Sheila CALDWELL (private). Parents: Forrest Dean CALDWELL-116687 and Virginia Christine (Virginia) TEMPLE-49709.

Sophia CALDWELL20057 died on 21 September 1906.

Spouse: John W.F. PARKER-11443. Sophia CALDWELL and John W.F. PARKER were married.

T.B. CALDWELL (private).

Spouse: Bessie SLAUGHTER-89954. Children were: Margaret Virginia (Virginia) CALDWELL-51803.

Tom CALDWELL (private). Parents: Forrest Dean CALDWELL-116687 and Virginia Christine (Virginia) TEMPLE-49709.

Walter CALDWELL was born on 9 December 1901 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.18750,20058 Some family research gives 5 Jan 1901. He died on 23 October 1992 at the age of 90.18750 Parents: Joseph CALDWELL-36867 and Annie TEMPLE-23056.

Spouse: Esther NYQUIST-40387. Children were: Richard Bruce CALDWELL-40388.

William B. CALDWELL16643 lived in Greenbrier, Monroe, OH before 1860. No issue.

Spouse: Ella Fauntleroy TEMPLE-18662. Ella Fauntleroy TEMPLE and William B. CALDWELL were married on 18 November 1860 in Rockingham, Tuscarawas, OH.16647,20059

Leila CALE20060 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elmer CARLSON-101157. Leila CALE and Elmer CARLSON were married before 1928. Children were: Margaret Helen CARLSON-54875.

Mary CALEASIE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Peter B. HODGES-24184. Mary CALEASIE and Peter B. HODGES were married on 7 April 1836 in Washington Co., MD.19420,20061 Children were: Francis Marion HODGES-44094.

Stephen CALEF20062 was born on 15 March 1734 in Waltham, Middlesex, MA. He died about 1814 at the age of 80 in MA. He served in the military.20062 Served as a Sergeant in the Revolutionary War. Name also given as Califf.

Spouse: Rebecca HOWE-353. Rebecca HOWE and Stephen CALEF were married in 1813 in MA.17385,20062 Intention filed in Westminster, MA, 17 Jun 1813.

Spouse: Anna STEARNS-27953. Anna STEARNS and Stephen CALEF were married on 22 May 1755 in Waltham, Middlesex, MA.20062

Henry CALENBERG (private).

Spouse: Sarah PARKER-8384.

Billie CALENTINE (private).20063

Spouse: Jacob NASH-106389. Children were: Tina Louise NASH-106387.

CALHOUN was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Dessie Edith LE FEVRE-91698. Dessie Edith LE FEVRE and CALHOUN were married before 1942.

Barnwell Rhett CALHOUN Jr.20064 was born in 1939. He died in 2016 at the age of 77.

Spouse: Rosemary TEMPLE-119710. Rosemary TEMPLE and Barnwell Rhett CALHOUN Jr. were married about 1962.

Ben CALHOUN Jr. was born in 1930.20065 He held the title of Jr..

Spouse: Evelyn TEMPLE-186213. Evelyn TEMPLE and Ben CALHOUN Jr. were married about July 1951 in Montgomery Co., AL.20065 They took out their license on or shortly before 13 Jul 1951. The place was probably in Montgomery Co., AL, as they both resided there and took out their license there, but this is circumstantial and requires proof such as a marriage certificate.

Brad T. CALHOUN (private).

Spouse: Teresa L. TEMPLE-174161.

Brenda CALHOUN (private). Parents: Lewis Victor CALHOUN-34295 and Gertrude Rountree (Gertrude) TEMPLE(S)-34258.

Elizabeth O. (Bessie) CALHOUN20066 was born in May 1885 in Beaver Co., PA.317,20067,20068,20069 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Hopewell, Beaver, PA.20067 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Bridgewater, Beaver, PA.20068 Elizabeth appeared in the census in January 1920 in Woodlawn, Beaver, PA.317 She died. Her parents were both from PA. She had had no children by the 1900 census. By 1910, she said she had had only 1 child, who survived, but she apparently did not count Stella. In the birth certificate of her daughter Stella in 1906, Stella was the 4th child of Bessie, but only the second living child. The timing of the birth of William is unknown, but would have been before 1918. They either divorced or she died before his WWI draft registration in 1918. Maiden name given as Callahan in her son John's death certificate, which she informed, but is given elsewhere as Calhoun. Parents: James CALHOUN-93579 and Amanda -93580.

Spouse: James Harris TEMPLE-3130. Elizabeth O. (Bessie) CALHOUN and James Harris TEMPLE were married in April 1900 in PA.20066,20067 Children were: John TEMPLE-92500, Stella Evelyn TEMPLE-92085, William Calhoun TEMPLE-3134.

H.L. CALHOUN Jr. was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Joyce Ann TEMPLE-115294. Joyce Ann TEMPLE and H.L. CALHOUN Jr. were married on 22 March 1958 in Bienville Parish, LA.20070,20071 This fact assumes the obituary of Mary J. (Jackie) Temple is correct in naming Joyce as a sister, not a sister-in-law. The consequence of this is the SSACI facts start when she was married to Calhoun, but then divorced him and reassumed her maiden name before marrying Chandler. This may not be the case - she may have been a sister-in-law. If that is the case, then her maiden name was Calhoun, and she married and divorced Gerald R. Temple before May 1962.

James CALHOUN was born in 1853 in PA.317 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Woodlawn, Beaver, PA.317

Spouse: Amanda -93580. Amanda and James CALHOUN were married. Children were: Elizabeth O. (Bessie) CALHOUN-3133.

John CALHOUN (private).

Spouse: Brenda TEMPLE-122344. Children were: Robert CALHOUN-122347.

John Hueston CALHOUN20072 was born in 1930. He moved in 1971 in Fort Pierce, St. Lucie, FL.20072 He died in 2016 at the age of 86.

Spouse: Shirley TEMPLE-179427. Shirley TEMPLE and John Hueston CALHOUN were married in 1955.20072 Children were: Kathy CALHOUN-179429.

Judith CALHOUN (private). Parents: Lewis Victor CALHOUN-34295 and Gertrude Rountree (Gertrude) TEMPLE(S)-34258.

Kathy CALHOUN (private). Parents: John Hueston CALHOUN-179428 and Shirley TEMPLE-179427.

Lewis CALHOUN was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Gertrude TEMPLES-144450. Gertrude TEMPLES and Lewis CALHOUN were married on 9 December 1940 in Montgomery Co., GA.20073 In Montgomery Co., GA, Marriage Book W-2-318.

Lewis Victor CALHOUN11467 was born on 9 October 1915 in Montgomery Co., GA.20074 He died on 30 September 1996 at the age of 80 in Lyons, Toombs, GA.20074

Spouse: Gertrude Rountree (Gertrude) TEMPLE(S)-34258. Gertrude Rountree (Gertrude) TEMPLE(S) and Lewis Victor CALHOUN were married on 15 December 1940 in Vidalia, Toombs, GA.11467 Children were: Brenda CALHOUN-80789, Judith CALHOUN-80790, Robert CALHOUN-80791.

Robert CALHOUN (private). Parents: Lewis Victor CALHOUN-34295 and Gertrude Rountree (Gertrude) TEMPLE(S)-34258.

Robert CALHOUN (private). Parents: John CALHOUN-122346 and Brenda TEMPLE-122344.

Robert Glen CALHOUN Jr. (private).

Spouse: Betty Jo WARDEN-100109. Children were: William Timothy CALHOUN-100107.

William Timothy CALHOUN (private).20075 Parents: Robert Glen CALHOUN Jr.-100108 and Betty Jo WARDEN-100109.

Spouse: Cynthia Renee TEMPLE-100106.

Elliott CALIG (private).20076 Parents: Samuel CALIG-71854 and Mabel Isabel TEMPLE-45024.

Rhoda CALIG (private). Parents: Samuel CALIG-71854 and Mabel Isabel TEMPLE-45024.

Samuel CALIG20077,20078 was born in 1915 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA.20076 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA.20076 He died in Hollywood, Broward, FL. Surname also given as Caleg and Calig as in The Headlee Family, but as Calit in 1940.

Spouse: Mabel Isabel TEMPLE-45024. Mabel Isabel TEMPLE and Samuel CALIG were married before 1936. Children were: Sandra CALIG-75637, Elliott CALIG-75638, Rhoda CALIG-75639.

Sandra CALIG (private).20076 Parents: Samuel CALIG-71854 and Mabel Isabel TEMPLE-45024.

Courtney CALISE (private).20079 Parents: Thomas Christopher CALISE-126633 and Stacy STUMPF-126634.

Spouse: Thomas John TEMPLE-126631.

Thomas Christopher CALISE (private).

Spouse: Stacy STUMPF-126634. Children were: Courtney CALISE-126632.

Charles P. CALKINS (private).

Spouse: Dorothy D. PRICE-168396. Children were: Mary Emma CALKINS-168394.

Frankie Lee CALKINS20080 was born on 2 November 1947 in Pueblo, Pueblo, CO.20081 She died on 7 June 1993 at the age of 45 in Denver, Denver, CO.20082 Buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Wheat Ridge, CO.

Spouse: Stephen TEMPLE-163253. Children were: Sandra TEMPLE-163255, Deanna TEMPLE-163256.

L.J. CALKINS20083 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elvira STURGIS-97262. Elvira STURGIS and L.J. CALKINS were married before 1875. Children were: Mae CALKINS-705.

Mae CALKINS was born on 14 February 1875 in Bengal Twp., Clinton, MI.20083,20084,20085,20086,20087 Gave her age as 48 in 1930 and 58 in 1940. He claimed 1882 in his marriage to Mae Calkins. She lived 505 North Clinton Street in St. Johns, Clinton, MI in 1918.20088 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in St. Johns, Clinton, MI.20085 Mae appeared in the census in April 1940 in St. Johns, Clinton, MI.20086 She lived 510 North Clinton Avenue in St. Johns, Clinton, MI in 1954.20087 She died on 26 May 1954 at the age of 79 in St. Johns, Clinton, MI.20084,20087 Died at home of undisclosed causes. Buried in Mt. Rest Cemetery, St. Johns, Clinton, MI. Her parents were from NY (father) and PA (mother). Maiden name appeared as Colkins in her obituary. Parents: L.J. CALKINS-97261 and Elvira STURGIS-97262.

Spouse: TEN YEK-42777. Mae CALKINS and TEN YEK were married in 1898.20083,20085

Spouse: Stephen Warren Bates TEMPLE-667. Mae CALKINS and Stephen Warren Bates TEMPLE were married on 24 September 1912 in St. Johns, Clinton, MI.20083,20085 They took out a license on 24 Sep 1912 in St. Johns, Clinton, MI, but there was no minister's return recorded. This was a second marriage for both.

Mary Emma CALKINS was born on 17 July 1927 in Indianapolis, Marion, IN.20089 She died on 18 April 2000 at the age of 72 in Greenfield, Hancock, IN.20090 Parents: Charles P. CALKINS-168395 and Dorothy D. PRICE-168396.

Spouse: TEMPLE-168393. Mary Emma CALKINS and TEMPLE were married before August 1945.20089

Spouse: WILSON-168397.

Sarah CALKINS10308,20091 died about 1716.

Spouse: Jacob MUNSELL-13276. Sarah CALKINS and Jacob MUNSELL were married in 1713 in New London, New London, CT.

Amos CALL20092 was born on 9 December 1759 in Leicester, Worcester, MA.23 He died on 27 January 1787 at the age of 27.23 Parents: Samuel CALL-49226 and Mehitable GREEN-49227.

Spouse: Joanna (Anna) TEMPLE-49223. Joanna (Anna) TEMPLE and Amos CALL were married about 1783. Children were: Huldah CALL-49225.

Hazel Gertrude CALL was born on 8 November 1893 in Athol, Worcester, MA.20093 She died on 2 March 1997 at the age of 103.20093 Parents: Ulysses Grant CALL-19376 and Gertrude Ives TEMPLE-6009.

Helena Grace CALL20094 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Frederick Carlton LUCE-13936. Helena Grace CALL and Frederick Carlton LUCE were married on 9 May 1901 in Carmel, Penobscot, ME.20094 Children were: Araminta Celesta (Araminta) LUCE-3515.

Huldah CALL was born in January 1785 in Montague, Franklin, MA.20092 She died on 9 February 1861 at the age of 76 in South Amherst, Hampshire, MA.20092 Parents: Amos CALL-49224 and Joanna (Anna) TEMPLE-49223.

Marian CALL (private).

Spouse: Harman MUISE-48750. Children were: Margaret Frances MUISE-3662.

Marilyn C. CALL (private).20095

Spouse: Duane B. TEMPLE-34027.

Mary CALL20096 was born (date unknown). Parents: Samuel CALL-25240 and Mehitabel GREEN-32500.

Spouse: Silas TEMPLE-788. Mary CALL and Silas TEMPLE were married on 14 December 1785 in Montague, Franklin, MA.20097 Children were: Samuel C. TEMPLE-2653.

Percy Albert CALL20098 was born on 27 June 1889 in Shelburne, Franklin, MA.20099 He died in 1949 at the age of 60. Parents: Ulysses Grant CALL-19376 and Gertrude Ives TEMPLE-6009.

Samuel CALL (private).

Spouse: Mehitabel GREEN-32500. Children were: Mary CALL-25239, Winifred CALL-1327.