Preston PARKER was born in 1802.4544 He died in 1804 at the age of 2.4544 Parents: Nathan PARKER-7053 and Catherine MURDOCK-7072.

Priscilla PARKER was born in 1766.4544 Parents: Kendall PARKER-6993 and Priscilla AUSTIN-7000.

Spouse: Asa TURNER-8973.

Priscilla PARKER was born in 1891 in Halifax, Plymouth, MA.63558 Parents: George Amos PARKER-7514 and Jennie Waterman RICHMOND-7515.

Priscilla Drake PARKER was born in 1836 in Stoughton, Norfolk, MA.4544 Parents: Samuel Austin Whitney (Saw) PARKER-7800 and Priscilla Fisdale DRAKE-8259.

Spouse: William H. WHITE Jr.-8261. Priscilla Drake PARKER and William H. WHITE Jr. were married in 1856.4544 Children were: William Whitney WHITE-8262, Annie Priscilla WHITE-8263.

Priscilla Elvira PARKER was born in 1809 in Princeton, Mercer, NJ.4544 She died in 1872 at the age of 63.4544 Parents: Quincy PARKER-7695 and Patience BROOKS-7696.

Priscilla Elvira PARKER was born in 1811 in Hubbardston, Worcester, MA.4544 She died in 1876 at the age of 65.4544 Parents: Dana Robinson PARKER-7627 and Sarah Davis WILLIAMS-7628.

Spouse: Seth P. HEYWOOD-7905. Priscilla Elvira PARKER and Seth P. HEYWOOD were married in 1835.4544

Prudence PARKER was born (date unknown). Parents: Jonas PARKER-7030 and Lucy MUNROE-7082.

Spouse: Joshua ATWOOD-9766. Prudence PARKER and Joshua ATWOOD were married on 29 February 1780 in Dudley, Worcester, MA.7318

Prudence PARKER16324 was born in 1774 in Shirley, Middlesex, MA. Parents: Peter PARKER-11999 and Mary BUTTERFIELD-12007.

Spouse: John TUFTS-12012.

Prudence S. PARKER was born in 1838.4544 Parents: Amos PARKER-9456 and Ruth SARGENT-9480.

Spouse: George SANDERS-9494.

Spouse: James A. SMITH-9495.

Quincy PARKER was born in 1775 in Lexington, Middlesex, MA.4544 He died in 1828 at the age of 53.63559 Parents: Ebenezer PARKER-7563 and Dorcas MONROE-7564.

Spouse: Patience BROOKS-7696. Patience BROOKS and Quincy PARKER were married in Princeton, Worcester, MA.17419 Children were: Thomas PARKER-8048, Thomas Maxwell PARKER-8049, Joseph Brooks PARKER-8051, William Eaton PARKER-8053, Priscilla Elvira PARKER-8054, Mary PARKER-8055, Quincy PARKER-8057, Ira PARKER-8058, Eliza PARKER-8060, Sally PARKER-8062, Artemus PARKER-8064, Quincy PARKER-8066, Eunice PARKER-8068.

Quincy PARKER was born in 1812 in Princeton, Mercer, NJ.4544 He died in 1815 at the age of 3.4544 Parents: Quincy PARKER-7695 and Patience BROOKS-7696.

Quincy PARKER was born in 1821 in Rindge, Cheshire, NH.63560 Parents: Quincy PARKER-7695 and Patience BROOKS-7696.

Spouse: Almira KENT-8067. Almira KENT and Quincy PARKER were married in 1848 in Providence, Providence, RI.49370 Children were: Eugene Costello PARKER-8580.

Spouse: Emerancy KENT-9141. Emerancy KENT and Quincy PARKER were married in 1889.4544

Quinton C. PARKER was born in March 1871 in NC.2879 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Four Oaks, Johnston, NC.2879 He died.

Spouse: Georgianna -108346. Georgianna and Quinton C. PARKER were married in 1894 in NC.2879 Children were: Lundy PARKER-108343.

R.O. PARKER63395 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-128797. UNKNOWN and R.O. PARKER were married before 1920. Children were: Harvey Wyatt PARKER-101867.

Rachel PARKER (private). Parents: Elijah PARKER-11375.

Rachel PARKER16162 was born in 1700 in Groton, Middlesex, MA. Parents: Samuel PARKER-10920 and Abigail LAKIN-11947.

Spouse: Obadiah SAWTELL-12430. Rachel PARKER and Obadiah SAWTELL were married on 16 November 1721 in Groton, Middlesex, MA.7318,16162

Ralph PARKER18542,63561 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Clara Mae TEMPLE-101868. Clara Mae TEMPLE and Ralph PARKER were married before January 1956.7838

Ralph Albert PARKER was born in 1879.4544 Parents: Lysander Presson PARKER-8318 and Eleanor WILKINS-8319.

Ralph Chandler PARKER was born in 1884 in Batavia, Genesee, NY.4544 Parents: LeRoy PARKER-6980 and Elizabeth Lowler (Bessie) CHANDLER-6981.

Ralph H. PARKER was born in 1866.4544 Parents: Robert D. PARKER-8010 and Sarah HAWES-8011.

Ramage PARKER (private). Parents: Samuel Timothy PARKER-81304 and Georgia Mae (Georgia) TEMPLE-42602.

Randy PARKER (private). Parents: Samuel Timothy PARKER-81304 and Georgia Mae (Georgia) TEMPLE-42602.

Ray PARKER was born on 24 February 1892.63562 He died on 8 October 1985 at the age of 93.63562

Spouse: Ruth TEMPLE-156293. Ruth TEMPLE and Ray PARKER were married on 21 July 1920.63562

Raymond PARKER (private). Parents: Leon Jellison PARKER-38596 and Gladys Adalaide TEMPLE-2927.

Rebecca PARKER was born in 1693.4544 Parents: Sergeant John PARKER-7002 and Thankful -7185.

Rebecca PARKER63563 was born on 8 March 1706 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.23,4544,15531,15532 She died on 3 May 1770 at the age of 64 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.23,15531 Buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery, Reading, MA. Parents: Ebenezer PARKER-7022 and Rebecca NEWHALL-7023.

Spouse: Lieutenant John TEMPLE-4364. Rebecca PARKER and Lieutenant John TEMPLE were married on 10 June 1731 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.11216,27017,63563 Children were: Phebe TEMPLE-4381, Rebecca TEMPLE-4382, Elizabeth TEMPLE-4383, Deacon John TEMPLE Jr.-4384, Timothy TEMPLE-4385, Susannah TEMPLE-4388, William TEMPLE-4387, Susannah TEMPLE-4386.

Rebecca PARKER was born in 1730.4544 Parents: Ebenezer PARKER-7240 and Hannah GREEN-9003.

Rebecca PARKER was born in 1768 in Lexington, Middlesex, MA.63564 She died in 1851 at the age of 83.4544 Parents: John PARKER-7037 and Lydia MORSE-7038.

Spouse: Peter CLARK-7121. Rebecca PARKER and Peter CLARK were married in 1803.4544

Rebecca PARKER was born in 1775 in Lincoln, Middlesex, MA.63321 Parents: Joseph PARKER-7041 and Eunice HOBBS-7102.

Spouse: Elisha RAND-7593. Rebecca PARKER and Elisha RAND were married in 1796.4544

Rebecca PARKER was born in 1795.4544 She died in 1812 at the age of 17.4544 Parents: John PARKER-7115 and Hannah STEARNS-7116.

Rebecca PARKER8449 was born on 5 July 1797 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.63504 Parents: Ithamar PARKER-12055 and Hanna RICE-12061.

Spouse: Solomon BIGELOW-12068. Rebecca PARKER and Solomon BIGELOW were married on 24 November 1818 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.8449,8450

Rebecca Ann PARKER was born in 1825 in Bakersfield, Franklin, VT.4544 She died in 1888 at the age of 63.4544 Parents: Jonas PARKER-7525 and Lima FREEMAN-7681.

Spouse: Langdon A. MARSHALL-8028. Rebecca Ann PARKER and Langdon A. MARSHALL were married in 1848.4544

Rebecca R. PARKER died in 1886.4544 She was born in Lincolnville, Waldo, ME.4544 Parents: Elisha PARKER-7137 and Jerusha WENTWORTH-7592.

Spouse: Martin WALES-7799.

Rebeckah PARKER46003 was born on 8 March 1777 in Mansfield, Tolland, CT. She died in 1859 at the age of 82. Parents: James PARKER-12505 and Mary CONANT-12508.

Spouse: Hezekiah SMITH-12715. Children were: Pardon SMITH-12716, Betsey SMITH-12717, Ruth SMITH-12718, Rodney SMITH-12719, Nelson SMITH-12720, Lucius SMITH-12721, Parker SMITH-12722, Rebecca SMITH-12723, Harriet SMITH-12724, Avis SMITH-12725, Hezekiah SMITH-12726, Joseph P. SMITH-12727.

Rebekah PARKER8982 was born on 5 March 1720/1. Parents: Samuel PARKER-11950 and Deborah PRESCOTT-12035.

Rebekah PARKER8449 was born in 1744. She died in 1820 at the age of 76. Parents: Simon PARKER-12038 and Mary BOWKER-12049.

Relief PARKER8940 was born on 1 December 1732. Parents: John PARKER-11951 and Joanna AMES-12152.

Reuben PARKER was born on 4 May 1733 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.34668,63565 He died on 10 January 1825 at the age of 91.34668,63566 Parents: Benjamin PARKER-9045 and Sarah FOSTER-9046.

Spouse: Sarah WOOLEY-9399. Sarah WOOLEY and Reuben PARKER were married on 19 June 1759.34668,63566 Children were: Reuben PARKER-9403, Charles PARKER-9402, Sarah PARKER-9401, Silas PARKER-9407, Benjamin PARKER-9406, Amos PARKER-9405, Jonathan PARKER-9404, Edmund PARKER-9148, Mary PARKER-9408, Phebe PARKER-9409.

Spouse: Esther TOWNSEND-9400. Children were: Townsend PARKER-9411, Esther PARKER-9412, Jacob PARKER-9413, John PARKER-9414, Samuel PARKER-9415.

Reuben PARKER was born in 1760 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.4544 Parents: Reuben PARKER-9050 and Sarah WOOLEY-9399.

Rhoda PARKER (private). Parents: Francis Jackson PARKER-12324 and Elizabeth POSTEN-12343.

Spouse: COLE-12351.

Rhoda PARKER was born in 1760 in Lexington, Middlesex, MA.63567 She died in 1814 at the age of 54.4544 Parents: Deacon Andrew PARKER Jr.-7091 and Abigail JENNISON-7092.

Spouse: Joseph SMITH-7569. Rhoda PARKER and Joseph SMITH were married in 1785.4544

Rhoda PARKER was born in 1800.4544 She died in 1865 at the age of 65.4544 Parents: Peter PARKER-8964 and Bridget COBURN-8965.

Rhoda E. PARKER was born in 1858.4544 Parents: Curtis PARKER-9433 and Lovina BARRUS-9439.

Spouse: Lorie A. HOWARD-9444.

Rhoda Maria PARKER15304 was born in 1827 in VT. Parents: Francis PARKER-12272 and Rhoda CHAPLIN-12321.

Spouse: William R. PEARSALL-12365. Rhoda Maria PARKER and William R. PEARSALL were married on 5 December 1845.10810 Children were: Adelaide PEARSALL-12366.

Spouse: Edward L. GALLATIN-12367. Rhoda Maria PARKER and Edward L. GALLATIN were married in 1860 in Denver, Denver, CO.10810

Rhoena PARKER was born in 1815 in Westminster, Windham, VT.4544 She died in 1881 at the age of 66 in Irasburg, Orleans, VT.4544 Parents: Sylvester PARKER-7622 and Alice DAVIS-7623.

Spouse: Silas N. HOWE-7893. Rhoena PARKER and Silas N. HOWE were married in 1840.4544

Rhuhamah PARKER was born in 1817 in Westminster, Windham, VT.4544 Parents: Sylvester PARKER-7622 and Alice DAVIS-7623.

Spouse: Alexander COBURN-7895.

Richard PARKER was born in 1771 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.4544,11243 He died in 1868 at the age of 97.18514 Parents: William PARKER-9051 and Mary NICHOLS-9055.

Spouse: Hannah POOL-9059. Hannah POOL and Richard PARKER were married in 1794.4544 Children were: William PARKER-9060, Cephas PARKER-9062, Theron PARKER-27921, Loton PARKER-9064.

Richard Ashley PARKER was born on 13 March 1923 in Greenville, Greenville, SC. Parents: Vernon Wilma PARKER-3681 and UNKNOWN-63219.

Spouse: Georgia Ann THOMAS-3698. Georgia Ann THOMAS and Richard Ashley PARKER were married on 13 January 1946 in Lynwood, Los Angeles, CA.

Richard Bolton PARKER63568 was born on 25 July 1845. He died on 24 May 1920 at the age of 74.

Spouse: Delphia TYSON-78199. Delphia TYSON and Richard Bolton PARKER were married. Children were: William Hendrix PARKER-78197.

Richard E. PARKER was born in 1861 in Keene, Cheshire, NH.4544 Parents: Perry Ander PARKER-8481 and Mary S. RUSSELL-8482.

Spouse: Hattie GRANT-8850. Hattie GRANT and Richard E. PARKER were married in 1891 in Bellows Falls, Windham, VT.4544