Rachel TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Steven DUNN-134249. Rachel TEMPLE and Steven DUNN were married on 16 October 1900 in Iberville Parish, LA.2325

Rachel TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Martin MITCHELL-134251. Rachel TEMPLE and Martin MITCHELL were married on 9 February 1878 in West Feliciana Parish, LA.2325

Rachel TEMPLE died on 13 June 1938 in Grayson Co., TX.70972 Temple may not be her maiden name.

Rachel TEMPLE lived in Winchester, Franklin, TN in 1995.16562 She died before 2014.62589 Parents: Lt. Col. Edison Monroe TEMPLE-20823 and Virginia Tennessee (Tennessee) PRESLEY-20827.

Spouse: STEWART-74761.

Rachel TEMPLE20192,39130 was born about 1742 in At Sea.39131 She was born en route to America, her mother dying at sea. She lived in VA before 1765. She Moved about 1800 in OH.70973 Rachel died in 1838 at the age of 96 in Hamilton, Butler, OH.39132 She may be the aunt of Phoebe and Jane Temple. Her mother died at sea and her father is unknown.

Spouse: John PLUM-91829. Rachel TEMPLE and John PLUM were married in 1765 in Hampshire City, Mineral, WV.20192 Was part of VA at the time. Children were: Joseph PLUM-119822, Henry PLUM-119830, Abram PLUM-119823, Jonathan PLUM-119824, Abraham PLUM-119825, Nancy PLUM-119826, Rachel PLUM-119827, Percival PLUM-119828, Jacob PLUM-119829, Susannah PLUM-119831, Catherine PLUM-91830.

Rachel TEMPLE27615 was born in 1771. She died on 10 September 1841 at the age of 70 in PA.

Rachel TEMPLE was born in 1774 in Westford, Middlesex, MA.315 She was baptized on 26 June 1774 in Westford, Middlesex, MA.26296 She died before 1790 at the age of 16.64885 Either she or her sister Martha died before 1790. Parents: Reverend Levi TEMPLE-912 and Rachel NUTTING-1104.

Rachel TEMPLE47014 was born on 11 March 1803 in Kennett, Chester, PA.9881,14056,14059,63733 Some sources give 4 Mar, but this could be the date of the intention. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in West Bradford, Chester, PA.63733 She lived in Chester Co., PA in 1881.16301 Rachel died in Chester Co., PA. Parents: Caleb TEMPLE-4536 and Rachel BROOMALL-5210.

Spouse: Isaac HIBBARD-19583. Rachel TEMPLE and Isaac HIBBARD were married on 17 March 1836 in Chester Co., PA.14056,14059,16301

Rachel TEMPLE48327 was born on 2 October 1810 in KY. She Moved about 1815 in Amite Co., MS.55375 Parents: Henry TEMPLE(S)-18868 and Mary (Polly) WRIGHT-18874.

Rachel TEMPLE512 was born in 1811 in OH.41868 She appeared in the census in November 1850 in Riley Twp., Vigo, IN.41868 She died in 1883 at the age of 72 in Terre Haute, Vigo, IN.41869 Buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Terre Haute, IN. She was not Rachel Coon Temple, daughter of Michael and Catherine (Haefner) Temple. She was not found after 1850.

Spouse: John SANKEY-97695. Rachel TEMPLE and John SANKEY were married on 22 March 1831 in Butler Co., OH.512,20060 Children were: Eliza SANKEY-124684, James SANKEY-124685, Harriet SANKEY-124686, Lucinda SANKEY-124687.

Rachel TEMPLE10009 was born about 1816 in Montville, Waldo, ME.24997 She lived in Montville, Waldo, ME in 1835.70974 She died. Parents: Levi TEMPLE Jr.-1109 and Lucy BROWN-3462.

Spouse: William THOMAS-13096. Rachel TEMPLE and William THOMAS were married on 14 December 1835 in Knox, Waldo, ME.15066,70974,70975 Intention filed 7 Dec 1835 at Montville, ME. Marriage not registered in the Maine archives until 1 Jan 1837 in Waldo Co.

Rachel TEMPLE55866 was born in February 1840 in PA.55866 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA. Enumerated with her sister Emily. She died. Rachel has reference number RLT # (None).812 Unmarried. Parents: TEMPLE-104024 and UNKNOWN-104025.

Rachel TEMPLE was born in April 1847 in Nova Scotia, Canada.39577,70976,70977,70978,70979,70980 Gave 1849 in 1880. Gave her age as 78 in 1930. She immigrated in 1869.39577 In August 1870 she was a domestic servant in Boston, Suffolk, MA.70977 In June 1880 Rachel was a domestic servant in Boston, Suffolk, MA.70976 In June 1900 she was a servant in Boston, Suffolk, MA.70980 In April 1910 she was a seamstress in Boston, Suffolk, MA.39577 Rachel appeared in the census in January 1920 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.70978 She lodger in the Roxbury Home for Aged Women in January 1920 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.70978 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.70979 Rachel inmate in the Roxbury Home for Aged Women in April 1930 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.70979 She died. Her parents were both from England, except 1900 when her mother was from Canada. Unmarried in 1880. I suspect she is related to Matthew Temple, enumerated close by in 1870.

Rachel TEMPLE was born in 1849.11863

Spouse: Levi BELL-134246. Rachel TEMPLE and Levi BELL were married on 8 September 1884 in New Orleans, Orleans, LA.11863 Children were: Joseph Samuel BELL-134247.

Rachel TEMPLE was born in January 1854 in Serena, La Salle, IL.27793,29000,33794 She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Serena, La Salle, IL.33792 She appeared in the census in September 1870 in Serena, La Salle, IL.27793 Rachel appeared in the census in June 1880 in Serena, La Salle, IL.33794 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Serena, La Salle, IL.29000 She died. Her parents were both from England. By 1900, she had had no children. There is a chance that, given her age at marriage to Riley Hupp, she may have married quickly and previously to Joseph Story, that marriage taking place in Cook Co., IL in 1883. No further record of Joseph and Rachel is found with them together, and therefore the marriage may have been brief. Parents: Edward TEMPLE-61566 and Margaret MASON-61567.

Spouse: Riley E. HUPP-61595. Rachel TEMPLE and Riley E. HUPP were married on 10 January 1884 in La Salle Co., IL.29000,29001

Rachel TEMPLE was born in 1854 in MA.70981 In July 1870 she was a servant in Andover, Essex, MA.70981 She died.

Rachel TEMPLE was born in 1880 in PA.46619 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.46619 She died. No relationship was given in 1930, and both she and Jean were single. However, they could be sisters, or cousins, or mother and daughter. Parents: TEMPLE-102925 and UNKNOWN-102928.

Rachel TEMPLE was born in 1903 in CO.18989,18990,30346 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Fort Morgan, Morgan, CO.18990 In January 1920 she was a retail salesperson in Denver, Denver, CO.18989 Rachel lived in Denver, Denver, CO on 1 April 1935.30346 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Ypsilanti, Washtenaw, MI.30346 She died. Given as Rethal in 1940. Parents: William TEMPLE-40155 and Lola Blanche (Blanche) DAMON-40176.

Spouse: Albert KALISTROM-87017. Rachel TEMPLE and Albert KALISTROM were married about 1922 in CO. Children were: Mary J. KALISTROM-87018.

Rachel TEMPLE (private).3951 Parents: Lemuel Manuel (Lem) TEMPLE-22413 and Grace Virginia (Gracie) HAIR-22420.

Rachel A. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Ben D. STONE-116400.

Rachel A. TEMPLE was born in 1838 in NY.45486 She appeared in the census in August 1860 in Ridgeway, Orleans, NY.45486 Parents: Lyman TEMPLE-1479 and UNKNOWN-33296.

Rachel A. TEMPLE was born in 1870 in OH.64589,64590,64591 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Concord Twp., Highland, OH.64591 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Concord Twp., Highland, OH.64590 Rachel died in 1952 at the age of 82 in Centerville, Clinton, OH.64589 Buried in Centerville Cemetery, Clinton Co., OH. Her parents were from OH (father) and VA (mother). By 1910, she had had 1 child, who survived.

Spouse: John W. TEMPLE-44435. Rachel A. TEMPLE and John W. TEMPLE were married in 1904 in OH.64590,64591 This was his second but her first marriage. That is inconsistent with her claim of having had 1 child, but without a child younger than 5 in the family. Children were: Lewis E. TEMPLE-44437.

Rachel A. TEMPLE was born in 1871 in PA.70982 She appeared in the census in 1910 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.70982

Rachel Alice (Rachel) TEMPLE48 was born on 2 October 1870 in Ambridge Heights, Beaver, PA.14648,27127,32770,60812 Gave Oct 1875 in 1900. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Hopewell, Beaver, PA.32770 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Hopewell, Beaver, PA.14648 Rachel appeared in the census in April 1910 in Hopewell, Beaver, PA.60812 She died on 22 November 1919 at the age of 49 in Aliquippa, Beaver, PA.27127,29065 Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Aliquippa, Beaver, PA. Parents: Robert TEMPLE Jr.-3048 and Catherine WINKLE-3068.

Spouse: Loyal French WINDLE-24843. Rachel Alice (Rachel) TEMPLE and Loyal French WINDLE were married. Children were: Robert WINDLE-53268.

Rachel Ann TEMPLE70983 was born on 15 February 1833 in Bucks Co., PA.14832,31440,48282 She claimed to be from NJ in 1880. She appeared in the census in July 1850 in Trenton, Mercer, NJ.48282 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Northampton, Bucks, PA.31440 Rachel died on 20 July 1906 at the age of 73 in Churchville, Bucks, PA.14832,41488 Buried in North and Southampton Churchyard, Churchville, PA. Parents: Andrew TEMPLE-1023 and Charity CHRISTOPHER-1409.

Spouse: Anthony RUE-17322. Rachel Ann TEMPLE and Anthony RUE were married on 9 April 1868 in Bensalem, Bucks, PA.9881,14832 Children were: Samuel Jerome RUE-84327.

Rachel B. TEMPLE14688 was born on 24 February 1832 in PA. She died on 1 August 1832 at the age of 0 in PA. Parents: Caleb TEMPLE-5508 and Rebecca TAYLOR-5509.

Rachel B. TEMPLE49796 was born on 13 October 1841.21034 She died on 14 November 1842 at the age of 1.21034 Parents: Bennett TEMPLE-5219 and Martha DUTTON-5455.

Rachel C. TEMPLE died in 1900 in Washington, DC.54822

Rachel C. TEMPLE17430 was born on 6 January 1858 in Wake Co., NC.18540,18542 She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Kinston, Lenoir, NC.18540 She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Wake Co., NC.18543 Rachel appeared in the census in June 1880 in Wake Forest, Wake, NC.18542 She died on 21 June 1933 at the age of 75 in Raleigh, Wake, NC.47845 Buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Raleigh, NC. Parents: Rufus Fabius (R.F.) TEMPLE(S)-17007 and Mary Elishaba (Mary) CROOM-17051.

Spouse: George Addison STELLE-17064. Rachel C. TEMPLE and George Addison STELLE were married on 5 May 1881 in Wake Forest, Wake, NC.11890,44485 Children were: Maime STELLE-83046.

Rachel Coon TEMPLE was born in 1792 in KY.42457 She Moved in 1792 in OH.42457 She died in 1869 at the age of 77 in Madison Twp., Butler, OH.70984 The reason for her middle name is obscure. Might she have been adopted? If so, her birth timing fit nicely with the other Temple children, so that seems less likely than she was named for someone else. Parents: Michael TEMPLE-21442 and Catharine Margaret (Margaret) HAEFNER-21443.

Spouse: Middleton SELBY-62095. Rachel Coon TEMPLE and Middleton SELBY were married on 14 November 1816 in Butler Co., OH.512,21411,42457 Children were: Elizabeth SELBY-62101, Zephaniah F. SELBY-62099, Catherine SELBY-62102, Rebecca SELBY-62103, Tobias SELBY-62104, Middleton SELBY-62098, Mary Ann SELBY-62105, Samuel SELBY-62108, Nancy SELBY-62100, John SELBY-62106, Tunis SELBY-62109, Susannah SELBY-62107.

Rachel Dawn TEMPLE (private). Parents: Alan Leigh TEMPLE-50918 and Debra ROWE-50919.

Rachel Doctor TEMPLE36577 was born on 21 December 1809 in GA.12812,15829 In June 1860 she was a weaver in Bloodworth, Wilkinson, GA.12812 Enumerated living with her mother. Parents: John Calvin TEMPLE(S)-34142 and Elizabeth BLOODWORTH-34202.

Spouse: PATTERSON-34205. Rachel Doctor TEMPLE and PATTERSON were married before 1845.36577 Children were: Emaline PATTERSON-34305.

Rachel Doris TEMPLE was born in May 1909 in Liberty Twp., Van Wert, OH.13082,52202 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Liberty Twp., Van Wert, OH.52202 She died in 1929 at the age of 20 in Van Wert Co., OH.13082 Buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery, Van Wert, OH. Parents: Chester Charles (Chester) TEMPLE-75127 and Iva E. BOROFF-75128.

Rachel E. TEMPLE29893 was born (date unknown). Not clear that Temple was her maiden name.

Spouse: Levi JOHNSON-96619. Rachel E. TEMPLE and Levi JOHNSON were married on 7 January 1877 in Lewis Co., WV.29893

Rachel E. TEMPLE was born (date unknown). In 1870, only 7 Rachel Temples were enumerated anywhere in the US, and of these, only one was in IL. Few alternatives exist. However, she might be the daughter of Edward and Margaret Temple of La Salle Co., IL. However, that Rachel married shortly after this marriage date, in Jan 1884, to Riley Hupp. It is not beyond reason, given the distance of about 60 or so miles between Serena and Cook County, that this marriage took place bu was possibly not consummated.

Spouse: Joseph T. STORY-110096. Rachel E. TEMPLE and Joseph T. STORY were married on 26 April 1883 in Cook Co., IL.44823

Rachel E. TEMPLE52091 was born on 17 November 1812 in Bowdoin, Sagadahoc, ME.22,21552,43399 Some sources report 9 Nov 1814, but this reflects Danny Smith's Levi Temple genealogy. She died on 31 May 1886 at the age of 73 in Bowdoin, Sagadahoc, ME.10010,10011 Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, West Bowdoin, ME. Parents: William Wilson TEMPLE-1111 and Mindwell M. SMALL-1511.

Spouse: Nathaniel S. APPLEBY-9982. Rachel E. TEMPLE and Nathaniel S. APPLEBY were married on 14 August 1838 in Bowdoin, Sagadahoc, ME.10010,10012 Children were: Emily H. APPLEBY-13135, Levi APPLEBY-13136, Abbie A. APPLEBY-13137, Zelphia Ellen (Nell) APPLEBY-13138, George P. APPLEBY-13139, Josephine APPLEBY-13140, Charles Edward APPLEBY-13141, Alden APPLEBY-13142.

Rachel Eunice TEMPLE was born on 27 December 1919.70985 She lived in CA before 1951.70985 She died on 3 October 2009 at the age of 89 in Brentwood, Contra Costa, CA.70985 Temple may not be her maiden name.

Rachel G. TEMPLE8937,46951 was born on 21 February 1824 in Newbury, Orange, VT.46952 She appeared in the census in September 1850 in Manchester, Hillsborough, NH.46952 She died on 14 September 1859 at the age of 35 in Newbury, Orange, VT.22 Buried in cemetery near Old Town House, Newbury, VT. Parents: Ebenezer TEMPLE-5799 and Rebecca GIBSON-5915.

Rachel Grace TEMPLE was born on 20 April 1884 in Moore Twp., Sanilac, MI.25073 She died. She apparently married, but there were too many alternatives to determine which Rachel she was in Detroit in 1930. Her marriage to George Bangs is proved by her brother Albert's obituary, but her marriage to Nielson is through a secondary source of unknown reliability. Parents: Albert Augustus (Augustus) TEMPLE-26238 and Rachel Ann (Rachel) FLYNN-26242.

Spouse: Albert W. NIELSON-70697. Rachel Grace TEMPLE and Albert W. NIELSON were married. Children were: Donald Wilburt NIELSON-70698, Vesta G. NIELSON-70699.

Spouse: George BANGS-82066.

Rachel H. TEMPLE31749 was born on 23 October 1830 in Bowdoin, Sagadahoc, ME.34425,51951 She appeared in the census in 1850 in Brunswick, Cumberland, ME.51951 She appeared in the census in August 1850 in Rollinsford, Strafford, NH.70986 Rachel appeared in the census in July 1860 in Stiles, Oconto, WI.34425 She has reference number RLT # 344ii.7266 She lived in Green Bay, Brown, WI.34423 Rachel Moved in Wallace, Menominee, MI.34423 She Moved in Houston, Harris, TX.34423 She died. Parents: John TEMPLE-1512 and Clarissa L. WEBB-13106.

Spouse: Mellen SMITH-13602. Rachel H. TEMPLE and Mellen SMITH were married on 10 December 1853 in Stiles, Oconto, WI.9582,12402,34423,43814 Some sources indicate location was Richmond, Sagadahoc, ME. Children were: George Mellen SMITH-13603, Ella May SMITH-13604.

Rachel H. TEMPLE was born on 22 November 1918 in Pellville, Hancock, KY.10208,19184,23763,23764,70987,70988 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Pellville, Hancock, KY.23763 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Pellville, Hancock, KY.23764 Rachel died on 10 June 1991 at the age of 72 in Owensboro, Daviess, KY.10208,70987 Buried in Pellville Cemetery, Hancock Co., KY. Parents: James Leonard TEMPLE-34977 and Elmonia GARDNER-38472.

Rachel Hariett (Rachel) TEMPLE48,61754 was born on 24 April 1849 in Hopewell, Beaver, PA.48,7283,7284 She appeared in the census in July 1850 in Hopewell, Beaver, PA.7284 She appeared in the census in August 1860 in Hopewell, Beaver, PA.7283 Rachel died in August 1875 at the age of 26 in OH.48,29939 Buried in Marlborough Cemetery, Delaware, OH./ Pedigree uncertain. Parents: William TEMPLE-70916 and Nancy -70928.

Spouse: Nathan Emory JOHNSON-70932. Rachel Hariett (Rachel) TEMPLE and Nathan Emory JOHNSON were married on 29 November 1866 in Delaware Co., OH.48,512 Children were: David M. JOHNSON-70938, Mary A. JOHNSON-70939.

Rachel I. TEMPLE995 was born on 11 June 1915 in Union Co., OH.25465,25466,41634,70989 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Leesburg Twp., Union, OH.25465 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Claibourne, Union, OH.25466 Rachel died on 22 September 1999 at the age of 84 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.41633,41634,70989 Buried in Price Cemetery, Richwood, OH. Parents: William Harrison (Harry) TEMPLE-27045 and Rhoda Anna (Anna) GUYTON-27055.

Spouse: William (Bill) RUSSELL-27060. Rachel I. TEMPLE and William (Bill) RUSSELL were married on 23 June 1933.41633 Children were: William RUSSELL-83511, Linda RUSSELL-83512, Stephen RUSSELL-83513.

Rachel Inez TEMPLE was born on 30 August 1919 in Level Land, Abbeville, SC.10950,19825,19826,56519 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Diamond Hill Twp., Abbeville, SC.19826 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Due West, Abbeville, SC.56519 Rachel died on 22 October 1972 at the age of 53 in Level Land, Abbeville, SC.19825 Buried in Little River Baptist Church, Level Land, SC. No issue. Parents: John Kieffer (John) TEMPLE-35228 and Annie Inez (Inez) WILLSON-35229.

Spouse: Jess SANDERS-35224.

Rachel L. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Robin T. MEREDITH-116402.

Rachel Lenae TEMPLE (private).70990 Parents: TEMPLE-105865 and Tammy DEAN-105866.

Rachel M. TEMPLE51657 was born in 1838 in Bowdoin, Sagadahoc, ME.36957 She died on 21 September 1842 at the age of 4 in Bowdoin, Sagadahoc, ME.36957,36961 Died within a week of her sister Rebecca. Probably disease or accident. Parents: Ivory TEMPLE-1497 and Rebecca SMALL-2135.

Rachel Marie TEMPLE21920 was born on 11 January 1907 in Winona, Montgomery, MS.28087,70991,70992 She appeared in the census in May 1910 in Winona, Montgomery, MS.28087 In April 1930 she was a school teacher in Macon, Noxubee, MS.70991 Rachel died on 17 April 1979 at the age of 72 in Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, AL.70992

Her parents were both from MS. Parents: Edward Everett (Edward) TEMPLE-18549 and Annie Pearl (Pearl) HOLMES-18559.

Spouse: Ansel Calmer MULLINS-18563. Rachel Marie TEMPLE and Ansel Calmer MULLINS were married on 16 July 1930 in MS.21920

Rachel Marie TEMPLE (private).49308 Parents: Kurtis Richard TEMPLE-131740 and Robbin Lynn NOWAK-131741.

Rachel Marleen TEMPLE (private).50444 Parents: John David TEMPLE-123561 and Ruth Ann RUPP-123562.