Morris O'DONNELL was born in 1910 in OH.1299 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA.1299 Parents: O'DONNELL-138255 and Catherine C. -138254.

Jean O'DOVERO (private).

Spouse: Thomas Donald (Tom) TEMPLE-127235. Children were: Charles (Charlie) TEMPLE-127239, Rick TEMPLE-127240.

Edith O'DWYER was born on 31 May 1914 in Ballston, Arlington, VA.8495 She lived in Washington, DC before 1951.62010 She died in April 1990 at the age of 75.8495,62010 Parents: Kendall O'DWYER-168181 and Alice M. HOLMEAD-168182.

Spouse: ALLEN-168183. Edith O'DWYER and ALLEN were married before November 1936.8495

Spouse: TEMPLE-168179. Edith O'DWYER and TEMPLE were married before February 1955.8495

Kendall O'DWYER (private).

Spouse: Alice M. HOLMEAD-168182. Children were: Edith O'DWYER-168180.

O'FALLON45424 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Viola Nadine HUDDLESTON-148530. Viola Nadine HUDDLESTON and O'FALLON were married before February 1946.45424

O'FARRELL (private).

Spouse: Meredith Claire ALVISO-93096.

Micki Lucille (Micki) O'FARRELL (private).62011

Spouse: Cecil Franklin TEMPLE-163911.

Agnes B. O'FLAHERTY148,12848,16179 was born in May 1861 in VA.16180 She moved in 1889 in North Platte, Lincoln, NE.12842,12848 She moved to Buffalo Bill's ranch. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Hinman, Lincoln, NE.16180 Agnes died. Middle initial from the 1900 census. By 1900, she had had only 1 child, who survived. Parents: UNKNOWN-79253 and UNKNOWN-79254.

Spouse: Charles Flavia TEMPLE-79250. Agnes B. O'FLAHERTY and Charles Flavia TEMPLE were married before 1885. Children were: Charles Francis (Charles) TEMPLE-79249.

Spouse: John William (John) BOYER-79252. Agnes B. O'FLAHERTY and John William (John) BOYER were married in March 1889 in Washington, DC.16180,16181

Abigail Temple O'FLYNG8315 was born (date unknown). Parents: Patrick O'FLYNG-23821 and Abigail TEMPLE-942.

Spouse: Martin BURT-26320. Abigail Temple O'FLYNG and Martin BURT were married on 14 April 1815.8315

Edmund O'FLYNG was born on 9 October 1797 in Galway, Saratoga, NY.36146 He served in the military in 1812.36146 He mentioned in his pension application for the War of 1812 that he had a half-brother, Charles House. Parents: Patrick O'FLYNG-23821 and Abigail TEMPLE-942.

Enos O'FLYNG was born in 1806.36146 Parents: Patrick O'FLYNG-23821 and Abigail TEMPLE-942.

Felix O'FLYNG was born in 1801.36146 Parents: Patrick O'FLYNG-23821 and Abigail TEMPLE-942.

Lucy O'FLYNG was born in 1802.36146 Parents: Patrick O'FLYNG-23821 and Abigail TEMPLE-942.

Nelly O'FLYNG was born in 1804.62012 Parents: Patrick O'FLYNG-23821 and Abigail TEMPLE-942.

Patrick O'FLYNG served in the military in 1812.36146 Served as a lieutenant. Died soon after the War. He died about 1813. Parents: Patrick O'FLYNG-23821 and Abigail TEMPLE-942.

Patrick O'FLYNG8316,36146 was born in 1753 in County Cork, Ireland.8315,36146 He moved in 1817 in IL.36146 He and his family went by flatboat down the Allegheny and Ohio rivers to IL. The trip took three years to complete. He died on 7 October 1821 at the age of 68 in Morgan Co., IL.8315 A Revolutionary War patriot and later served along side his sons in fierce combat during the War of 1812. He, three sons and a stepson all served in the War of 1812.

He was born in county Cork, Ireland in 1750 and immigrated to New Hampshire as a young man. They migrated successively from Vermont to New York, then Ohio, and finally to Illinois where Patrick died on 7 October, 1821 in Morgan County.

Spouse: Abigail TEMPLE-942. Abigail TEMPLE and Patrick O'FLYNG were married about 1790.62013 Children were: Patrick O'FLYNG-61465, Temple Elijah O'FLYNG-61466, Edmund O'FLYNG-61464, Felix O'FLYNG-61467, Lucy O'FLYNG-61468, Nelly O'FLYNG-61469, Enos O'FLYNG-61470, Abigail Temple O'FLYNG-26319.

Temple Elijah O'FLYNG died in 1812.36146 Died in the War. He served in the military in 1812.36146 Served as an ensign. Parents: Patrick O'FLYNG-23821 and Abigail TEMPLE-942.

Brian Keith O'GARA (private).62014

Spouse: Jeania Lynn (Jeania) TEMPLE-61925.

Bridget O'GRADY45196 was born in 1852.

Spouse: James G. HOWE-17660. Bridget O'GRADY and James G. HOWE were married in 1871. Children were: Julia HOWE-17662, Emily HOWE-17952.

Mary Ann O'GRADY62015 was born in 1882 in Island Pond, Essex, VT.1053,62016,62017 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Gilmanton, Belknap, NH.62017 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Gilmanton, Belknap, NH.62016 Mary died in 1971 at the age of 89.23 Buried in St. Lambert's Cemetery, Laconia, NH. Her parents were both from Canada. By 1910, she had had 3 children, 2 of whom survived. Parents: William O'GRADY-25895 and Kate Mary Ann KING-25896.

Spouse: Clifton Otis (Clifton) TEMPLE-2742. Mary Ann O'GRADY and Clifton Otis (Clifton) TEMPLE were married on 18 September 1900 in Berlin, Coos, NH.1053,62015,62018 Children were: Horrace Irving (Howard) TEMPLE-3212, TEMPLE-37369, Lepha May TEMPLE-3213.

Spouse: Frank D. YOUNG-37368. Mary Ann O'GRADY and Frank D. YOUNG were married on 3 April 1910 in Laconia, Belknap, NH.61076,62017 This was his first and her second marriage.

William O'GRADY1053 was born in 1850 in Canada.

Spouse: Kate Mary Ann KING-25896. Kate Mary Ann KING and William O'GRADY were married before 1882. Children were: Mary Ann O'GRADY-3211.

James O'GRAVES (private).

Spouse: Ann -145955. Children were: Linda O'GRAVES-145953.

Linda O'GRAVES (private). Parents: James O'GRAVES-145954 and Ann -145955.

Spouse: Joe TEMPLE-145952. Children were: John TEMPLE-145956.

Ellen O'HAIR (private).

Spouse: George MC KEE-66246. Children were: Jean Sherlaw MC KEE-66245.

Laura V. O'HANLON (private).

Spouse: Edwin M. DOUGLAS-101354. Children were: Laura Virginia (Larrie) DOUGLAS-42325.

O'HARA died between 1878 and 1880.4770 He was born in Ireland.4770

Spouse: Margaret (Maggie) TEMPLE-136661. Margaret (Maggie) TEMPLE and O'HARA were married before 1868. Either in Ireland or Scotland. Children were: Charles O'HARA-136663, William O'HARA-136664, Margaret O'HARA-136665.

Catherine Lucas O'HARA62019 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Arthur REED-83514. Catherine Lucas O'HARA and Arthur REED were married before 1873. Children were: Clara Easter (Clara) REED-27142.

Charles O'HARA was born in 1868 in Scotland, United Kingdom.4770 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.4770 Parents: O'HARA-136662 and Margaret (Maggie) TEMPLE-136661.

Constance O'HARA (private).

Spouse: Kerry Lee (Keary) LANE-71133.

Spouse: SORRELL-71136.

Margaret O'HARA was born in 1878 in NY.4770 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.4770 Parents: O'HARA-136662 and Margaret (Maggie) TEMPLE-136661.

Susan J. O'HARA (private).7584

Spouse: Bruce L. TEMPEL-127488. Children were: Flora Shannon (Flora) TEMPEL-127491.

William O'HARA was born in 1875 in NY.4770 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.4770 Parents: O'HARA-136662 and Margaret (Maggie) TEMPLE-136661.

Eileen E. O'HARE (private).

Spouse: Curtis A. TEMPEL-177567.

Mary O'HARE (private).

Spouse: John J. O'BRIEN-155622. Children were: Katherine Dolores O'BRIEN-131824.

Nellie O'HARE (private).

Spouse: Jim HUBBERT-95728. Children were: Paul James HUBBERT-20089.

Elizabeth O'HERLIHY was born on 26 November 1892 in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.62020 Parents: Patrick H. O'HERLIHY-171482 and Frances M. TEMPLE-171481.

Patrick H. O'HERLIHY62020 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Frances M. TEMPLE-171481. Frances M. TEMPLE and Patrick H. O'HERLIHY were married before November 1892. Children were: Elizabeth O'HERLIHY-171483.

Michael O'HERR lived in Tacoma, Pierce, WA before 1907.3340

Spouse: Ida M. -182281. Ida M. and Michael O'HERR were married on 16 November 1907 in Seattle, King, WA.3340 Neither of them were found before or after 1907 in St. Louis, Seattle or Tacoma.

Bridget O'HORA was born between 1835 and 1839 in Ireland. She immigrated about 1854 to New York City, New York, NY. She died on 10 February 1883 at the age of 48 in New York City, New York, NY. Bridget was buried on 13 February 1883 in Woodside, Long Island, NY.

Spouse: Michael MELVIN Sr.-21011. Bridget O'HORA and Michael MELVIN Sr. were married. Children were: Mary Ann MELVIN-21013, Catherine T. (Kate) MELVIN-21014, Michael Frank MELVIN Jr.-21010.

Mary O'KEEFE was born in 1880 in Thompson, Windham, CT.4544

Spouse: Arthur Vassar PARKER-7516. Mary O'KEEFE and Arthur Vassar PARKER were married in 1901.62021

Reverend Charles William O'KELLEY (private).

Spouse: Mary Inez MILLER-24289. Children were: Sabra Oma Della (Oma) O'KELLEY-18444.

Elizabeth D. O'KELLEY30544 was born in 1811 in GA.30545 She appeared in the census in October 1850 in Franklin Co., TN.30545

Spouse: Robert B. DUNCAN-59429. Elizabeth D. O'KELLEY and Robert B. DUNCAN were married. Children were: Witney Jane (Winney) DUNCAN-30886.

Sabra Oma Della (Oma) O'KELLEY62022,62023 was born on 1 November 1883 in Crawford Co., AR.58753,58754,62024,62025,62026,62027,62028 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Rudy, Crawford, AR.62027 She lived in Rudy, Crawford, AR in 1918.62029 Sabra appeared in the census in January 1920 in Rudy, Crawford, AR.62026 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Rudy, Crawford, AR.58753 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Rudy, Crawford, AR.58754 Sabra died on 22 March 1962 at the age of 78 in Crawford Co., AR.20757,62028 Buried in Love Cemetery, Dean Springs, Crawford, AR. Her parents were from GA (father) and IA (mother) in later censuses, but both from AR in 1910. By 1910, she had had 3 children, of whom 2 survived. Parents: Reverend Charles William O'KELLEY-24288 and Mary Inez MILLER-24289.

Spouse: James Alexander (James) TEMPLE-18437. Sabra Oma Della (Oma) O'KELLEY and James Alexander (James) TEMPLE were married on 21 October 1906 in Crawford Co., AR.62022,62025,62028 Children were: Bertha Irene (Bertha) TEMPLE-18445, Helen Lucile (Lucile) TEMPLE-18446, Nellie Elizabeth (Nellie) TEMPLE-18447, William Raymond (Raymond) TEMPLE-18448, Clarissa Milton (Clarissa) TEMPLE-18449.

O'LEARY was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Barbara Lillian MC NEIL-169169. Barbara Lillian MC NEIL and O'LEARY were married before December 1959.57627

Daniel E. O'LEARY (private).

Spouse: Sonya L. BEAVERS-179144.

Spouse: Gerry R. PYETTE-179145.

Spouse: Kelly Johanna Maria (Kelly) BAHM-160945.

Katherine O'LEARY23 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Thomas S. LEYLAND-38854. Katherine O'LEARY and Thomas S. LEYLAND were married before 1919. Children were: Donald Thomas LEYLAND-16757.

Mary Elizabeth O'LEARY52556 was born on 30 June 1890 in Leadville, Lake, CO.62030,62031,62032 Gave her age as 38 in 1930, and 26 in 1920. She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Cameron, Huerfano, CO.62030 She lived West 2nd Street in Walsenburg, Huerfano, CO in 1926.62033 Mary appeared in the census in April 1930 in St. Marys, Huerfano, CO.62031 She lived 316 West 9th Street in Leadville, Lake, CO in July 1941.62034 She died on 16 February 1961 at the age of 70 in Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO.62032,62035 Buried in Elk's Rest Cemetery, Colorado Springs, CO. Find-A-Grave includes an image of her headstone and says she was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Leadville, CO. Her parents were from Irish Free State (father) and MI (mother).

Spouse: Norman James (Norman) TEMPLE Sr.-6300. Mary Elizabeth O'LEARY and Norman James (Norman) TEMPLE Sr. were married on 30 April 1919 in Denver, Denver, CO.62036 Children were: Norman James (Norman) TEMPLE Jr.-41962, John Sheldon (Jack) TEMPLE-41963.

O'LOUGHLIN (private).

Spouse: Amme TEMPLE-169416.

Henry O'LOUGHLIN23 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Eva Victoria LE PAGE-26870. Eva Victoria LE PAGE and Henry O'LOUGHLIN were married in 1924.23,52083

Grace O'MALLEY (private).

Spouse: Charles D. SULLIVAN-49194. Children were: John Thomas SULLIVAN-48914.