Robert TEMPLES (private).16637 Parents: James Walter (Bud) TEMPLES-53327 and Ione BROOM-79599.

Robert (Bobby) TEMPLES (private). Parents: Charles Thayon TEMPLES Jr.-53309 and Ruby W. -53315.

Robert Annin TEMPLES was born on 29 October 1903 in Oakland, Coles, IL.9226,9227,9230,123405,124816,124817,124818 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in East Oakland, Coles, IL.9230 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in East Oakland, Coles, IL.9226 In April 1930 Robert was a farm laborer in East Oakland, Coles, IL.9227 In April 1940 he was a farmer in Bowdre, Douglas, IL.123405 On 16 October 1942 he was a self-employed farmer in Oakland, Coles, IL.124818 Robert died on 28 October 1976 at the age of 72 in Oakland, Coles, IL.124816,124817 Bujried in Oakland Cemetery, Oakland, IL, Plot: Section 11 Lot 115. Appears with terminal S in 1910, 1940, his grave marker, WW2 draft registration, his signature and SSDI, but not in other censuses. Parents: Amos William (Amos) TEMPLE-50454 and Cora Aletta ANNIN-50455.

Spouse: Vashti Louise (Vashti) ZIEGLER-86461. Vashti Louise (Vashti) ZIEGLER and Robert Annin TEMPLES were married about 1936. Children were: Charles Amos (Chuck) TEMPLES-86462, Robert William TEMPLES-86463, Betty Louise TEMPLES-109458.

Robert Benson (Ben) TEMPLES (private).41602 Parents: Coy Hudson TEMPLES Jr.-52341 and Martha Noel (Noel) BENSON-52342.

Robert E. TEMPLES was born on 6 May 1883 in Chapel Hill, Sevier, AR.602,603,604,124819 He put the date in 1882 for his draft registration. He lived in Garvin, Mc Curtain, OK in 1910.16542 In 1918 he was a farmer in Corinne, Choctaw, OK.604 In February 1920 Robert was a farmer in Wilson Twp., Choctaw, OK.603 In April 1930 he was a farmer in Sulphur, Murray, OK.602 His parents were from MS (father) and TX (mother) in one census, and both from AR in another. He could not be found in the 1910 census. Parents: James W. TEMPLES-169888 and Margaret D. PAGE-169889.

Spouse: Emma BROOKS-150247. Emma BROOKS and Robert E. TEMPLES were married on 25 October 1910 in Garvin, Mc Curtain, OK.16542,16543 Recorded in 1910 marriage book, p. 101.

Spouse: Annice (Annie) -134939. Annice (Annie) and Robert E. TEMPLES were married in 1913.602

Robert Earl TEMPLES69103 was born on 6 February 1976 in Richland Co., SC.124820,124821 He died on 20 September 2013 at the age of 37 in Batesburg, Lexington, SC.124820,124821 Buried in Ridge Crest Memorial Park, Batesburg, SC. Parents: Albert Capus TEMPLES-57671 and Lula Mae SMITH-86292.

Robert Floyd TEMPLES (private).48501 Parents: Horace Edward TEMPLES-105675 and Frola Joy (Frola) LANIER-105678.

Spouse: Carrie Annette HARRISON-109259. Children were: William Edward TEMPLES-109277.

Spouse: Helen Engra JOHNSON-109273.

Spouse: Earline E. ELSTON-109257.

Robert Franklin TEMPLES was born on 15 November 1935 in Blakely, Early, GA.53185,53816 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Colomokee, Early, GA.53185 He died on 26 July 2014 at the age of 78 in Blakely, Early, GA.53816 Buried in Blakely Cemetery, Blakely, GA. Parents: Frank TEMPLES-79529 and Verna Lou (Verna) MC DONALD-86217.

Spouse: Billie Joy MC LEMORE-92580. Billie Joy MC LEMORE and Robert Franklin TEMPLES were married. Children were: Pam TEMPLES-92581, Angie TEMPLES-92582.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-113684. Children were: Robin TEMPLES-92583.

Robert Gene (Bobbie Gene) TEMPLES41408 was born on 28 August 1934 in Dexter, Stoddard, MO.33732,41409 He lived in Pontiac, Oakland, MI on 1 April 1935.33732 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Coldwater, Branch, MI.33732 Robert lived in Coldwater, Branch, MI in 2019.123291 He died on 12 December 2020 at the age of 86 in Coldwater, Branch, MI.41409 Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Coldwater, MI. Parents: Thomas Benton (Tom) TEMPLES Sr.-70187 and Hazel GAINES-70188.

Spouse: Mary E. HOGOBOOM-70206. Mary E. HOGOBOOM and Robert Gene (Bobbie Gene) TEMPLES were married on 14 November 1954 in Coldwater, Branch, MI.41409 Children were: Ruth Elaine TEMPLES-70207, Jill A. TEMPLES-123630, Lewis TEMPLES-123632.

Robert Glynn TEMPLES was born on 19 November 1990.124822 He died on 30 November 1990 at the age of 0 in Early Co., GA.124822 Buried in Crossroad Cemetery, Early Co., GA. Parents: TEMPLES-180871 and UNKNOWN-180872.

Robert H. TEMPLES was born in April 1873 in AR.491,492 In June 1900 he was a farmer in Des Arc, Prairie, AR.492 Possibly a grandson of James Temple, b 1813, NC. His parents were from AR (father) and KY (mother) in 1900. Parents: Richard R. TEMPLE-136184 and Nancy E. -132031.

Spouse: Anna -132042. Anna and Robert H. TEMPLES were married in 1897.492

Robert Howell TEMPLES was born on 23 May 1947.124823 He died on 23 September 1955 at the age of 8 in New Hope, Early, GA.124823 Buried in George Cemetery, New Hope, GA.

Robert Julian (Julian) TEMPLES was born on 1 January 1919 in Davisboro, Washington, GA.12308,27194,44454,124824,124825 Find-A-Grave puts the date in 1919, which disagrees with SSACI. He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Jefferson Co., GA.44454 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Batesburg, Lexington, SC.12308 Robert served in the military in 1946.14867 Served in the Navy, but dates and units of assignment unknown. He died on 7 July 1972 at the age of 53 in Batesburg, Lexington, SC.27194,124825 Buried in Evergreen-Washelli Memorial Park, Seattle, WA. Parents: Charles Webster (Webster) TEMPLES-34434 and Azepha Lou Ells (Zeffie) WATKINS-34441.

Spouse: Violet Maxine MC AFFIE-34461. Violet Maxine MC AFFIE and Robert Julian (Julian) TEMPLES were married on 14 January 1946 in Seattle, King, WA.14867,27194 Children were: Paul Jerome (PJ) TEMPLES-34465, Robert Michael TEMPLES-34464, TEMPLES-112831.

Robert Lewis TEMPLES Jr. (private).20351 Parents: Robert Lewis TEMPLES Sr.-88393 and UNKNOWN-88396.

Robert Lewis TEMPLES Sr. was born on 29 August 1944 in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.1185,20351 He served in the military between 1964 and 1970.20351 Served in the Army in Vietnam. He lived in St. Charles, St. Charles, MO before 1990.1185 Robert lived in Eudora, Douglas, KS in 1990.20351 He died on 7 September 2013 at the age of 69 in Baldwin City, Douglas, KS.1185 Buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, MO. Parents: Luther Printis TEMPLES-44208 and Allene K. CASSELL-87086.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-88396. Children were: Jeannie TEMPLES-88397, Robert Lewis TEMPLES Jr.-88398.

Robert Louis TEMPLES was born on 12 September 1932 in Marion Co., MS.67728,67732 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Marion Co., MS.67732 He lived in MS in 1952.124826 Robert died on 22 July 2002 at the age of 69 in Columbia, Marion, MS.124826 Parents: Frank TEMPLE(S)-17212 and Emeline SHOEMAKER-39810.

Robert M. TEMPLES was born on 24 February 1970 in Blakely, Early, GA.124827,124828 He died on 2 June 2000 at the age of 30 in Blakely, Early, GA.124827,124829 Buried in Blakely Cemetery, Blakely, GA. Reported to be a grandson of Robert & Cherry Nobles, but it was not clear exactly how.

Robert Michael TEMPLES (private).124830 Parents: Robert Julian (Julian) TEMPLES-34446 and Violet Maxine MC AFFIE-34461.

Spouse: June M. NOLL-90685.

Spouse: Louise Monique MORGAN-62471.

Robert Oliver TEMPLES (private). Parents: James Rountree (James) TEMPLES-34290 and Emily Rusling (Emily) GILL-52295.

Robert S. TEMPLES (private).

Spouse: Brenda L. HACKER-177617.

Robert Walton (Walton) TEMPLES (private).111131 Parents: Henry Hudson (Hudson) TEMPLE-53361 and Ora Gladys (Gladys) GRINER-53368.

Robert William TEMPLES (private).123330 Parents: Robert Annin TEMPLES-50457 and Vashti Louise (Vashti) ZIEGLER-86461.

Spouse: Loretta WALTERS-118945. Children were: Todd Allen TEMPLES-118946, Michael TEMPLES-119112.

Robin TEMPLES (private).53816 Parents: Robert Franklin TEMPLES-86218 and UNKNOWN-113684.

Spouse: Jeff MITCHELL-92586.

Robin Holt TEMPLES123120 was born on 7 June 1962 in Arlington, Early, GA.123120 Between 1987 and 2020 he was a truck driver for Early Trucking Company.123120 He died on 18 March 2020 at the age of 57 in Damascus, Early, GA.123120 Buried in Crossroad Cemetery, Early Co., GA. Although his obituary said his mother was Vivian Stuckey, that may only be the mother he grew up with, as Copeland's first marriage, to Norma Jean, had pretty tight dates allowed, possibly pointing to her having been the mother of Robin. Parents: Copeland Lee (Cope) TEMPLES Jr.-72494 and Vivian Lee STUCKEY-90195.

Spouse: Lisa -121232. Children were: TEMPLES-121233, TEMPLES-121234.

Rodessa TEMPLES was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Roy PERRY-175127. Rodessa TEMPLES and Roy PERRY were married in February 1920 in Grayson Co., TX.60444 License was dated 18 Feb 1920, which may also be the date of marriage, but there was no minister's return reported in the source.

Rodger David TEMPLES (private).39910 Parents: Clarence DeWitt (DeWitt) TEMPLES-44583 and Helen Elizabeth POWELL-65709.

Spouse: Shirley Ann BOYD-79949. Children were: Rodger Dee (Dee) TEMPLES-79944, Cristian David (Cris) TEMPLES-79945.

Spouse: Barbara HENDERSON-65715.

Rodger Dee (Dee) TEMPLES (private).15352 Parents: Rodger David TEMPLES-65713 and Shirley Ann BOYD-79949.

Spouse: Melissa Due TERLINDEN-79946. Children were: Elsa Marie TEMPLES-79947.

Rodney TEMPLES (private). Parents: Bud TEMPLES-42188 and Geneva MC COY-53215.

Spouse: Mary Beth -70389.

Roger L. TEMPLES (private).

Spouse: Mary E. LUSTER-177807.

Spouse: Pamela M. BEHN-177808.

Roger Lee TEMPLES (private).18497 Parents: Samuel Edwin (Sam) TEMPLES-34510 and Mary Inez TYREE-100816.

Spouse: Cheryl Lou JONES-100834.

Spouse: Patricia Reveley BURTON-100840.

Rollin D. TEMPLES (private).20351 Parents: Luther Printis TEMPLES-44208 and Allene K. CASSELL-87086.

Spouse: Sue -87089. Children were: Dana TEMPLES-87090, Lisa TEMPLES-88401, Jeff TEMPLES-88402.

Ron TEMPLES (private).17967 Parents: Woodrow Wilson (Woody) TEMPLES-38541 and Marjorie Cleon BUNN-65121.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-65125. Children were: Stephanie TEMPLES-65126, Elena TEMPLES-65127.

Ron TEMPLES (private).44550 Parents: James K. TEMPLES-155356 and Betty JOHNSON-155357.

Spouse: Janice M. ADDISON-143327.

Ronald TEMPLES (private).5995 Parents: Omer Carson (O.C.\Edd) TEMPLES-74103 and Lilla Frances GOLDEN-83968.

Spouse: Nan -121571. Children were: Bradley Keith (Brad) TEMPLES-121572, John TEMPLES-121573, Donald TEMPLES-121574.

Ronald D. TEMPLES (private).67683 Parents: Norris (Bud) TEMPLES Jr.-55043 and Shirley Ann SHIPMAN-55045.

Spouse: Carolyn -55051.

Ronald Keith TEMPLES (private).124831

Spouse: Latoynia Kay VAUGHN-158854. Children were: Lacey Shae TEMPLES-158632, Lindsay Corene TEMPLES-158976.

Ronald Lynn TEMPLES was born on 19 November 1990.124832 He died on 20 November 1990 at the age of 0 in Early Co., GA.124832 Buried in Crossroad Cemetery, Early Co., GA. Parents: TEMPLES-180871 and UNKNOWN-180872.

Ronnie TEMPLES (private).63774 Parents: George Stephenson TEMPLES Jr.-53337 and Dorothy Jo RICHARDSON-65679.

Ronnie TEMPLES (private).57619 Parents: James Taylor TEMPLES-69976 and Janice NIX-69977.

Spouse: Robbie -69980. Children were: Betsy TEMPLES-69981, Joshua TEMPLES-69982.

Ronnie TEMPLES (private).12510 Parents: Lynn Cecil (Lynn) TEMPLES-68551 and Dollie Jean BELL-75431.

Ronnie TEMPLES Jr. (private).4537 Parents: Ronnie C. TEMPLES-104979 and Cynthia A. WEBB-104980.

Spouse: Tara -109675.

Ronnie C. TEMPLES (private).124833 Parents: J.B. TEMPLES-42178 and Mary Lois TURNER-104983.

Spouse: Cynthia A. WEBB-104980. Children were: Ronnie TEMPLES Jr.-109673, Michael TEMPLES-109674.

Spouse: Lynn -104995.

Rosa (Rosey) TEMPLES was born in 1903.14354 She lived in Broseley, Butler, MO in 1920.14354 Parents: TEMPLES-148985 and Halley -148986.

Spouse: Charles BOARD-148984. Rosa (Rosey) TEMPLES and Charles BOARD were married on 10 January 1921 in Poplar Bluff, Butler, MO.14354 License was issued on 31 Dec 1920.

Rosa L. TEMPLES was born on 12 December 1887 in GA.2724,61597 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Salacoa, Cherokee, GA.2724 She died on 4 January 1974 at the age of 86 in Forsyth Co., GA.61597 Buried in Union Hill Cemetery, Forsyth Co., GA. Parents: James E. TEMPLES-53372 and Malinda A. (Manda) HYDE-42171.

Spouse: John W. POTTS-80325. Rosa L. TEMPLES and John W. POTTS were married. Children were: Wesley POTTS-80326.

Rosa Lee TEMPLES30175 was born in 1877 in Hart Co., GA.71015 The 1880 census gave GA, but Find-A-Grave says SC. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Hart Co., GA.71015 She was born on 16 September 1880 in SC.30175 Gave GA in 1920. Rosa died on 18 February 1967 at the age of 90 in GA. Buried in Oak Bower Baptist Church Cemetery, Hart Co., GA. Middle initial is in doubt, as it was illegible in 1880. In 1920, her parents were both from GA. There is a date problem with her birth - she was enumerated in Jun 1880, but Find-A-Grave says she was born in Sep 1880. Both can't be true. It may be that Rosa Lee Temples Elrod is misidentified as Rosa D. (?) Temples, daughter of Madison and Susan (Stovall) Temples, or it may be that the source of her birth date gave the wrong year. The latter seems more likely. Parents: Madison Dodd Carroll TEMPLE(S)-35235 and Susan Ann STOVALL-35287.

Spouse: Ezekiel Noah (Noah) ELROD-119965. Rosa Lee TEMPLES and Ezekiel Noah (Noah) ELROD were married before 1911. Children were: Fannie Sue ELROD-119966, Clayton ELROD-119967, Stanley ELROD-119968, Lillie Bell ELROD-119969, Alla Mae ELROD-119970, Mary Etta ELROD-119971, Vera ELROD-119972, Ethel ELROD-119973, Grace ELROD-119974, Bobbie ELROD-119975, Willie Faye ELROD-119976.

Roseanne E. TEMPLES was born on 18 April 1858 in Troy, Pike, AL.12884 She died. Parents: William E. TEMPLES-70336 and Tarrisa BENSTON-70337.

Rosemary TEMPLES (private).12510 Parents: Ewing Lindsey (E.L.) TEMPLES-68223 and May Ethel (Ethel) KIRK-68539.

Spouse: GREGG-84916.

Rosetta TEMPLES124834 lived in Lewis Co., WA in 1907.124835 She died. Parents: TEMPLE-91039 and UNKNOWN-91058.

Spouse: Jesse E. WALL-91062. Rosetta TEMPLES and Jesse E. WALL were married on 4 September 1907 in Winlock, Lewis, WA.124835 Witnesses were her brother and sister-in-law, H.B. and Sarah Temples.

Rosetta Kim TEMPLES (private).6513

Spouse: Daniel John VILLENEUVE-145358.

Rosia TEMPLES was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Augustus Welburn BEALL-152197. Rosia TEMPLES and Augustus Welburn BEALL were married on 16 January 1899 in Pearl River Co., MS.12027