Kalvina TITTLE was born in 1933.102100 She lived 2840 S.W. 30th Street in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK in 1950.102100

Spouse: Johnny Louis TEMPLE-83844. Kalvina TITTLE and Johnny Louis TEMPLE were married on 22 July 1950 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK.102100,102101 One of the witnesses was Clyde Temple, who may have been the uncle of Johnny Louis Temple.

Chester Arthur TITUS82653 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Caroline Matilda ZEMKE-82891. Caroline Matilda ZEMKE and Chester Arthur TITUS were married before 1896. Children were: Edith Olvina (Edith) TITUS-60195.

Edith Olvina (Edith) TITUS was born on 6 October 1896 in Collins, St. Clair, MO.4107,30073,30074,30076,30081,82653,125386 She lived RFD 2 in Rupert, Minidoka, ID in 1917.30075 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Paul, Minidoka, ID.30073 Edith appeared in the census in April 1930 in Paul, Minidoka, ID.30074 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Paul, Minidoka, ID.30076 She lived in Paul, Minidoka, ID in 1942.30079 Edith died on 24 September 1961 at the age of 64 in Paul, Minidoka, ID.4107,30081 Died at home of an undisclosed lengthy illness. Buried in City Cemetery, Paul, Minidoka, ID. Her parents were from MO (father) and IA (mother) in 1920, and reversed this in 1930. Marriage records give her surname as Titus, indicating an earlier marriage. In 1920, Lester Zemke was enumerated with Stanley and Edith, listed as a brother. I do not think he was the brother of Stanley (Elliott) Temple, but it is not clear that was true. He gave parents' birthplaces that did not match either Stanley or Edith. Thus, it is possible her maiden name really was Titus, and Zemke is some other kind of relation. Parents: Chester Arthur TITUS-82890 and Caroline Matilda ZEMKE-82891.

Spouse: Stanley ELLIOTT-60193. Edith Olvina (Edith) TITUS and Stanley ELLIOTT were married on 9 March 1915 in Rupert, Minidoka, ID.30074,30080,30081 Children were: Chester James (Chet) TEMPLE-60196.

Jeremy TITUS99435 was born in Cooperstown, Otsego, NY.

Spouse: Jerusha TEMPLE-38260. Jerusha TEMPLE and Jeremy TITUS were married on 3 November 1816 in Middlefield, Otsego, NY.8415,99435,99436

Martha TITUS (private).

Spouse: Benjamin SEAMAN-128516. Children were: Hannah SEAMAN-128515.

Naomi TITUS14612 died on 21 March 1875 in Davenport, Scott, IA.

Spouse: Jonathan PARKER-12271. Naomi TITUS and Jonathan PARKER were married on 20 August 1809 in Clarendon, Rutland, VT.14612 Children were: Jonathan Wetherbee PARKER-12289, George Washington PARKER-12290, Sarah Ann PARKER-12291, James Monroe PARKER-12294, Mary Ann PARKER-12292, James Monroe PARKER-12293.

Sally TITUS (private).

Spouse: Pliny PARKER-12274. Children were: Sarah PARKER-12398, Mary PARKER-12399, Dr. Pliny B. PARKER-12400, Elvira PARKER-12401.

Wallace W. TITUS (private).

Spouse: Karen L. TEMPLE-165472.

Catherine Rene TITZER (private).

Spouse: John Gerald BURGER-111825. Children were: Jordan Elizabeth BURGER-111826, Olivia Anne BURGER-111832, Emily Irene BURGER-111822, Calab Lee BURGER-111821.

Charles F. (Charlie) TOBEY455 was born about 1853 in OH.2226 Parents: Harlow TOBEY-62048 and UNKNOWN-62049.

Spouse: Margaret C. (Maggie) TEMPLE-30415. Margaret C. (Maggie) TEMPLE and Charles F. (Charlie) TOBEY were married on 4 October 1877 in Union Co., OH.455,2226,106904 Some interpretations of the date give 10 Apr 1877. Children were: Olive TOBEY-61621.

Harlow TOBEY (private).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-62049. Children were: Charles F. (Charlie) TOBEY-61620.

Olive TOBEY was born in 1879 in OH.56136 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Washington Twp., Union, OH.56136 Parents: Charles F. (Charlie) TOBEY-61620 and Margaret C. (Maggie) TEMPLE-30415.

Paul TOBEY was born in 1761 in Berkley, Bristol, MA.4495

Spouse: Betty PARKER-7572. Betty PARKER and Paul TOBEY were married in 1788.4495

Thomas TOBEY was born in March 1855 in LA.7187,125387 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Chicago, Cook, IL.7187 He died.

Spouse: Marie E. TURNEY-54692. Marie E. TURNEY and Thomas TOBEY were married on 7 June 1898 in Chicago, Cook, IL.7187,125387,125388 License issued 6 Jun 1898, consummation requires proof.

TOBIANSKI (private).

Spouse: TEMPLE-130436. Children were: Rosalyn TEMPLE-130438.

Clarence Z. TOBIAS was born in 1888 in Canada. In 1910 he was a teamster in Petrolia Village, Lambton, Ontario, Canada.105440 Parents: Thomas TOBIAS-149888 and Sarah HOLLAND-149889.

Spouse: Lizzie TEMPLE-149886. Lizzie TEMPLE and Clarence Z. TOBIAS were married on 10 September 1910 in Oil Springs, Lambton, Ontario, Canada.105440

Gustav TOBIAS (private).

Spouse: Mary FISHER-98239. Children were: Harold Ludwig TOBIAS-97588.

Harold Ludwig TOBIAS was born in Muscatine Co., IA.76366 Parents: Gustav TOBIAS-98238 and Mary FISHER-98239.

Spouse: Amanda Elizabeth (Manda) TEMPLE-48401. Amanda Elizabeth (Manda) TEMPLE and Harold Ludwig TOBIAS were married on 3 July 1920 in Muscatine, Muscatine, IA.52784,76366

Thomas TOBIAS (private).

Spouse: Sarah HOLLAND-149889. Children were: Clarence Z. TOBIAS-149887.

Signe TOBIASON was born in 1932.125389 She died in 2018 at the age of 86.125389 Buried in New Hollywood Cemetery, Elizabeth City, NC.

Spouse: William Roberts TEMPLE-87265. Signe TOBIASON and William Roberts TEMPLE were married in 1952 in Pasquotank Co., NC.121725 Children were: Sabrina Kitty TEMPLE-87267, William Thor (Thor) TEMPLE-88367.

Alexander Samuel TOBIN34301 was born on 15 April 1885 in Witless Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. He died on 13 July 1950 at the age of 65 in Witless Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Died of a 3rd stroke. Buried in St. Patrick's Church, Witless Bay, Newfoundland, Canada. He was a Fisherman, Dry and Salt fish. Parents: Philip TOBIN-4755 and Bridget NEAL-4756.

Spouse: Elizabeth GATHERALL-38673. Elizabeth GATHERALL and Alexander Samuel TOBIN were married about 1920.22 Children were: Bernard TOBIN-4747, Mary Catherine TOBIN-4660, Dorothy TOBIN-4743, Stella TOBIN-4745.

Spouse: Briget CAREY-4753.

Anna (Annie) TOBIN296 was born in December 1860 in Galesburg, Knox, IL.460,46703,88001 She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Galesburg, Knox, IL.460 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Hall Twp., Bureau, IL.46703 Anna appeared in the census in April 1910 in Kewanee, Henry, IL.14515 She died. Her parents were both from Ireland. By 1910, she had had two children, both of whom survived. Parents: Patrick TOBIN-59479 and Anna -59480.

Spouse: Thomas Frank (Frank) TEMPLE-59475. Anna (Annie) TOBIN and Thomas Frank (Frank) TEMPLE were married on 4 May 1877 in Knox Co., IL.296,117702,117703 Children were: Lillian M. TEMPLE-59481, Ella L. TEMPLE-114887.

Spouse: John KIMBER-114893. Anna (Annie) TOBIN and John KIMBER were married in 1899 in IL.46703 This was a second marriage for both.

Bernard TOBIN34301 was born on 13 May 1924 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY. He was a Steeple Jack. Parents: Alexander Samuel TOBIN-4742 and Elizabeth GATHERALL-38673.

Spouse: Dorothy GREENE-4748. Children were: Leonard TOBIN-4749, Thomas TOBIN-4751.

Cathryn L. (Cathy) TOBIN (private).1282

Spouse: George R. TEMPLE-74303.

Colleen M. TOBIN (private).125390

Spouse: James M. TEMPLE-145999.

Dorothy TOBIN (private). Parents: Alexander Samuel TOBIN-4742 and Elizabeth GATHERALL-38673.

Spouse: William HYDE-4744.

George A. TOBIN125391 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Hannah J. WISER-73738. Hannah J. WISER and George A. TOBIN were married before 1846. Children were: Sara E. (Sallie) TOBIN-50201.

Jack TOBIN7572 was born on 3 March 1926.

Spouse: Josette Laura TEMPLE-25976.

John E. TOBIN was born in 1926.102966

Spouse: Josette L. TEMPLE-146081.

Leonard TOBIN (private). Parents: Bernard TOBIN-4747 and Dorothy GREENE-4748.

Spouse: Sharon -4750.

Mary B. TOBIN (private).

Spouse: Leonard Lord ELDEN Sr.-43620. Children were: Leonard Lord ELDEN Jr.-43619.

Mary Catherine TOBIN31121 was born on 29 March 1929 in Bay Bulls, Ferryland, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.125392 She died on 6 December 2005 at the age of 76 in Beverly Hills, Citrus, FL.125392 Some research gives her middle name as Kathrine, but SSDI has a middle initial of C. Parents: Alexander Samuel TOBIN-4742 and Elizabeth GATHERALL-38673.

Spouse: Roger Allan TEMPLE-1686. Mary Catherine TOBIN and Roger Allan TEMPLE were married before 1955. They were divorced before 1967. Children were: Roger Edward TEMPLE-4658.

Spouse: Leroy PERRY-4758.

Patrick TOBIN was born in 1820 in Ireland.460 He appeared in the census in July 1870 in Galesburg, Knox, IL.460

Spouse: Anna -59480. Anna and Patrick TOBIN were married. Children were: Anna (Annie) TOBIN-59476.

Patrick Joseph TOBIN (private). Parents: Philip TOBIN-4755 and Bridget NEAL-4756.

Spouse: Jane -4757.

Philip TOBIN (private).

Spouse: Bridget NEAL-4756. Children were: Alexander Samuel TOBIN-4742, Patrick Joseph TOBIN-4754.

Sara E. (Sallie) TOBIN was born on 30 October 1846 in PA.70960,75807,125391 Gave DE in 1910. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in New Castle, New Castle, DE.75807 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Wilmington, New Castle, DE.70960 Enumerated with her daughter Alice's family. Sara lived 105 South Franklin Street in Wilmington, New Castle, DE in 1918.125391 She died on 26 July 1918 at the age of 71 in Wilmington, New Castle, DE.125391,125393 Died of bulbar paralysis. Buried in New Castle United Methodist Church Cemetery, New Castle, DE. Her parents were both from PA in 1880, but both from DE in 1910. By 1910, she had had 6 children, 3 of whom survived. Parents: George A. TOBIN-73737 and Hannah J. WISER-73738.

Spouse: George E. TEMPLE-19715. Sara E. (Sallie) TOBIN and George E. TEMPLE were married about 1871. Children were: Sallie A. TEMPLE-50202, Alice Elizabeth TEMPLE-50203, Bertha TEMPLE-114986, Sarah Ellen TEMPLE-73736, Mary L. TEMPLE-114985.

Sarah A. TOBIN was born on 4 July 1852.20248

Spouse: John MC CLOSKEY-124551. Sarah A. TOBIN and John MC CLOSKEY were married on 8 September 1880 in Newark, Essex, NJ.20248 Children were: Anna F. MC CLOSKEY-73281.

Stella TOBIN (private). Parents: Alexander Samuel TOBIN-4742 and Elizabeth GATHERALL-38673.

Spouse: Frank BURKE-4746.

Thomas TOBIN (private). Parents: Bernard TOBIN-4747 and Dorothy GREENE-4748.

Spouse: Yuett -4752.

Toby W. TOBITT (private).

Spouse: Lou Ann TEMPLE-74870.

Deborah TOBY125394 was born in 1689.

Spouse: TEMPLE-128770.

Thomas TOBY4935 was born in 1852 in LA.4936 In April 1910 he was a hotel manager in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.4936 His parents wwere from LA (father) and OH (mother).

Spouse: Marie -180224. Marie and Thomas TOBY were married in 1898.4936 This was her second and his first marriage.

Jeanne M. TOCCI (private).

Spouse: Louis E. MAIETTA-48767. Children were: Robert J. MAIETTA-48766.

TODD was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Jo Anne (Jo) TEMPLE-20062. Jo Anne (Jo) TEMPLE and TODD were married before December 1949. Children were: Joseph G. TODD-103286.

TODD107089 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Marguerite Elizabeth (Mary) TEMPLE-66341. Marguerite Elizabeth (Mary) TEMPLE and TODD were married before January 1936.53777,107089

TODD (private).

Spouse: Dorothy Mae JORDAN-105831.

Alfred Paxson TODD18027 was born on 18 August 1901 in Rahway, Union, NJ. He died on 24 September 1958 at the age of 57 in East Boothbay, Lincoln, ME. Parents: John Runkle TODD-17743 and Elizabeth Stockton (Eliza/Lizzie) TEMPLE-1968.

Alice Ann TODD115529 was born on 8 November 1845 in Toddsville, Otsego, NY. Parents: Samuel Street TODD-16887 and Sabrina R. TEMPLE-1185.

Arthur A. TODD104077 was born in 1876 in IN.104079 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Perry Twp., Marion, IN.104079 His parents were both from IA. Parents: J.A. TODD-97812 and WILLHOF-97813.

Spouse: Laura Frances (Fannie) TEMPLE-76278. Laura Frances (Fannie) TEMPLE and Arthur A. TODD were married on 22 June 1902 in Marion Co., IN.104077,104079 This was a first marriage for both. Children were: Ora Earl TODD-97809, Elmer TODD-97810, Daisy Gladys TODD-97811, Ralph D. TODD-107710.

Daisy Gladys TODD was born on 3 February 1908 in Marion Heights, Marion, IN.104079,125395 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Perry Twp., Marion, IN.104079 She died. Parents: Arthur A. TODD-97808 and Laura Frances (Fannie) TEMPLE-76278.