Susan Mary TEMPLE (private). Parents: Reverend Elwood Leon John TEMPLE-46308 and Mertie M. CLEELAND-81898.

Susan Maryland TEMPLE10670 was born in 1863 in Newton Hamilton, Mifflin, PA. She died in 1876 at the age of 13 in Newton Hamilton, Mifflin, PA. Parents: Oliver S. TEMPLE-52161 and Mary Jane BAIRD-52186.

Susan Melvina (Susan/Mollie) TEMPLE72238,123778 was born in 1832 in Madison Co., TN.457 She appeared in the census in 1850 in Madison Co., TN.47700 She died on 10 August 1890 at the age of 58 in Henderson Co., TN. Middle name is given as either Mabel or Melvina, as in her son David's death certificate. Parents: Hartwell TEMPLE-24701 and Maria COPPEDGE-32901.

Spouse: Dr. John F. SHERRILL-23700. Susan Melvina (Susan/Mollie) TEMPLE and Dr. John F. SHERRILL were married on 12 October 1850 in Madison Co., TN.72244 Children were: William SHERRILL-27926, David A. SHERRILL-91498, Archibald SHERRILL-27927, Fabbie SHERRILL-27928.

Susan Michelle TEMPLE (private).123779 Parents: Michael R. TEMPLE-140410 and Pamela S. RUNYON-140411.

Susan O. TEMPLE was born in September 1896 in MI.891 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Riverside, Missaukee, MI.891 She died. Parents: William H. TEMPLE-96273 and Bertha W. -96274.

Susan Osgood (Susie) TEMPLE90038 was born on 22 February 1879 in West Somerville, Middlesex, MA.69393,69397,70492,90039,90043,98003 Gave her age as 48 in 1930. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.98003 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Somerville, Middlesex, MA.90039 Susan appeared in the census in January 1920 in Somerville, Middlesex, MA.69393 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Somerville, Middlesex, MA.69397 In April 1940 she was a retail department store saleswoman in Somerville, Middlesex, MA.90043 Enumerated living with her brother David. Marital status code indicated she was separated or getting a divorce. Susan died. Parents: George Edwin (George) TEMPLE-2129 and Ellen Josephine (Nellie) WHEYLAND-2693.

Spouse: Benning Wentworth ROSS-38069. Susan Osgood (Susie) TEMPLE and Benning Wentworth ROSS were married on 19 February 1901 in Somerville, Middlesex, MA.23,69394 Children were: Eleanor T. ROSS-40331.

Susan P. TEMPLE (private).58880 Parents: Thomas Aloysius TEMPLE Jr.-138401 and Anne Pitcarin MILLS-142799.

Spouse: Joseph W. (Josh) KROTEC-149991.

Susan P. (Sallie) TEMPLE was born on 8 January 1855 in Anderson Co., KY.1247,14736 She appeared in the census in 1860 in Kirksville, Madison, KY.1247 She died on 18 January 1937 at the age of 82 in East Cerulean, Trigg, KY.14736 Body removed to Cerulean, KY, for burial. Given as Susan in 1860, her death certificate gave her as Sallie. There is a very remote chance she is confused with Sarah, b 1856, daughter of Richard Webb Temple, but Sallie's mother was clearly Addie Jones, who could not have been married to Richard Webb Temple. Parents: Richard R. TEMPLE-54561 and Addie JONES-54579.

Spouse: William A. BLANKS-74338. Susan P. (Sallie) TEMPLE and William A. BLANKS were married before 1880. Children were: Zella BLANKS-74339, Minus BLANKS-104032.

Susan Parthenia TEMPLE84160 was born on 10 January 1875 in Pasquotank Co., NC.57695 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Providence Twp., Pasquotank, NC.57695 She died on 22 February 1929 at the age of 54 in Pasquotank Co., NC.34681 Buried in Koen Cemetery, Newland, NC. Parents: Dr. Wilson Spence (Wilson) TEMPLE-5350 and Susan Courtney MC PHERSON-21461.

Spouse: William Able FOSTER-21480. Susan Parthenia TEMPLE and William Able FOSTER were married on 21 September 1893 in Pasquotank Co., NC.34682 Children were: William Vance FOSTER-29306, Lillian Bryant FOSTER-29307, Noah Temple FOSTER-91855, Mable Ruth FOSTER-29308, Lois Leigh FOSTER-104437.

Susan Patricia TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Terry Dale BRIDWELL-143053.

Susan Polk (Susie) TEMPLE11594 was born on 13 September 1865 in Columbia, Maury, TN.11592,93096,93097,123780 Temple People, Vol. 1, ordinarily trustworthy, says she was born 13 Sep 1865. However, Susan's passport application in 1900 said 17 Sep 1868. She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Mc Cracken Co., KY.93096 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Hayes Twp., Mc Cracken, KY.93097 Susan lived in Rome, Italy in 1900.123781 She an applicant for a passport on 19 January 1900 in Rome, Italy.123781 She left the US on 12 Sep 1899 and applied for a passport at the US Consulate in Rome. She lived in Paducah, Mc Cracken, KY in 1904.104543 Susan died.123782 Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Paducah, KY, but without dates. She moved in New York City, New York, NY.11594 She lived 274 West 89th Street in New York City, New York, NY.13805 Died unmarried. Parents: Reverend James Norton (James) TEMPLE-5294 and Narcissa Hambleton (Narcissa) BARKSDALE-5377.

Susan R. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Kenneth A. FLAKS-174203.

Spouse: Jack R. BIXLER-179258.

Susan R. TEMPLE was born on 9 December 1968 in Fresno, Fresno, CA.148 She died on 21 December 1968 at the age of 0 in Fresno, Fresno, CA.148 Parents: TEMPLE-131698 and SMITH-131699.

Susan R. (Susie) TEMPLE37711 was born in 1876 in AR.37710,82279 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Hurricane, Saline, AR.37711,82279 She died in 1895 at the age of 19.37710 Buried in Mulberry Cemetery, England, AR. Parents: Benjamin Samuel (Ben) TEMPLE-16991 and Mosley Ann (Mottie) VAUGHAN-32914.

Spouse: BRODIE-33158.

Susan Rachel TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Jon Lee BURIK-145624.

Spouse: Jeffrey Ross MORGAN-164057.

Susan Rae TEMPLE (private).44055 Parents: Raymond John TEMPLE-63917 and Ethel Marie (Ethel) HOGE-107167.

Spouse: William Eugene MOORE-107178.

Susan Raye TEMPLE was born on 10 October 1937 in Martin Co., MN.52386,123783 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Fairmont, Martin, MN.52386 Parents: Charles Francis (Charles) TEMPLE Sr.-38256 and Irene De Etta LEEMAN-57483.

Spouse: Harry Edward MULNER-94417. Susan Raye TEMPLE and Harry Edward MULNER were married on 15 June 1957 in St. Louis Co., MN.60373

Susan Regina TEMPLE8686 was born in 1863 in PA.8686,26210 She died on 28 June 1944 at the age of 81 in Williamsport, Lycoming, PA.123784 Buried in Lungerville Cemetery, Lycoming Co., PA. Did not appear with the family in 1870. Parents: John Davis TEMPLE-21492 and Susannah Louise (Susan) DE WALD-21502.

Spouse: Richard Ezekiel CROSSLEY-68010. Susan Regina TEMPLE and Richard Ezekiel CROSSLEY were married before 1879. Children were: Sinda CROSSLEY-93996, George Wesley CROSSLEY-92382, Jacob R. CROSSLEY-68013, Thomas J. CROSSLEY-93947, Benjamin J. CROSSLEY-68014, Tillie M. CROSSLEY-104255, Harry G. CROSSLEY-68015, Mamie Viola CROSSLEY-68016, Maud A. CROSSLEY-68017.

Susan Renae TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Clay Jefferson BELLEW-174837.

Susan Robia TEMPLE (private).123785

Susan Ruth TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Gayle Francis BOYLE-148173.

Susan Ruth TEMPLE (private).20035,20036 Parents: Richard Leon TEMPLE-49805 and Velma Lee LAMBERT-49816.

Spouse: Mark Dale HEAD-106255.

Susan T. TEMPLE11195 was born about 1821. She died before 1851 at the age of 30 in TN.11197 Since she was not mentioned in 1851 as a sister of William A. Temple in his probate records, I assume she died before that date. Parents: Burwell TEMPLE-19741 and Polly Simmons ADKINS-19742.

Spouse: Andrew T. NICHOLS-33484. Susan T. TEMPLE and Andrew T. NICHOLS were married on 8 November 1842 in Williamson Co., TN.11195,61394 Temple People, Vol. II, gives 18 Nov.

Susan Tennessee (Tennie) TEMPLE was born on 2 December 1872 in Honey Grove, Fannin, TX.6812,43792,46407,61104,61105,61106,123786 Gave 1871 in 1920. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Lamar Co., TX.5726,61105 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Fannin Co., TX.61104,61106 Susan appeared in the census in April 1910 in Honey Grove, Fannin, TX.46407 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Clinton, Hunt, TX.6812 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Hunt Co., TX.43792 Susan lived in Merit, Hunt, TX in 1958.123786 She died on 19 December 1958 at the age of 86 in Merit, Hunt, TX.123786,123787 Died of coronary occulsion. Buried in Old Hickory Cemetery, Petty, TX. Parents: William M. TEMPLE-25349 and Sarah Cathryn (Sallie) NELSON-35461.

Spouse: ROBINSON-51899. Susan Tennessee (Tennie) TEMPLE and ROBINSON were married in 1901.43792

Spouse: Elijah HISE-59501. Susan Tennessee (Tennie) TEMPLE and Elijah HISE were married before 1903. Children were: Howard P. HISE-59502.

Susanna TEMPLE (private). Parents: Seth Ward (Seth) TEMPLE-47713 and Agnes Virginia (Agnes) CANNON-63437.

Susanna TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Samuel TEMPLE-129630.

Susanna TEMPLE lived in NY in 1885.44203

Spouse: Arthur HOLLAND-163225. Susanna TEMPLE and Arthur HOLLAND were married before 1885. Children were: Warden H. HOLLAND-163226.

Susanna TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Greg A. PETERS-174690.

Susanna TEMPLE was born (date unknown). Temple may not be her maiden name.

Spouse: Francis HARTMANN-178573. Susanna TEMPLE and Francis HARTMANN were married on 4 June 1929 in Greenwich, Fairfield, CT.41334

Susanna TEMPLE was born on 26 March 1703 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.11525,62303,123788 She died on 22 June 1780 at the age of 77.62303 Parents: Isaac TEMPLE-106 and Prudence HOWELL-109.

Spouse: Jonathan OLDS-5489. Susanna TEMPLE and Jonathan OLDS were married on 30 October 1722 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.62300,62301,62302 Some sources give date as 30 Oct. Children were: Mary OLDS-29862, Rhoda OLDS-29863.

Susanna TEMPLE was born on 15 March 1759 in Winchester, Cheshire, NH.6909,17568,112361,123789 She is not usually recognized as the daughter of Stephen and Sarah. Parents: Stephen TEMPLE-454 and Sarah -47449.

Spouse: John WOOD-775. Susanna TEMPLE and John WOOD were married on 12 May 1778 in Mendon, Worcester, MA.23,8206,17432,49933,71958,123790 Intention filed in Upton, 3 Apr 1778. Lots of places gave notice of the marriage. Children were: John WOOD Jr.-32437, Nicademus WOOD-32438, Hannah WOOD-32439, Simeon WOOD-32440, Lucretia WOOD-32441, Lyman WOOD-32442, Ezra WOOD-32443, Joel WOOD-32444.

Susanna TEMPLE71958,103404 was born in August 1802 in MA.11377,71958 She lived in Buckland, Franklin, MA in 1818.71958 She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Adams, Berkshire, MA.11377 If she is the same person, she was enumerated living with her brother Loren and his family. Susanna died. Made an affidavit in 1818. I think it possible she married a Field, as Susan Field, ae 70, was enumerated with Loren Temple (who would be her brother) in 1870. Parents: Stephen TEMPLE Jr.-467 and Parnel SHAW-4955.

Spouse: FIELD-51430. Susanna TEMPLE and FIELD were married. This marriage is circumstantial based on the 1870 census, and therefore requires proof.

Susanna TEMPLE123791 was born on 25 July 1802 in Grafton, Worcester, MA. Filed an intention to marry Samuel Lesure 5 Dec 1822. Parents: Timothy TEMPLE-20942 and Susanna THAYER-20943.

Spouse: Samuel LESURE-24893. Susanna TEMPLE and Samuel LESURE were married on 5 December 1822 in Grafton, Worcester, MA.52675

Susanna TEMPLE83341 was born on 5 December 1803 in Orange, Franklin, MA.36404,83342 She died on 4 September 1813 at the age of 9 in West Swanzey, Cheshire, NH.23,36404 Buried in Old Cemetery, West Swanzey, NY. Parents: Daniel TEMPLE-5783 and Hannah WOODCOCK-5825.

Susanna TEMPLE123792 was born in 1835 in NH. She died in September 1843 at the age of 8 in Swanzey, Cheshire, NH. Buried in Homestead (Old) Cemetery, Swanzey, NH. She may be the daughter of Caleb Strong and Phebe (Perry) Temple. Her grave marker is very deteriorated, and the only information it yields gave her name, Sep 1843 (probably), "in the 9 yr of her life" (possibly).

Susanna TEMPLE was born in 1857 in MO.84088 She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Madison, Clark, MO.84088 Parents: Benjamin R. TEMPLE-4558 and Mary J. WILSON-10905.

Susanna (Luanna) TEMPLE35935,82244,123793 was born on 24 July 1870 in Youngstown, Mahoning, OH.35932,82245,123794 Branches of the Family Tree places her birth in MO. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Hanoverton, Columbiana, OH.82245 Enumerated with her grandparents Andre. She died on 9 October 1909 at the age of 39 in Montrose, Montrose, CO.35932 She is also given as Luanna in places, such as Branches of the Family Tree by Evelyn Creech, and as Lou Ann in her son Clifton's death certificate. She went by Luanna in her marriage to Alva Galloway. Parents: Thomas Jefferson (Jefferson) TEMPLE-5632 and Mary Jane ANDRE-13026.

Spouse: Alva Wade GALLOWAY-13038. Susanna (Luanna) TEMPLE and Alva Wade GALLOWAY were married on 25 December 1888 in Montrose, Montrose, CO.35932,35933,35934 This was a double wedding with her sister. Children were: Aouda Mary GALLOWAY-13039, Clifton Temple GALLOWAY-89369.

Susanna (Sukey) TEMPLE82096 was born on 23 December 1786 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.96334 Parents: Jabez TEMPLE Sr.-4372 and Hephzibah Esther (Hephzibah) EMERSON-4411.

Spouse: Zephaniah WOODS-19295. Susanna (Sukey) TEMPLE and Zephaniah WOODS were married on 6 April 1814 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.123795 Married in 2nd Baptist Church of Boston.

Susanna (Susan) TEMPLE465,21774 was born in 1841 in PA.46191 Claimed PA in 1850, the place is uncertain due to the death location oher elder brother George. She appeared in the census in September 1850 in Union, Ross, OH.46191 She died. Nancy Chambers, daughter of John and Hannah, recalled she died after her husband hit her with a stick of stove wood. Parents: Joseph TEMPLE-39588 and Margaret (Peggy) HUTCHISON-39589.

Spouse: Thomas WATSON-39601. Susanna (Susan) TEMPLE and Thomas WATSON were married on 10 September 1861 in Hocking Co., OH.465,123796

Susanna Adelia (Susan) TEMPLE80425 was born on 20 June 1840 in Londonderry, Windham, VT.4911,11047,26755,89724 Death certificate put the date in 1840, but other sources put it in 1841. Gave her age as 17 in 1860. She appeared in the census in August 1860 in Winhall Twp., Bennington, VT.89724 She appeared in the census in August 1860 in Londonderry, Windham, VT.26755 Susanna died on 29 March 1916 at the age of 75 in Londonderry, Windham, VT.4911,114894,123728 Died at home of spinal meningitis. Buried in Glebe View Cemetery, South Londonderry, VT. Parents: Samuel E. TEMPLE-4417 and Louisa Hunt CURTIS-5977.

Spouse: Gilman J. THOMPSON-19318. Susanna Adelia (Susan) TEMPLE and Gilman J. THOMPSON were married on 14 August 1859 in Londonderry, Windham, VT.11047 Children were: Hallie THOMPSON-122499.

Susanna Green (Susan) TEMPLE85795 was born on 29 November 1808 in Logan Co., KY.457,13864,41414 1850 Census gives TN. The Family Bible of Mary E. Wolfe Bible, received from Shirley and Charles Wolf of Collinsville, SC gave the date as 9 Nov. She appeared in the census in July 1850 in Todd Co., KY.120036 Living with the F.E. and Lucy A. McLean family. She died on 4 February 1892 at the age of 83.85796 Susanna has reference number RLT # W38i.22788 She may have married a Wolf first, and then, as Susan G. Wolf, married George H. Merritt on 28 Oct 1870 in KY (according to Family Bible of Mary E. Wolfe Bible, received from Shirley and Charles Wolf of Collinsville, SC). Parents: Robert Webb TEMPLE-21976 and Guillielmus (Gooly and Gilly) HARVEY-21981.

Susanna P. (Susan) TEMPLE7601 was born in 1851 in IL.52346,52348,76379 She appeared in the census in July 1860 in Plato, Kane, IL.52346 In July 1870 she was a domestic servant in Fremont, Mahaska, IA.52348 Susanna appeared in the census in 1925 in Fremont, Butler, IA.13223 She died. Parents: Freeman TEMPLE-2914 and Sabron (Sabra) LEE-17886.

Spouse: Allan J. SUTCLIFF-17895. Susanna P. (Susan) TEMPLE and Allan J. SUTCLIFF were married on 22 October 1873 in Bremer Co., IA.17740,76380 Children were: Oscar E. SUTCLIFF-57207, E.E. SUTCLIFF-57210.

Susannah TEMPLE66228,103401 was born (date unknown). I think her marriage to Moore is doubtful, as it comes from Temple People, Vol., II, which has many errors. The other marriage is based on her father's will. Parents: Thomas TEMPLE-4457 and Luraney (Fannie) MC DANIEL-4503.

Spouse: MOORE-35076.

Spouse: Colonel John KOEN-19640. Susannah TEMPLE and Colonel John KOEN were married before 1791.1941 This marriage must have occurred, as it is given as her surname in the will of her father, Thomas, in 1791.

Susannah TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Jacob MILLER-133909. Susannah TEMPLE and Jacob MILLER were married on 7 February 1768 in New York City, New York, NY.8595,58662

Susannah TEMPLE7875 was born on 2 April 1683. She was baptized on 28 March 1685. Apparently stayed in England. Parents: William TEMPLE-16446 and Susanna CARRINGTON-16485.

Spouse: ISAAC-21455. Children were: Mary ISAAC-21456.

Susannah TEMPLE1948 was born on 21 August 1699 in Rumley Creek, Baltimore, MD.123797 Bound to John Webster to age 16 in Jun 1710.

Aug 1724 indicted for bastardy, for having a base born child (Michael, b. 11 Jul 1724) by Abraham Whitaker (b. 19 Sep 1702, d. 31 Dec 1739). She was indicted in Nov 1724 for this offense. At the time, she was a servant of Daniel Scott, and was sentenced to 15 stripes with the lash. Parents: Thomas TEMPLE-130735 and Eleanor LORESON-130736.

Spouse: Henry MUNDAY-130742. Susannah TEMPLE and Henry MUNDAY were married on 25 November 1725 in St. George's Parish, Baltimore, MD.1948,60394 Children were: Henaretta Prudense Deborah Margretta MUNDAY-130748, Michael MUNDAY-134824, John MUNDAY-149208, Thomas MUNDAY-149209, Sarah MUNDAY-149210, James MUNDAY-149211.

Susannah TEMPLE was born on 8 November 1730 in Kennett Square, Chester, PA.9292,46232,71364 The Harlan Genealogy gives 21 May in both the year 1730 and 1737 for her birth. The latter would make her the twin of Lydia, but is unlikely. Also given as 8 Sep and 8 Nov 1730 in Pennsbury. She died between 1760 and 1765 at the age of 30. Parents: William TEMPLE-4525 and Hannah TAYLOR-4526.

Spouse: William SEAL-19524. Susannah TEMPLE and William SEAL were married on 15 June 1748 in Kennett, Chester, PA.9292,28761 Also given as Apr. Children were: William SEAL-30387, Joseph SEAL-30388, Benjamin SEAL-28133, Hannah SEAL-30389, Caleb SEAL-30391, Thomas SEAL-30392, Rachel SEAL-30390.

Susannah TEMPLE93289 was born on 30 January 1741 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.96334 She was baptized on 31 January 1741 in Wakefield, Middlesex, MA.85151 She died on 23 September 1745 at the age of 4 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.15533,123798 Some Temple Pedigrees gave date as 7 Mar 1749. Parents: Lieutenant John TEMPLE-4364 and Rebecca PARKER-4379.

Susannah TEMPLE93289 was born on 2 June 1747 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.96334 She was baptized on 7 June 1747 in Wakefield, Middlesex, MA.85151 She died on 3 July 1749 at the age of 2 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.15533,123798 Parents: Lieutenant John TEMPLE-4364 and Rebecca PARKER-4379.

Susannah TEMPLE12866 was born about 1750.

Spouse: William BEEVER-130930. Susannah TEMPLE and William BEEVER were married on 4 June 1778 in Frederick Co., MD.12866