Deborah Lucile BRODIE (private). Parents: William Gilmore BRODIE Jr.-160961 and Doris Jean (Doris) MARSH-135342.

William Gilmore BRODIE Jr.16466,16467,16468 held the title of Jr..

Spouse: Doris Jean (Doris) MARSH-135342. Doris Jean (Doris) MARSH and William Gilmore BRODIE Jr. were married on 1 July 1946.16467,16469 Children were: David Thomas BRODIE-160962, Deborah Lucile BRODIE-160963.

Regina BRODMANN (private).

Spouse: George SCHANDELMAYER-5192. Children were: Annie T. SCHANDELMAYER-4669, Charles SCHANDELMAYER-4908.

Maxim BRODSKY was born in Russia.8664

Spouse: Bella JUSTMAN-163796. Bella JUSTMAN and Maxim BRODSKY were married. Children were: Raveli BRODSKY-130319.

Raveli BRODSKY146 was born in 1920 in IL.8664 She lived 1133 South Lucerne Boulevard in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA in 1957.8664 Parents: Maxim BRODSKY-163795 and Bella JUSTMAN-163796.

Spouse: Isiah SOLTES-163797. Raveli BRODSKY and Isiah SOLTES were married on 27 April 1957 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.8664

Spouse: TEMPLE-130318. Raveli BRODSKY and TEMPLE were married before 1950. Children were: Shelley Leslie TEMPLE-130317.

Janett BRODY16470 died.

Spouse: Alexander RITCHIE Sr.-118878. Janett BRODY and Alexander RITCHIE Sr. were married before 1901. Children were: Alexander RITCHIE Jr.-118877.

Katherine Grace BROGAN (private).16471 Parents: Matthew Scott BROGAN-74080 and Victoria Grace (Tory) TEMPLE-43444.

Matthew Scott BROGAN (private).

Spouse: Victoria Grace (Tory) TEMPLE-43444. Children were: Katherine Grace BROGAN-80324.

Nancy Joan BROGAN (private).16472

Spouse: Thomas Paul TEMPEL-71306. Children were: Michael Jason TEMPEL-71316, Christopher Paul TEMPEL-71317.

Spouse: SINELL-122691.

BROGDEN (private).

Spouse: Anne May (Annie) TEMPLE-44670.

BROGDEN (private).

Spouse: Doris TEMPLE-126378.

Nellie M. BROGDON was born on 10 March 1936.16473 She lived in Manchester, Coffee, TN before 2015.16473 She died on 16 November 2015 at the age of 79 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.16474 Buried in Concord Cemetery, Tullahoma, TN. Parents: Paul BROGDON Sr.-117773 and Edna Earl HALEY-117774.

Spouse: Howard Daniel TEMPLE-117760. Nellie M. BROGDON and Howard Daniel TEMPLE were married about 1955.16475 Children were: Deborah Ann TEMPLE-117761, Howard Lee (Lee) TEMPLE-117770.

Paul BROGDON Sr.16474 died.

Spouse: Edna Earl HALEY-117774. Edna Earl HALEY and Paul BROGDON Sr. were married before 1936. Children were: Nellie M. BROGDON-117763.

Elizabeth Anne BROLIN (private).16476 Parents: James M. BROLIN-172195 and Nancy Kay NELSON-172194.

James M. BROLIN (private).16476

Spouse: Nancy Kay NELSON-172194. Children were: Elizabeth Anne BROLIN-172196.

Nancy Karen BROLIN (private).16477

Spouse: Arthur Dobson TEMPLE-123434. Children were: Jonathan David TEMPLE-123437.

Alma Alameda (Meda) BROLLIAR16478 was born on 11 December 1887 in Wilber, Saline, NE.16479,16480,16481,16482,16483,16484,16485,16486,16487 Some sources say 11 Dec, and it appears on her grave marker, but others say 13 Dec. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in North Fossil Creek, Larimer, CO.16482 She lived 619 Ward Avenue in Fort Collins, Larimer, CO in 1918.16488 Alma appeared in the census in January 1920 in Fort Collins, Larimer, CO.16480 She lived 825 Smith Street in Fort Collins, Larimer, CO in 1922.16489 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Laporte, Larimer, CO.16481 Alma appeared in the census in April 1940 in Laporte, Larimer, CO.16484 She died on 15 July 1967 at the age of 79 in Fort Collins, Larimer, CO.16479,16485,16486,16487 Died of undisclosed causes at South Eventide Rest Home, Fort Collins. She had been in the rest home since Jan 1966. Buried in Grandview Cemetery, Fort Collins, CO. Her parents were from OH (father) and IA (mother). Appears as Meda in the 1922 city directory and 1930 census. By 1910, she had had no children. Parents: William Henry BROLLIAR-59932 and Emma Jane GREASER-59933.

Spouse: James Earl (Earl) TEMPLE-42109. Alma Alameda (Meda) BROLLIAR and James Earl (Earl) TEMPLE were married on 25 December 1906 in Fort Collins, Larimer, CO.16482,16487,16490,16491 Registered in Book 198, page 143. Married at Claymore Lake. Children were: Craig Earl (Craig) TEMPLE-42111, Lucy Jane (Jane) TEMPLE-42112, Alta Almeda (Meda) TEMPLE-42113.

William Henry BROLLIAR was born in 1854 in Perryville, Hamilton, OH.16483 He died in 1925 at the age of 71.16483

Spouse: Emma Jane GREASER-59933. Emma Jane GREASER and William Henry BROLLIAR were married. Children were: Alma Alameda (Meda) BROLLIAR-42110.

Nannie Isadore (Nannie) BROLYER16492 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John Henry CARNEY-27303. Nannie Isadore (Nannie) BROLYER and John Henry CARNEY were married before 1895. Children were: Nina Dale (Nina) CARNEY-27302.

BROMELHAUS16493 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary Ann ROSS-31812. Mary Ann ROSS and BROMELHAUS were married before 16 October 1940.16493

Hazel L. BROMLEY (private).

Spouse: Louis LA BASSUR-103677. Children were: Nancy Lou LA BASSUR-75558.

Alexis Leigh BROMM (private). Parents: Kenneth Joseph BROMM-111798 and Nancy Ann SCHNAUS-112437.

Angela Marie BROMM9401 was born in 1991. She died in 1991 at the age of 0. Parents: Jeffrey Gerald BROMM-111796 and Madonna Rae "Donna" WIGAND-112693.

Jeffrey Gerald BROMM (private).

Spouse: Madonna Rae "Donna" WIGAND-112693. Children were: Matthew Joshua BROMM-111799, Joshua David BROMM-111797, Angela Marie BROMM-111795.

Joshua David BROMM9401 was born in 1990. He died on 28 September 1990 at the age of 0. Parents: Jeffrey Gerald BROMM-111796 and Madonna Rae "Donna" WIGAND-112693.

Kenneth Joseph BROMM (private).

Spouse: Nancy Ann SCHNAUS-112437. Children were: Nova Renae BROMM-111800, Alexis Leigh BROMM-111794.

Matthew Joshua BROMM9401 was born in 1990. He died on 28 September 1990 at the age of 0. Parents: Jeffrey Gerald BROMM-111796 and Madonna Rae "Donna" WIGAND-112693.

Nova Renae BROMM (private). Parents: Kenneth Joseph BROMM-111798 and Nancy Ann SCHNAUS-112437.

Julia BRONKHURST8872 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Clarence ANDERSON-122128. Julia BRONKHURST and Clarence ANDERSON were married before 1914. Children were: Luther ANDERSON-102985.

Brent BRONNER (private). Parents: Buz BRONNER-115281 and Lynn TEMPLE-115278.

Buz BRONNER (private).

Spouse: Lynn TEMPLE-115278. Children were: Brent BRONNER-115288.

BRONSON died before 1920.103 He was born in NY.103

Spouse: Adelle -134774. Adelle and BRONSON were married. Children were: Maude BRONSON-134772.

Martha Elma BRONSON (private).

Spouse: Enos SWARTS-52672. Children were: Leroy Warren SWARTS-52671.

Maude BRONSON was born in 1867 in NY.103,16494 Gave 1872 in 1920. She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Vernon Twp., Oneida, NY.103 She died on 16 October 1946 at the age of 79 in Vernon Twp., Oneida, NY.16495 By 1910, she had had 1 child who survived. Parents: BRONSON-134773 and Adelle -134774.

Spouse: TEMPLE-134771. Maude BRONSON and TEMPLE were married before 1910. They were divorced before 1910.16494

BROOKE (private).

Spouse: Francis TEMPLE-173183.

Cynthia Jean BROOKE16496 was born on 9 July 1941 in Williamsport, Lycoming, PA. She died on 11 July 1949 at the age of 8 in Williamsport, Lycoming, PA.16496 Died of prematurity. Parents: Leslie BROOKE Jr.-93744 and Betty Jane TEMPLE-28600.

George James BROOKE Jr.16497 was born in 1917.16498 His wife's SSACI gave Brooks.

Spouse: Lucy Mae TEMPLE-24816. Lucy Mae TEMPLE and George James BROOKE Jr. were married on 16 May 1941 in Beaufort, Carteret, NC.16498 A witness was Mrs. W.G. Temple.

Leslie BROOKE Jr.16496 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Betty Jane TEMPLE-28600. Betty Jane TEMPLE and Leslie BROOKE Jr. were married before 1949. Children were: Cynthia Jean BROOKE-93745.

Ella BROOKER (private).

Spouse: E.J. TAMBLIN-95665. Children were: Granville V. TAMBLIN-41782.

Arthur John BROOKES16499 was born in 1894. He died in 1982 at the age of 88.

Spouse: Evelyn Martha CRAIG-179231. Evelyn Martha CRAIG and Arthur John BROOKES were married in 1964.16499

William Gregory BROOKES (private).

Spouse: Maria Louisa COX-17674.

Jon C. BROOKFIELD (private).

Spouse: Mary A. TEMPLE-136865.

Clyde BROOKINS died on 31 December 1997 in Panama City, Bay, FL.7878

Spouse: Ezra Amos ADDISON-143328. Clyde BROOKINS and Ezra Amos ADDISON were married. Children were: Janice M. ADDISON-143327.

BROOKS (private).

Spouse: Herman Frank (Herman) TEMPLE-74836. Children were: Sybil Day TEMPLE-74855, Herman Frank TEMPLE Jr.-91399, Stacey Dawn TEMPLE-74856, Thomas TEMPLE-74857.

BROOKS (private).

Spouse: Sarah Margaret (Maggie) TEMPLE-35364.

BROOKS was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elizabeth M. (Lizzie) -74991. Elizabeth M. (Lizzie) and BROOKS were married about 1899 in PA. Children were: Edward BROOKS-87328.

BROOKS (private).

Spouse: Nan TEMPLE-88330.

BROOKS (private).

Spouse: Cynthia Anne TEMPLE-51462.

BROOKS16500 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary Inez TYREE-100816. Mary Inez TYREE and BROOKS were married before August 1951.16500

BROOKS16501 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary Katherine PAYTON-108145. Mary Katherine PAYTON and BROOKS were married before March 1954.16501