Timothy Brian REAGAN (private).

Spouse: Lisa Margaret TEMPLE-165466.

Floyd LeRoy (Roy) REAGER28496 was born on 27 February 1888 in Norton Co., KS.33540 He moved before 1954 in Mankato, Jewell, KS.33540 He died on 8 December 1954 at the age of 66.33540 Parents: William REAGER-27287 and Gertrude HOLSINGER-27288.

Spouse: Ollie May TEMPLE-25654. Ollie May TEMPLE and Floyd LeRoy (Roy) REAGER were married on 5 October 1912 in Oberlin, Decatur, KS.33540,67271 Children were: Margaret Irene REAGER-27289, Merl William REAGER-27290.

Margaret Irene REAGER33540 was born on 28 December 1914 in Norcatur, Decatur, KS.67272 She died on 30 November 2004 at the age of 89.67272 Parents: Floyd LeRoy (Roy) REAGER-27255 and Ollie May TEMPLE-25654.

Merl William REAGER33540 was born on 2 June 1917 in Norcatur, Decatur, KS. Parents: Floyd LeRoy (Roy) REAGER-27255 and Ollie May TEMPLE-25654.

William REAGER33540 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Gertrude HOLSINGER-27288. Gertrude HOLSINGER and William REAGER were married before 1888. Children were: Floyd LeRoy (Roy) REAGER-27255.

Grace F. REAGH (private).

Spouse: Earl L. UNDERWOOD-170966. Children were: Phyllis Joan UNDERWOOD-170965.

Edward M. (Eddie) REAL67273,67274 was born in 1873 in IN.67275 He lived in Temple, Crawford, IN in 1914.67276 He died after 1954 at the age of 81. The informant on Mary Olive (Temple) Real's death certificate was Edward M. Real, and since she was married, not a widow, he was assumed to be her husband.

Spouse: Mary Olive (Olive/Ollie) TEMPLE-107104. Mary Olive (Olive/Ollie) TEMPLE and Edward M. (Eddie) REAL were married before 1905.67273 Children were: Rosy REAL-107673, Edward Martin Robert REAL-107675, Mabel Rebecca REAL-107676, Wayne Emerson REAL-107677.

Edward Martin Robert REAL was born on 24 June 1914 in Sterling Twp., Crawford, IN.67276 Parents: Edward M. (Eddie) REAL-107097 and Mary Olive (Olive/Ollie) TEMPLE-107104.

George Oliver REAL28761 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Emma Ann TEMPLE-28115. Emma Ann TEMPLE and George Oliver REAL were married on 5 August 1894 in Crawford Co., IN.8604,28761 Children were: Hurcel REAL-98056, Temple S. REAL-107672, Jane REAL-107674.

Hurcel REAL (private). Parents: George Oliver REAL-28119 and Emma Ann TEMPLE-28115.

Jane REAL was born on 8 February 1911 in Sterling Twp., Crawford, IN.67277 Parents: George Oliver REAL-28119 and Emma Ann TEMPLE-28115.

Mabel Rebecca REAL was born on 24 July 1916 in Sterling Twp., Crawford, IN.67278 Parents: Edward M. (Eddie) REAL-107097 and Mary Olive (Olive/Ollie) TEMPLE-107104.

Richard F. REAL (private).

Spouse: Donna Mae TEMPLE-10209.

Rosy REAL was born on 8 June 1910 in Sterling Twp., Crawford, IN.67275 She died. She was their 5th child, and the fourth one living in 1910. Parents: Edward M. (Eddie) REAL-107097 and Mary Olive (Olive/Ollie) TEMPLE-107104.

Temple S. REAL was born on 13 August 1908 in Sterling Twp., Crawford, IN.67279 He died. He was their 7th child. Parents: George Oliver REAL-28119 and Emma Ann TEMPLE-28115.

Wayne Emerson REAL was born on 24 January 1918 in Sterling Twp., Crawford, IN.67280 Parents: Edward M. (Eddie) REAL-107097 and Mary Olive (Olive/Ollie) TEMPLE-107104.

Harvey Baird (HarrY) REAM67281,67282 was born in 1864 in OH.67283,67284 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Frostproof, Polk, OH.67285 He died in 1947 at the age of 83 in Madison Co., OH.67283 Buried in Deer Creek Twp. Cemetery, Lafayette, Madison, OH. His parents were both from PA.

Spouse: Mary Ella (Ella) TEMPLE-45642. Mary Ella (Ella) TEMPLE and Harvey Baird (HarrY) REAM were married on 5 September 1889 in Stark Co., OH.67282

Mary A. REAM21092,67286 was born in 1847 in OH.67287,67288 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Milford Twp., La Grange, IN.67287 She died in 1930 at the age of 83 in Kendallville, Noble, IN.21092,67288 Buried in Lake View Cemetery, Kendallville, IN. Her parents were from Germany (father) and OH (mother). Parents: Philip REAM-18355.

Spouse: Edwin Roswell TEMPLE-2100. Mary A. REAM and Edwin Roswell TEMPLE were married on 6 February 1873 in La Grange, La Grange, IN.67286,67289 Children were: Philip Luther (Phil) TEMPLE-3254.

Spouse: Charles L. CARTER-18356. Mary A. REAM and Charles L. CARTER were married on 29 July 1885 in La Grange Co., IN.21092,21093

Philip REAM (private).

Children were: Mary A. REAM-3253.

Annanas H. REAMES67290 was born about 1850. He died about 1912 at the age of 62 in Highland Co., OH. Will dated 9 Jul 1912. Parents: Edwin (Edward) REAMES-44005 and Huldah (Huldy) KING-44006.

Spouse: Ida May TEMPLE-44003. Ida May TEMPLE and Annanas H. REAMES were married on 11 February 1882 in Highland Co., OH.465,67291

Annie Elizabeth (Annie) REAMES23815,52277 was born on 6 March 1902 in Dinwiddie, Dinwiddie, VA.10633,52255,67292,67293,67294,67295 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Dinwiddie Co., VA.52255 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in South Hill, Mecklenburg, VA.67292 Annie appeared in the census in April 1940 in Petersburg, Petersburg City, VA.67294 She lived 25 North Market Street in Petersburg, Petersburg City, VA in 1942.67296 She an applicant for a veteran's headstone for her husband on 12 January 1943 in Petersburg, Petersburg City, VA.67297 Annie lived in DeWitt, Dinwiddie, VA in 1972.67293 She died on 11 June 1972 at the age of 70 in Richmond City, VA.10633,67293,67295 Died of hepatic failure. Buried in Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg, VA. Parents: William Laban REAMES-37666 and Catherine Augusta COLEMAN-37667.

Spouse: Conrad Littleton (Conrad) TEMPLE-37664. Annie Elizabeth (Annie) REAMES and Conrad Littleton (Conrad) TEMPLE were married on 26 November 1919 in Dinwiddie Co., VA.23815,67292 Children were: Virginia Elizabeth (Virginia) TEMPLE-45497, Doris Kathleen (Doris) TEMPLE-45498, Louise Charlotte (Louise) TEMPLE-45499, Frances Inez (Inez) TEMPLE-45500, Anne Conrad (Anne) TEMPLE-54230.

Edwin (Edward) REAMES (private).

Spouse: Huldah (Huldy) KING-44006. Children were: Annanas H. REAMES-44004.

William Laban REAMES23815 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Catherine Augusta COLEMAN-37667. Catherine Augusta COLEMAN and William Laban REAMES were married before 1902. Children were: Annie Elizabeth (Annie) REAMES-37665.

REAMS (private).

Spouse: Becky Jo TEMPLE-81019.

Inez REAMS (private).

Spouse: Hiram J. HOBART-90691. Children were: Lucian Reams HOBART-69729.

James P. REAP was born in March 1859 in SC.7055 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Pennington, Bradley, AR.7055

Spouse: Sarah F. -57833. Sarah F. and James P. REAP were married. Children were: Vera REAP-25132.

Vera REAP41860 was born in December 1896 in AR.7055,7523,67298,67299 The age was illegible in 1920. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Pennington, Bradley, AR.7055 She appeared in the census in February 1920 in Pennington, Bradley, AR.67298 Vera appeared in the census in April 1930 in Pennington, Bradley, AR.67299 She died in 1944 at the age of 48 in Bradley Co., AR.7523 Buried in Oakland Cemetery, Warren, Bradley, AR. Her parents were both from SC. Surname also given as Reep. Parents: James P. REAP-57832 and Sarah F. -57833.

Spouse: James Thomas (James T. or Thomas) TEMPLE-24736. Vera REAP and James Thomas (James T. or Thomas) TEMPLE were married on 27 December 1916 in Bradley Co., AR.67299,67300

Denis O. REARDON (private).

Spouse: Judith A. TEMPLE-177141.

Jill Suzanne REARDON (private).23 Parents: John J. REARDON Jr.-49189 and Sandra L. SALZA-49190.

Spouse: Jeffrey Alan TEMPLE-5016. Children were: Ross Thomas TEMPLE-49188.

John J. REARDON Jr. (private).

Spouse: Sandra L. SALZA-49190. Children were: Jill Suzanne REARDON-5020.

John Lloyd REARDON Jr.67301 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Doris Eloise TEMPLE-44702. Doris Eloise TEMPLE and John Lloyd REARDON Jr. were married on 7 September 1946 in Lillington Twp., Harnett, NC.67301,67302 They were not readily found in 1950.

Helen Josephine (Helen) REASER11997 was born on 9 December 1898 in Oswego, Labette, KS.67303,67304,67305,67306 Gave 1901 in 1930. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in East Bradford, West Chester, Chester, PA.67303 She lived in Greenwich, Fairfield, CT on 1 April 1935.67306 In April 1940 Helen was a private school dean in Ossining, Westchester, NY.67306 She lived Old Briarcliff Road in Briarcliff Manor, Westchester, NY on 15 February 1942.67307 She lived in NY before 1951.67304 Helen died on 1 February 1984 at the age of 85 in Melbourne, Brevard, FL.67304,67305 Her parents were from KS (father) and IL (mother). Parents: Mathew Howell REASER-25792 and Hariett MC GILL-25793.

Spouse: Gilbert Vance (Gilbert) TEMPLE-25790. Helen Josephine (Helen) REASER and Gilbert Vance (Gilbert) TEMPLE were married on 26 June 1925 in Jenkintown, Montgomery, PA.67303,67308 Children were: Howell Justin (Howell) TEMPLE-25794.

Mathew Howell REASER11997 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Hariett MC GILL-25793. Hariett MC GILL and Mathew Howell REASER were married before 1898. Children were: Helen Josephine (Helen) REASER-25791.

Jacob K. REASNER (private).

Spouse: Mary E. -91933. Children were: William J. REASNER-91931.

William J. REASNER67309 was born in 1854 in PA.67310 He appeared in the census in August 1870 in Burnside, Centre, PA.67310 He died in 1906 at the age of 52 in Bellefonte, Centre, PA. Buried in Union Cemetery, Bellefonte, PA. Parents: Jacob K. REASNER-91932 and Mary E. -91933.

Spouse: Sarah C. (Sallie) TEMPLE-53969. Sarah C. (Sallie) TEMPLE and William J. REASNER were married.

James Edward REASON Sr. (private).

Spouse: Ruby Loretta (Loretta) PEARSON-46780. Children were: James Edward (Eddie) REASON Jr.-84642.

James Edward (Eddie) REASON Jr. (private).64211 Parents: James Edward REASON Sr.-84641 and Ruby Loretta (Loretta) PEARSON-46780.

William Trop REASON8055 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elizabeth TEMPLE-130213. Elizabeth TEMPLE and William Trop REASON were married on 31 December 1788 in Northumberland Co., VA.8055,67311 This marriage may also be the one reported as Eliza Temple marrying Trop Reason on 4 Jan 1789 in Northumberland County.

Laura REASONS (private).

Spouse: James IVEY-26683. Children were: Sarah Catherine (Sallie) IVEY-26206.

Charles L. REASOR (private).

Spouse: Beulah KERN-169545. Children were: Rose Elizabeth REASOR-157993.

Rose Elizabeth REASOR67312 was born on 19 January 1927 in Ridge Farm, Vermilion, IL.67313 She died on 23 September 2004 at the age of 77 in Washington Twp., Tazewell, IL.67314 Parents: Charles L. REASOR-169544 and Beulah KERN-169545.

Spouse: Arthur Cameron TEMPLE-157992. Rose Elizabeth REASOR and Arthur Cameron TEMPLE were married before 1945. Children were: Charles Robert (Bob) TEMPLE-157991, Joyce TEMPLE-157994.

Spouse: TURNER-169540.

Spouse: SANDERS-169541.

Spouse: RANDALL-169542.

Spouse: BAUM-169543.

R. Wilson REAU67315 was born in 1906. He died in 1984 at the age of 78.

Spouse: Hannah J. TEMPEL-156937. Hannah J. TEMPEL and R. Wilson REAU were married.

Ellen Bertha REAUME67316 was born on 20 January 1904 in Sandwich, Essex, Ontario, Canada.67317 She also reported Pelton, Ontario. She lived 7383 Weigand Street in Center Line, Macomb, MI in 1948.67318 She was ill with aortic cardiac disease in 1948.67317 Ellen immigrated on 1 July 1948 to Detroit, Wayne, MI.67318 She lived 297 Hall Avenue in Windsor, Essex, Ontario, Canada on 1 July 1948.67317 She died. She may be the Bertha Temple who died in Wayne Co., MI, on 13 Feb 1968. Parents: Phillip REAUME-123388 and UNKNOWN-123389.

Spouse: William James TEMPLE-105406. Ellen Bertha REAUME and William James TEMPLE were married before 1947.67318,67319 In 1947, he said he was separated, but apparently reconciled, as he was still married in 1948.

Phillip REAUME lived 722 Windsor Street in Windsor, Essex, Ontario, Canada in 1948.67317

Spouse: UNKNOWN-123389. UNKNOWN and Phillip REAUME were married before 1904. Children were: Ellen Bertha REAUME-123387.

Paulina REAUSPEE (private).

Spouse: August TEMPLE-166110. Children were: Mollie TEMPLE-166112.

Andrew Jackson (Jack) REAVES21188,67320 was born in 1864.67320 He died in 1913 at the age of 49.67320 Buried in Green Cemetery.

Spouse: Asenath Catherine (Catherine) TEMPLE-19195. Asenath Catherine (Catherine) TEMPLE and Andrew Jackson (Jack) REAVES were married on 20 December 1885 in Columbia Co., AR.67320 License dated 14 Dec 1885, Columbia Co., AR. The original is in the possession of Nan Beavers. Children were: Elbert Green REAVES-39461, Ed REAVES-39493, Everett REAVES-39494, Ernest REAVES-39495, Ervin E. REAVES-39496, Erdy REAVES-39497, Mary Ila REAVES-39498.

Ed REAVES (private). Parents: Andrew Jackson (Jack) REAVES-19232 and Asenath Catherine (Catherine) TEMPLE-19195.

Elbert Green REAVES67320 was born on 22 February 1890 in Columbia Co., AR.67320 Parents: Andrew Jackson (Jack) REAVES-19232 and Asenath Catherine (Catherine) TEMPLE-19195.

Erdy REAVES was born in 1900 in AR.67320 Parents: Andrew Jackson (Jack) REAVES-19232 and Asenath Catherine (Catherine) TEMPLE-19195.

Ernest REAVES (private). Parents: Andrew Jackson (Jack) REAVES-19232 and Asenath Catherine (Catherine) TEMPLE-19195.