Hannah PARKER was born in 1716.4495 Parents: Jonathan PARKER-7418 and Barbara ELSELEY-7419.

Spouse: Thomas SYMONDS-9070. Hannah PARKER and Thomas SYMONDS were married in 1739.4495

Hannah PARKER29007 was born on 14 September 1721. Parents: Joshua PARKER-11608 and Parnel -11617.

Hannah PARKER was born in 1727.4495 Parents: Ebenezer PARKER-7240 and Hannah GREEN-9003.

Hannah PARKER2572 was born on 20 April 1728 in Coventry, Tolland, CT. Parents: Samuel PARKER-11052 and Experience -11059.

Hannah PARKER was born in 1732.4495 Parents: John PARKER-7303 and Sarah LILLEY-9031.

Hannah PARKER was born in 1749 in Methuen, Essex, MA.4495 Parents: John PARKER-6951 and Hannah Edith UPTON-6952.

Hannah PARKER11436 was born on 21 October 1761 in Coventry, Tolland, CT. Parents: Samuel PARKER-11062 and Sarah BADCOCK-11063.

Hannah PARKER was born in 1777.4495 Parents: Caleb PARKER-7258 and Hannah GARFIELD-7269.

Hannah PARKER was born in 1779 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.4495 She died in 1855 at the age of 76 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.4495 Parents: Josiah PARKER III-7576 and Hannah GARDNER-7577.

Spouse: Abel RICHARDSON-7713. Hannah PARKER and Abel RICHARDSON were married on 28 April 1808 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.4495,59272

Hannah PARKER31945 was born on 19 November 1782 in Lyman, Grafton, NH. Parents: Solomon PARKER-12106 and Susan BEEDLE-12118.

Hannah PARKER was born on 26 December 1784 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.59077,59273 Parker p. 201 states born in Westmoreland. She died in 1863 at the age of 79 in Westmoreland, Cheshire, NH.4495 Parents: Nahum PARKER-7465 and Mary DEETH-7469.

Spouse: Luna FOSTER Jr.-7471. Hannah PARKER and Luna FOSTER Jr. were married in 1810 in Fitzwilliam, Cheshire, NH.4495

Hannah PARKER was born in 1791.4495 Parents: Peter PARKER-8964 and Bridget COBURN-8965.

Spouse: Moses BIXBY-8985.

Hannah PARKER was born in 1791 in Lexington, Middlesex, MA.59079 She died in 1815 at the age of 24 in Burlington, Chittenden, VT.59079 Parents: John PARKER-7115 and Hannah STEARNS-7116.

Spouse: Samuel GREENE-7140.

Hannah PARKER6385 was born in 1797 in Coventry, Tolland, CT. Parents: Solomon PARKER-11165 and Lucina -11180.

Hannah PARKER8788 was born about 1806 in Lyman, Grafton, NH. Parents: Prescott PARKER-12120 and Harriet AMY-12125.

Hannah PARKER was born in 1813 in Lincolnville, Waldo, ME.4495 She died about 1867 at the age of 54 in Weymouth, Norfolk, MA. Parents: Elisha PARKER-7137 and Jerusha WENTWORTH-7592.

Spouse: John SMITH-7802. Hannah PARKER and John SMITH were married in Stoughton, Norfolk, MA.4495

Spouse: Eleazer PRATT-8270.

Hannah PARKER was born in 1817.4495 Parents: Townsend PARKER-9411 and Lydia BALLOU-9422.

Spouse: Ebenezer SWAN-9426.

Hannah PARKER was born in 1818.4495 Parents: Timothy PARKER-7374 and Mary Ann MC GREGOR-7375.

Spouse: Israel YOUNG-7388.

Hannah (Anna) PARKER14272 was born on 5 January 1646/7 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.14040 She was baptized in 1656 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA. She died on 14 January 1727/8 at the age of 81 in Groton, Middlesex, MA.14040 Not mentioned in the will of either of her parents. Parents: Captain James PARKER-10910 and Elizabeth LONG-10911.

Spouse: Nathaniel BLOOD-10914. Hannah (Anna) PARKER and Nathaniel BLOOD were married on 13 June 1670 in Groton, Middlesex, MA.14040 Children were: Anna BLOOD-10937, Elizabeth BLOOD-10938, Sarah BLOOD-10939, Elizabeth BLOOD-10940, Mary BLOOD-10915, Nathaniel BLOOD-10941, Joseph BLOOD-10942, Ruth BLOOD-10943, Abigail BLOOD-10944.

Hannah A. PARKER7727 was born in 1819. Parents: William PARKER-11775 and Hannah ADAMS-11786.

Hannah Gardiner PARKER was born in 1811 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.4495 Parents: Josiah PARKER-7708 and Abigail CARTER-7709.

Spouse: Jonathan SNOW-8101. Hannah Gardiner PARKER and Jonathan SNOW were married in 1850 in Worcester, Worcester, MA.4495

Hannah Maria PARKER was born in 1832 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.4495 Parents: Frederick PARKER-7722 and Nabby THOMPSON-7723.

Spouse: Walter WELLINGTON-8132. Hannah Maria PARKER and Walter WELLINGTON were married in 1852 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.4495

Hannah Maria PARKER was born in 1843.4495 She died in 1864 at the age of 21.4495 Parents: Joel Dodge PARKER-7962 and Hannah WOOD-7963.

Hannah Sophia PARKER was born in 1801 in Westborough, Worcester, MA.4495 Parents: Joel PARKER-7634 and Hannah BOND-7942.

Spouse: Orestes FORBUSH-7937. Hannah Sophia PARKER and Orestes FORBUSH were married in 1826.4495

Hannah Y. PARKER was born in 1811.59070 Parents: Abraham G. PARKER-7273 and Lydia B. NICHOLS-9357.

Hannibal PARKER (private). Parents: Ira PARKER-8058 and Maria HASKELL-8059.

Harold Bryant PARKER was born in 1892 in Natick, Middlesex, MA.4495 Parents: Milton Augustus PARKER-8743 and Mae HAPGOOD-8744.

Harold Willard PARKER (private).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-151734. Children were: Karen PARKER-151732.

Harriet PARKER (private). Parents: Benjamin Allen PARKER-8158 and Orpha STEBBINS-8690.

Harriet PARKER (private). Parents: Rev. Edward Lutwyche PARKER-11828 and Mehitable KIMBALL-11930.

Harriet PARKER was born in 1793 in Deerfield, Franklin, MA. She died in 1850 at the age of 57. She was buried in 1850. Parents: Joseph PARKER-4446 and Sarah GOFF-3767.

Spouse: CASWELL-3946. Harriet PARKER and CASWELL were married in 1811 in Richford, Franklin, VT.

Harriet PARKER was born in 1793 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA.13352 She died in 1861 at the age of 68.4495 Parents: Nathan PARKER-7053 and Catherine MURDOCK-7072.

Spouse: Josiah BIGELOW-7074. Harriet PARKER and Josiah BIGELOW were married in 1821.4495

Harriet PARKER was born in 1794 in Canterbury, Merrimack, NH.4495 She died in 1842 at the age of 48 in Lowell, Middlesex, MA.4495 Parents: Frederick PARKER-7108 and Susanna FOSTER-7687.

Harriet PARKER was born in 1817.4495 Parents: Obadiah PARKER-7390 and Elizabeth BATH-7392.

Spouse: George DODGE-7407.

Harriet PARKER was born in 1817 in Sutton, Merrimack, NH.4495 Parents: Elisha PARKER-9523 and Lydia AMBROSE-9524.

Harriet PARKER was born in 1817 in Richford, Franklin, VT. She died in 1842 at the age of 25 in VT. She was buried in 1842 in VT. Parents: Ariel PARKER-302 and Barsheba GRAY-3747.

Spouse: Marvin SCOFIELD-3824. Harriet PARKER and Marvin SCOFIELD were married in VT.

Harriet PARKER8890 was born in 1819. Parents: Eliphalet PARKER-11824 and Sarah COMSTOCK-11834.

Spouse: Simeon CLARK-11849. Harriet PARKER and Simeon CLARK were married in 1855.8890

Harriet PARKER was born in 1836.4495 Parents: Alanson PARKER-9151 and Sophia JOHNSON-9162.

Spouse: William GREEN-9164.

Harriet Ann PARKER was born in 1819 in Barre, Worcester, MA.4495 She died in 1878 at the age of 59.4495 Parents: David PARKER-7647 and Betsey EAGER-7648.

Spouse: John WALKER-7982. Harriet Ann PARKER and John WALKER were married in 1841.4495

Harriet Elizabeth (Hattie) PARKER was born in 1845.4495 Parents: Daniel PARKER-7947 and Polly WHITE-7948.

Harriet Emeline PARKER was born in 1816 in Fitchburg, Worcester, MA.4495 She died in 1883 at the age of 67.4495 Parents: Samuel PARKER-7729 and Lydia Thurston ALLEN-7730.

Spouse: Lorenzo Dow MILES-8169. Children were: Francis E. MILES-8170, George B. MILES-8171.

Harriet Muzzey PARKER15576 was born on 1 November 1819 in Londonderry, Rockingham, NH. She died on 4 September 1898 at the age of 78. Parents: Nathaniel PARKER-11826 and Lois MUZZEY-11858.

Spouse: William GREENOUGH-11905. Harriet Muzzey PARKER and William GREENOUGH were married on 8 October 1840.15576 Children were: Lucy Parker GREENOUGH-11906, William Smith GREENOUGH-11907, Augustus Parker GREENOUGH-11908, John Noyse GREENOUGH-11909, Charles Nathaniel GREENOUGH-11910, George Albert GREENOUGH-11911, Arthur GREENOUGH-11912, Mary Eliza GREENOUGH-11913.

Harriet N. (Hattie) PARKER was born in August 1847 in WI.28560,59274,59275,59276,59277,59278 Gave 1849 in 1870. She was adopted before 1860.28557 She may have been at the Taylor Orphan Asylum, based on her adoptive father's role as the director and secretary. She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Mt. Pleasant, Racine, WI.28560 Harriet appeared in the census in June 1870 in Oshkosh, Winnebago, WI.59274 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Rodgers Park, Cook, IL.59276 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Chicago, Cook, IL.59275 Enumerated with her was one Lucy P. Drury, from NY, whose name similarity to Hattie's mother probably indicates she was a cousin. Harriet appeared in the census in May 1910 in Harper, Kitsap, WA.59277 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in San Diego, San Diego, CA.59278 Enumerated as a boarder in the house of Susan N. Conver, of similar age, and from WI, with parents from Canada. It may be possible that they had some prior connection (if not family). She died before 1930 at the age of 83. She did not appear with the family in 1850, and therefore was adopted after that date. Her name is given as Harriett in the History of Racine County, WI (1892), and she went by Hattie, but some sources call her Henrietta.. By 1900, she had had 4 children, 3 of whom survived. Parents: La Fayette PARKER-2702 and Lucy K. DRURY-2703.

Spouse: Horace Eaton ROUNDS-61736. Harriet N. (Hattie) PARKER and Horace Eaton ROUNDS were married in 1867 in WI.59275 They were second cousins once removed (aside from the adoption of Harriet). Children were: Eleanor ROUNDS-61791, Fayette ROUNDS-61792, Aurilla ROUNDS-61790.

Harriet Newell PARKER was born in 1815 in Westborough, Worcester, MA.4495 She died in 1869 at the age of 54.4495 Parents: Joel PARKER-7634 and Hannah BOND-7942.

Spouse: Mandel Gilbert FOSGATE-7635. Harriet Newell PARKER and Mandel Gilbert FOSGATE were married in 1834 in Westborough, Worcester, MA.4495

Harriet Rosina PARKER was born in 1843.4495 Parents: Joseph PARKER-6938 and Sophia PARKER-6965.

Spouse: Woodward PULFORD-6977. Harriet Rosina PARKER and Woodward PULFORD were married in 1861.4495 Children were: Charles W. PULFORD-9319, Eva Rosalia PULFORD-9320, Minnie PULFORD-9321, Orlie Joseph PULFORD-9322.

Harriet Searles PARKER9253 was born in 1842. She died in 1882 at the age of 40. Parents: Zenas Dean PARKER-11420 and Laurinda SEARLES-11545.

Spouse: Alexander Bowling CHEATHAM-11558. Harriet Searles PARKER and Alexander Bowling CHEATHAM were married in 1869.9253 Children were: Robert Victor CHEATHAM-11559, Parker CHEATHAM-11560, Almo Leonard CHEATHAM-11561, Emma Norma CHEATHAM-11562.

Harriet W. PARKER was born in 1833.4495 She died in 1835 at the age of 2.4495 Parents: Amos PARKER-7881 and Lorinda FAIRBANKS-7882.

Harrison PARKER (private). Parents: Loea PARKER-9132 and Anna BANCROFT-9133.

Harrison Gray Otis PARKER was born in 1821.4495 He died in Jackson Co., MI.4495 Parents: Lewis PARKER-7649 and Elizabeth SEAVER-7650.

Harrison Walter PARKER was born in 1871 in Holliston, Middlesex, MA.4495 Parents: Henry Emerson PARKER-8347 and Ellen E. M. JONES-8348.

Spouse: Nellie K. AINSLEE-8789.