Donald L. TEMPLE (private).3582 Parents: Lloyd Phillip (Loyd) TEMPLE-40446 and Jenna Lee -87762.

Donald L. TEMPLE Jr. (private).36737 Parents: Donald Livingston TEMPLE-52990 and Grace Ann BAKER-54980.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-54996.

Spouse: Anne S. GRIMMER-54995.

Donald L. TEMPLE (private).37989

Spouse: Vicki A. HANSEN-145841.

Donald LaVerne (Don) TEMPLE32906 was born on 5 January 1927 in Tampico, Whiteside, IL.32902,32904,32906 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Tampico, Whiteside, IL.32902 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Tampico, Whiteside, IL.32904 Donald lived 15540 Center Avenue in Harvey, Cook, IL on 5 January 1945.32906 He lived in Scottsdale, Maricopa, AZ in 1969.32908 He died before 2019 at the age of 92.71306 Parents: Edwin Thorp TEMPLE-52240 and Margaret Lucille (Margaret) FRANCE-52241.

Spouse: Shirley Ann KOEHLER-120156. Children were: Brad Wayne TEMPLE-120154.

Donald LaVerne (Donald) TEMPLE32228,53136 was born on 15 May 1919 in Westborough, Worcester, MA.22,72092,72094,85326,85327 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Westborough, Worcester, MA.85326 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Westborough, Worcester, MA.72094 In April 1940 Donald was a Works Progress Administration truck driver in Westborough, Worcester, MA.72092 He lived in Westborough, Worcester, MA in 1996.32228 He died on 6 August 2007 at the age of 88 in Westborough, Worcester, MA.85328,85329 Buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, Westboro, MA. Parents: Walter A. TEMPLE-1690 and Hattie Minerva (Hattie) WALKER-29082.

Spouse: Barbara Ann MC DIARMID-36988. Barbara Ann MC DIARMID and Donald LaVerne (Donald) TEMPLE were married on 31 December 1941 in Worcester, Worcester, MA.22,53136,53139 Also registered in Westboro, MA. Children were: Dianne Judith TEMPLE-36989, Elaine M. TEMPLE-36990, Barbara J. TEMPLE-36992, Donna Jean (Donna) TEMPLE-36991, Denise Lee (Denise) TEMPLE-36993, Doreen Jane (Doreen) TEMPLE-36994.

Donald Lee TEMPLE85330 was born on 6 January 1929 in Chicago, Cook, IL.39143,63278,85330 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Alton, Madison, IL.63278 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Godfrey, Madison, IL.39143 Donald lived 2108 Holland Street in Alton, Madison, IL on 7 January 1947.85330 He lived in Alton, Madison, IL in 1954.63282 Parents: Lee Gilchrist (Lee) TEMPLE-53446 and Elzada V. REIFSNIEDER-53450.

Donald Lee TEMPLE was born on 11 May 1950 in Los Angeles Co., CA.146,85331 He died on 2 January 1969 at the age of 18 in San Bernardino, San Bernardino, CA.146,85331 Buried in Loma Vista Memorial Park, Fullerton, CA. According to his grave marker, he had at least one sibling. Parents: TEMPLE-130514 and ELKINS-130515.

Donald Lee TEMPLE (private). Parents: Ernest Perlie TEMPLE-4688 and Doris Edith HALL-4849.

Spouse: Kathryn Marie BOLGER-4951. Children were: Donald Lee TEMPLE II-4952, Christian Arthur TEMPLE-4953.

Donald Lee TEMPLE (private).48352 Parents: Leon Lane (Leon) TEMPLE-40567 and Frances E. THOMPSON-53169.

Spouse: Daisy Lee HASH-99626.

Spouse: Judith Eileen ARMBRUST-99632.

Donald Lee TEMPLE II (private). Parents: Donald Lee TEMPLE-4950 and Kathryn Marie BOLGER-4951.

Donald Lee (Don) TEMPLE12512 was born on 10 October 1910 in Jackson Twp., Richwood, Union, OH.34766,37085,37086,58604,85332,85333 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Leesburg Twp., Union, OH.37085 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Claibourne Twp., Richwood, Union, OH.37086 Though enumerated, he was absent from the family. Donald lived 26 Hanover Street in Battle Creek, Calhoun, MI on 1 April 1935.18518,58604 In April 1940 he was a farmer in Claibourne Twp., Richwood, Union, OH.58604 He lived in Mt. Victory, Hardin, OH in 1948.37088 Donald lived in MI before 1951.85332 He died on 16 October 1984 at the age of 74 in Kenton, Hardin, OH.34766,34767,85332,85334 Buried in Grove Cemetery, Kenton, OH. Parents: William Harrison (Harry) TEMPLE Sr.-27045 and Rhoda Anna (Anna) GUYTON-27055.

Spouse: Bernice M. OTTOBER-27059. Bernice M. OTTOBER and Donald Lee (Don) TEMPLE were married on 16 November 1935 in Battle Creek, Calhoun, MI.58605 Children were: Perry Lee TEMPLE-83878, Larry Zane TEMPLE-123544.

Spouse: Elizabeth J. (Betty) GIBSON-63200. Elizabeth J. (Betty) GIBSON and Donald Lee (Don) TEMPLE were married on 25 August 1951 in Cuyahoga Co., OH.34762,34766,34767 Children were: James (Jim) TEMPLE-94363, Thomas (Tom) TEMPLE-94365, Robert D. TEMPLE-94364.

Donald Lee (Donnie) TEMPLE was born on 9 September 1939 in Jefferson Co., KY.13621,43769,85335,85336,85337 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.13621 He died on 1 April 1992 at the age of 52 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.85335,85338 Parents: Ollie TEMPLE(S)-49790 and Ida May BISHOP-49771.

Donald Leroy TEMPLE (private).85339

Spouse: Marianne BAUMGARTNER-167628. Children were: Victoria Lynne TEMPLE-167629.

Donald Leroy TEMPLE was born on 10 December 1931 in Monaca, Beaver, PA.5447,51648,85340 He claimed Monaca, PA, in his SSAN application, but claimed Center Twp., PA, in his marriage papers. Cemetery records gave the date in 1932. He lived in PA before 1951.85341 He lived 487 Deer Lane in Rochester, Beaver, PA in 1953.51648 Donald died on 10 August 1996 at the age of 64 in Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac, WI.85341

It is a stretch, but he might be the son of Everett and Nellie (Weigle) Temple, based on approximate date of birth and his history in PA. Parents: Everett TEMPLE-3144 and Nellie E. WEIGLE-24874.

Spouse: Phyllis A. MARIETTA-99047. Phyllis A. MARIETTA and Donald Leroy TEMPLE were married on 24 July 1953 in Winchester, Frederick, VA.51648

Spouse: Mary A. -119176. Mary A. and Donald Leroy TEMPLE were married before 1977.

Donald Leroy (Don) TEMPLE68691 was born on 28 January 1949.83959,85342 He died on 30 September 1972 at the age of 23 in Greene Co., MO.66394,83959,85342,85343 Died of a self-inflicted .22 caliber gunshot wound. He was apparently despondent over the recent death of his wife. He was dead on arrival at Cox Medical Center. Buried in Eastlawn Cemetery, Springfield, MO. There is some incorrect data here, resulting in his marriage at age 12, driven by the birth date of his son, Larry. It may be Larry's birth information is for a different Larry W. Temple. Parents: Kenneth Leroy (Kenneth) TEMPLE-29046 and Shirley Ann SCHNEIDER-77582.

Spouse: Carolyn Ann SMITH-125226. Carolyn Ann SMITH and Donald Leroy (Don) TEMPLE were married about 1961. No record of their marriage has been found. Children were: Larry Wayne TEMPLE-125224.

Donald Leroy (Donny) TEMPLE was born on 8 April 1930 in Little Sandusky, Wyandot, OH.32879,85344 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Marion, Marion, OH.32879 He died in September 1947 at the age of 17 in Claridon, Marion, OH.85344 Died in an automobile accident at Claridon Cemetery. Buried in Chapel Heights Memory Gardens, Marion, OH. Parents: Carl Leroy TEMPLE-66640 and Minerva Ann (Mary) FRAKER-66645.

Donald Lewis (Don) TEMPLE85345 was born on 12 September 1918 in Temple, Bell, TX.755,56793,85345,85346,85347 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Temple, Bell, TX.56793 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Temple, Bell, TX.85346 Donald appeared in the census in April 1940 in Temple, Bell, TX.755 In October 1940 he was an unemployed in Temple, Bell, TX.85345 He lived 119 North 7th Street in Temple, Bell, TX in 1950.85348 Donald died on 9 April 1950 at the age of 31 in Temple, Bell, TX.85347,85348,85349 Died of cerebral thrombosis. Buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Temple, TX. Unmarried. The Registrar's Report, on the reverse of his draft registration, said that he was "mentally void." Parents: David Edward (David) TEMPLE Sr.-33801 and Ida Florence PORTER-45359.

Donald Livingston TEMPLE was born on 22 February 1921 in Chicago, Cook, IL.4761,10466,50012,50013,85350 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Chicago, Cook, IL.4761 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Chicago, Cook, IL.50012 Donald served in the military between 1942 and 1945.10466 Served in the Air Force, and served on the Honor Guard for President Franklin Roosevelt. He lived 541 Belmont Avenue in Chicago, Cook, IL on 16 February 1942.50013 After 1945 he was a partner with his brother and grandfather in the Temple Market.10466 Donald lived in Wilmette, Cook, IL in 2006.85351 He died on 21 May 2006 at the age of 85 in Skokie, Cook, IL.10466,85351 Buried in the Memorial Park Cemetery in Skokie, IL. He was a President of Temple and Associates in Chicago, Cook, IL.10466 After the death of his father, he became the President of this independent insurance company. Parents: Arthur George TEMPLE-52981 and Clara LIVINGSTON-52989.

Spouse: Grace Ann BAKER-54980. Grace Ann BAKER and Donald Livingston TEMPLE were married in 1944.10466 They were married for 54 years. Children were: Donald L. TEMPLE Jr.-54982, David O. TEMPLE-54983, Douglas A. TEMPLE Sr.-54984.

Spouse: Diana -54981.

Donald Lloyd TEMPLE48008,48012 was born on 2 November 1907 in Ashtabula, Ashtabula, OH.31219,48009,48010,48012,82549,82550,85352,85353 He gave the date in 1909 in his marriage papers. He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Ashtabula, Ashtabula, OH.82550 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.82549 In April 1930 Donald was an auto factory worker in Detroit, Wayne, MI.85352 In April 1940 he was a screw factory machine operator in Detroit, Wayne, MI.48010 He lived 15892 Faircrest Street in Detroit, Wayne, MI in February 1942.85354 On 28 June 1942 Donald was an employee of Imerman Screw Products in Detroit, Wayne, MI.48012 He lived 15892 Faircrest Street in Detroit, Wayne, MI on 28 June 1942.48012 He lived in Peninsula, Grand Traverse, MI in 1985.85355 Donald died on 12 September 1985 at the age of 77 in Traverse City, Grand Traverse, MI.85353,85356,85357 Buried in Ogdensburg Cemetery, Peninsula Twp., Grand Traverse, MI. Parents: Winfield Scott (Winfield) TEMPLE-23616 and Edith Florence (Edith) WINTERS-23623.

Spouse: Elizabeth LACKEY-116101. Elizabeth LACKEY and Donald Lloyd TEMPLE were married on 20 October 1930 in Lucas Co., OH.48009 Children were: Cathryn May (Kathryn) TEMPLE-116100, Richard D. TEMPLE-116095.

Donald Lynn TEMPLE Jr. (private).10114 Parents: Donald Lynn TEMPLE Sr.-123292 and Anita BACH-123293.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-123307. Children were: Alex James TEMPLE-123308.

Donald Lynn TEMPLE Sr. was born on 18 December 1961 in Hillsboro, Highland, OH.10114 He served in the military about 1974. Date approximate. Served in the Army. Specific dates, ranks, units and locations unknown. He died on 4 November 2020 at the age of 58 in Martinsville, Clinton, OH.10114 Died unexpectedly at home of unspecified causes. Buried in Barnes Cemetery, Fairview, OH. Parents: John Wesley (Sod) TEMPLE Jr.-89768 and Josephine June REVEAL-89772.

Spouse: Anita BACH-123293. Children were: Donald Lynn TEMPLE Jr.-123294, Rebecca TEMPLE-123295.

Donald M. TEMPLE was born on 17 July 1913 in Dayton, Montgomery, OH.188,222,5489,34649,85358 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Washington Twp., Highland, OH.34649 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Dayton, Montgomery, OH.5489 In 1931 Donald was a student in Dayton, Montgomery, OH.81757 In April 1940 he was an electrical manufacturing foreman in Mad River, Clark, OH.188 He lived in OH before 1951.85358 Donald died on 14 August 1970 at the age of 57 in Winston-Salem, Forsyth, NC.222,85358 Parents: Jesse Herman TEMPLE-37788 and Ida L. GETTER-37789.

Spouse: Alice -44487. Alice and Donald M. TEMPLE were married about 1930 in Dayton, Montgomery, OH.

Spouse: Maura -115449.

Donald M. TEMPLE (private).54612

Spouse: Angelia F. MEYERS-139350.

Donald Mason TEMPLE Jr. (private).85359 Parents: Donald Mason (Donald) TEMPLE-10896 and Evelyn Lucille JOBES-13488.

Donald Mason (Donald) TEMPLE10727 was born on 12 February 1921 in Belmont, Middlesex, MA.10727,50457,85360 He lived in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA on 1 April 1935.50457 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Belmont, Middlesex, MA.50457 Donald served in the military between 1942 and 1945.44427 Served in the Marine Corps as a platoon sergeant. Between 1947 and 1982 he was a Federal Reserve Bank employee in Boston, Suffolk, MA.85361 He died on 8 March 2004 at the age of 83 in New Bedford, Bristol, MA.44429,85362 I assume that the Donald M. Temple, b 1922, that married Diane Gile in 1964, was the same as the husband of Evelyn L. Jobes. That is based only on his name and birth date, and lack of any other known Donald Temples fitting those criteria. Parents: Edward Hollis (Edward) TEMPLE-1747 and Margaret Blanchard MILLETT-10893.

Spouse: Evelyn Lucille JOBES-13488. Evelyn Lucille JOBES and Donald Mason (Donald) TEMPLE were married on 20 February 1948 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.10727,44429,44430 Also registered in Waltham, MA. Children were: Kathryn Lucille TEMPLE-13494, Donald Mason TEMPLE Jr.-13495.

Donald Mc Rae (Mac) TEMPLE (private).79818 Parents: Dr. Donald Kelly (Don) TEMPLE-24147 and Brenda Joyce PUGH-24155.

Spouse: Drew -114196.

Donald Monroe (Don) TEMPLE13131 was born on 16 May 1912 in Pendleton, Umatilla, OR.22243,32151,45310,45311 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Pendleton, Umatilla, OR.45310 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Pendleton, Umatilla, OR.45311 Donald lived in Pendleton, Umatilla, OR on 1 April 1935.32151 In April 1940 he was a farmer in Umatilla Reservation, Umatilla, OR.32151 He lived in Adams, Umatilla, OR in 1942.85363 Donald served in the military between 1944 and 1946.946,85364,85365 Dates approximate. Drafted in the Army of the US on 29 Aug 1944 at Portland, OR as a private in anti-aircraft artillery. Served at Fort Bliss and Camp Howze, TX. Admitted to treatment in Feb 1945 at Camp Howze station hospital for non-battle injuries, generally contusions to the abdominal wall, pelvis and back due to a fall from a vehicle. Treated and returned to duty in Feb 1945. Service # 39346423. He died on 3 January 1954 at the age of 41 in Pendleton, Umatilla, OR.22243,32153 Buried in Olney Cemetery, Pendleton, OR. Parents: Ernest Morrow (Ernest) TEMPLE-10027 and Maude Elizabeth (Maud) JONES-10039.

Spouse: Eleanor Elva (Eleanor) FLETCHER-10042. Eleanor Elva (Eleanor) FLETCHER and Donald Monroe (Don) TEMPLE were married on 9 April 1939 in Pendleton, Umatilla, OR.19183

Donald Montreal (Donald) TEMPLE was born on 20 January 1917 in Lawrence, Douglas, KS.3355,85366,85367 He lived in Springfield, Greene, MO on 1 April 1935.3355 In April 1940 he was a garage wholesale parts man in Springfield, Greene, MO.3355 Donald lived in Lawrence, Douglas, KS in 1943.85367 He died on 10 May 1986 at the age of 69 in Columbus, Luna, NM.85366,85368 Buried in Valley Heights Cemetery, Columbus, NM. Parents: Donovan Gordon (Don) TEMPLE-47522 and Myrtle Marie (Myrtle) HAZZARD-66507.

Spouse: Irene -86615. Irene and Donald Montreal (Donald) TEMPLE were married before 1940.

Spouse: Ethel Irene WILDER-86614. Ethel Irene WILDER and Donald Montreal (Donald) TEMPLE were married on 31 August 1943 in Kansas City, Jackson, MO.85367,85369

Spouse: Diane Elaine Bennett GILE-67532.

Reverend Donald Moran TEMPLE85370 was born on 14 June 1902 in Worcester, Worcester, MA.22,26752,26755,85371 Gave IL in 1910. He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Chicago, Cook, IL.82200 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Chicago, Cook, IL.26752 In April 1930 Donald was a Catholic clergyman in Chicago, Cook, IL.85371 He lived Quigley Seminary in Chicago, Cook, IL on 16 February 1942.82199 He lived 1415 North Park Avenue in Chicago, Cook, IL on 16 February 1942.85370 Donald died on 23 December 1960 at the age of 58 in Westchester, Cook, IL.26754,85372 Buried in All Saints Cemetery, Des Plaines, IL. His parents were from PA (father) and MA (mother). Middle initial in 1930 seemed to be A. Parents: Harry Vache (Harry) TEMPLE-6015 and Katherine L. DEAN-6431.

Donald O. (Don) TEMPLE20050 was born on 16 December 1911 in OH.27550,51063,51064,53683,85373,85374 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Lima, Allen, OH.51063 In April 1930 he was a grocery store clerk in Lima, Allen, OH.51064 In April 1940 Donald was a grocery store owner in Lima, Allen, OH.27550 He lived in Lakeview, Logan, OH in 1985.85374 He died on 19 March 1985 at the age of 73 in Lima, Allen, OH.53683,85373,85374 Parents: George Newton TEMPLE-45652 and Nellie LYONS-47198.

Spouse: Jeannette Elizabeth DILL-87562. Jeannette Elizabeth DILL and Donald O. (Don) TEMPLE were married before 1940.

Spouse: Loveada P. MC KERCHER-76061. Loveada P. MC KERCHER and Donald O. (Don) TEMPLE were married on 15 December 1956 in OH.53680,53683

Donald P. TEMPLE was born in May 1908 in OH.54674 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Toledo, Lucas, OH.54674 Parents: Fred R. TEMPLE-32276 and Margaret MIDDLETON-36866.

Donald Paul TEMPLE was born on 4 August 1918 in Franklin Co., OH.30371,85375,85376,85377,85378 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.30371 Enumerated with his grandparents. He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.85375 Donald was educated at North High School in 1937 in Columbus, Fairfield, OH.85379 He served in the military between 1940 and 1945.946,85380,85381 Dates approximate. Enlisted in the Regular Army on 6 Jul 1940 at Fort Hayes, Columbus, OH, as a private in the Air Corps. A Donald P. Temple was admitted to treatment in Jun 1944 with a diagnosed illness withheld by NARA and returned to duty. Admitted for treatment of a battle injury to his buttock and hip in Aug 1944 in the line of duty. He was treated and returned to duty in Aug 1944. His Service # was 15010206. In July 1940 he was a semiskilled chauffeur or driver of a bus, taxi, truck or tractor in Franklin Co., OH.85381 Donald lived in Grove City, Franklin, OH in 1986.85376 He died on 25 February 1986 at the age of 67 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.85376,85377,85378 Buried in Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, OH. Parents: Charles TEMPLE-41180 and Anna W. (Ann) JOHNSON-53850.

Spouse: Dorothy Virginia MALCOLM-62493. Dorothy Virginia MALCOLM and Donald Paul TEMPLE were married before 1940.

Donald Peter TEMPLE85382,85383 was born on 1 November 1910 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.26721,29802,46583,85384 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.29802 In April 1930 he was a retail produce salesman in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.46583 In April 1940 Donald was a retail grocery proprietor in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.26721 He lived 736 Worden Street Southeast in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI on 16 October 1940.85383 He served in the military between 1943 and 1945.946,85385,85386 Dates approximate. Drafted in the Army of the US on 31 May 1943 in Kalamazoo, MI, as a private. Assigned in the Coast Artillery anti-aircraft units between Apr and Jun 1943. In Mar 1944, he was admitted to treatment for pneumonia, treated, and released to duty in Mar 1944. Service # 36466223. At the time of his treatment, he had served between 9 and 11 months. Donald lived in Kent Co., MI in 1943.946 He lived in Hudsonville, Ottawa, MI before 1983.85384 He lived in Georgetown, Ottawa, MI in 1983.85387 Donald died on 28 February 1983 at the age of 72 in Zeeland, Ottawa, MI.85384,85387,85388 Buried in Rosedale Memorial Park, Tallmadge, MI. Middle initial appears as P and as F. Parents: Siebolt TEMPLE-21589 and Anna KIESTRA-21613.

Spouse: Johanna N. (Joan) DE YOUNG-87009. Johanna N. (Joan) DE YOUNG and Donald Peter TEMPLE were married on 11 July 1933 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.26722,26723 They26722,26723 were divorced on 15 March 1946 in Kent Co., MI.26723

Spouse: Christine DUURSMA-45260. Christine DUURSMA and Donald Peter TEMPLE were married on 26 June 1947 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.29121

Donald Peter TEMPLE (private).22 Parents: Clifford Maulson TEMPLE-39074 and Betty Juliet GORDON-39079.

Spouse: Lynda STRONG-39085.

Donald R. TEMPLE (private). Parents: Clifton Augustus TEMPLE-53624 and Gladys Mae MORRIS-63135.

Spouse: Beverley -94640.

Donald R. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Felicia PEREZ-175510.

Donald R. TEMPLE (private).85389

Donald R. TEMPLE (private).49634

Spouse: Joan A. LIBERTY-145843.

Donald R. TEMPLE (private).71724

Spouse: Myrtle -146646.

Spouse: Laura M. TAFOYA-145861.

Donald R. (Donnie) TEMPLE85390 was born on 24 April 1940 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.6773,9646,61914 He died on 19 May 2021 at the age of 81 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.6773 Buried in Resthaven Memorial Cemetery, Louisville, KY. He served in the military.6773 He served in the Army, but his obituary provided no details. Known only from his brother John C. Temple's obituary. Parents: Everett B. (Evert) TEMPLE-50701 and Osa May (Ocie\May) PRICE-78372.

Spouse: Sandy -125279. Children were: David TEMPLE-125280, Chris TEMPLE-125281.

Donald Ray TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Jeanne Perkins LOWMAN-174910.

Donald Ray TEMPLE (private).64233 Parents: William Earlie (Earlie) TEMPLE-67791 and June -101642.

Donald Ray TEMPLE was born on 5 April 1950 in Ashland, Boyd, KY.22693,85391 He lived in KY in 1963.85392 He died on 26 May 1999 at the age of 49 in Boca Raton, Palm Beach, FL.85392 Parents: TEMPLE-139564 and Alice Erma COLLINS-139565.

Donald Ray TEMPLE II85393 was born in 1985. He died in 2001 at the age of 16 in North Kansas City, Clay, MO. Buried in Mount Moriah Terrace Park Cemetery, North Kansas City, MO. He held the title of II.

Donald Ray (Don) TEMPLE (private).78345 Parents: Joseph Barney Ates (Barney) TEMPLE-39678 and Sinine Melvina (Sinnie) HERRINGTON-42700.

Spouse: Patricia Sue HONAKER-116564. Children were: Jill Renee TEMPLE-124613.

Spouse: Sandra TAYLOR-73179.

Colonel Donald Ray (Don) TEMPLE was born on 21 September 1940 in Hancock Co., KY.9646,41529,85394 He served in the military before 1981.85395 His cemetery records indicate his rank as a colonel, probably in the Air Force, but little beyond that. He died on 17 July 1981 at the age of 40 in Tarrant Co., TX.105,9645,85395 Buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Fort Worth, TX, block 55, row 15, space 13. His first wife was Chris, possibly Christine or Christina. Parents: Everett TEMPLE-38469 and Stella Mae (Stella) ARRINGTON-38470.

Spouse: Chris -42505. Children were: Anthony Ray TEMPLE-42506.

Spouse: Elizabeth Ann HOLLEN-42501. Children were: Dana Ann TEMPLE-42502.

Spouse: Linda B. -94587.

Donald Raymond TEMPLE (private). Parents: William Raymond (Raymond) TEMPLE-18448 and Gertrude Aline (Aline) HARAWAY-18453.

Spouse: Hester CATO-18460.

Donald Raymond TEMPLE was born on 22 February 1952 in Clinton, Worcester, MA.22,78291 He served in the military between 1972 and 1974.78291 Served in the Army in Vietnam. Specific units, ranks, locations and dates are unknown. He lived in Sterling, Worcester, MA before 1978.78291 Donald moved in 1978 in Jefferson, Worcester, MA.78291 He died on 25 March 2014 at the age of 62 in Holden, Worcester, MA.78291 Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Sterling, MA. Parents: Raymond F. TEMPLE-137199 and Janet Edna (Jane) ELLIOTT-137200.

Spouse: Jeanette M. WOODCOCK-160664. Children were: Margaret L. TEMPLE-170370, Gretchen E. TEMPLE-170371.

Donald Richard TEMPLE16671,85396 was born on 9 September 1924 in Saginaw, Saginaw, MI.85396,85397 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Sigel Twp., Huron, MI.85397 He lived RFD # 8 in Des Plaines, Cook, IL on 24 December 1942.85396 Donald lived in Portage, Kalamazoo, MI in 2010.50940 He died on 9 June 2020 at the age of 95 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI.85398 Buried in Fort Custer National Cemetery, Augusta, MI. He served in the military.85398 Served as a staff sergeant in the Air Force - specific dates, ranks, units and locations unknown. His obituary said he was survived by only one daughter, and she was unnamed. Parents: Guy Richard (Guy) TEMPLE-36183 and Jean K. SAGEMAN-48515.

Spouse: Nanette Elizabeth (Betty) LUTZ-48520. Nanette Elizabeth (Betty) LUTZ and Donald Richard TEMPLE were married on 5 October 1946 in Kalamazoo Co., MI.50940 Children were: Gail Ann TEMPLE-48522, Sarah TEMPLE-48523.

Private First Class Donald Robert TEMPLE85399 was born on 18 July 1919 in Ethridge, Toole, MT.946,28944,28946,28950,85399,85400 Gave 1919 in his enlistment papers. Gave MO in 1940. He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Toole Co., MT.28950 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Gomer, Caldwell, MO.28944 In April 1940 Donald was a farm laborer in Gomer, Caldwell, MO.28946 In October 1940 he was an employee of J.C. Penney Company in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.85399 He served in the military between 1941 and 1944 in Manila, Philippine Islands.946,36387,75184,85401,85402 Dates approximate. Drafted in the Army of the US on 7 Jul 1941 at Fort MacArthur, Los Angeles, CA as a private. He had basic training at Camp Wolters, TX, and spent a year at Fort Leonard Wood. Sent overseas in Sep 1943. He was in New Guinea for over a year as a member of the Sixth Infantry. Private First Class in the 20th Infantry, 6th Division. Awarded the Purple Heart for injuries sustained on 3 Feb 1944, when he was hit in the head with fragments from an artillery shell, from which he died the following day. Service # 39160871. (Ancestry's U.S. WWII Hospital Admission Card Files, 1942-1954, often in error on the year, said the injury was sustained in Feb 1945.) Donald died on 4 February 1944 at the age of 24 in Luzon, Philippine Islands.75184,85403 Some sources put the date in 1945, but that does not agree with his service records. At Fort William McKinley, Manila, in block A, row 6, grave 130. Unmarried. Parents: Harry O. TEMPLE-37737 and Bernice DUNNINGTON-62943.