Dorcas ALLEN23,8584 was born (date unknown). The Stone Genealogy gave Hannah Heald.

Spouse: Jonas G. STONE-26485. Dorcas ALLEN and Jonas G. STONE were married before 1846. Children were: Calista Heald (Clesta) STONE-2370.

Doris Julia ALLEN was born on 3 December 1929 in Early Co., GA.8585 She died on 10 March 1997 at the age of 67 in Blakely, Early, GA.8586,8587 Buried in George Cemetery, New Hope, GA. Parents: Joseph Shadrick ALLEN-155860 and Phoebe Lee HARRIS-155861.

Spouse: TEMPLES-155858.

Douglas C. ALLEN (private).8539 Parents: Carter Valentine ALLEN-147465 and Claire Virginia (Virginia) TEMPLE-137140.

Dudley J ALLEN3253 was born in 1920. He died in 1989 at the age of 69.

Spouse: Helen S. -179436. Helen S. and Dudley J ALLEN were married before 1956. Children were: Barbara Jean ALLEN-179431.

Eddie ALLEN (private).

Spouse: Tanya Marie TEMPLE-81582.

Edith Virginia ALLEN was born in 1903.8588 She died.

Spouse: James Almon TEMPLE Sr.-40562. Edith Virginia ALLEN and James Almon TEMPLE Sr. were married on 15 May 1943 in Washington, DC.8588

Edward ALLEN was born in July 1908 in MO.8569 Parents: Clifford B. ALLEN-123011 and Nancy Jane (Jennie) TEMPLE-123003.

Eleazar ALLEN was born on 25 August 1688 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA.8578 He died on 3 January 1759 at the age of 70 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA. Parents: Joseph ALLEN-10569 and Hannah SABIN-10570.

Spouse: Mary BATTELLE-10770. Mary BATTELLE and Eleazar ALLEN were married on 9 July 1712.

Elijah ALLEN was born on 19 December 1722. He was baptized on 3 February 1723. He died on 27 February 1792 at the age of 69. Parents: Noah ALLEN-10670 and Sarah GAY-10671.

Spouse: Sarah MORSE-10723. Sarah MORSE and Elijah ALLEN were married on 1 July 1754. Children were: Sarah ALLEN-10724, Sybil ALLEN-10736, Catherine ALLEN-10748, Thankful ALLEN-10754, Abigail ALLEN-10758.

Eliza ALLEN8589 was born on 17 August 1799 in Seneca Co., NY.331,8590,8591,8592,8593 Some make the place Norwich, CT. She appeared in the census in August 1850 in Spring Twp., Crawford, PA.8590 She appeared in the census in July 1860 in Spring Twp., Crawford, PA.8591 Eliza appeared in the census in June 1880 in Spring Twp., Crawford, PA.8592 She died on 3 June 1889 at the age of 89 in Crawford Co., PA.8593,8594 Buried in Rundell Cemetery, Conneautville, PA. Her parents were from RI (father) and PA (mother). Parents: Hezekiah ALLEN-23684 and Elisabeth Polly LATHROP-66139.

Spouse: Reverend Robert TEMPLE-4465. Eliza ALLEN and Reverend Robert TEMPLE were married on 25 March 1819 in Ovid, Seneca, NY.8589,8595 Children were: Sarah Adaline TEMPLE-4540, Reuben Smith Brown (Reuben) TEMPLE-4541, Mary TEMPLE-4542, Fayette Addison (Fayette) TEMPLE-4543, Julia Ann TEMPLE-4544, Lydia Eliza TEMPLE-4545, Minerva TEMPLE-23916.

Eliza ALLEN was born in 1800. She died in 1841 at the age of 41. Parents: James Sherman ALLEN-10577 and Anna MOSHER-10578.

Spouse: Orada DAY-10580. Eliza ALLEN and Orada DAY were married in 1818. Children were: Rhoda DAY-10581.

Eliza ALLEN was born on 10 December 1808 in Gloucester, Essex, MA.23,8596,8597 Date calculated from gravestone. In July 1860 she was a servant in Milton, Norfolk, MA.8596 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Milton, Norfolk, MA.8597 Eliza was ill with consumption in June 1880 in Milton, Norfolk, MA.8597 She signed a will in 1886 in Milton, Norfolk, MA.8598 She died on 28 October 1886 at the age of 77 in Milton, Norfolk, MA.23 Buried in Milton Cemetery, Milton, MA. Eliza has reference number RLT # (None).8599 Her parents were both from MA.

Spouse: Stephen TEMPLE-134328. Eliza ALLEN and Stephen TEMPLE were married about 1830 in MA.

Elizabeth C. (Lizzie) ALLEN2088,8600,8601 was born in September 1840 in MS.8602 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Perry Co., MS.8602 Enumerated living with her son Evan. She died before 1910 at the age of 70. She was the widow of William Reddock, killed at Shiloh in 1862. Despite the relationship in Temple People, Vol. 1, I strongly suspect she married Jacob Temples, son of Jacob Temple(s), as I have shown. Jacob Temples was a Civil War veteran, and the right age to marry her, whereas his father was very old at this time. Her middle initial derives from a reference to the mother of Evan Temple(s) as Elizabeth C. with no surname given. In her SSAN application, her daughter Eva gave her name as Lizzie B. Allen.

She had had 5 children, all of whom had survived to 1900.

Spouse: REDDOCK-105218. Elizabeth C. (Lizzie) ALLEN and REDDOCK were married about 1860.8600

Spouse: Jacob TEMPLES-17193. Elizabeth C. (Lizzie) ALLEN and Jacob TEMPLES were married on 24 June 1869 in Marion Co., MS.8600 Children were: Marshall Evan TEMPLE-24277, Evan TEMPLE(S)-39707, Eva TEMPLES-105219, Alice TEMPLE-39708.

Elizabeth Jean ALLEN was born on 22 August 1922 in Marquette, Clayton, IA.8566,8603 She appeared in the census in 1925 in Elkader, Clayton, IA.8566 Parents: William Gilbert ALLEN-43613 and Mitta May (Mittie) TEMPLE-43612.

Elizabeth N. ALLEN1644 was born (date unknown). She may have died in or shortly after childbirth.

Spouse: William Bedford (William) TEMPLE-41419. Elizabeth N. ALLEN and William Bedford (William) TEMPLE were married on 15 February 1838 in Parke Co., IN.1644,8604,8605 Children were: William Bedford Allen (William) TEMPLE-41421.

Ellen B. (Ella) ALLEN8606 was born in May 1860 in Paris, France.8607,8608,8609 She claimed NY in the 1880 and 1900 censuses, but when she entered the Orleans County Almshouse, she claimed France. She immigrated in 1876.8609 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Medina, Orleans, NY.8608 Ellen appeared in the census in June 1900 in Medina, Orleans, NY.8607 She appeared in the census in June 1905 in Shelby, Orleans, NY.8610 In April 1910 she was an artist in Medina, Orleans, NY.8611 Ellen lived in Orleans Co., NY in July 1916.8609 She an inmate in the Orleans County Almshouse in July 1916 in Orleans Co., NY.8609 She claimed to be disabled and in ill health, unable to work as a domestic, which she claimed as her occupation. She died on 25 October 1918 at the age of 58 in Albion, Orleans, NY.8612 Her parents were both from NY. By 1910, she had had 5 children, 4 of whom survived. Appears as Ella in 1910 and in her entry to the Orleans County Almshouse in 1916.

Temple may not be her maiden name. Parents: John Washington ALLEN-124907 and Malissa WAKEFIELD-124908.

Spouse: Warren Carson (Carson) TEMPLE-38322. Ellen B. (Ella) ALLEN and Warren Carson (Carson) TEMPLE were married in 1879 in NY.8607 Children were: Maude TEMPLE-61046, Louis C. TEMPLE-61049, Herbert W. TEMPLE-61050, Frank Manning TEMPLE-61051.

Esther P. ALLEN (private).

Spouse: Bobby R. JONES-167596. Children were: Allen Ray JONES-167593.

Eunice ALLEN8613,8614 died.

Spouse: Jesse COX-80357. Eunice ALLEN and Jesse COX were married before 1934. Children were: Jo Ann COX-80356.

Eunice ALLEN was born in 1813.4544 She died in 1855 at the age of 42.4544

Spouse: Otis PARKER-7952. Eunice ALLEN and Otis PARKER were married in 1829.8615 Children were: Lucy PARKER-8462, Avalina PARKER-8465, Elmer PARKER-8468, Elizabeth L. PARKER-8470, Minar R. PARKER-8467.

Eunice E. ALLEN was born about 1832 in St. John's, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.23 She died on 16 April 1881 at the age of 49 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.685 Died at the Almshouse. Parents: David ALLEN-35832 and Sarah P. -35833.

Spouse: Charles Emerson (Charles) TEMPLE-16324. Eunice E. ALLEN and Charles Emerson (Charles) TEMPLE were married on 16 March 1853 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.23

Fannie B. ALLEN (private). Parents: ALLEN-13759 and Clara Isabelle (Clara) TEMPLE-2168.

Fintan Frederick ALLEN (private).

Spouse: La Verne Beryl TEMPLE-145149.

Fisher ALLEN was born on 25 January 1747. He died on 21 June 1842 at the age of 95 in Dover, Norfolk, MA.

Spouse: Rachel SMITH-10685. Rachel SMITH and Fisher ALLEN were married on 9 May 1771. Children were: Miriam ALLEN-10686.

Floyd W. ALLEN8616 died.8617

Spouse: Verta Marie TEMPLE-50294. Verta Marie TEMPLE and Floyd W. ALLEN were married before 1919. Children were: William Floyd ALLEN-97620.

Fred ALLEN8618 was born about 1879 in IL. Parents: Henry W. ALLEN-122924 and Eliza Jane TEMPLE-30093.

Gary Wayne ALLEN (private).8619

Spouse: Peggy HARDMAN-172428. Children were: Jason A. ALLEN-162033.

Gene M. ALLEN (private).

Spouse: Theresa Elizabeth NIX-111554. Children were: Theresa Lynn ALLEN-111016, Brenda Lee ALLEN-111014, Barbara J. ALLEN-111013.

George ALLEN was born in January 1898 in GA.8507 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Rock Hill, Early, GA.8507 Parents: Joseph George ALLEN-56908 and Lucy TEMPLES-50331.

George Franklin ALLEN8620 was born in 1894 in OH.8621 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Lincoln, Morrow, OH.8621 He died. Parents: ALLEN-52115 and Mary M. WREN-52114.

George A. ALLEN was born in March 1854 in Canada.8503 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Sanilac, Sanilac, MI.8503 His parents were from Scotland (father) and Ireland (mother).

Spouse: Emma S. TEMPLE-166323. Emma S. TEMPLE and George A. ALLEN were married in 1881 in Canada.8503 Children were: Myrtle ALLEN-166325, Maud ALLEN-166326, Allie ALLEN-166327, Gladys M. ALLEN-166328.

Georgie ALLEN (private).

Spouse: Joseph Burney CLEGG-100339. Children were: Joseph Willard CLEGG-89172.

Gertrude ALLEN8622 was born about 1849 in MS. She died on 25 June 1850 at the age of 1 in MS. Parents: Judge Henry Sheffield ALLEN-19322 and Marion Emerson (Marion) TEMPLE-5654.

Gertrude C. ALLEN was born on 19 February 1861 in Blakely, Early, GA.8623,8624,8625,8626,8627 Gave 1868 in 1920. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Early Co., GA.8625 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Rock Hill, Early, GA.8626 Gertrude appeared in the census in January 1920 in Rock Hill, Early, GA.8624 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Lucile, Early, GA.8623 She died on 3 August 1931 at the age of 70 in Sardis, Talbot, GA.8627 Buried in Sardis Cemetery, Sardis, GA. Her parents were from GA (father) and NC (mother), and sometimes she claimed her mother was from GA. However, in 1900, her parents were both from NC. By 1900, she had had 9 children, 8 of whom survived. Given as Girtrue in her marriage papers. Parents: Joseph Stewart ALLEN-70098 and Nancy SIRMONS-70099.

Spouse: George Washington TEMPLE(S)-34103. Gertrude C. ALLEN and George Washington TEMPLE(S) were married on 23 December 1876 in Early Co., GA.8623,8626,8628,8629 They claimed 21 years of marriage in 1900. Children were: George W. TEMPLES-50329, Edgar D. (Eddie) TEMPLES-50330, Willie Esther (Esther) TEMPLES-56918, Crawford McAllister TEMPLES-56915, Orson Branch (Branch) TEMPLES-42266, Ashley Hill TEMPLES Sr.-42268, Georgia Bethany TEMPLES-42283, Mendla Marie TEMPLES-42269, Nellie May TEMPLES-56917, William Thomas TEMPLES-42284, Mary Hellen (Helen) TEMPLES-42285.

Gladys M. ALLEN8630 was born in August 1894 in MI.8503 She lived in Sanilac, Sanilac, MI in 1912.8630 Parents: George A. ALLEN-166324 and Emma S. TEMPLE-166323.

Glenn ALLEN (private).

Spouse: Bobby Lue TEMPLE-53777.

Guy ALLEN was born in 1903.8631 He lived in Lyons, Rice, KS in 1941.8631

Spouse: Irene WORTH-29035. Irene WORTH and Guy ALLEN were married on 25 June 1941 in El Reno, Canadian, OK.8631

Hannah ALLEN was born on 23 June 1679 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA.8578 She died in 1720 at the age of 41. Parents: Joseph ALLEN-10569 and Hannah SABIN-10570.

Spouse: Benoni TWITCHELL-10660. Hannah ALLEN and Benoni TWITCHELL were married on 18 April 1705. Children were: Seth TWITCHELL-10661, David TWITCHELL-10662, Seth TWITCHELL-10663, Hannah TWITCHELL-10664, Nehemiah TWITCHELL-10665.

Harriet B. ALLEN was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Samuel PARKER-9085. Harriet B. ALLEN and Samuel PARKER were married in 1828.4544

Harrison Borton ALLEN was born in 1913 in CA.8553 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Tulsa, Tulsa, OK.8553 He died on 17 May 1933 at the age of 20 in Boulder, Boulder, CO.8554 Parents: Charles Royal ALLEN-125299 and Bonnie Dale OVERALL-125302.

Harry T. ALLEN was born in 1903 in Yukon, Canada.8632,8633 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Seattle, King, WA.8632 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Seattle, King, WA.8633 Harry died. Parents: William Patterson ALLEN-53295 and Annie J. TEMPLE-4593.

Harry W. ALLEN was born in 1903.8634

Spouse: Jessie A. TEMPLE-143362. Jessie A. TEMPLE and Harry W. ALLEN were married on 15 April 1944 in Kansas City, Jackson, MO.8634,8635

Hazel M. ALLEN (private).

Spouse: Harland H. HIGGINS-43521. Children were: Harold Vincent HIGGINS-36553.

Hazel Margaret (Hazel) ALLEN8636,8637 was born on 15 February 1909 in Marion, Marion, OH.8636,8637,8638 SSACI has the date in 1910, but she claimed it was in 1909 when she married Harold Temple. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Marion, Marion, OH.8639 She lived in Prospect, Marion, OH in March 1925.8637 Hazel lived in Marion, Marion, OH on 1 April 1935.8638 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Truro, Franklin, OH.8638 She died on 26 May 2001 at the age of 92 in Reynoldsburg, Franklin, OH.8640,8641 Buried in Glen Rest Memorial Estate, Reynoldsburg, OH. Parents: Lewis J. ALLEN-102527 and Stella GODWIN-102528.

Spouse: Harold A. TEMPLE-83458. Hazel Margaret (Hazel) ALLEN and Harold A. TEMPLE were married on 14 March 1925 in Marion, Marion, OH.8637 Children were: Opal Irene TEMPLE-83462, Alfred Lewis (Buck) TEMPLE-83459, Betty TEMPLE-88744.

Henrietta ALLEN was born in 1874 in IL.4383 She appeared in the census in February 1920 in Yucaipa, San Bernardino, CA.4383 Maiden name from her mother, enumerated with her in 1920. Her parents were from TN (father) and IA (mother). Parents: ALLEN-151157 and Mary M. -151158.

Spouse: Frank TEMPLE-151152. Henrietta ALLEN and Frank TEMPLE were married. Children were: Mary TEMPLE-151155, Imogene TEMPLE-151154.

Henry ALLEN23 was born about 1858 in MS.8622 Parents: Judge Henry Sheffield ALLEN-19322 and Marion Emerson (Marion) TEMPLE-5654.

Judge Henry Sheffield ALLEN8642 was born on 4 April 1821 in VT.8622,8643 He appeared in the census in September 1850 in Holmes Co., MS.8643 He died on 22 July 1881 at the age of 60 in Holmes Co., MS.8622 Buried in Lexington Cemetery, Holmes Co., MS.

Spouse: Marion Emerson (Marion) TEMPLE-5654. Marion Emerson (Marion) TEMPLE and Judge Henry Sheffield ALLEN were married about 1850.8622 Children were: Gertrude ALLEN-39372, Mary Signora (Signora) ALLEN-32665, Lizzie ALLEN-39373, Henry ALLEN-32664.

Henry W. ALLEN was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Eliza Jane TEMPLE-30093. Eliza Jane TEMPLE and Henry W. ALLEN were married on 1 August 1878 in Randolph Co., IL.8644 Children were: Fred ALLEN-122925.

Hezekiah ALLEN (private).331

Spouse: Elisabeth Polly LATHROP-66139. Children were: Eliza ALLEN-4539.

Hezekiah ALLEN was born on 3 November 1692 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA.8498 He was a Carpenter. Served as Selectman of Dedham. He left Medfield and resided for a while in Weston, then bought a large tract of land in Dover. Parents: Joseph ALLEN-10569 and Hannah SABIN-10570.

Spouse: Mary DRAPER-10773. Mary DRAPER and Hezekiah ALLEN were married on 4 April 1722.

Ida M. ALLEN (private).

Spouse: Bismarch E. MARKS-169212. Children were: Mary Adalee MARKS-169211.