Helen WONSETTLER was born about 1903 in Hamilton, Caldwell, MO.2615 Parents: Samuel Lawrence WONSETTLER-31366 and Klaudia PELTY-31367.

Spouse: Clarence Viren (Clarence) TEMPLE-31338. Helen WONSETTLER and Clarence Viren (Clarence) TEMPLE were married about 1930 in Hamilton, Caldwell, MO.2615 They2615 were divorced before 31 July 1937.2615 Children were: Samuel Lawrence TEMPLE-31368.

Samuel Lawrence WONSETTLER (private).

Spouse: Klaudia PELTY-31367. Children were: Helen WONSETTLER-31362.

David WOO (private).

Spouse: Esther TEMPLE-175120.

WOOD (private).

Spouse: Tryphosa PARKER-9457.

WOOD was born (date unknown). His existence is inferred from the number of references to Persis Beaman as Persis Wood. Either John Temple married twice - once to Persis Wood and then to Persis (Beaman) Bigelow, or both Persis' were the same person.

Spouse: Persis BEAMAN-20968. Persis BEAMAN and WOOD were married between 1790 and 1792.

WOOD (private).

Spouse: Eleanor -59381. Children were: Margaret WOOD-39162.

WOOD (private).

Spouse: Wava FINCK-75415. Children were: Danny WOOD-75420.

WOOD (private).

Spouse: Marcia TEMPEL-79887.

WOOD (private). Parents: WOOD-85840 and UNKNOWN-85841.

Spouse: Victor M. TEMPLE-51368.

WOOD (private).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-85841. Children were: WOOD-85839.

WOOD (private).

Spouse: Ruby Pearl THOMPSON-52479.

WOOD (private).

Spouse: Phyllis Marie TEMPLE-63297.

WOOD was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Charlotte TEMPLE-157568. Charlotte TEMPLE and WOOD were married about 1943. They were divorced before June 1944.

WOOD (private).

Spouse: Madelene EGGERTON-168658.

WOOD60012 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary Nancy (Nancy) TEMPLE-137599. Mary Nancy (Nancy) TEMPLE and WOOD were married before March 1952.60012

WOOD39621 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Fannie TEMPLE-179905. Fannie TEMPLE and WOOD were married before 1906.

WOOD27750 died before 1876.

Spouse: Nancy A.S. (Annie) DAVIS-34231. Nancy A.S. (Annie) DAVIS and WOOD were married about 1875. Children were: Mary L. WOOD-34335.

WOOD died before 1940.2087

Spouse: Elizabeth -184924. Elizabeth and WOOD were married before 1940.

Alice Mae WOOD134402 died before 1994.134403 Parents: William E. WOOD-28252 and Eula Lee (Eula) TEMPLE-28251.

Amos WOOD was born on 22 August 1757 in Buckland, Franklin, MA.23 He served in the military about 1780. Served in the Revolution. Enlisted at Upton, MA. He died on 24 November 1841 at the age of 84 in Buckland, Franklin, MA.23 Amos was a Blacksmith.23 Parents: James WOOD-25226 and Unity GOSS-25227.

Spouse: Lovica\Louisa TEMPLE-468. Lovica\Louisa TEMPLE and Amos WOOD were married on 26 January 1786 in Upton, Worcester, MA.8206 Children were: Theodosius WOOD-30409, Hannah WOOD-32447, Lucretia WOOD-32448, Nichodemus WOOD-32449, John WOOD-32450, Simeon WOOD-32451, Rachel WOOD-32452, Temperance WOOD-32453.

Spouse: Sarah SADLER-32445. Sarah SADLER and Amos WOOD were married in 1777.23 Children were: Sarah WOOD-32446.

Andrew M. WOOD (private).5874 Parents: Donald WOOD-123446 and Maureen -123447.

Spouse: Laura J. TEMPLE-123444. Children were: Emily WOOD-125059, Sophie WOOD-125060.

Andrew Parker WOOD25051 was born in 1884. Parents: John WOOD-11528 and Hattie Loretta PARKER-11519.

Ann WOOD (private). Parents: Josiah WOOD-13005 and Mary FELT-13007.

Ann Christine WOOD (private).

Spouse: Jeffrey Roger TEMPLE-159103.

Artemas WOOD (private).

Children were: Artemus WOOD Jr.-19336.

Artemus WOOD Jr.23,23869 was born (date unknown). Parents: Artemas WOOD-32725.

Spouse: Relief TEMPLE-5770. Relief TEMPLE and Artemus WOOD Jr. were married on 26 November 1834 in Windsor, Windsor, VT.23,23869

Arthur H. WOOD (private).

Spouse: Malta WOOTEN-169560. Children were: Martha Ann WOOD-148497.

Barbara Ann WOOD (private). Parents: Richard K. WOOD-27778 and Mary Elizabeth TEMPLE-27774.

Beatrice Isabel WOOD81224 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Reginald H.M. TEMPLE-150248. Beatrice Isabel WOOD and Reginald H.M. TEMPLE were married before 1906. Children were: Dr. Allen Dorrien TEMPLE-150250.

Betsey WOOD (private).

Spouse: Amos PARKER-9456.

Betsey Ann WOOD was born on 3 February 1858 in Upton, Worcester, MA.23 She died in 1862 at the age of 4 in Upton, Worcester, MA.23 Parents: Elijah Brigham WOOD Sr.-4922 and Elizabeth (Betsey) TEMPLE-4921.

Betty Lou WOOD (private).109376 Parents: Roy S. WOOD-55073 and Juanita M. TEMPLE-39932.

Beulah Delight WOOD was born on 30 November 1932 in IL.72061,134404 She lived in Tipton, Tipton, IN in 1972.72061 She lived in Tipton, Tipton, IN in 1987.66481 Beulah died on 20 April 1999 at the age of 66 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe, IN.134404 Died of cardiopulmonary arrest. Cremated at American Midwest Crematory, Indianapolis, IN. Parents: William E. WOOD-107255 and Thelma C. ADAMS-107256.

Spouse: SHELLEY-105919. Beulah Delight WOOD and SHELLEY were married about 1952. They were divorced before 14 August 1972.72061 Children were: Marshall SHELLEY-125884.

Spouse: Thomas Clifton (Clifton/Tommie) TEMPLE-55669. Beulah Delight WOOD and Thomas Clifton (Clifton/Tommie) TEMPLE were married on 14 August 1972 in Tipton, Tipton, IN.72061 This was a second marriage for both.

Brenda Lois WOOD (private).

Spouse: Aubrey Lee PEACOCK-134025. Children were: Suzette Leann PEACOCK-134024.

Brian Allan WOOD (private).

Spouse: Lori Michelle TEMPLE-174898.

Calvin A. WOOD (private).

Spouse: Delia L. -68123. Children were: Wesley Martin WOOD-66610.

Carl A. WOOD91161 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Doris TEMPLE-168015. Doris TEMPLE and Carl A. WOOD were married before 1949.91161 Children were: Carolyn Sue WOOD-168017.

Carolyn Sue WOOD (private).

Spouse: Steven Wayne TEMPLE-159034. Children were: Kevin Wayne TEMPLE-159036, Krissy Lynn TEMPLE-159131.

Carolyn Sue WOOD (private).91161 Parents: Carl A. WOOD-168016 and Doris TEMPLE-168015.

Carrie WOOD was born on 15 August 1903.134405,134406 Find-A-Grave disagrees with SSDI and put the date in 1905. She lived in Wharton, Wharton, TX in 1925.100248 She died on 3 March 2004 at the age of 100 in Wharton, Wharton, TX.134405,134406 Buried in Camp Zion Cemetery, Wharton Co., TX. A transcription of Wharton Co., TX marriage records gave her maiden name as Word.

Spouse: Harry TEMPLE-143526. Carrie WOOD and Harry TEMPLE were married on 11 November 1924 in Wharton Co., TX.100249 Children were: Lena Mae TEMPLE-163353, Willie Mae TEMPLE-172902, Dove TEMPLE-166873, Roy Chester TEMPLE-143612.

Carrie Lee (Carrie) WOOD127347 was born on 1 August 1866 in Chicago, Cook, IL.46854,91245,91246,134407,134408 Her obituary said she was born in Chicago, IL, but a usually reliable Temple genealogy said the place was Marietta, OH. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA.91245 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Winter Park, Orange, FL.91246 Carrie moved about 1915 in GA. Sold house in Winter Park, FL, in 1915. She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Winter Park, Orange, FL.134407 She died on 11 June 1924 at the age of 57 in Winter Park, Orange, FL.55603,127348,134408,134409,134410,134411 She had been ill for none weeks with bronchial trouble that developed into an abscess on the lung. Died of gangrene in her right lung. Buried in Palm Cemetery, Winter Park, FL. Her parents were from Canada (father) and NY (mother). She claimed to have had only 1 child in 1900. Parents: James WOOD-19634.

Spouse: William Chase (William) TEMPLE-5576. Carrie Lee (Carrie) WOOD and William Chase (William) TEMPLE were married on 13 April 1884 in Jacksonville, Duval, FL.23133,91246,127347,127351 In marriage book 6, p. 374. Children were: Carrie Ruth TEMPLE-19635, William C. TEMPLE-19636, William Chase (William) TEMPLE-28944, Erdna Louise TEMPLE-19637, Dorothea (Dorothy) TEMPLE-19638.

Cecil WOOD (private).51073

Spouse: Eleanor MC INTYRE-73991. Children were: Karen Louise WOOD-73988.

Charles E. WOOD was born about 1854 in Upton, Worcester, MA.23 He died. Parents: Elijah Brigham WOOD Sr.-4922 and Elizabeth (Betsey) TEMPLE-4921.

Charles K. WOOD (private).

Spouse: Judy Carol (Judy) TEMPLE-31695. Children were: Charles Kennith WOOD-92865, Matthew Douglas WOOD-31697, Faith Lynn WOOD-92866, Hope Lee WOOD-92867, Jennifer Suzanne WOOD-92868, Jeremy Allen WOOD-92869.

Charles Kennith WOOD (private).134412 Parents: Charles K. WOOD-31696 and Judy Carol (Judy) TEMPLE-31695.

Charlotte Grace WOOD (private). Parents: Wesley Martin WOOD-66610 and Frances Margaret (Frances) TEMPLE-37924.

Christopher James WOOD (private).

Spouse: Patricia Grace TEMPEL-168113.

Clifton H. WOOD19302 died.

Spouse: Alice L. BURRAGE-102649. Alice L. BURRAGE and Clifton H. WOOD were married. Children were: Lorraine WOOD-3332.

Clisty L. WOOD was born in 1850 in Upton, Worcester, MA.23 She died in 1851 at the age of 1 in Upton, Worcester, MA.23 Parents: Elijah Brigham WOOD Sr.-4922 and Elizabeth (Betsey) TEMPLE-4921.

Constance W. (Connie) WOOD23706 was born on 29 September 1926 in Sioux City, Woodbury, IA.50377 She died on 4 November 2011 at the age of 85 in Sioux City, Woodbury, IA.50377 Buried in Calvary Cemetery, Sioux City, IA. Parents: Hobart WOOD-80757 and Abbie KNEEDLER-80758.

Spouse: Robert Craig TEMPLE-52946. Constance W. (Connie) WOOD and Robert Craig TEMPLE were married on 4 June 1949 in Sioux City, Woodbury, IA.23708,120472 Children were: Craig William TEMPLE-75840, Thomas Logan (Tom) TEMPLE-75841, Elizabeth Abigail TEMPLE-75842, William Lee (Bill) TEMPLE-75843, Catherine Anne (Cathy) TEMPLE-75844.