John TEMPLE lived in Wentworth and Brant Co., Ontario, Canada in 1875.106049 He was born in Ireland.106049

John TEMPLE served in the military between 1861 and 1865.106050 Served in Company E, 17th IL Infantry. He admittee to the Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Home in 1888 in Knox Co., IL.106050 He was admitted twice: first, on 20 Nov 1888 and then again on 19 Oct 1895. He seems to be either John Sampson Temple, or possibly John C. Temple, both of Knox Co., IL, but neither with a known service record.

John TEMPLE (private). Parents: TEMPLE-142808 and Mary Pauline BARCLAY-142809.

Spouse: Anita -142814. Children were: John TEMPLE-142816, Paul TEMPLE-142818.

John TEMPLE (private). Parents: John TEMPLE-142812 and Anita -142814.

Spouse: Tiffany -142817.

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Lori STURSA-142869.

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Jayne JORGENSON-142871.

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Deborah Kay GLERUP-142873.

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Carolyn WALLS-142908.

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Etta Isa. -143072.

John TEMPLE (private).70809

Spouse: Anna SCHIBER-143314. Children were: Emile J. TEMPLE-134308.

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Ann -143587. Children were: John TEMPLE-143588.

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Helen -143966.

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Marianna -143968.

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Helen -143970.

John TEMPLE on a jury list in April 1804 in Montgomery Co., GA.106051

John TEMPLE (private).7837

Spouse: Shirley A. HUNTER-145055.

John TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elizabeth WASHINGTON-145940. Elizabeth WASHINGTON and John TEMPLE were married on 20 October 1919 in Liberty Co., FL.77128

John TEMPLE (private).105946 Parents: Joe TEMPLE-145952 and Linda O'GRAVES-145953.

John TEMPLE (private).106052

Spouse: UNKNOWN-146065.

John TEMPLE appeared in the census in June 1865 in Hastings, Dakota, MN.106053 Enumerated in the household of Simon and Mary Haas. No age was given, and he may be the same John Temple who was the older brother of Nick Temple.

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Ann -148442. Children were: Emma TEMPLE-141392.

John TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lizzie D. -149022. Lizzie D. and John TEMPLE were married on 2 November 1876 in Shelby Co., TN.4275

In 1857 John TEMPLE was a landowner in Sinclairville, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada.106054

In 1874 John TEMPLE was a trader in Deep Creek, Yale, British Columbia, Canada.106055

John TEMPLE20252 lived in Longue, Ile, Quebec, Canada in 1834.20252 Surname may be Semple.

Spouse: Barbara CAMPBELL-149238. Barbara CAMPBELL and John TEMPLE were married about 1834.20252 The record of their applying for marriage bonds exists, but it is not clear that they married.

John TEMPLE was baptized on 6 March 1891 in Ridgedale, IA.106056 It is not clear if the baptisms of John and Mary were infant or adult ceremonies. In the first case they might be siblings, in the latter, they might be siblings or spouses. John is probably related to the John Temple buried in Ridgedale, IA in 1888, possibly as a son or grandson. Parents: TEMPLE-149248 and UNKNOWN-149249.

John TEMPLE lived in Sumner, Oxford, ME in December 1886.106057 For Christmas, he had checked into the Central Hotel in Tacoma.

John TEMPLE lived in Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau, MO in 1932.11313

Spouse: Wilma BANKS-149646. Wilma BANKS and John TEMPLE were married on 8 July 1932 in Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau, MO.11313 The place may have been Jackson, MO.

John TEMPLE lived in Ancaster Twp., Wentworth, Ontario, Canada in 1898.15435

Spouse: Priscilla -150485. Children were: Alberta TEMPLE-150486.

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Mary Ann ROBERTS-150613. Children were: John Harvard TEMPLE-150611.

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Mary INNES-150630. Children were: Lizzie TEMPLE-150631.

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Mary -150664. Children were: Mary Jane (Jane) TEMPLE-150662.

John TEMPLE4742 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Margaret -150702. Margaret and John TEMPLE were married before 1857. Children were: Thomas TEMPLE-139382.

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Ann -150710. Children were: William TEMPLE-139102.

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Bridget HORAN-150927. Children were: Ellen TEMPLE-150928, Rose TEMPLE-150929.

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Katherine SCHRAMM-151659. Children were: Katherine TEMPLE-151657, Elizabeth TEMPLE-181732, Peter TEMPLE-181733.

John TEMPLE lived in Harper's Ferry, Allamakee, IA in 1930.5017 Parents: TEMPLE-151677 and UNKNOWN-151678.

John TEMPLE (private).106058

Spouse: Sandi -152443. Children were: Shelley TEMPLE-152444.

John TEMPLE (private). Parents: Stanley Roy (Roy) TEMPLE-152720 and Carol BEBBINGTON-152721.

Spouse: Sue -152725.

John TEMPLE (private). Parents: Frank Thomas (Frank) TEMPLE-136835 and Dorine SPAHN-153124.

Spouse: Myrna -153132.

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Jennifer MC GUIRE-153286.

John TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-153497. UNKNOWN and John TEMPLE were married on 7 September 1918 in Montmorency Co., MI.89254

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Mary -153781. Children were: Priscilla TEMPLE-153779, Stella TEMPLE-153782.

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Marharita HUBINK-153801. Children were: Thomas TEMPLE-153799.

John TEMPLE (private).4989

Spouse: Marie -154093.

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: June Elizabeth (June) MOREY-155170. Children were: Tina Marie TEMPLE-148989, Collette Amelia TEMPLE-155171, Heather Michelle TEMPLE-147896.

John TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elva KELLER-155342. Elva KELLER and John TEMPLE were married on 24 January 1929 in Marion Co., IN.49038

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Anna FLOWERS-155344.

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Yvonne -155683. Children were: Lauren A. TEMPLE-155679.

John TEMPLE immigrated in 1870.10015 He was born in Ireland.

Spouse: Bridget HOON-155978. Bridget HOON and John TEMPLE were married before 1862. Children were: Mary TEMPLE-155974.