Lawrence SWITZER (private). Parents: Charles Henry SWITZER-72117 and Marcella Bernadine HAVERKAMP-72114.

Mary Jane (Mary) SWITZER5452,71664 was born in 1836 in OH.13910,35950,71665,71666 Gave her age as 34 in 1870. Gave 1838 in 1860. She appeared in the census in October 1850 in Concord, Ross, OH.35950 She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Concord, Ross, OH.71665 Mary appeared in the census in July 1870 in Concord, Ross, OH.71666 She died in 1878 at the age of 42 in Ross Co., OH.35949 Buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Frankfort, OH, Plot Section 5B, Row 1. Parents: Jacob SWITZER-60364 and Jane GRAHAM-60365.

Spouse: John Near (John) TEMPLE-28810. Mary Jane (Mary) SWITZER and John Near (John) TEMPLE were married on 1 June 1854 in Ross Co., OH.455,71664,71667 Children were: William W. TEMPLE-44013, Mariah TEMPLE-45080, Mary Ellen (Ella) TEMPLE-52546, John Burtin TEMPLE-52547.

Edward L. SWOPE71668 was born in January 1857 in PA.71669 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Morrisville, Bucks, PA.71669 His parents were both from PA in 1900.

Spouse: Anna Eliza TEMPLE-161566. Anna Eliza TEMPLE and Edward L. SWOPE were married on 24 August 1887 in Trenton, Mercer, NJ.71670 Children were: Sadie V. SWOPE-173534.

Mary T. SWOPE was born in May 1880 in Morrisville, Bucks, PA.56497 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Morrisville, Bucks, PA.56497 She died before 1900 at the age of 20. Parents: William T. SWOPE-47397 and Josephine TEMPLE-47394.

Sadie V. SWOPE was born in September 1891 in PA.71669 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Morrisville, Bucks, PA.71669 Parents: Edward L. SWOPE-173533 and Anna Eliza TEMPLE-161566.

Scott M. SWOPE (private).71671

Spouse: Sue Ann TEMPEL-119726.

William T. SWOPE20115 was born in 1853 in Morrisville, Bucks, PA.56497 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Morrisville, Bucks, PA.56497 He died before 1900 at the age of 47. Appeared as Stoops in Some Temple Pedigrees and 1880, it was Swope in her death certificate. Surname was interpreted as Stoope in the translation of NJ marriage records.

Spouse: Josephine TEMPLE-47394. Josephine TEMPLE and William T. SWOPE were married on 30 March 1878 in Trenton, Mercer, NJ.71672 Children were: Mary T. SWOPE-50855, William T. SWOPE-92141.

William T. SWOPE was born in 1883 in PA.71673 He died. Parents: William T. SWOPE-47397 and Josephine TEMPLE-47394.

SWOR (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth Ann (Liz) TEMPLE-33981.

Ronnie SWYGERT (private).

Spouse: Melody TEMPLES-62730.

Bob SWYSGOOD66274 served in the military in 1943. He was in the Navy when he married Shirley Schillreff.

Spouse: Shirley June SCHILLREFF-67865. Shirley June SCHILLREFF and Bob SWYSGOOD were married on 16 December 1943 in Seattle, King, WA.51117,66274

Bartlett SYDNAM2188 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary Jane THOMPSON-128505. Mary Jane THOMPSON and Bartlett SYDNAM were married before 1839. Children were: William H. SYDNAM-128500.

William H. SYDNAM2188 was born on 29 March 1839 in Hastings, Oswego, NY. He died on 7 February 1912 at the age of 72 in Onondaga Co., NY. Parents: Bartlett SYDNAM-128504 and Mary Jane THOMPSON-128505.

Spouse: Ellen -128501. Ellen and William H. SYDNAM were married before 1872.2188

Spouse: Martha JACKS-128502. Martha JACKS and William H. SYDNAM were married after May 1878 in Millington, Tuscola, MI.2188

Spouse: Eliza M. (Betsey) BABCOCK-128503. Eliza M. (Betsey) BABCOCK and William H. SYDNAM were married on 3 January 1892 in Albion, Orleans, NY.2188

Spouse: Melia VAN STINE-128499. Melia VAN STINE and William H. SYDNAM were married on 13 May 1910 in Altmar, Oswego, NY.2188 This was a second marriage for both.

Hamilton M. SYDNEY was born in 1894.71674 He lived in Hannibal, Marion, MO in 1918.71674

Spouse: Pearl M. TEMPLE-55243. Pearl M. TEMPLE and Hamilton M. SYDNEY were married on 7 September 1918 in Kansas City, Jackson, MO.71674,71675

SYKES was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Martha EDMOND-56539. Martha EDMOND and SYKES were married before January 1939.7736

Mary Cole SYKES (private).

Spouse: David Alexander ROBERTS-98711. Children were: David Earl ROBERTS-22337.

Muriel SYKES was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Martin TEMPLE-175617. Muriel SYKES and Martin TEMPLE were married in September 1939 in Bronx, Bronx, NY.71676 It is not clear when this marriage took place, but they took out a license, # 7667, 14 Sep 1939.

William Steve (Steve) SYKES (private).

Spouse: Kathy Ann TEMPLE-73068.

Gregory Leonard SYLVAN (private).71677 Parents: Lawrence Dennis SYLVAN-110032 and Cornelia F. CAIN-110033.

Spouse: Lisa Michelle TEMPLE-110029.

Lawrence Dennis SYLVAN (private).

Spouse: Cornelia F. CAIN-110033. Children were: Gregory Leonard SYLVAN-110031.

SYLVESTER37762 died.

Spouse: Alma Elizabeth TEMPLE-116128. Alma Elizabeth TEMPLE and SYLVESTER were married before November 1944.37762

Anna SYLVESTER (private).

Spouse: John BOLDT-96757. Children were: Otto E. BOLDT-24102.

John SYLVESTER71678 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-96624. UNKNOWN and John SYLVESTER were married before 1884. Children were: Martha Ann (Fannie) SYLVESTER-13618.

Linda Jean SYLVESTER (private).

Spouse: Arnold Fred CHAMPNEY-91396. Children were: Candy J. CHAMPNEY-91395.

Martha Ann (Fannie) SYLVESTER12753,71679 was born on 27 June 1884 in Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom.71680,71681,71682 She immigrated in 1890.71680 She was naturalized in 1896.71680 In 1907 Martha was a school teacher in Oconto, Oconto, WI.71678 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Armstrong, Oconto, WI.71680 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Armstrong, Oconto, WI.71681 In April 1940 Martha was a truck farm laborer in Armstrong, Oconto, WI.71682 She lived 314 North California Street in Sycamore, De Kalb, IL in 1959. She died on 6 July 1984 at the age of 100 in Waukesha, Waukesha, WI. Enumerated as Martha N. in 1920, she also appears as Mary Ann. Parents: John SYLVESTER-96623 and UNKNOWN-96624.

Spouse: George Webb TEMPLE Jr.-13611. Martha Ann (Fannie) SYLVESTER and George Webb TEMPLE Jr. were married on 4 March 1907 in Iron Mountain, Dickinson, MI.11199,71678,71681 They11199,71678,71681 were divorced before 1942. Children were: George Sylvester (George) TEMPLE-13619, Richard Hugo (Richard) TEMPLE-13620, Charlotte Grace (Charlotte) TEMPLE-13621, Marion Phoebe TEMPLE-13622, Patricia Ann (Patsy) TEMPLE-13623.

Spouse: Ralph W. STEARNS-13628. Martha Ann (Fannie) SYLVESTER and Ralph W. STEARNS were married on 14 December 1942 in De Kalb Co., IL.70318

Ella J. SYMENS was born on 3 September 1891 in Turner Co., SD.71079,71080,71081,71082,71683 She lived in Middleton Twp., Turner, SD in 1918.71684 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Lennox, Lincoln, SD.71683 Ella appeared in the census in April 1930 in Delapre Twp., Lincoln, SD.71081 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Delapre Twp., Lincoln, SD.71080 She died on 25 January 1975 at the age of 83 in Lennox, Lincoln, SD.71079 Buried in Lennox Cemetery, Lennox, SD. Her parents were both from Germany. She may have been the mother of some of the Stratmeyer children but I could not determine when they married. Parents: Simon SYMENS-84534 and Engel POPPENGA-84535.

Spouse: John M. TEMPLE-50003. Ella J. SYMENS and John M. TEMPLE were married on 12 January 1912 in Lincoln Co., SD.71079,71081,71685 Children were: Arleigh Peter TEMPLE-70988.

Spouse: Enno J. STRATMEYER-70991. Ella J. SYMENS and Enno J. STRATMEYER were married on 16 February 1921 in Lennox, Lincoln, SD.71081,71083 Children were: Ida STRATMEYER-84537, Angeline STRATMEYER-84536.

Simon SYMENS (private).

Spouse: Engel POPPENGA-84535. Children were: Ella J. SYMENS-70990.

Herbert Herman SYMM (private). Parents: Herman Otto SYMM-84770 and Anna Pauline (Annie) TEMPLE-84769.

Herman Otto SYMM71686,71687 was born in 1882. He died in 1947 at the age of 65.

Spouse: Anna Pauline (Annie) TEMPLE-84769. Anna Pauline (Annie) TEMPLE and Herman Otto SYMM were married. Children were: Richard Herbert SYMM-86101, Herbert Herman SYMM-86102.

Richard Herbert SYMM (private). Parents: Herman Otto SYMM-84770 and Anna Pauline (Annie) TEMPLE-84769.

Lydia SYMONDS22 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Reuben TEMPLE-133358. Lydia SYMONDS and Reuben TEMPLE were married before 1777. Children were: Jonathan TEMPLE-133360, Levi TEMPLE-133361, Lydia TEMPLE-133362, Samuel TEMPLE-133363.

Samuel SYMONDS (private).

Spouse: Dorothy ARLEKENDEN-820. Children were: William SYMONDS-382.

Thomas SYMONDS was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Hannah PARKER-9069. Hannah PARKER and Thomas SYMONDS were married in 1739.4495

William SYMONDS37185,71688,71689,71690,71691 was born in 1612 in Toppesfield, Essex, England, United Kingdom.10708 He died on 7 June 1670 at the age of 58 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.10708 Some sources indicate he died on 17 Jun 1672. Parents: Samuel SYMONDS-819 and Dorothy ARLEKENDEN-820.

Spouse: Judith PHIPPEN-383. Judith PHIPPEN and William SYMONDS were married on 18 January 1643 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.11155,60880 Other sources list marriage date as 28 Jun 1644 Children were: Judith SIMMONDS-141, Sarah SIMONDS-9713, Mary SIMONDS-9714, Caleb SIMONDS-9715, Joseph SIMONDS-9716, Benjamin SIMONDS-9717, William SIMONDS-9718, Tabitha SIMONDS-9719, Joshua SIMONDS-9720, James SIMONDS-9721, Bethiah SIMONDS-9722, Huldah SIMONDS-9723.

Spouse: Sarah BALDWIN-9712. Sarah BALDWIN and William SYMONDS were married before 1641.10698

Marjorie SYMONETE14110 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John BLATCH Sr.-127984. Marjorie SYMONETE and John BLATCH Sr. were married before 1928. Children were: Dolores Dorethea (Doretta) BLATCH-127983.

Charles M. SYMONS52559 died before 1930.52560

Spouse: Rose MAYVILLE-43966. Rose MAYVILLE and Charles M. SYMONS were married. Children were: Gladys M. SYMONS-23627.

Gladys M. SYMONS28894,52559 was born on 20 November 1897 in MI.52560,71692,71693,71694 She lived in Detroit, Wayne, MI in 1918.52559 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.71692 Gladys appeared in the census in April 1930 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.52560 In April 1940 she was an advertising company switchboard operator in Detroit, Wayne, MI.71693 She lived in Rochester, Oakland, MI in 1986.71694 Gladys died on 28 August 1986 at the age of 88 in Rochester Hills, Oakland, MI.71694 Surname given as Symans in 1930. Parents: Charles M. SYMONS-43965 and Rose MAYVILLE-43966.

Spouse: Elmer Clinton (Elmer) TEMPLE-23621. Gladys M. SYMONS and Elmer Clinton (Elmer) TEMPLE were married on 11 May 1918 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.52559,52560 Children were: Virginia Rose TEMPLE-43967.

Maude SYMONS62114 died.

Spouse: Ernest PRUST-120363. Maude SYMONS and Ernest PRUST were married before 1895. Children were: Bernice PRUST-60975.

David Roy SYNDER (private).

Spouse: Geri Ann SCHNAUS-112404. Children were: Noah Jefferson SYNDER-112572.

Noah Jefferson SYNDER (private). Parents: David Roy SYNDER-112571 and Geri Ann SCHNAUS-112404.

Sadie SYPHER50160 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John LOFKWIST-123366. Sadie SYPHER and John LOFKWIST were married before 1916. Children were: Edith M. LOFKWIST-123365.

SYPHRUS was born in KY.71695 She died. Known only from her son John's death certificate, informed by her daughter-in-law.

Spouse: James TEMPLE-106858. SYPHRUS and James TEMPLE were married before 1862. Children were: John W. TEMPLE-97821.

Jeffrey S. SYRETT (private).71696

Spouse: Karen L. TEMPLE-146108.

Joseph SYRIE (private).

Spouse: Ann LOWER-96740. Children were: Ruth SYRIE-96738.

Ruth SYRIE was born in 1873 in Canada.71697 She lived in Battle Creek, Calhoun, MI in 1901.71697 She died. Parents: Joseph SYRIE-96739 and Ann LOWER-96740.

Spouse: John Peter TEMPLE-64166. Ruth SYRIE and John Peter TEMPLE were married on 14 February 1901 in Battle Creek, Calhoun, MI.71697

Bjorn Petter SYVERTSEN (private).71698

Spouse: Pauline M. TEMPLE-177893.

Carol Ann SZATMARY (private).4590 Parents: Thomas Ellis SZATMARY-23526 and Anna Mae (Nan) TEMPLE-23512.

Joan Cecile SZATMARY (private).4590 Parents: Thomas Ellis SZATMARY-23526 and Anna Mae (Nan) TEMPLE-23512.

Joyce Ellen SZATMARY (private).4590 Parents: Thomas Ellis SZATMARY-23526 and Anna Mae (Nan) TEMPLE-23512.

Thomas Ellis SZATMARY4590,8818 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Anna Mae (Nan) TEMPLE-23512. Anna Mae (Nan) TEMPLE and Thomas Ellis SZATMARY were married about 1935.4590 Children were: Carol Ann SZATMARY-84057, Joyce Ellen SZATMARY-84058, Joan Cecile SZATMARY-84059.