ZANE (private).

Spouse: Vera Madge SAVAGE-95902.

Arnold ZANGER was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Erna TEMPLE-175116. Erna TEMPLE and Arnold ZANGER were married in 1956 in Manhattan, New York, NY.94453

Vera ZANOLI23 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Joseph MALATESTA-48757. Vera ZANOLI and Joseph MALATESTA were married before 1943. Children were: Beverly Ann MALATESTA-38906.

ZANTINGA was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Anna HERVAL-70994. Anna HERVAL and ZANTINGA were married about 1865.

ZAPATA (private).

Spouse: Gladys Marie (Marie) CLAYTON-168452.

Edward ZAPATA (private).

Spouse: Luelle SUTTER-97382. Children were: Gloria ZAPATA-97380.

Gloria ZAPATA was born in 1926 in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, MI.117088,132507 She lived in Jackson, Jackson, MI in 1947.117088 Parents: Edward ZAPATA-97381 and Luelle SUTTER-97382.

Spouse: Norbert Merrill TEMPLE-44126. Gloria ZAPATA and Norbert Merrill TEMPLE were married on 10 October 1947 in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, MI.117088

Spouse: John S. THURLOW-120455. Gloria ZAPATA and John S. THURLOW were married on 2 May 1981 in Seattle, King, WA.132507

Mark Allen ZARBOCK (private).

Spouse: Brenda Kay TEMPLE-165310.

ZAREMBA132410 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary Katherine THOMAS-165091. Mary Katherine THOMAS and ZAREMBA were married before October 1958.132410

Jason Amir ZARGHAMI (private).

Spouse: Rae Doreen WINKLER-112735. Children were: Jeremiah Amih ZARGHAMI-112745, Kristiana Soraya ZARGHAMI-112746.

Jeremiah Amih ZARGHAMI (private). Parents: Jason Amir ZARGHAMI-112744 and Rae Doreen WINKLER-112735.

Kristiana Soraya ZARGHAMI (private). Parents: Jason Amir ZARGHAMI-112744 and Rae Doreen WINKLER-112735.

Lynda Diane ZARING (private).

Spouse: Gregory Douglass TEMPLE-127158.

Dean W. ZARTMAN41291 was born on 3 January 1927 in Payne, Paulding, OH.62714 He served in the military in 1946. He was in the Army when he married Gean Ann Tempel. Specific dates, ranks, units and locations unknown. He lived in Payne, Paulding, OH in January 1946.62714 Dean died on 6 December 1983 at the age of 56.41292 Parents: Homer A. ZARTMAN-118711 and Mary OVERMYER-118712.

Spouse: Gean Ann TEMPEL-71151. Gean Ann TEMPEL and Dean W. ZARTMAN were married on 26 January 1946 in OH.41292 Children were: Terry ZARTMAN-101753, Debra ZARTMAN-101754, Julie ZARTMAN-101755, Gerald ZARTMAN-101756.

Debra ZARTMAN (private). Parents: Dean W. ZARTMAN-93551 and Gean Ann TEMPEL-71151.

Gerald ZARTMAN41292 died before 2015. Parents: Dean W. ZARTMAN-93551 and Gean Ann TEMPEL-71151.

Homer A. ZARTMAN62714 died.

Spouse: Mary OVERMYER-118712. Mary OVERMYER and Homer A. ZARTMAN were married before 1927. Children were: Dean W. ZARTMAN-93551.

Julie ZARTMAN (private). Parents: Dean W. ZARTMAN-93551 and Gean Ann TEMPEL-71151.

Terry ZARTMAN (private). Parents: Dean W. ZARTMAN-93551 and Gean Ann TEMPEL-71151.

Mary Katherine ZARUBA (private).134151 Parents: Thomas Charles ZARUBA-45235 and Vivian Juliette WILLIAMS-45236.

Spouse: Glynn Michael (Glynn) TEMPLE-18834. Children were: Michael Paul TEMPLE-116307, David Adam TEMPLE-116308, Amanda J. TEMPLE-116309, Deborah K. TEMPLE-116310, Kimberly D. TEMPLE-116311, TEMPLE-116314.

Thomas Charles ZARUBA was born on 27 November 1932 in Newport News, Newport News, VA.134151

Spouse: Vivian Juliette WILLIAMS-45236. Vivian Juliette WILLIAMS and Thomas Charles ZARUBA were married on 7 May 1955.134151 Children were: Mary Katherine ZARUBA-45234.

Ursula ZARUMBA72610 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Zibmund ZUKAUSKIS-72699. Ursula ZARUMBA and Zibmund ZUKAUSKIS were married before 1905. Children were: Thomas ZUKAUSKIS-72698.

ZATARAIN (private).

Spouse: Estella TEMPLE-104392.

ZATSICK (private).

Spouse: Haddie May TEMPLE-49923.

Sylvia Anita ZAUTKE11572 was born on 7 February 1918 in Reedsburg, Sauk, WI.50294 She lived 831 North Prospect Avenue in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI in 1932.119878 She lived in Baraboo, Sauk, WI in 1945.70622 Sylvia lived in WI before 1951.134669 She died on 24 February 1991 at the age of 73 in Tucson, Pima, AZ.134669 Parents: William ZAUTKE-101986 and Anna KLITZKE-101987.

Spouse: Richard Hugo (Richard) TEMPLE-13620. Sylvia Anita ZAUTKE and Richard Hugo (Richard) TEMPLE were married on 23 May 1942 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI.119878 They119878 were divorced in 1943.11572,119877 The Levi Temple genealogy put their divorce date in 1943, but when Richard enlisted in the Army on 18 Aug 1942, he said he was single without dependents. If that were the actual case on 18 Aug, then their marriage lasted only a few months.

Spouse: Harvey Francis SCALLON-101984. Sylvia Anita ZAUTKE and Harvey Francis SCALLON were married on 10 July 1943 in Tullahoma, Coffee, TN.70623 Harvey was a corporal at the time of this marriage. They70623 were married on 1 September 1945 in Las Vegas, Clark, NV.50294,70622 SSACI said she changed her name to Scallon in Sep 1943.

Spouse: RASMUSSEN-101988. Sylvia Anita ZAUTKE and RASMUSSEN were married before June 1959.50294

Spouse: SPRANG-101985.

William ZAUTKE50294 died. He died.

Spouse: Anna KLITZKE-101987. Anna KLITZKE and William ZAUTKE were married before 1918. Children were: Sylvia Anita ZAUTKE-13625.

Evangeline F. ZAVITZ (private). Parents: Orval E. ZAVITZ-64308 and Clara Belle TEMPLE-35196.

Henry ZAVITZ (private).

Spouse: Mary GOUGH-64310. Children were: Orval E. ZAVITZ-64308.

Orval E. ZAVITZ was born in 1882 in Wyoming, Lambton, Ontario, Canada.88358 He died. Parents: Henry ZAVITZ-64309 and Mary GOUGH-64310.

Spouse: Clara Belle TEMPLE-35196. Clara Belle TEMPLE and Orval E. ZAVITZ were married on 27 December 1910 in Lake Co., MN.88357 They88357 were married on 2 January 1914 in Windsor, Essex, Ontario, Canada.88358 Since their marriage in 1910 was legal, it is not clear why they remarried in 1914. Children were: Evangeline F. ZAVITZ-68572.

ZAWADA (private).

Spouse: Constance Marion (Edna) SMITH-144236.

Mary ZDROVIC9517,9518 died.

Spouse: Joseph ANZICK-97423. Mary ZDROVIC and Joseph ANZICK were married. Children were: Florence Louise ANZICK-97422.

Melvin ZEBROSKI (private).8068

Spouse: Robin TEMPLE-165834.

Mary R. ZECH (private).

Spouse: Joseph KRENEK-169063. Children were: Norma Jeanne KRENEK-169062.

James A. ZECHMAN (private).105112

Spouse: Janett Pearl TEMPLE-172163.

Famakind ZEDOYIN (private).84633

Spouse: Betty A. TEMPLE-146544.

Kenneth E. ZEHNDER (private).

Spouse: Cheryl A. TEMPLE-177418.

Betty M. ZEHNER was born on 20 November 1922 in Ashland, Ashland, OH.16292 She lived in Ashland, Ashland, OH in March 1943.16292 Parents: Gloe ZEHNER-178059 and Vera BRADEN-178060.

Spouse: Arthur Raymond TEMPLE-178055. Betty M. ZEHNER and Arthur Raymond TEMPLE were married on 11 March 1944 in Ashland, Ashland, OH.16292

Gloe ZEHNER16292 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Vera BRADEN-178060. Vera BRADEN and Gloe ZEHNER were married before 1922. Children were: Betty M. ZEHNER-178056.

Crimum ZEIDLER63016 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary Lou TEMPLE-37988. Mary Lou TEMPLE and Crimum ZEIDLER were married on 28 March 1934.63016

Carl ZEIGLER65800 died.

Spouse: Elsie POSTON-108897. Elsie POSTON and Carl ZEIGLER were married before 1913. Children were: Helen Virginia ZEIGLER-32103.

In 1934 Crimen ZEIGLER was an actor's agent in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.114990

Spouse: Mary Jane TEMPLE-182742. Mary Jane TEMPLE and Crimen ZEIGLER were married on 28 March 1934 in Agua Caliente, Sonoma, CA.114990 They were married in Agua Caliente, but the question remains - which one? While the one in Sonoma Co. was implied, it could be any one of a number of places. In their divorce proceedings, Mary Jane claimed she married Zeigler after having known him only three days, and that they separated within a month. She claimed she did not know who the witnesses were who attended her wedding.

Helen Virginia ZEIGLER was born on 2 June 1913 in Mandan, Morton, ND.11883,65800 She lived 49 Earl Street in Rochester, Monroe, NY in 1931.65800 She lived 13 Randall Street in Cortland, Cortland, NY on 16 October 1940.110747 Helen lived 202 Meigs Street in Rochester, Monroe, NY in 1949.110748 She died in June 1970 at the age of 57 in San Mateo, San Mateo, CA.11883 Parents: Carl ZEIGLER-108896 and Elsie POSTON-108897.

Spouse: Leeland Arthur John TEMPLE-32102. Helen Virginia ZEIGLER and Leeland Arthur John TEMPLE were married on 11 September 1931 in Rochester, Monroe, NY.65800 Their license was issued on 8 Sep. Place requires proof. Children were: Barbara Jane (Barbara) TEMPLE-32104, Martin Wesley TEMPLE-32105, Michael Lee TEMPLE-32106, Betty Ann TEMPLE-32107, Shirley Jean TEMPLE-32108.

Frederick H. ZEIHER (private).

Spouse: Jessie Ruth (Jessie) TEMPLE-74300.

Hilda ZEILINGER52026 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Victor LAZANSKY-124045. Hilda ZEILINGER and Victor LAZANSKY were married before 1928. Children were: Mary LAZANSKY-94664.

Eugene M. ZEIM (private).

Spouse: Catharine May ROWLEY-128360.

Jacob ZEINER was born in 1868 in Austria.14886 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Afton, Howard, IA.14886 He died.

Spouse: Selma BLOCK-62621. Selma BLOCK and Jacob ZEINER were married. Children were: Moritz B. ZEINER-62616.

Moritz B. ZEINER31739 was born on 6 February 1904 in Riceville, Howard, IA.14885,14886,99617,134670 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Afton, Howard, IA.14886 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Des Moines, Polk, IA.99617 Moritz died on 9 September 2001 at the age of 97 in Forsyth, Taney, MO.134670 Parents: Jacob ZEINER-62620 and Selma BLOCK-62621.

Spouse: Gwendolyn (Gwen) TEMPLE-62605. Gwendolyn (Gwen) TEMPLE and Moritz B. ZEINER were married on 4 February 1928 in Mason City, Cerro Gordo, IA.14885

Regina ZEINERT was born on 18 September 1969.134671 She died on 11 December 2015 at the age of 46 in Belton, Bell, TX.134671

Spouse: TEMPLES-170482.

Albert T. ZEISING was born in 1830 in Prussia.87951 He appeared in the census in June 1870 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.87951 He died before 1918 at the age of 88. Not found in PA in 1860.

Spouse: Charlotte TEMPLE-156945. Charlotte TEMPLE and Albert T. ZEISING were married before 1855. Children were: Charles ZEISING-156947, Henry ZEISING-156948, Alice ZEISING-156949, Daniel ZEISING-156950.

Alice ZEISING was born in 1860 in PA.87951 Parents: Albert T. ZEISING-156946 and Charlotte TEMPLE-156945.