YOUNG and Everett Alson (Everett) TEMPLE were married before 13 May 1964.49976

Everett B. TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Catherine C. FERNANDEZ-153179. Catherine C. FERNANDEZ and Everett B. TEMPLE were married on 1 September 1939 in Chatham, Northumberland, New Brunswick, Canada.33468

Everett B. (Evert) TEMPLE14216 was born on 25 December 1902 in Madison Co., KY.4908,47379,66202,66207,66208,88104,95234 Gave 1901 in 1910. He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Bullitt Co., KY.47379,88104 In April 1930 he was a sand company manager in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.66207 In April 1940 Everett was a sand company laborer in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.66208 He lived 1510 Story Avenue in Louisville, Jefferson, KY on 16 February 1942.66202 He lived in Louisville, Jefferson, KY in 1986.95234 Everett died on 1 January 1986 at the age of 83 in Oldham Co., KY.4908,66206,95234 Buried in Grove Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, KY. Enumerated as Edward in 1940.

Parents: Theodore J. TEMPLE-50690 and Hattie Z. WARFORD-55962.

Spouse: Osa May (Ocie\May) PRICE-78372. Osa May (Ocie\May) PRICE and Everett B. (Evert) TEMPLE were married on 18 June 1921 in Taylorsville, Spencer, KY.66207,66210 Children were: Jonathan C. (John) TEMPLE-120446, Joseph C. TEMPLE-120448, Donald R. (Donnie) TEMPLE-94048.

Everett Carl TEMPLE4562 was born on 24 March 1909 in Marysville, Marshall, KS.31985,31986,31987,67699,67700,67701,95235 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Marysville, Marshall, KS.67701 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Marysville, Marshall, KS.67699 Everett appeared in the census in April 1930 in Marysville, Marshall, KS.67700 In April 1940 he was a wholesale auto supplies warehouse clerk in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.31986 He served in the military between 1942 and 1945.95236 Served in the Army. In January 1945 Everett was an employee of Western Auto Supply Company in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.31987 He lived in TX before 1951.95235 He lived in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO in 1967.1126 Everett moved in 1974 in Salem, Dent, MO.31985 He died on 1 October 1983 at the age of 74 in Salem, Dent, MO.31985,95235,95236 Buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Salem, MO. No issue. Parents: Joseph Alexander (Joe) TEMPLE-27751 and Minna M. (Minnie) REINDERS-27754.

Spouse: Eloise E. ELMER-71969. Eloise E. ELMER and Everett Carl TEMPLE were married on 16 January 1938 in MO.31985

Everett Clarence TEMPLE was born on 25 November 1903 in Bedford, Middlesex, MA.23 He died on 3 December 1903 at the age of 0 in Bedford, Middlesex, MA.23 Parents: William H. TEMPLE-31433 and Jennie Colby (Jennie) TOWNSEND-31434.

Everett Clarendon TEMPLE1802 was born on 16 September 1895 in Greenbush, Penobscot, ME.21790,70181,70182,70183,95237 Some sources put the date as 11 Sep, but he gave 16 Sep in his WWI draft registration. He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Greenbush, Penobscot, ME.70183 In 1917 he was a labor in Greenbush, Penobscot, ME.95237 In January 1920 Everett was a lumber camp laborer in Greenbush, Penobscot, ME.70181 In April 1930 he was a railroad laborer in Greenbush, Penobscot, ME.70182 He died on 28 June 1936 at the age of 40 in Olamon, Penobscot, ME.23,95238,95239 Died of unspecified causes in his home. Buried in Wells Cemetery, Greenbush, ME. Unmarried. Parents: Frank Lewis (Frank) TEMPLE-13520 and Caroline E. SANBORN-13787.

Everett Clarke (Clarke) TEMPLE95240 was born on 14 July 1922.95240 He died on 2 August 1999 at the age of 77 in Fernie, British Columbia, Canada.95240 Buried in Saint Margaret's Cemetery, Fernie, East Kootenay, BC. Parents: Francis Albert (Frank) TEMPLE-64724 and Inez Hermione VANDERBURGH-64725.

Spouse: Dorothy WILLS-126529. Dorothy WILLS and Everett Clarke (Clarke) TEMPLE were married about 1945.

Everett Ellis (Everett) TEMPLE95241,95242 was born on 29 March 1848 in Hopkinton, Middlesex, MA.14920,18282,41382,41383,95241,95243 He appeared in the census in 1850 in Hopkinton, Middlesex, MA.14921 He appeared in the census in July 1860 in Hopkinton, Middlesex, MA.18282 Everett served in the military in 1864/5.81838 Enlisted as a private in Company F of the 4th MA Heavy Artillery on 12 Aug 1864 and was discharged 17 Jun 1865. In August 1870 he was a boot shop worker in Hopkinton, Middlesex, MA.14920 In June 1880 he was a factory laborer in Hopkinton, Middlesex, MA.95243 Everett appeared in the census in 1890 in Woodville, Middlesex, MA.81838 He was ill with fever and ague in 1890 in Woodville, Middlesex, MA.81838 In April 1910 he was a farmer in Hopkinton, Middlesex, MA.41383 Everett appeared in the census in January 1920 in Hopkinton, Middlesex, MA.41382 He died on 23 August 1924 at the age of 76 in Hopkinton, Middlesex, MA.95241,95244 Buried in Bear Hill (Norcross) Cemetery, Hopkinton, MA. Served in Civil War in Company F, 4th Massachusetts Heavy Artillery. The Hopkinton vital records include another Everett E. Temple, son of Isaac D. and Abigail, but born 3 Mar 1842. This must be some error, as this is before the marriage date for the couple. Furthermore, Abigail would have been 15 years old. Parents: Isaac Dalston TEMPLE-4917 and Abigail Aldrich (Abigail) BRUCE-4918.

Spouse: Frances Jalana (Frances) TEMPLE-1226. Frances Jalana (Frances) TEMPLE and Everett Ellis (Everett) TEMPLE were married on 11 August 1867 in Hopkinton, Middlesex, MA.41383,95241 They were first cousins. Children were: Adelbert TEMPLE-5006, Winfred TEMPLE-2375, Orrison Everett TEMPLE-2376, Harold TEMPLE-2377.

Everett Ellsworth TEMPLE Sr.51097 was born on 21 October 1913 in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.25339,51096,70317,95245,95246 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.70317 In April 1930 he was a shoe factory cutter in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.25339 In 1931 Everett was an employee, B.A.C. & S. Company in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.80192 In April 1940 he was a worsted mill millwright in Uxbridge, Worcester, MA.51096 He died on 7 September 1983 at the age of 69 in Fort Lauderdale, Broward, FL.95245,95246 Buried in Old South Burying Ground, Bolton, MA. Parents: Frank Eugene (Frank) TEMPLE-4668 and Annie T. SCHANDELMAYER-4669.

Spouse: Annie Elizabeth (Annie) LA FORTE-4798. Annie Elizabeth (Annie) LA FORTE and Everett Ellsworth TEMPLE Sr. were married on 16 June 1934 in Bolton, Worcester, MA.51097,51100 Also registered in Marlboro, MA. Children were: Richard TEMPLE-4799, Everett Ellsworth (Evie) TEMPLE Jr.-4800, Judith Ann (Judy) TEMPLE-4809, Sandra Jean (Sandy) TEMPLE-4811, Joyce Marie TEMPLE-4814, Alice Elizabeth (Alice) TEMPLE-4816, James Dean (James) TEMPLE-4818.

Everett Ellsworth (Evie) TEMPLE Jr.23 was born on 27 February 1939 in Whitinsville, Worcester, MA.51096 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Uxbridge, Worcester, MA.51096 He died on 12 May 2009 at the age of 70 in Fort Lauderdale, Broward, FL.95247 Buried in Fort Lauderdale Memorial Park, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Everett served in the military.95247 Served in the US Navy. Parents: Everett Ellsworth TEMPLE Sr.-4693 and Annie Elizabeth (Annie) LA FORTE-4798.

Spouse: Alberta (Fluffy) KIERNAN-4801. Alberta (Fluffy) KIERNAN and Everett Ellsworth (Evie) TEMPLE Jr. were married on 14 May 1960 in Sudbury, Middlesex, MA. Children were: Richard Everett TEMPLE-4802, Scott T. TEMPLE-4806, Cynthia Anne TEMPLE-4807, Crystal TEMPLE-4808.

Everett Frederick TEMPLE20008 was born on 2 October 1931 in Etna, Penobscot, ME.71319,95248 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Etna, Penobscot, ME.71319 He lived in Corinna, Penobscot, ME in 1954.7770 Everett lived in Norridgewock, Somerset, ME in 1968.71323 He lived in Palmyra, Somerset, ME in 1972.90326 He died on 29 June 1972 at the age of 40 in Pittsfield, Somerset, ME.41062,90326,95248,95249,95250 Died while working in West Pittsfield, but his obituary did not elaborate. Buried in Village Cemetery, Pittsfield, ME. Everett was a mill worker.23 Parents: Floriman Joseph TEMPLE-3494 and Madeleine Edith (Madeline) SCOVILOA-13938.

Spouse: Marilyn B. HARRIS-16773. Marilyn B. HARRIS and Everett Frederick TEMPLE were married on 19 June 1954 in Newport, Penobscot, ME.41062 They41062 were divorced before 1965. Children were: Mary Elaine TEMPLE-16774, Terry TEMPLE-125207, Deana TEMPLE-125208.

Everett G. TEMPLE was born in 1903 in Butte, Silver Bow, MT.8402 In February 1942 he was an orderly in Des Moines, Polk, IA.8402 Not found in 1940 or 1910. No family headed by George and Bessie was found in 1900 or 1910. Though of similar birth date and locations, he is not Everett L. Temple who died in 1973 in Grundy Center, IA. Parents: George S. TEMPLE-179672 and Bessie NORMAN-179673.

Spouse: Leota ALEXANDER-170345. Leota ALEXANDER and Everett G. TEMPLE were married on 6 February 1942 in Des Moines, Polk, IA.8400,8402

Everett Guyer TEMPLE was born on 28 July 1913 in Peoria, Peoria, IL.53730,95251,95252 When he registered for the WW2 draft, he put the date in 1911. On 16 October 1940 he was an employee of Rockford Fibre Container Company in Rockford, Winnebago, IL.53730 He lived in IL before 1951.95252 Everett lived 881 Rosemary Road in Lake Forest, Lake, IL in 1966.95253 He died on 14 June 1996 at the age of 82 in Waltham, Middlesex, MA.95251,95252 Buried in Lake Forest Cemetery, Lake Forest, IL. Parents: TEMPLE-180864 and UNKNOWN-180865.

Spouse: Jane LONYO-149445. Jane LONYO and Everett Guyer TEMPLE were married before 16 October 1940. Children were: Virginia A. TEMPLE-147400, Thomas Richard TEMPLE-134394.

Everett Kelly TEMPLE95254 was born on 1 February 1921 in Kosciusko, Attala, MS.69871,69872,95254,95255 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Brookhaven, Lincoln, MS.69871 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Brookhaven, Lincoln, MS.69872 Everett lived 432 North Jackson Street in Brookhaven, Lincoln, MS on 16 February 1942.95254 He lived in Shelby Co., TN before 1976.95255 He died on 1 May 1976 at the age of 55 in Fentress Co., TN.95255 Identification of Everett as Everett K. Temple who died in 1976 is based on birth date and requires proof. Unmarried. When he registered for the draft in 1942, he was noted as being mentally deficient. Parents: Kelly Dale (Kelly) TEMPLE-20230 and Maynie Edna RUSSELL-20232.

Everett L. TEMPLE was born in 1896 in GA.1217 In January 1920 he was a farmer in Martins, Morgan, GA.1217 His parents were both from GA.

Spouse: Cassie -135076. Cassie and Everett L. TEMPLE were married in 1914 in GA. Children were: Leonard TEMPLE-135077, Georgia B. TEMPLE-135078, TEMPLE-135079, Everett TEMPLE-135080.

Everett L. (Evert) TEMPLE72605 was born on 31 January 1903 in Morton, Renville, MN.9651,14791,14795,14797,72602,95256,95257 He claimed IA in 1930. He appeared in the census in June 1905 in Holland, Kandiyohi, MN.14797 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Clay, Grundy, IA.14795 Everett appeared in the census in 1915 in Grundy Center, Grundy, IA.95258 In January 1920 he was a laborer in Grundy Center, Grundy, IA.14791 He appeared in the census in 1925 in Grundy Center, Grundy, IA.95256 In April 1930 Everett was a farm laborer in Afton Twp., Brookings, SD.72602 He moved in 1943 in Grundy Center, Grundy, IA.9652 He died on 20 July 1983 at the age of 80 in Grundy Center, Grundy, IA.9651,95257 Buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Grundy Center, Grundy, IA, Section I, Lot 17, Space 1. Enumerated as Evert in 1920. Parents: John J. TEMPLE-60617 and Steinje (Tena) BLEEKER-60618.

Spouse: Helen SIEFKIN-60629. Helen SIEFKIN and Everett L. (Evert) TEMPLE were married on 11 June 1927 in Holland, Grundy, IA.9651,72602,72606,72607 Children were: Doris Oressa (Doris) TEMPLE-60630.

Everett Lee TEMPLE was born on 7 December 1935 in Terraville, Lawrence, SD.10017,10021,95259 He died on 25 April 1937 at the age of 1 in Deadwood, Lawrence, SD.10017,95259,95260 An operation had been performed on his throat the day before his death. The operation was to open his windpie which had been constricted due to an infection. The operation provided breathing through artificial means but he did not survive 24 hours. Buried in Mount Moriah Cemetery, Deadwood, SD. He is identified with Harold and Clara (Aspen) Temple based on location, timing and lack of known alternatives having children in Lawrence Co., SD, but this needs proof. Parents: Harold Charles (Harold) TEMPLE-49044 and Clara Elizabeth (Clara) ASPEN-49060.

Everett Lee (Jack) TEMPLE3062,18462,74692 was born on 31 January 1883 in Jefferson Co., IN.30570,30572,30573,30577,79981,81417,95261,95262,95263 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Smyrna, Jefferson, IN.79981 In April 1910 he was a farm laborer in Smyrna, Jefferson, IN.30577 In 1918 Everett was a farmer in Wirt, Jefferson, IN.30570 In January 1920 he was a farmer in Graham, Jefferson, IN.30572 In April 1930 he was a furniture sander in Rushville, Rush, IN.30573 In April 1940 Everett was a home remedy salesman in Madison, Jefferson, IN.95263 Enumerated as single, not as divorced. In 1942 he was an employee of County Infirmary in Rushville, Rush, IN.81417 He died on 23 September 1970 at the age of 87 in Rushville, Rush, IN.18462,18463,95261,95262 Died in Rush Memorial Hospital of cardia arrhythmia from which he had suffered for several months and a myocardial infarction. Buried in East Hill Cemetery, Rushville, IN, Plot: Section 19. His parents were both from IN except in 1910, when he claimed on US for his father. Identification as the son of Charles Temple comes from Wendy Temple. Appeared with Germanic spelling in 1940.
His obituary said he had been a Rushville Police Department patrolman, but gave no dates for that. Parents: Charles W. TEMPLE-29109 and Hannah Ann (Annie) WYNES-48296.

Spouse: Golda Mae (Goldie) DUNHAM-41886. Golda Mae (Goldie) DUNHAM and Everett Lee (Jack) TEMPLE were married in 1909 in IN.30577 They30577 were divorced before 1940.30578 Children were: William Vincent (Willie) TEMPLE-41887, Harry Edward (Edward) TEMPLE-41888, Suzanna TEMPLE-41889, Alonzo Robert (Robert) TEMPLE-41890, TEMPLE-107518, Margaret Louise TEMPLE-107199.

Spouse: Mae BRUNS-67094. Mae BRUNS and Everett Lee (Jack) TEMPLE were married on 27 December 1952.18463

Everett Leon TEMPLE (private).71955

Spouse: Shirley Doris (Shirley) PITTMAN-185929.

Spouse: Charlie Maud NELOMS-185930.

Spouse: Mary Lee SHAW-185931.

Everett Louis TEMPLE44544 was born on 11 March 1919 in York, Carroll, IL.44545,95264 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in York, Carroll, IL.44545 He died on 27 January 1929 at the age of 9 in Clinton, Clinton, IA.95264,95265 Died of meningitis due to a basal fracture of the skull. Buried in Fulton Township Cemetery, Fulton, IL. Also given as Evert. Parents: Louis Ed TEMPLE-48360 and Stella HOOK-49409.

Everett P. TEMPLE was born on 24 October 1864 in Marysville, Yuba, CA.44507,92510 He died on 11 February 1891 at the age of 26 in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA.92510 Died of pneumonia. It seems some data may be confused with Edward Everett Temple also of Sonoma County, CA at about the same time.

Everett Reed (Bill) TEMPLE was born on 1 July 1902 in Portland, Cumberland, ME.23,21790,31248,31249,80458,80459,95266 Gave his age as 17 in 1920. He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Portland, Cumberland, ME.80459 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Portland, Cumberland, ME.80458 In 1923 Everett was a laborer in Casco, Cumberland, ME.80462 He was living with his parents. He served in the military in 1927/8. Dates not inclusive. As a private in the Signal Corps, he departed Fort Slocum, NY, aboard the Chateau Thierry on 27 May 1925, bound for Hawaii. As a private he was assigned to Hawaiian Provisional Company # 6 when he departed Fort McDowell, near San Francisco, for Hawaii aboard the Somme on 23 Jul 1927. As a private assigned to the 11th Signal Company, Signal Corps, at Schofield Barracks, HI, he returned from Honolulu aboard the Chateau Thierry 10 Apr 1928, arriving in San Francisco, arriving on 12 Apr.
His service number was 6682004. In April 1930 he was a laborer in Portland, Cumberland, ME.31248 In April 1940 Everett was a filling station proprietor in Portland, Cumberland, ME.31249 He died on 5 February 1993 at the age of 90 in Rye, Rockingham, NH.23,95267,95268 SSDI seems to indicate San Diego, CA. Buried in Brackett Memorial Cemetery, Peaks Island, ME. He was a cement mixer.23 Parents: Eugene Percival (Eugene) TEMPLE Sr.-6372 and Elmyra Emma (Elmyra) TROTT-24110.

Spouse: Laura Agnes (Laura) EATON-37946. Laura Agnes (Laura) EATON and Everett Reed (Bill) TEMPLE were married on 6 January 1930 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.23,31248,31250 Children were: Elmyra Idelle TEMPLE-38166, Eleanor Agnes TEMPLE-38167, Laura May TEMPLE-38168.

Spouse: Betty Mary ARYELL-38169. Betty Mary ARYELL and Everett Reed (Bill) TEMPLE were married on 4 August 1947 in Williamstown, Berkshire, MA.23,9924 Also registered in Greenfield, MA.

Spouse: Dorothy F. STEVENS-38171. Dorothy F. STEVENS and Everett Reed (Bill) TEMPLE were married on 24 February 1950 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.23,75426

Everett S. TEMPLE was born on 13 May 1906 in Rice Co., MN.36589,95269 He died before 1910 at the age of 4. Death date based on his mother's response to number of children in 1910. Parents: Lewis Eddy (Louis) TEMPLE-2448 and Laura A. HENRY-6900.

Everett Vernon TEMPLE was born on 14 August 1899 in MN.216,28365 He died on 21 October 1899 at the age of 0 in Morristown, Rice, MN.216,28365 Buried in Riverside Cemetery, Morristown, MN. Parents: Vernon David (Verne) TEMPLE-2451 and Florence (Flora) SEELEY-6894.

Everett Wesley TEMPLE was born on 5 January 1898 in Moline, Rock Island, IL.18977,42228,42230,70945,95270,95271,95272 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Moline, Rock Island, IL.70945 In 1918 he was a chauffeur in Moline, Rock Island, IL.95270 In January 1920 Everett was a plow company checker in Moline, Rock Island, IL.42228 In April 1930 he was a foundry moulder in Moline, Rock Island, IL.18977 In April 1940 he was a retail dairy plant man for Superior Dairy in Moline, Rock Island, IL.42230,95272 Between 1941 and 1954 Everett was a custodian of Hillsdale High School in Hillsdale, Rock Island, IL.61578 He lived 1430 26th Avenue in Moline, Rock Island, IL on 16 February 1942.95272 He died on 31 October 1958 at the age of 60 in Hillsdale, Rock Island, IL.61578,95271 Died at home in his sleep of undisclosed causes, and had been ill for the past 3 1/2 years. Buried Bethesda Cemetery, Hillsdale, IL. Parents: John Wesley (John) TEMPLE-5638 and Katherine (Katy) SCHMOLL-31172.

Spouse: Clara Elizabeth HEEREN-40046. Clara Elizabeth HEEREN and Everett Wesley TEMPLE were married on 28 November 1918 in Davenport, Scott, IA.18977,42232 Children were: Donald Everett TEMPLE-40047, Wayne Wesley TEMPLE-42075, Clifford Eugene TEMPLE-57457, Marilyn TEMPLE-57468, Shirley Darlene TEMPLE-57469.

Everette Lee TEMPLE Sr.38901 was born on 22 October 1919 in Prince George, Prince George, VA.39713,39714,95273,95274 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Templeton, Prince George, VA.39713 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Rives, Prince George, VA.39714 Everette lived 714 Kirkham Street in Petersburg, Petersburg City, VA in 1939.54194 In July 1941 he was an employee of South Side Cream Cooperative in Petersburg, Dinwiddie, VA.95275 In his WWII draft registration, he noted his eyes were different due to a gunshot wound. He lived 716 Kirkham Street in Petersburg, Petersburg City, VA in July 1941.95275 Everette died on 14 June 1989 at the age of 69 in Hopewell, Hopewell, VA.95276,95277,95278 Died of cardiopulmonary arrest due to coronary artery disease. Buried in Southlawn Memorial Park, Prince George Co., VA. His given name was illegible.

Parents: Lemuel Manuel (Lem) TEMPLE-22413 and Grace Eugenia (Gracie) HAIRE-22420.

Spouse: Alice Frances (Tootie) WAWNER-98785. Alice Frances (Tootie) WAWNER and Everette Lee TEMPLE Sr. were married on 1 December 1939 in Petersburg, Petersburg City, VA.54194 Children were: Everette Lee TEMPLE Jr.-99270, Woodrow Wilson TEMPLE Sr.-99354, Linda Kay (Linda) TEMPLE-99443.

Everette Lee TEMPLE Jr. (private).38901 Parents: Everette Lee TEMPLE Sr.-41492 and Alice Frances (Tootie) WAWNER-98785.

Spouse: Carole Ann GRIES-99271.

Spouse: Carolyn BUCKWORTH-122322.

Everlina Elendor TEMPLE73690 was born in July 1869 in NC.57464,73497,73690 She lived in Wake Co., NC in 1893.13037 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Black River, Harnett, NC.73497 Everlina appeared in the census in April 1910 in Black River, Harnett, NC.95279 She died. Her marriage license listed her parentage as Isham and Amey. I do not, however, find her in the 1880 census with that family. There was another Isham, son of Starling Temple, who was the right age to be her father, which seems possible. Witnesses to her wedding included R.G. Temple, who was Ransom Gideon Temples. It may be that he was connected to Everlina because of connections with the Smith family, or because Everlina is misplaced in this family. Her birth date indicates she was not a sibling of Ransom Gideon, but she does fit into the family of John Isham Temple(s). Also, she does not fit with the family of Isham, son of Starling Temple based on her locations, all being in or near Middle Creek, Wake, NC.

By 1900, she had had 3 children, all of whom survived. By 1910, she had had 6 children, of whom 3 survived. Parents: John Isham (Isham) TEMPLE(S)-17118 and Axey (Axey) (Mary) TEMPLE-17149.

Spouse: Simeon Lonnie (Simeon) SMITH-30605. Everlina Elendor TEMPLE and Simeon Lonnie (Simeon) SMITH were married on 10 December 1893 in Middle Creek, Wake, NC.13037,57464,73690 License issued 1 Dec 1893. Witnessed by R.G. Temples. Gives her parents as Isham and Axey. Children were: Darbey A. SMITH-76707, Grover Artemas SMITH-30608, Vada SMITH-76708.

Evitt Howard TEMPLE81728 was born on 16 May 1846 in Chester Co., PA.8789,8794 He died before 1850 at the age of 4.8789 Parents: Joseph S. TEMPLE-5206 and Thirza J. HARVEY-5462.

Evon TEMPLE was born in 1882 in AK.1886 In January 1920 he was a trader in Kangeranaramiut Village, Dillingham, AK.1886 He Inuit.1886 Given as Ivan in the 1920 census.

Spouse: Elena -151269. Elena and Evon TEMPLE were married before 1906.1886 Children were: Henry Evan (Henry) TEMPLE-151270, Charlie TEMPLE-168995, Fannie Evon TEMPLE-168996.

Exa Julia (Dixie) TEMPLE12979 was born on 17 September 1899 in Winfield, Titus, TX.61926,74619,79748,81125,95280 Gave her age as 192 in 1920. SSDI gave 27 Sep 1899. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Titus Co., TX.74619,81125 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Titus Co., TX.61926 Exa appeared in the census in January 1920 in Titus Co., TX.79748 She lived in Winnsboro, Wood, TX in 1959.64080 She lived 1000 McKinley Street in Benbrook, Tarrant, TX in 1980.58825 Exa died on 25 July 1980 at the age of 80 in White Settlement, Tarrant, TX.11126,58825,95280 Died from cardia arrest. Buried in Winfield Cemetery, Winfield, TX. Parents: Allen Matthew (Allen) TEMPLE-26349 and Rhoda Ellen (Ellen) TURNER-26368.

Spouse: Tot MILLER-26379. Exa Julia (Dixie) TEMPLE and Tot MILLER were married after January 1920.

Exia TEMPLE95281 was born in 1884. She died in 1956 at the age of 72 in Cass Co., TX.

Spouse: DRURY-129968.

Ezekiel Epps (Ezekiel) TEMPLE25286 was born in December 1860 in Abbeville, Lafayette, MS.25288,25289,25290,57350,57351,57352,57354 After 4 Sep 1860. He appeared in the census in August 1870 in Abbeville, Lafayette, MS.25289 In June 1900 he was a city marshall in Oxford, Lafayette, MS.25290 In April 1910 Ezekiel was a town marshall in Oxford, Lafayette, MS.57350 In January 1920 he was a farmer in Oxford, Lafayette, MS.57351 In April 1930 he was a farmer in Oxford, Lafayette, MS.57352 Ezekiel died in 1936 at the age of 76 in Lafayette Co., MS.57354 Buried in St. Peter's (Oxford Memorial) Cemetery, Oxford, MS. Parents: Uriah Alexander (Uriah) TEMPLE-18092 and Mary COUCH-18114.

Spouse: Susan Edward (Sue) MC KINNEY-18154. Susan Edward (Sue) MC KINNEY and Ezekiel Epps (Ezekiel) TEMPLE were married on 5 December 1883 in Marshall Co., MS.53430,57350,57352,57356 Children were: E.E. TEMPLE-86711, William Alexander (William) TEMPLE-18155, Mary Louise (Louise) TEMPLE-18156.

Ezilee May TEMPLE was born on 17 January 1920 in Simpson, Vernon, LA.8658,46683,47425,95282 She lived in LA in 1969.95282 She died on 10 October 2004 at the age of 84.46683,95282 Probably buried in Welcome Cemetery, Simpson, Vernon, LA - she had a headstoner there without a death date when the cemetery was read in 1995. Parents: Thomas Jefferson (Tom) TEMPLE Sr.-33778 and Sarah Elizabeth (Lizzie) JACKSON-39430.

Spouse: Joe Wymer ALLEN-39439. Ezilee May TEMPLE and Joe Wymer ALLEN were married. Children were: JoAnn ALLEN-39441.

Spouse: Austin W. JOHNSON-39440. Ezilee May TEMPLE and Austin W. JOHNSON were married on 22 September 1953 in Leesville, Vernon, LA.47425,47426

Ezra TEMPLE95283 was born on 24 May 1762 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.22178,93295 He was baptized on 27 June 1762 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.95284 He served in the military between March 1777 and March 1778.95285,95286 From Winchendon, served with his brother Ephraim. List of men raised to serve in the Continental Army, as returned by Capt. John Boynton. Engaged for the town of Winchendon. Joined Capt. William Warner's company, Col. Thomas Marshall's regiment, for the term of 3 years, to expire 1 Jan 1780. Served as a private, 3rd Company, Col. Marshall's (10th) regiment. Continental Army pay accounts for service from 23 Mar 1777 to 3 Mar 1779. Reported mustered out 3 Mar 1779. Also appears in Capt. Warner's (6th) company, Co. Marshall's regiment, with an account of clothing delivered for the year 1778. Reported died Jul 1778. However, he appeared on the muster roll for Jan 1779, dated at West Point. Enlisted 20 Mar 1777, reported on command at Princeton.

Appears in James Barrett's returns of musters, number 24, undated. He was mustered into Col Marshall's Battalion, Capt Warner's Company. Ezra died in July 1778 at the age of 16.22177,31422 He may have died in the Army. Served and died in Revolution. Parents: Ephraim TEMPLE-887 and Mary FARRAR-1034.

Ezra TEMPLE was born in 1842 in England, United Kingdom.95287 In June 1880 he was an employee in a corset shop in Bridgeport, Fairfield, CT.95287 Parents: TEMPLE-140819 and UNKNOWN-140820.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-140821. UNKNOWN and Ezra TEMPLE were married about 1863.

Reverend Ezra Sommerville (Ezra) TEMPLE64491,95288 was born on 3 May 1867 in Griffinsville, Appanoose, IA.8002,64491,64493,64494,64500,83401,83402,95289,95290 His death certificate, informed by hospital records only, put the date in 1865 and the place as Mystic, IA. He appeared in the census in June 1870 in Independence, Buchanan, IA.83401 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Independence, Buchanan, IA.83402 In June 1900 Ezra was a minister in Buffalo Center, Winnebago, IA.64494 He appeared in the census in 1905 in Pella, Marion, IA.64496 In April 1910 he was a farmer in Grant Co., NE.64493 In January 1920 Ezra was a minister in Cypress Ridge, Monroe, AR.64497 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Johns, Appanoose, IA.64500 Enumerated living with his sister Victoria. He died on 27 September 1947 at the age of 80 in Des Moines, Polk, IA.64491,95288,95291 Died in Broadlawns General Hospital of an adenosarcoma primarily involving the pancreas with metasteses into the stomach, diaphragm with massive empyema. His body was removed to Oskaloosa, IA, for burial. A reading of his grave marker in Oskaloosa Friends Cemetery, Oskaloosa, IA, gave his death in 1914 for no obvious reason. Ezra was a Baptist Minister in Pella, Marion, IA.64491 He lived in Velma, Arthur, NE.29380 He was known as a "tramp preacher" having given sermons in every county of IA and every principal city in the US. His obituary said he was survived by one daughter when, in fact, he was survived by several children. Parents: William Darr (William) TEMPLE-1399 and Eliza Jane (Eliza) WADE-2017.

Spouse: Mary Adelaide (Mary) PEPPERS-2625. Mary Adelaide (Mary) PEPPERS and Reverend Ezra Sommerville (Ezra) TEMPLE were married on 11 May 1887 in Milledgeville, Appanoose, IA.8006,50855,64491,64493,64499 Book 9, unnumbered page. They8006,50855,64491,64493,64499 were divorced before 1939.64500 Children were: Lavern Daily (Vernie) TEMPLE-2626, Ray Darwin TEMPLE-2627, Obed Darius (Dick) TEMPLE-2628, Ruth Dorcas (Ruth) TEMPLE-2629, Paul Dewitt (Paul) TEMPLE-2630, Arvilla Darcus (Arvilla) TEMPLE-23673, Harriet Doris (Harriet) TEMPLE-23674.

In 1884/5 F. TEMPLE was a Western Union Telegraph Company operator in Plainville, Hartford, CT.95292

F. TEMPLE served in the military before 1864.95293 Served as a private in the 1st Battalion of the 17th US Infantry. He died in 1864 in Spotsylvania Co., VA.95293,95294 He was found on the battlefield at the Wilderness and Spotsylvania sites, so he died about May-Jun 1864. Probably the brother of Private H. Temple, who also died in the battle.

F. TEMPLE was born in 1821 in Canada.95295 He appeared in the census in November 1860 in Valley of the Platte, Arapahoe, KS.95295 He has reference number RLT # (None).1931 Possibly related to F.J. Temple enumerated nearby in 1860.

F. TEMPLE was born about 1822.23 I think he is a son of Parmenas and Hannah Temple. He may even be Warren Temple, who married a Cornelia, although the dates are slightly wrong.

Spouse: Cornelia KENNAN-134173. Cornelia KENNAN and F. TEMPLE were married on 27 November 1846 in VT.23

F. TEMPLE was born in 1824 in Saxony, Germany.3716 He/she appeared in the census in June 1885 in Glen Rock, Nemaha, NE.3716

F. TEMPLE was born in 1828 in NY.95296 In November 1852 he was a miner in Tuolumne Co., CA.95296

F. TEMPLE was born in 1851 in IN.95297 He was ill with consumption in 1885 in Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM.95297 He was in the Santa Fe Hospital. He appeared in the census in July 1885 in Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM.95297 His parents were both from NH.

F. TEMPLE was born in May 1869 in TN.95298 In June 1900 he was a farm laborer in Center, Reno, KS.95298 His parents were both from TN. Unmarried in 1900.

F. TEMPLE was born in January 1906. He died in December 1970 at the age of 64. He holder of Railroad Pension # 716076498.4910

F. Barbara TEMPLE was born on 3 October 1876 in Chicago, Cook, IL.95299

F. Barbara TEMPLE was born on 6 December 1883 in Chicago, Cook, IL.95300

F. Eleanor TEMPLE died on 23 March 1917 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.95301 Buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery, Reading, MA. Temple may not be her maiden name. She is known only from her Find-A-Grave memorial, provided by an extremely unreliable source, often making century errors.