Catherine SADLER (private).

Spouse: John H. BARTLETT-35822. Children were: Susan Ella BARTLETT-35821.

Earl SADLER50399 was born in TN.70037

Spouse: Dorothy L. TEMPLE-91328. Dorothy L. TEMPLE and Earl SADLER were married on 6 April 1940 in Williamson Co., TN.70038 Children were: Thomas Edward SADLER-91496, John William SADLER-91497.

Emma Rose SADLER19434 was born on 15 August 1926 in Forksville, Mecklenburg, VA.70039,70040 She died on 21 March 1996 at the age of 69 in Petersburg City Co., VA.43696,70041 Buried in Oakwood Cemetery, South Hill, VA. No issue. Parents: Joseph R. SADLER-85058 and Ola May HINES-85059.

Spouse: Rufus Frederick (Fed) TEMPLE-45496. Emma Rose SADLER and Rufus Frederick (Fed) TEMPLE were married on 1 March 1947 in Boydton, Mecklenburg, VA.70039

Frank M. SADLER31524 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Martha Edith (Martha) HINCHEE-30817. Martha Edith (Martha) HINCHEE and Frank M. SADLER were married in June 1855 in Logan Co., KY.31524 Children were: William H. SADLER-79124, John SADLER-79125.

Geraldine SADLER was born on 14 July 1943 in Washington, Beaufort, NC.7838 She died on 17 November 2006 at the age of 63.7838

Spouse: Carlos Bernard TEMPLE-51606. Children were: Dural De Wayne TEMPLE-51608, Carlos Ray TEMPLE-51609, Sharon Marie TEMPLE-51610.

Jasper D. SADLER (private).

Spouse: Ollie B. COLLINS-169638. Children were: Martha Laverne SADLER-169636.

John SADLER was born in October 1860 in KY.43643 He died. Parents: Frank M. SADLER-79123 and Martha Edith (Martha) HINCHEE-30817.

John William SADLER70042 was born on 10 March 1944 in Nashville, Davidson, TN. He died on 24 May 1944 at the age of 0 in Nashville, Davidson, TN. Parents: Earl SADLER-91334 and Dorothy L. TEMPLE-91328.

Joseph R. SADLER43696 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Ola May HINES-85059. Ola May HINES and Joseph R. SADLER were married before 1926. Children were: Emma Rose SADLER-69088.

Mabel Virginia SADLER (private).

Spouse: Samuel Claude STANLEY Sr.-98572. Children were: Samuel Claude STANLEY Jr.-98571.

Mamie L. (Macie) SADLER was born on 15 August 1905 in KY.4908,33231,70043,70044,70045 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Driskill, Grayson, KY.70045 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in South Shelbyville, Shelby, KY.33231 Mamie lived in OH before 1951.70044 She died on 9 October 1974 at the age of 69 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.4908,70043,70044 Buried in Cook ,Tom Cemetery, Shrewsbury, KY. Her parents were both from KY. There was only one Macie born in KY around 1906, and she was the wife of Ira Blankenship. As Mamie, however, there was only one in 1930 in KY, and she was the wife of Paul W. Temple.

Spouse: Paul Watts (Paul) TEMPLE-55537. Mamie L. (Macie) SADLER and Paul Watts (Paul) TEMPLE were married before 1930 in KY. They were divorced before 1945.70046 Children were: William P. TEMPLE-120420, Robert Lee TEMPLE-120419.

Martha Laverne SADLER was born on 9 February 1926 in Hamburg, Ashley, AR.25306 She died on 11 October 2000 at the age of 74 in Warren, Bradley, AR.70047 Parents: Jasper D. SADLER-169637 and Ollie B. COLLINS-169638.

Spouse: COULTER-169639. Martha Laverne SADLER and COULTER were married before July 1957.25306

Spouse: TEMPLE-169635.

Mary Ellen SADLER (private).

Spouse: Joe HARRIS-93433. Children were: Mary Jo HARRIS-93424.

Nancy Melvina SADLER41463 was born on 2 November 1869 in Stoddard Co., MO.23069,36243,45264,70048,70049 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Liberty, Stoddard, MO.45264 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Liberty, Stoddard, MO.70048 Nancy appeared in the census in January 1920 in Liberty, Stoddard, MO.36243 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Liberty, Stoddard, MO.23069 She died on 15 February 1940 at the age of 70 in Dexter, Stoddard, MO.70049,70050,70051 Died of undisclosed causes in Poplar Bluff Hospital. She had suffered a borken hip in a fall nearly three years earlier and never fully recovered before another fall and injury three weeks earlier. Buried in Kilmer Cemetery, Dexter, MO. Probably some relation to Macie Sadler of KY. Her parents were from MO (father) and TN (mother). By 1910, she had had 7 children, all of whom survived. Parents: Thomas Jefferson SADLER-44216 and Eliza J. CLAYTON-44217.

Spouse: Louis Ballard (Lewis) TEMPLE(S)-55638. Nancy Melvina SADLER and Louis Ballard (Lewis) TEMPLE(S) were married on 10 November 1889 in Stoddard Co., MO.8504,70048 Children were: Elmer TEMPLES-44202, Anna Belfrey (Annie) TEMPLES-44203, Etta E. (Ettie) TEMPLES-44204, Oden L. TEMPLE(S)-44205, Florence Olive TEMPLES-44206, Owen Clarence TEMPLES-44207, Luther Printis TEMPLES-44208, Ralph TEMPLES-44209.

Sarah SADLER23 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Amos WOOD-13964. Sarah SADLER and Amos WOOD were married in 1777.23 Children were: Sarah WOOD-32446.

Thomas Edward SADLER70037 was born on 15 January 1943 in Nashville, Davidson, TN. He died on 4 May 1943 at the age of 0 in Nashville, Davidson, TN. Parents: Earl SADLER-91334 and Dorothy L. TEMPLE-91328.

Thomas Jefferson SADLER23068 died before 1930.23069

Spouse: Eliza J. CLAYTON-44217. Eliza J. CLAYTON and Thomas Jefferson SADLER were married. Children were: Nancy Melvina SADLER-44194.

Timothy SADLER70052 was born in 1842. He died in 1917 at the age of 75.

Spouse: Sarah Ann TEMPLE(S)-30813. Sarah Ann TEMPLE(S) and Timothy SADLER were married in 1918.70052

William H. SADLER31524 was born on 11 February 1859 in Logan Co., KY. Parents: Frank M. SADLER-79123 and Martha Edith (Martha) HINCHEE-30817.

Genevieve C. SADOSCKI (private).

Spouse: Harry SCHULTZ-169655. Children were: Ethel Marie SCHULTZ-169654.

Elizabeth M. SAECZI (private).

Spouse: Joseph S. SIMKO-170537. Children were: Elizabeth Margaret SIMKO-170536.

Anna SAEGER24371,58292,70053 was born on 24 July 1853 in IN.34011,70054 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Ferdinand, Dubois, IN.70054 She died on 6 June 1887 at the age of 33 in Ferdinand, Dubois, IN.34011 Buried in Saint Ferdinand Catholic Cemetery, Ferdinand, IN. Her parents were both from Prussia. Some sources make her maiden name Haskett, as in her daughter Nellie's marriage papers. Also appears as Seger.

Spouse: John Chrysotuom TEMPLE-51311. Anna SAEGER and John Chrysotuom TEMPLE were married on 27 November 1877 in Dubois Co., IN.70053 Children were: Theodore John TEMPEL-73073, John T. TEMPLE-106752, Daisy TEMPLE-123906, Oscar John TEMPEL Sr.-60866.

Nora R. SAENZ (private).

Spouse: Bobby TEMPLES-174966.

SAFFELL (private).

Spouse: Taria L. MESSER-125670.

SAFFELL (private).

Spouse: Taria L. MESSER-125692.

James T. SAFFELL22942 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Hulda Ann (Annie) HAGGARD-25353. Hulda Ann (Annie) HAGGARD and James T. SAFFELL were married on 7 November 1897 in Knox Co., TN.22942

Mary A. SAFFLE41023 died.

Spouse: J.R. HARRIS-118310. Mary A. SAFFLE and J.R. HARRIS were married before 1877. Children were: James Park (Park) HARRIS-118308.

SAFFORD was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Gertrude -128293. Gertrude and SAFFORD were married before 1912. Children were: Charles Warren SAFFORD-87496.

Charles Warren SAFFORD2887 was born in 1912 in OH.70055 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Newark, Licking, OH.70055 He died before 1961 at the age of 49. Parents: SAFFORD-128292 and Gertrude -128293.

Spouse: Julia TEMPLE-40649. Julia TEMPLE and Charles Warren SAFFORD were married on 5 September 1936 in St. Marys, Pleasants, WV.2887 Children were: James W. (Jimmy) SAFFORD-87497.

Edward SAFFORD (private).

Spouse: Julia Maria PARKER-8573.

James W. (Jimmy) SAFFORD (private).70055,70056 Parents: Charles Warren SAFFORD-87496 and Julia TEMPLE-40649.

Louise SAFFORD (private). Parents: Ralph Smith SAFFORD-17965 and Mary Wilder HOWARD-17964.

Spouse: John Dexter WILEY-17967.

Ralph Smith SAFFORD45146 was born in 1825. He died in 1896 at the age of 71.

Spouse: Mary Wilder HOWARD-17964. Mary Wilder HOWARD and Ralph Smith SAFFORD were married in 1859.45146 Children were: Louise SAFFORD-17966.

Francine A. SAFIR (private).

Spouse: Victor M. TEMPLE-175490.

June SAFRANEK (private).

Spouse: Bill TEMPLE-144587.

Faye S. SAGALOW (private).

Spouse: LEVY-119609.

Spouse: Joseph KUCHINSKY-119608.

Spouse: Robert J. TEMPLE Jr.-10201.

Patricia S. SAGALYN (private).1308

Spouse: Donald Edward TEMPLE III-3416.

SAGE (private).

Spouse: Betty J. TEMPLE-53784.

James Alfred SAGE70057 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Marjorie Ann SMITH-9770. Marjorie Ann SMITH and James Alfred SAGE were married on 5 August 1951 in Brattleboro, Windham, VT.

Katherine Robson SAGE8478 was born on 30 September 1895 in New York City, New York, NY.8540,8542,70058,70059,70060 She lived 708 East 5th Street in Texarkana, Miller, AR in 1917.70061 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Texarkana, Miller, AR.70058 Enumerated with her father-in-law. Katherine appeared in the census in April 1930 in Texarkana, Miller, AR.70059 She died on 22 August 1984 at the age of 88 in Lufkin, Angelina, TX.8540,8542,70060,70062 Buried in the Temple Family Cemetery, Diboll, TX. She founder of the Temple Crippled Children's Home in Texarkana, Bowie, TX.8540 Her parents were both from NY. Parents: William Henry SAGE-34859 and Amelia WHITNEY-34860.

Spouse: Arthur TEMPLE-29432. Katherine Robson SAGE and Arthur TEMPLE were married on 20 November 1916 in Bronxville, Westchester, NY.8540,70063,70064,70065 Children were: Anne Whitney (Anne) TEMPLE-29451, Arthur TEMPLE Jr.-29452.

William Henry SAGE34788 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Amelia WHITNEY-34860. Amelia WHITNEY and William Henry SAGE were married before 1895. Children were: Katherine Robson SAGE-29440.

Jean K. SAGEMAN was born on 15 November 1900 in Bad Axe, Huron, MI.17500,70066,70067,70068 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Sigel Twp., Huron, MI.70067 She lived 1021 Lakeview Drive in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI in 1960.70069 Jean an applicant for her a veteran's headstone for her husband on 28 May 1960 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI.70069 She lived in Portage, Kalamazoo, MI in 2005.70070 She died on 19 January 2005 at the age of 104 in Oak Ridge, Anderson, TN.17500,70066,70070 Buried in Mt. Ever-Rest Cemetery, Kalamazoo, MI. Her parents were from MI (father) and NY (mother). Parents: John SAGEMAN-48516 and Fanny BROOMFIELD-48517.

Spouse: Guy Richard (Guy) TEMPLE-36183. Jean K. SAGEMAN and Guy Richard (Guy) TEMPLE were married on 2 December 1923 in Wayne Co., MI.17500,70067 Children were: Donald Richard TEMPLE-48518, John TEMPLE-48519.

John SAGEMAN17500 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Fanny BROOMFIELD-48517. Fanny BROOMFIELD and John SAGEMAN were married before 1900. Children were: Jean K. SAGEMAN-48515.

SAGER (private).

Spouse: Barbara Mae WOODARD-133043.

Augustus SAGER was born on 14 August 1830 in Germany. He died on 31 January 1918 at the age of 87 in Stanberry, Gentry, MO.

Spouse: Eva Dora KAISER-24531. Eva Dora KAISER and Augustus SAGER were married. Children were: Nellie Frances (Nellie) SAGER-24529.

Benjamin Franklin SAGER was born on 12 August 1833 in Bowling Green, Wood, OH.70071

Spouse: Mary Ann STINER-62061. Children were: Marquis Lafayette (Marcus) SAGER-62059.

Earl SAGER3365 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Inez -124771. Inez and Earl SAGER were married before 1945. Children were: Sheila E. SAGER-83867.

Florence Amelia SAGER was born on 18 May 1914 in Flint, Genesee, MI.70072,70073,70074 The Frisbee genealogy gave 10 May 1914. She lived in Flint, Genesee, MI on 1 April 1935.70073 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Duplain Twp., Clinton, MI.70073 Florence lived RFD # 6 in St. Johns, Clinton, MI on 16 October 1940.70075 She lived in MI in 1970.70076 She died on 3 February 2002 at the age of 87 in St. Johns, Clinton, MI.70076,70077 Buried in Duplain Cemetery, Saint Johns, MI. Parents: Louis Glenn SAGER-59951 and Sarah Adaline FRISBIE-59952.

Spouse: Clarence William (Clarence) TEMPLE-480. Florence Amelia SAGER and Clarence William (Clarence) TEMPLE were married on 2 March 1938 in Elsie, Clinton, MI.70072,70078,70079 Children were: Ronald William (Ronald) TEMPLE-482, Ralph Louis TEMPLE-473, Wallace Eugene TEMPLE-483, Dean Leroy (Dean) TEMPLE-484.

George M. SAGER (private). Parents: Marquis Lafayette (Marcus) SAGER-62059 and Mary Ellen (Ella) TEMPLE-30420.

Harry W. SAGER (private). Parents: Marquis Lafayette (Marcus) SAGER-62059 and Mary Ellen (Ella) TEMPLE-30420.