Margaret Chandler MILHOUS54759 was born on 28 September 1837 in New Garden, Chester, PA.20753,26236,54760 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in West Bradford, Chester, PA.26236 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in West Bradford, Chester, PA.54760 Margaret died in 1904 at the age of 67 in Kennett Square, Chester, PA.54761 Buried in Union Hill Cemetery, Kennett Square, PA. By 1900, she had had no children. Her parents were from PA (father) and DE (mother) in 1900, but both from PA in 1880. Parents: Jesse MILHOUS-18686 and Joanna CHANDLER-18687.

Spouse: Smedley TEMPLE-5440. Margaret Chandler MILHOUS and Smedley TEMPLE were married on 11 April 1872 in Kennett Square, Chester, PA.9078,20753,26169,54759,54760

Thomas MILHOUS (private).

Spouse: Ann WICKERSHAM-18689. Children were: Jesse MILHOUS-18686.

Gladys MILHOUSE (private).

Spouse: Bernard SCOTT Sr.-167506. Children were: Norma Jean SCOTT-167505.

Ronaldo MILITANTE (private).

Spouse: Jennifer A. TEMPLE-177652.

Vera MILIZER was born on 18 August 1895 in OH.3989,54762 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.54762 She died on 7 October 1989 at the age of 94 in OH.3989 Buried in Spring Lawn Cemetery, Williamsport, OH. Her parents were both from OH. Parents: William J. MILIZER-104574 and Laura E. -104575.

Spouse: Dr. Oliver Perry (Perry) TEMPLE-40823. Vera MILIZER and Dr. Oliver Perry (Perry) TEMPLE were married before 1930.54762

William J. MILIZER3989 was born in 1869. He died in 1950 at the age of 81.

Spouse: Laura E. -104575. Laura E. and William J. MILIZER were married. Children were: Vera MILIZER-102199.

Gregory W. MILKS (private).54763

Spouse: Roxanna L. TEMPLE-102121.

Lillian Tressie MILKS (private).

Spouse: Frank LANMAN-52425. Children were: Lea Joan LANMAN-52424.

MILL (private).

Spouse: Betty Louise TEMPLES-109458.

Rebecca Marion (Marion) MILL (private).

Spouse: Burwell TEMPLE Jr.-51590. Children were: Frederick Jones TEMPLE-51594, Morgan Burwell TEMPLE-63526, Paul Coleman TEMPLE-63527.

Carl G. MILLAGE was born in 1887 in SD.283 He died.

Spouse: Alta G. -108253. Alta G. and Carl G. MILLAGE were married. Children were: Zelda Grace MILLAGE-108251.

Zelda Grace MILLAGE54764 was born on 1 June 1916 in CO.283,54765,54766 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Holyoke, Phillips, CO.283 She lived in Holyoke, Phillips, CO on 1 April 1935.54766 In April 1940 Zelda was a retail department store stock record clerk in Denver, Denver, CO.54766 She lived 230 East 19th Avenue in Denver, Denver, CO in October 1940.54764 She died on 11 April 1952 at the age of 35 in Holyoke, Phillips, CO.54765 Buried in Holyoke Cemetery, Holyoke, CO. Also given as Nelda. Parents: Carl G. MILLAGE-108252 and Alta G. -108253.

Spouse: Charles Lafayette TEMPLE-55246. Zelda Grace MILLAGE and Charles Lafayette TEMPLE were married on 2 July 1938 in Denver, Denver, CO.54767

MILLAN54768 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Grace TEMPLE-161901. Grace TEMPLE and MILLAN were married before 1911. Children were: Donald W. MILLAN-161903.

Augustine MILLAN27462,27463 died.

Spouse: Joseph J. DIDIER-85972. Augustine MILLAN and Joseph J. DIDIER were married. Children were: Nellie Alphonsine DIDIER-25975.

Donald W. MILLAN was born on 29 May 1911 in Campbell Co., KY.54768 Parents: MILLAN-161902 and Grace TEMPLE-161901.

MILLARD52572 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Patricia Ann (Pat) TEMPLE-41081. Patricia Ann (Pat) TEMPLE and MILLARD were married before January 1943.52572

Cyrena MILLARD54769 died.

Spouse: Henry H. MOORE-110554. Cyrena MILLARD and Henry H. MOORE were married before 1866. Children were: Inez Flora MOORE-74067.

Jim MILLARD (private).

Spouse: Betty Jane PLOG-98090.

Marian (Mary) MILLARD54770 was born on 18 March 1800 in Stamford Twp., Bennington, VT.12640,54771,54772,54773 She appeared in the census in August 1850 in Smithfield, Madison, NY.54773 She appeared in the census in August 1860 in Smithfield, Madison, NY.54771 Marian appeared in the census in June 1865 in Smithfield, Madison, NY.54774 She appeared in the census in August 1870 in Smithfield, Madison, NY.54772 She died on 24 July 1899 at the age of 99 in Smithfield, Madison, NY.22,5094,54775 Buried in Hillcrest Spring Cemetery, Eaton, NY. By 1865, she had had 8 children. Parents: Stephen MILLARD-17382 and Hannah -17383.

Spouse: Solomon TEMPLE-1170. Marian (Mary) MILLARD and Solomon TEMPLE were married on 27 April 1820 in Smithfield, Madison, NY.12640,54770 Children were: Squire Mason (Squire/Mason) TEMPLE-1612, Mary Ann (Mary) TEMPLE-1613, Lorana Mane (Lorana) TEMPLE-17386, Mary Lewis TEMPLE-17387, Lydia Marietta TEMPLE-1614.

Robert B. MILLARD was born on 26 November 1871 in Cumberland Co., PA.44726 He lived in Springfield, Clark, OH in April 1911.44726 In April 1911 he was a moulder in Springfield, Clark, OH.44726 Robert died. Parents: Thomas MILLARD-117574 and Iva JOHNSON-117575.

Spouse: Katherine (Kate) TEMPLE-46305. Katherine (Kate) TEMPLE and Robert B. MILLARD were married on 27 April 1911 in Springfield, Clark, OH.44726

Stephen MILLARD (private).

Spouse: Beulah TEMPLE-1168.

Stephen MILLARD (private).

Spouse: Hannah -17383. Children were: Marian (Mary) MILLARD-1611.

Thomas MILLARD44726 died.

Spouse: Iva JOHNSON-117575. Iva JOHNSON and Thomas MILLARD were married before November 1871. Children were: Robert B. MILLARD-117573.

Walter Edward MILLARD54776 was born on 15 August 1915 in Alliance, Stark, OH. He died on 10 April 2002 at the age of 86 in Canton, Stark, OH.

Spouse: Charlotte Ann TEMPLE-46791. Charlotte Ann TEMPLE and Walter Edward MILLARD were married before December 1941.54777

David MILLAY (private).54778 Parents: Wilbur Samuel (Bill) MILLAY-60876 and Bertha Marie (Berdie) TEMPLE-60873.

Donna MILLAY (private).54778 Parents: Wilbur Samuel (Bill) MILLAY-60876 and Bertha Marie (Berdie) TEMPLE-60873.

Jeff MILLAY (private).54778 Parents: Wilbur Samuel (Bill) MILLAY-60876 and Bertha Marie (Berdie) TEMPLE-60873.

Kackie MILLAY (private).54778 Parents: Wilbur Samuel (Bill) MILLAY-60876 and Bertha Marie (Berdie) TEMPLE-60873.

Wilbur Samuel (Bill) MILLAY24155 was born in 1918.54778 He died in 1977 at the age of 59.54778 Appeared as MILLARY in his brother-in-law Gilbert's obituary, it appears as MILLAY in OH death records for his wife.

Spouse: Bertha Marie (Berdie) TEMPLE-60873. Bertha Marie (Berdie) TEMPLE and Wilbur Samuel (Bill) MILLAY were married. Children were: David MILLAY-121534, Jeff MILLAY-121535, Donna MILLAY-121536, Kackie MILLAY-121537.

Ida MILLEN22292 died. Maiden name may be Miller.

Spouse: Bennie (Bill) COCKRELL-107443. Ida MILLEN and Bennie (Bill) COCKRELL were married before 1927. Children were: Myrta Magdalene (Myrtie) COCKRELL-107442.

Marie MILLEN was born in Baden, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.27532 She died.

Spouse: Joseph DIETSCHE-114719. Marie MILLEN and Joseph DIETSCHE were married before 1881. Children were: Marie (Mary) DIETSCHE-52976.

MILLER (private).

Spouse: Helen TEMPLE-22887.

MILLER54779 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elizabeth May (Betty) TEMPLE-24886. Elizabeth May (Betty) TEMPLE and MILLER were married before February 1947.54780

MILLER (private).

Spouse: Pamela (Pam) TEMPLE-65266.

MILLER (private).

Spouse: Nellie Lee HARALSON-74845. Children were: Mary MILLER-74864, Ronnie L. MILLER-74865.

MILLER (private).

Spouse: Jan TEMPLES-79606.

MILLER (private).

Spouse: Bernice Edna TEMPLE-16693. Children were: Frank MILLER Sr.-81831, Keith MILLER-81832, Julie MILLER-81833.

MILLER (private).

Spouse: Claudia TEMPLE-20768.

MILLER (private).

Spouse: Pamela Kaye TEMPLE-84382.

MILLER (private).

Spouse: Margaret -91892. Children were: Gail M. MILLER-91890.

MILLER (private).

Spouse: Mary Marie TEMPLE-88127.

MILLER (private).

Spouse: Marjorie Virginia (Margie) TEMPLE-85504.

MILLER was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Treva Constantine GREENAWALT-53978. Treva Constantine GREENAWALT and MILLER were married after 1944.36385

MILLER (private).

Spouse: Grace TEMPLE-101784.

MILLER (private).

Spouse: Mary Carolyn SAWYER-51625.

MILLER54781 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lena Elizabeth TEMPLE-65937. Lena Elizabeth TEMPLE and MILLER were married before September 1952.54781

MILLER (private).

Spouse: Laura M. SUMMERS-106260.

MILLER (private).

Spouse: Dorothy Louise MYERS-107724. Children were: Lloyd E. MILLER-107729, James D. MILLER-107730.

MILLER (private).

Spouse: Constance Alverta TEMPLE-113634. Children were: Randall Timothy MILLER-113639, Daniele MILLER-113640.

MILLER (private).

Spouse: Connie AMBROSE-85114.