Jeffrey TEMPLE (private).105340

Jeffrey TEMPLE (private).8068

Spouse: Kara SUPPA-165827.

Jeffrey TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Christine (Dee) LAPPAS-177788. Children were: Megan TEMPLE-177791, Nathan TEMPLE-177792.

Jeffrey TEMPLE Jr. (private).

Spouse: Jessica A. BADALE-173771.

Jeffrey (Chip) TEMPLE (private). Parents: David L. TEMPLE-183344 and Constance E. PERKINS-183341.

Jeffrey (Jeff) TEMPLE (private). Parents: Ernest George TEMPLE Jr.-10197 and Georgia S. GOCHAL-10228.

Spouse: Margaret LAWRENCE-10232.

Jeffrey A. TEMPLE (private). Parents: Walter Ray TEMPLE-63569 and Mary Ann -63570.

Spouse: Shari -114384.

Jeffrey A. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Heidi J. FERREE-177251.

Jeffrey A. TEMPLE (private).18895

Spouse: Tressy Rena (Tressy) SPEAR-178835.

Jeffrey A. TEMPLE (private).5922

Spouse: Merrie I. -163903.

Jeffrey Adam TEMPLE (private).84885 Parents: Jeffrey Charles TEMPLE-159372 and Diane Elizabeth DAGNAN-159373.

Jeffrey Alan TEMPLE (private).65804

Spouse: Caryl Ann POTEETE-145014.

Jeffrey Alan TEMPLE (private). Parents: Alan Hill TEMPLE-5010 and Sylvia Anne (Sylvia) RICHARDS-5015.

Spouse: Jill Suzanne REARDON-5020. Children were: Ross Thomas TEMPLE-49188.

Jeffrey Allen TEMPLE (private).37694 Parents: Philip Austin (Philip) TEMPLE Sr.-37592 and Meryl MYERS-43871.

Spouse: Janet A. STAUFFER-96106.

Spouse: Nancy Jean WHELLY-52805. Children were: Colin James TEMPLE-52806, Elizabeth Kate TEMPLE-52808.

Spouse: Sally GOLDEN-108952.

Jeffrey C. TEMPLE (private).1638

Spouse: Denise R. -154150.

Spouse: Peggy J. -154151.

Jeffrey Charles TEMPLE (private).26881

Spouse: Diane Elizabeth DAGNAN-159373. Children were: Jeffrey Adam TEMPLE-159374.

Jeffrey D. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Sharon R. ANNUCCI-177248.

Jeffrey Duane TEMPLE (private).4029

Spouse: Tracy Lynne FICKERT-168686.

Spouse: Laura A. -154210.

Jeffrey Erick TEMPLE (private).105341 Parents: Richard Gerald TEMPLE-57579 and Marie Ann OPSAHL-57580.

Jeffrey J. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Cynthia G. GRANGER-177364.

Spouse: Teresa Maureen MC KEAGUE-177557.

Jeffrey J. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Mya N. ROBERTSON-179080.

Jeffrey Jay (Jeff) TEMPLE5934 was born on 21 April 1958 in Akron, Summit, OH.105342,105343 He served in the military between 1977 and 1981.105342 Served as an airman first class in the Air Force, from 15 Jul 1977 to 17 Mar 1981. He died on 23 August 1998 at the age of 40 in Denver, Denver, CO.105342,105344 Buried in Ft. Logan National Cemetery, Section 6 Site 1080. Parents: Norman Jay TEMPLE-65260 and Dona I. FISHER-65262.

Spouse: Nikki L. WATERS-120669.

Jeffrey Jay (Jeff) TEMPLE105345 was born on 20 September 1960 in Sheridan Co., NE.40367,105346,105347 His obituary made the place Rockyford, SD, but he claimed Gordon, NE, in his SSAN application, which matches his birth records. He died in August 1984 at the age of 23 in Rapid City, Pennington, SD.40367,105348 Buried in Pine Lawn Memorial Park, Rapid City, SD. Parents: Douglas Lee TEMPLE-91587 and Judith Leigh (Judy) HANNEMAN-91588.

Jeffrey John TEMPLE (private). Parents: Arthur Leonard TEMPLE Jr.-3558 and Arnola Sadie HAINES-3604.

Jeffrey John TEMPLE (private).105349 Parents: Adolph Jones TEMPLE Sr.-23274 and UNKNOWN-96204.

Jeffrey Keith TEMPLE was born on 3 September 1959 in Roseau Co., MN.47755,105350 He died on 15 May 1962 at the age of 2 in Roseau Co., MN.47755,105351 Buried in Moe-Rose Cemetery, Roseau, MN. Parents: Delbert Lawrence (Delbert) TEMPLE-54149 and Muriel Helen JOHNSON-57519.

Jeffrey Kevin TEMPLE was born on 15 November 1963 in Arcadia, De Soto, FL.36465,105352 He died on 3 October 2007 at the age of 43 in Calhoun Co., FL.36465,105353 Buried in Poplar Head Baptist Church Cemetery, Clarksville, FL. He was also known as Jeffrey Kelvin O'Bryan.36465,105353 Buried in Poplar Head Baptist Church Cemetery, Clarksville, FL. Parents: Benny Waymon TEMPLE-69226 and Linnette -69235.

Spouse: Brenda Gail TRUMAN-69237.

Jeffrey L. TEMPLE was born in 1962 in St. Francisville, West Feliciana, LA.47742 He lived in Atlanta, Fulton, GA in 2004.47740 He died on 19 June 2006 at the age of 44 in Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, LA.47742 Buried in Hickory Grove Cemetery, ST. Francisville, LA. Parents: Joe TEMPLE-184354 and Mary Lou (Mamie) JOHNSON-184355.

Jeffrey L. (Jeff) TEMPLE was born on 15 November 1951 in Muncy, Lycoming, PA.105354 He died on 6 April 2015 at the age of 63 in Lairdsville, Franklin, Lycoming, PA.105354 He was a vaolunteer fireman and fire chief in Lairdsville, Franklin, Lycoming, PA.105354 Parents: Max Snyder (Max) TEMPLE-68177 and Shirley Mae STIGER-68178.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-113424. Children were: Kayla M. TEMPLE-113425.

Jeffrey Lance TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Toni Lee CONGER-165385.

Jeffrey Laurence TEMPLE was born on 3 March 1984 in Houston, Harris, TX.30710,105355 He lived in TX between 1989 and 1992.105355 He died on 20 July 2008 at the age of 24 in Houston, Harris, TX.30710,105355 Parents: Larry Eugene TEMPLE-85994 and Joan Kathleen (Kathy) DUPREE-88817.

Jeffrey Lin TEMPLE (private). Parents: Joseph DeWayne (Joey) TEMPLE Sr.-28608 and Rebecca A. SANDERS-28609.

Jeffrey M. TEMPLE (private).73418 Parents: Norman Joseph (Norman) TEMPLE Jr.-44331 and Barbara Macleod (Barbara) SMITH-62854.

Spouse: Debra -63502.

Jeffrey M. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Margaret A. LAWRENCE-177446.

Jeffrey M. TEMPLE (private).695

Spouse: Rachael E. WALKER-158944.

Jeffrey Paul TEMPLE (private). Parents: Paul TEMPLE-20575 and Elaine LARIMORE-20586.

Jeffrey Paul TEMPLE (private).76927 Parents: James Melvin TEMPLE-24634 and Diana Elizabeth TAYLOR-24639.

Spouse: Karen -93675.

Jeffrey R. TEMPLE (private).256

Spouse: Beverly J. -140911.

Jeffrey R. TEMPLE (private).1308

Spouse: Shannon C. WEBER-164757.

Jeffrey R. TEMPLE (private).105356

Jeffrey Ray (Jeff) TEMPLE (private).105357 Parents: William Ray TEMPLE-43426 and Roberta Jean (Jean) JONES-43429.

Spouse: Lynda L. TOWNE-43436.

Jeffrey Roger TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Susan Geraldine MARCHITTO-165504.

Jeffrey Roger TEMPLE (private).84592 Parents: Walter Scott TEMPLE-133123 and Kay Frances CHRISTOFF-147406.

Spouse: Ann Christine WOOD-174847.

Jeffrey Ronald TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Lorri Michelle CARLSON-145016.

Jeffrey S. TEMPLE (private).81631 Parents: William E. (Bill) TEMPLE-115371 and Theresa PEGG-115372.

Jeffrey S. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Ceidre -143957.

Jeffrey Scott TEMPLE (private).35031 Parents: Frank Eugene TEMPLE-4714 and Dorothy Mabel FRANZ-4715.

Spouse: Hillary Beth NOKE-38934. Children were: Justin Marshall TEMPLE-52811, Chelsea Whittemore TEMPLE-52804.

Jeffrey Scott TEMPLE (private).45823

Spouse: Bonnie Jan HUNT-159404. Children were: Nolan Hunter TEMPLE-159405.

Jeffrey Shawn (Jeff) TEMPLE (private).1694 Parents: Rex Allen TEMPLE-69011 and SCHROEDER-109246.

Spouse: Rebecca NUNEZ-109255.

Spouse: Lisa Marie COMSTOCK-109254.

Jeffrey Vincent TEMPLE (private).74327 Parents: John Andrew TEMPLE-54471 and June Carmen (June) SNOOK-65016.

Spouse: Bonnie -65023.