Mary N. TEMPLE was born on 29 September 1812 in Lunenburg, Essex, VT.18 Parents: Jonas TEMPLE and Lydia FLOYD.

Mary N. TEMPLE (private).5009 Parents: TEMPLE and Louise .

Mary O. TEMPLE was born in 1858 in MA.72791 In April 1910 she was a shoe factory stitcher in Lynn, Essex, MA.72791 She died. Her parents were both from MA. Unmarried.

Mary Oella (Mary) TEMPLE13089,52136 was born on 20 February 1872 in Camden, Camden, NJ.21559,21886,21887,21888,50578 Gave PA in 1880. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in West Point Twp., King William, VA.50578 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Clinton, Essex, NJ.21887 Enumerated staying with her sister Marion and her family. In April 1910 Mary was an infant wear company employee in Newark, Essex, NJ.21888 In January 1920 she was a new stitching operator in Cranford, Union, NJ.21886 She died. Never married. Her parents were from NJ (father) and NY (mother). Parents: Alfred Sutphen (Alfred) TEMPLE and Martha Frisbee WATERHOUSE.

Mary Olive TEMPLE72792 was born on 14 August 1892 in Morristown, Rice, MN.259,39438 She died on 21 August 1892 at the age of 0 in Morristown, Rice, MN.259 Buried in Riverside Cemetery, Morristown, MN. Parents: Judson Chapin (Judson) TEMPLE and Frances Isabelle (Izzy) THAYER.

Mary Olive TEMPLE was born in 1903 in Enid, Garfield, OK.21509,21511 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Enid, Garfield, OK.21511 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Watonga, Blaine, OK.21509 Mary died. Parents: Lester Burton (Burt) TEMPLE-RLT # 177i and Lillie L. DUNCAN.

Mary Olive TEMPLE (private).61588 Parents: George TEMPLE and Lillie Bell WESTBROOK.

Spouse: Walter Wiley CHISHOLM.

Mary or Eunice TEMPLE29835 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elisha HUBBARD. Mary or Eunice TEMPLE and Elisha HUBBARD were married about 1790 in MA.29835

Sister Mary Ottilia TEMPLE was born on 14 March 1837 in Bavaria.48699,72793,72794 Gave Mar 1837 in 1900. She a novitiate nun in 1858.48699 In July 1860 she was a nun in Erie, Erie, PA.72793 In June 1900 Mary was a music teacher in St. Mary's Convent and school in Erie, Erie, PA.72794 She lived St. Benedict's Convent in Erie, Erie, PA in 1909.48699 She died on 14 April 1909 at the age of 72 in Erie, Erie, PA.48699,72795 Died of a cerebral hemorrhage. Buried in Trinity Cemetery, Erie, PA. Unmarried. Parents: George TEMPEL and UNKNOWN.

Mary P. TEMPLE was born in 1833.72796 She lived 1004 King Street in New Castle, New Castle, DE in 1905.72796 She died on 22 March 1905 at the age of 72 in New Castle, New Castle, DE.72796 Died of nephritis. her death records said she was single, not widowed, but i can find no Mary P. Temple whom she seemed to be.

Mary P. TEMPLE was born in 1845.72797 She Sailed to Italy in August 1905.72797 US citizen. Unmarried.

Mary P. TEMPLE was born on 14 December 1939 in Scotland, Great Britain.36192,72798,72799 She lived in CA in 1973.9410 She died on 17 February 2002 at the age of 62 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.36192,72799 Parents: TEMPLE and Catherine MC FALL.

Spouse: Egmedio L. DEVERA.

Mary Paige TEMPLE (private).72800 Parents: Richard Marks (Richard) TEMPLE and Ruth Scarborough WEBB.

Spouse: Peter Marley SOMERVILLE. Children were: Emily Paige SOMERVILLE.

Mary Pamela TEMPLE (private).72801 Parents: Levie Greene TEMPLE and Elsie Mae WALSTON.

Spouse: Roland John MELANCON Jr..

Mary Parmeter TEMPLE57699 was born on 27 March 1805 in Deerfield, Franklin, MA.15608,23082,49506 Her tombstone gives 1806. She died on 30 October 1881 at the age of 76 in Johnston, Trumbull, OH.23082 Buried in Evergreen South Cemetery, Johnston, Trumbull, OH. Parents: Moses TEMPLE and Elizabeth (Betty) BRIGGS.

Spouse: Henry FENN. Mary Parmeter TEMPLE and Henry FENN were married about 1830 in OH. Children were: Philo FENN, Julia FENN, Mary FENN, George Henry FENN.

Mary Parthenia TEMPLE was born on 15 January 1851 in Pasquotank Co., NC.22615 She died before 1860 at the age of 9. Death is assumed, as she did not appear in the 1860 census. Parents: William Spence TEMPLE-RLT # 173 and Margaret Ann ETHERIDGE.

Mary Patricia (Patricia) TEMPLE was born on 1 February 1924 in Elk Point, Union, SD.21044,21045,21047,40534,72802 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Elk Point, Union, SD.21045 She lived in Ute, Monona, IA on 1 April 1935.21047 Mary appeared in the census in April 1940 in Ute, Monona, IA.21047 She lived in IA before 1951.72802 She died on 22 June 2010 at the age of 86 in Leesburg, Lake, FL.72802 Parents: William Logan (Bill) TEMPLE and Alice Elizabeth (Alice) DONNELLY.

Spouse: Dr. Gerald V. PEACOCK. Children were: Thomas V. PEACOCK, Val E. PEACOCK, Donna K. PEACOCK.

Mary Pearl TEMPLE6677,28539 was born on 6 November 1892 in Pennington, Bradley, AR. She died on 5 September 1893 at the age of 0 in Pennington, Bradley, AR. Parents: Thomas Fair (Tommy) TEMPLE and Virginia Aldora (Dora) HICKEY.

Mary Permelia (Mealey) TEMPLE1936 was born in September 1881 in Eagle Twp., Pulaski, AR.1940 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Pennington, Bradley, AR.1940 She died before 1912 at the age of 31.1937 Parents: Thomas Fair (Tommy) TEMPLE and Amanda Catherine (Catty) WAITS.

Spouse: J.T. ALLEN. Mary Permelia (Mealey) TEMPLE and J.T. ALLEN were married on 17 March 1907 in Lonoke Co., AR.3148 Their marriage date is confused with the marriage of John L. Allen to Mary P. Buie. It is most likely that the date is actually only associated with the latter couple.

Spouse: Felix ROWELL.

Mary R. TEMPLE30773 was born in 1831 in OH.10099,14644,14645,14646,30772 She appeared in the census in July 1850 in Batavia, Clermont, OH.30772 She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Pierce, Clermont, OH.14645 Mary appeared in the census in June 1880 in Ohio Twp., Clermont, OH.14644 She died in 1890 at the age of 59 in Clermont Co., OH.14646 Buried in Lindale Cemetery, Lindale, Clermont, OH. It is not clear from the 1880 census which of the children are hers, and which might be from her first marriage. Also, the list of children is slightly different from 1860 to 1880. She is apparently not Maria, daughter of Joseph and Rebecca (Malick) Temple of Batavia, OH, in 1850. She might be the daughter of William and Mary Temple of Ohio, Clermont, OH, in 1850. She appears to be most likely to have been the daughter of William and Frances (Butler) Temple of Ohio, OH, in 1850.

Spouse: John BRUMAGES. Mary R. TEMPLE and John BRUMAGES were married before 1860. Children were: Celia BRUMAGES, Emma BRUMAGEM, Nancy J. BRUMAGEM, John B. BRUMAGEM, George L. BRUMAGEM, Eliza E. BRUMAGEM, Alma B. BRUMAGEM.

Spouse: Josiah JEFFERIES. Mary R. TEMPLE and Josiah JEFFERIES were married on 27 May 1849 in Clermont Co., OH.497,10099,30773 Children were: Aurilla E. JEFFERIES.

Mary R. TEMPLE (private).13269 Parents: Thomas Corwin TEMPLE and Francille BOWHOLTZ.

Mary R. TEMPLE (private).47272 Parents: Walter Jarvis (Walter) TEMPLE and Minnie I. STEVENS.

Mary R. (Mollie) TEMPLE68471 was born in 1855 in Bastrop, Morehouse, LA.20241,39905,50238 She appeared in the census in July 1860 in Morehouse Parish, LA.39905 She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Morrisville, Bucks, PA.50238 Mary died. Parents: Judge John Woodmansee TEMPLE-RLT # 499 and Victoria READING.

Spouse: William B. SUBLETT. Mary R. (Mollie) TEMPLE and William B. SUBLETT were married on 4 February 1880 in Monroe, Ouachita, LA.2244,20241,47763 Some sources put the date as 4 Apr 1880. Recorded in Marriage book E, p. 602. Children were: Charles Carson SUBLETT, Temple Caldwell SUBLETT.

Mary Rebecca TEMPLE was born on 16 September 1902 in Weatherford, Parker, TX.12470,72803 She died on 11 July 1903 at the age of 0 in Cresson, Hood, TX.12470,72803 Buried in Cresson Cemetery, Cresson, TX. Cemetery records gave her middle initial as E, but the family Bible recorded her middle name. Parents: Judge Theodore Freilingheisen (Theo) TEMPLE and Sarah Elizabeth (Bessie) ESTES.

Mary Rebecca TEMPLE (private).10802 Parents: Marvin Lee (Marvin) TEMPLE and Rebecca Hux (Hux) NOBLE.

Spouse: Leo Hunter DAVIS.

Mary Rebecca (Mary) TEMPLE2133 was born on 17 February 1848 in IL.7065,22672,27719,27720 She appeared in the census in October 1850 in Pike Co., IL.27720 She appeared in the census in September 1860 in Griggsville, Pike, IL.72804 Mary appeared in the census in June 1880 in Griggsville, Pike, IL.22672 She died on 27 December 1912 at the age of 64 in Hannibal, Marion, MO.7065,72805 Date may be 29 Dec. Buried in Griggsville Cemetery, Griggsville, IL. Parents: James TEMPLE-RLT # F and Sarah HAWKER.

Spouse: Stephen EVANS. Mary Rebecca (Mary) TEMPLE and Stephen EVANS were married on 7 August 1869 in Pike Co., IL.2133,22741 Children were: Herbert EVANS, Wallace Henry EVANS, James Frederick EVANS, Cecil EVANS, Mabel EVANS.

Mary Rebecca (Rebecca) TEMPLE17347 was born on 8 July 1905 in AL.42289,42290,42291,72806 She claimed VA at times. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Florence, Lauderdale, AL.42291 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Hopewell, Hopewell, VA.42289 Mary appeared in the census in April 1930 in Hopewell, Hopewell, VA.42290 She died in September 1994 at the age of 89 in Hampton, Hampton City, VA.72806 First name given as May in 1910. Parents: William Eppes (William) TEMPLE and Libbie Ward (Libby) RAWLINGS.

Spouse: Arthur Wearn SHELBY Sr.. Mary Rebecca (Rebecca) TEMPLE and Arthur Wearn SHELBY Sr. were married in 1926 in VA.42290 Children were: Arthur Wearn SHELBY Jr..

Mary Reed TEMPLE42321,58747 was born on 7 July 1817 in Heath, Franklin, MA.14182,42321,47494 She lived in Whitingham, Windham, VT in 1856.13856 She died on 28 May 1893 at the age of 75 in Heath, Franklin, MA.14182,14469 Buried in Cutting Cemetery, Whitingham, VT. Parents: Nathaniel TEMPLE and Mary (Polly) STONE.

Spouse: Amos A. BROWN. Mary Reed TEMPLE and Amos A. BROWN were married on 28 November 1839 in New Ipswich, Hillsborough, NH.10820,11192,14181,14183 Intention filed at Heath on 2 Nov 1839. Some sources give VT. Children were: Mary C. BROWN, William A. BROWN.

Mary Reed (Reed) TEMPLE (private).43535 Parents: William Albert (Big Bill) TEMPLE and Katie Theo (Theo) ROGERS.

Spouse: D. C. MAHAFFEY.

Mary Rita (Rita) TEMPLE9812 was born on 12 June 1915 in Lincoln, Grafton, NH.11901,21612,72807 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Lincoln, Grafton, NH.21612 She lived in Somersworth, Strafford, NH about 1940.11901 Mary lived in Marshall, Harrison, TX between 1946 and 1993.11901 She died on 12 May 1993 at the age of 77 in Longview, Gregg, TX.72807 Buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery, Marshall, TX. She was educated University of New Hampshire. Parents: Joseph Lawrence (Joseph) TEMPLE and Laura Louise DURANT.

Spouse: James Archer TRACHIER. Children were: Peter TRACHIER, Frederick J. TRACHIER, Chris TRACHIER-246, Sally TRACHIER, Joseph TRACHIER, Dennis TRACHIER-250, Ann TRACHIER, Mary TRACHIER, Steven TRACHIER, Kevin TRACHIER.

Mary Robena (Mary) TEMPLE51580 was born on 8 February 1848 in Atlantic, Cass, IA.11054,14404,33454,63787 Gave her age as 70 in 1920 and again in 1925. Gave her birth county as Mahaska in 1885. She appeared in the census in August 1850 in Oskaloosa, Mahaska, IA.63787 She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Cass, Cass, IA.51581 Mary appeared in the census in 1885 in Atlantic, Cass, IA.33454 She appeared in the census in 1895 in Atlantic, Cass, IA.15637 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Atlantic, Cass, IA.11054 Mary appeared in the census in 1925 in Atlantic, Cass, IA.15634 Enumerated with her sister Ann Olivia. She died.28390 Buried in Atlantic Cemetery, Atlantic, IA, but no dates are given. Parents: Judge Henry C. TEMPLE-RLT # 462 and Ann E. WRIGHT.

Spouse: Romeo (Romie) LAWRENCE. Mary Robena (Mary) TEMPLE and Romeo (Romie) LAWRENCE were married on 28 May 1868 in Atlantic, Cass, IA.14404 Cass county records give 2 May 1868, but this could be a transcription error.

Mary Roberts (Mollie) TEMPLE42287 was born in 1861 in VA.53612,53614 She appeared in the census in August 1870 in Templeton Twp., Prince George, VA.53614 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Templeton Twp., Prince George, VA.53612 Mary died. Parents: William Thomas TEMPLE and Caledonia Mary (Caledonia) TEMPLE.

Spouse: William Francis RIVES. Mary Roberts (Mollie) TEMPLE and William Francis RIVES were married on 3 February 1892 in Sussex Co., VA.43208 William Temple Genealogy gave marriage date of 6 Feb.

Mary Rush (Mollie) TEMPLE27297,27383 was born on 21 June 1860 in Louisville, Blount, TN.22912,27297,27382,72808 Possibly in Lewisville TX. She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Spring Place, Murray, GA.22912 She died on 9 March 1934 at the age of 73 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX.27297,27382 Buried in East Oakwood Cemetery, Fort Worth, TX. Some sources associate her with James Dobson and Victoria (Heartsill) Temples, but they had no known daughter in 1860, having had a son in that year as well. Cemetery records give her as Mary Rush Temple, but she was clearly Molly B. in 1870. It may be, therefore, she was adopted from a Rush family - but that has not been proven. The strongest evidence for her inclusion in the family is her death certificate, which clearly links her to James D. and Victoria (Heartsill) Temple, but that certificate had a difficult time establishing the year of her birth, eventually coming down in 1860. It had been 1862 or 1863 before it was overtyped. Parents: James Dobson (Dobson) TEMPLE(S) and Victoria Jacquilina (Sister Vic) HEARTSILL.

Spouse: Judge William Dawson HARRIS. Mary Rush (Mollie) TEMPLE and Judge William Dawson HARRIS were married on 13 July 1879 in Spring Place, Murray, GA.27297 Children were: Newton Temple HARRIS, Bertie Victoria HARRIS, Mattie Mae HARRIS, Francis Virginia HARRIS.

Mary Russell TEMPLE (private).70775 Parents: Lorenzo Russell (Russell) TEMPLE Jr. and Helen Lyndies MC MULLEN.

Mary Ruth TEMPLE (private).5072 Parents: Clifford TEMPLE Sr. and Lucille .

Mary S. TEMPLE died on 2 January 1919 in Summit Co., OH.958

Mary S. TEMPLE was born on 10 November 1861 in Covington, Kenton, KY.45673,45675,45678,72809,72810,72811 On her passport, she put the date in 1861, but her death certificate put it in 1860. She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Covington, Kenton, KY.45678 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Covington, Kenton, KY.45675 Mary lived in Covington, Kenton, KY in October 1908.72811 She an applicant for a passport in October 1908 in Hamilton, Butler, OH.72811 She was planning to travel to Naples. She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Covington, Kenton, KY.72809 Mary appeared in the census in April 1930 in Covington, Kenton, KY.72810 She died on 22 December 1930 at the age of 69 in Covington, Kenton, KY.45673,72812 Buried in Highland Cemetery, Fort Mitchell, KY, Plot: Sec 1 lot 13-B Grave 5. Unmarried. Parents: Dr. Jesse J. TEMPLE-RLT # U644 and Sarah E. SIMMONS.

Mary S. TEMPLE was born in July 1877 in KY.8523,8524 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.8524 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.8523 Parents: Charles TEMPLE and Virginia B. .

Mary S. TEMPLE51598 was born on 16 January 1882 in Dutch Neck, Mercer, NJ.17972 She died on 7 February 1882 at the age of 0 in Cranbury, Middlesex, NJ.72813 Buried in Brainerd Cemetery, Cranbury, NJ. Parents: Barzillai R. TEMPLE and Emma P. REESE.

Mary S. TEMPLE72814 was born in 1899. She died in 1984 at the age of 85 in Flatwoods, Greenup, KY. Buried in Bellefonte Memorial Gardens, Flatwoods, KY.

Mary S. TEMPLE was born on 28 November 1911.72815 She lived in GA before 1950.72815 She died on 21 March 2001 at the age of 89 in Pensacola, Escambia, FL.72815 Temple may not be her maiden name.

Mary Samantha TEMPLE was born on 22 February 1908 in Bradley Co., AR.1323,30019,46025,46026 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Washington, Bradley, AR.1323,46025 She appeared in the census in March 1920 in River Twp., Bradley, AR.46026 Mary died on 7 July 1994 at the age of 86 in Bradley Co., AR.18684,30019 Buried in Union Hill Cemetery, Hermitage, AR. Parents: William Robert (Willie) TEMPLE and Ada Samantha SMITH.

Spouse: Reuben Norman HUITT. Mary Samantha TEMPLE and Reuben Norman HUITT were married on 7 January 1929 in Bradley Co., AR.30019 Children were: Kenneth HUITT.

Mary Sarah TEMPLE72816 was born in 1959. She died in 1959 at the age of 0 in Big Bay, Marquette, MI. Buried in Big Bay Cemetery, Big Bay, MI.

Mary Seth TEMPLE72817 was born in July 1907 in Miller's Tavern, Essex, VA. She died in August 1907 at the age of 0 in Miller's Tavern, Essex, VA. Buried in Saint Paul's Episcopal Church Cemetery, Miller's Tavern, VA.

Mary Sharpless TEMPLE51469 was born on 29 June 1843 in Coatesville, Chester, PA.9648,10617 Also given as Fallowfield or Kennett. She died on 14 September 1844 at the age of 1 in Coatesville, Chester, PA.10617 Parents: Thomas B. TEMPLE-RLT # 121 and Elizabeth Sharpless (Elizabeth) WORRALL-RLT # 121W.

Mary Shirley A. (Shirley) TEMPLE (private).2382 Parents: Clarence Nicholas TEMPLE and Marion B. BRIMER.

Mary Sophia TEMPLE50097 was born on 27 February 1838 in Shefford, Shefford, Quebec, Canada.18,9208,10794 She died on 29 December 1912 at the age of 74 in Waterloo, La Haute-Yamaska, Quebec, Canada.18,10794 Buried in Waterloo Cemetery, Waterloo, Quebec, Canada. She Moved in Rouses Point, Clinton, NY.9208 Parents: Ebenezer TEMPLE and Lydia LEWIS.

Spouse: Homer M. CRAFTS. Mary Sophia TEMPLE and Homer M. CRAFTS were married on 8 July 1870 in Shefford, Shefford, Quebec, Canada.9208,9209

Spouse: William Henry GOODROW. Mary Sophia TEMPLE and William Henry GOODROW were married on 25 January 1877.9208

Mary Stuart TEMPLE9121,17108 was born on 18 September 1845 in Quebec City, Quebec, Quebec, Canada.44993 She died on 18 September 1935 at the age of 90 in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada.44993 Buried in St. James Cemetery, Toronto, ONT. Unmarried. Parents: Major William Henry (Henry) TEMPLE and Maria May Livingston (Maria) SEWELL.

Mary Stuart (Mary) TEMPLE was born on 9 July 1908 in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA.18,13776,34055,34056,34057 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA.34057 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA.34055 Mary appeared in the census in April 1930 in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA.34056 She died on 6 June 1966 at the age of 57 in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA.72818 Buried in Santa Rosa Memorial Park, Santa Rosa, CA. Parents: Dr. Jackson TEMPLE Jr. and Mabel LINDSEY.

Spouse: LOWE.

Mary Sue TEMPLE was born on 27 September 1883 in Pasquotank Co., NC.9011 She died on 19 February 1968 at the age of 84.9011 Parents: William James TEMPLE and Parthenia Frances (Parthenia) ALBERTSON.