Samuel Walter (Sam) TEMPLE was born on 3 February 1880 in Rockwall Co., TX.5908,25864,25865,64315,64319,122563,122564 Gave 1879 in 1910. Death certificate gives 1 Feb 1880. He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Rockwall Co., TX.25864 In June 1900 he was a farmer in Rockwall Co., TX.25865 In April 1910 Samuel was a farmer in Denton Co., TX.5908 In 1918 he was a farmer in Fate, Rockwall, TX.64319 In January 1920 he was a farmer in Rockwall, Rockwall, TX.64315 Samuel died on 26 March 1925 at the age of 45 in Rockwall, Rockwall, TX.122563,122564,122565 Killed by a runaway team. Buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery, Rockwall, TX. Unmarried in 1910. Cemetery records give his middle name as Walter. He is buried in a cemetery where another Temple, Sarah, was buried, but I do not see their undoubted connection. Parents: Robert Henry (Henry) TEMPLE-34688 and Sarah Hassie (Hassa) CRAWFORD-34702.

Spouse: Dollie PEEL-55502. Dollie PEEL and Samuel Walter (Sam) TEMPLE were married about 1914 in TX. Children were: Winnie Inez TEMPLE-55503.

Samuel Wesley TEMPLE Sr.15236 was born on 21 May 1903 in Jefferson Twp., Washington, IN.7786,14704,23761,23763,42901,122566 Book H-26, p. 4. He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Jefferson Twp., Washington, IN.23763 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Jefferson Twp., Washington, IN.23761 In April 1930 Samuel was a factory cabinet maker in Washington Twp., Washington, IN.42901 He died on 23 September 1971 at the age of 68 in Salem, Washington, IN.122566,122567,122568 Died of acute pulmonary edema and advanced emphysema. Buried in Franklin Cemetery, Salem, IN. Parents: James Everett TEMPLES-45874 and Louisa Ann COLE-45875.

Spouse: Gertrude (Hattie) HERRING-45898. Gertrude (Hattie) HERRING and Samuel Wesley TEMPLE Sr. were married in 1926 in IN.42901 Children were: Samuel Wesley TEMPLE Jr.-81729.

Samuel Wesley TEMPLE Jr.54101 was born on 20 November 1943 in Salem, Washington, IN.42900,122569 He lived in Salem, Washington, IN in 1971.54102 In 1971 he was a farmer.54102 Samuel died on 17 July 1995 at the age of 51 in Seymour, Jackson, IN.42900,122570 Died of hepatic failure due to Laennec's cirrhosis. Buried in Franklin Cemetery, Salem, IN. He was the informant on his father's death certificate. Parents: Samuel Wesley TEMPLE Sr.-45876 and Gertrude (Hattie) HERRING-45898.

Spouse: Shirley Mae LUCAS-81728. Shirley Mae LUCAS and Samuel Wesley TEMPLE Jr. were married on 2 January 1971 in North Vernon, Jennings, IN.54099,54102 Children were: Tiffany Dawn TEMPLE-81730, Paul TEMPLE-81731.

Samuel Willard TEMPLE87788 was born on 15 August 1874 in Tecumseh, Lenawee, MI.32762 He died on 24 March 1875 at the age of 0 in Tecumseh, Lenawee, MI.26221,122571 Buried in Brookside Cemetery, Tecumseh, MI. Parents: Samuel Willard (Samuel) TEMPLE-544 and Hetta Amelia (Hettie) SMITH-712.

Samuel Willard (Samuel) TEMPLE26218 was born on 17 April 1834 in Sunderland, Bennington, VT.4637,26219,32762,37835,43453,46300 In 1850 he was a mechanic in Sunderland, Bennington, VT.43453 In July 1860 he was a carpenter in Tecumseh, Lenawee, MI.26219 In June 1880 Samuel was a planing mill proprietor in Tecumseh, Lenawee, MI.46300 In April 1910 he was an implement house partner in Tecumseh, Lenawee, MI.37835 He died on 16 April 1912 at the age of 77 in Tecumseh, Lenawee, MI.26218,32762 Buried in Brookside Cemetery, Tecumseh, MI. Samuel has reference number RLT # 680.2696 Middle initial in 1910 was S. Parents: Samuel Willard (Willard) TEMPLE-504 and Jane Martha (Martha) HILL-679.

Spouse: Emma Willard CROSSMAN-711. Emma Willard CROSSMAN and Samuel Willard (Samuel) TEMPLE were married on 3 August 1859 in Tecumseh, Lenawee, MI.26218,26223 Children were: Charles Willard TEMPLE-574, Herbert Mortimer (Herbert) TEMPLE Sr.-575, Claudius Willard (Claud) TEMPLE-576, Lillian Emma TEMPLE-577.

Spouse: Hetta Amelia (Hettie) SMITH-712. Hetta Amelia (Hettie) SMITH and Samuel Willard (Samuel) TEMPLE were married on 18 January 1872 in MI.26218,32762,37835,73728 Children were: Samuel Willard TEMPLE-578, Leon Elbert (Leon) TEMPLE Sr.-579.

Samuel Willard (Willard) TEMPLE was born on 27 April 1808 in Sunderland, Bennington, VT.4728,43452,43453,43454,43455,43456,122572 Rise of the Temples gives year only. The 1850 census gave his age as 40. Find-A-Grave gave 1810. In 1850 he was a mechanic in Sunderland, Bennington, VT.43453 He moved about 1860 in Pittsfield, Pike, IL.4728,43455 In July 1860 Samuel was a mechanic in Sunderland, Bennington, VT.43456 In June 1870 he was a carpenter in Pittsfield, Pike, IL.43455 In June 1880 he was a carpenter in Pittsfield, Pike, IL.43454 Samuel died on 10 July 1888 at the age of 80 in Pittsfield, Pike, IL.4728,43452,122573 He has reference number RLT # 440.67112 Parents: Palmer Columbus TEMPLE-496 and Rhoda KING-4954.

Spouse: Jane Martha (Martha) HILL-679. Jane Martha (Martha) HILL and Samuel Willard (Willard) TEMPLE were married on 5 March 1829 in Bennington, Bennington, VT.4728,43452,43458 Children were: Adelia D. TEMPLE-542, Palmer Columbus TEMPLE-543, Samuel Willard (Samuel) TEMPLE-544, Sarah Jane TEMPLE-545, Orville Everett TEMPLE-23459, Mortimer F. TEMPLE-547, Adeline J. (Addie) TEMPLE-546, Permelia S. (Amelia) TEMPLE-30097.

Samuel Wittum (Sam) TEMPLE112484 was born in July 1871 in IL.4682,110009,110010,122574 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Chester, Randolph, IL.4682 In June 1900 he was a hotel clerk in Lyons, Rice, KS.122574 In April 1910 Samuel was an assistant cashier in Lyons, Rice, KS.110010 occupation was illegible. In January 1920 he was a restaurant proprietor in Lyons, Rice, KS.110009 He died after 1925 at the age of 54.122575 He died before 1930, and possibly in 1925. Buried in Lyons Municipal Cemetery, Lyons, KS. Marker has no dates. His parents were from PA (father) and NY (mother). Parents: Joseph Marshall (Joe) TEMPLE Sr.-51863 and Frances Ada (Fannie) WITTUM-51864.

Spouse: Elizabeth M. (Lizzie) WOLFE-51876. Elizabeth M. (Lizzie) WOLFE and Samuel Wittum (Sam) TEMPLE were married in 1897 in KS.110010,122574 Children were: Kenneth Mary (Mary) TEMPLE-51879, Lucille Zaidee TEMPLE-51877, Samuel W. (Sam) TEMPLE-51859.

Samuel Wylie TEMPLE14745,16129 was born on 9 November 1801 in North Huntingdon, Westmoreland, PA.16129,16131,16132,36607,55277,72003 In August 1850 he was a farmer in Salem Twp., Westmoreland, PA.16131 In June 1860 he was a farmer in Salem Twp., Westmoreland, PA.16132 Samuel died on 27 June 1860 at the age of 58 in Westmoreland Co., PA.16129,16134,55277,72003 Died 22 days after the census. Buried in New Alexandria Reformed Presbyterian Church Cemetery, New Alexandria, PA. He has reference number RLT # 128.4764 Parents: John TEMPLE-26029 and Elizabeth MARSHALL-4595.

Spouse: Nancy BOYD-5490. Nancy BOYD and Samuel Wylie TEMPLE were married on 14 May 1833.16129,16134,16135 Children were: Elizabeth (Tezzie) TEMPLE-5492, John B. TEMPLE-5491, Lieutenant Henry Boyd (Henry) TEMPLE-5493, Mary Margaret Ann (Margaret) TEMPLE-26055, Carolina TEMPLE-26054.

Captain Samuel Wylie (Tim) TEMPLE31330,73393,122549 was born on 11 February 1831 in North Huntingdon, Westmoreland, PA.2125,38849,53534,73393,73394,73396,73397,73398,73399,122576 Gave his age as 21 in the 1850 census and 26 in 1860. Some sources give 11 Jan 1831. Gave Oct 1831 in 1900. He moved on 3 April 1835 in Warsaw Twp., Jefferson, PA.86766 In October 1850 he was a laborer in Warsaw Twp., Jefferson, PA.2125 In June 1860 Samuel was a farmer in Snyder Twp., Jefferson, PA.53534 He served in the military between 1861 and 1864.38849,122549,122577 Enrolled as a corporal at Brookville PA on 4 Jul 1861 (his discharge papers gave 29 Jul 1861), and discharged as a 1st Lt. and Captain in Company I, 62nd Infantry Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. He was discharged at Pittsburgh 13 Jul 1864. The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography reported that he died of disease during the war, and was survived by his widow who lived in Norfolk. However, it appears he did not die in the war, especially when he was enumerated in the 1890 Veteran's Census. In June 1870 he was a farmer in Warsaw Twp., Jefferson, PA.73399 In June 1880 Samuel was a farmer in Warsaw Twp., Jefferson, PA.73398 He appeared in the census in 1890 in Warsaw Twp., Jefferson, PA.122577 He was ill with rheumatism and a disabled shoulder in 1890 in Warsaw Twp., Jefferson, PA.122577 In June 1900 Samuel was a veterinarian and surgeon in Warsaw Twp., Jefferson, PA.73396 In April 1910 he was a farmer in Warsaw Twp., Jefferson, PA.73397 He died on 29 August 1912 at the age of 81 in Warsaw Twp., Jefferson, PA.73395,85521,122576 Died at home of chronic valvular disease which his obituary reported as muscular rheumatism. Buried in the Temple Cemetery, Wasraw Twp., PA. Samuel has reference number RLT # 189.36216 He was a physician.38849,102860 Not clear why his nickname was Tim, but that is what the family called him. Parents: Isaac TEMPLE-4598 and Hannah LOGAN-26051.

Spouse: Anna J. (Annie) SMITH-5585. Anna J. (Annie) SMITH and Captain Samuel Wylie (Tim) TEMPLE were married on 3 October 1855 in PA.73393,73397,73401 Children were: Isaac Vincent (Ike) TEMPLE-5586, Mary Ella TEMPLE-5589, Anna Laura (Laura) TEMPLE-5588, Camilla Lulu (Cora) TEMPLE-5590, Jennie Etta TEMPLE-5591, John Knox (Knox) TEMPLE-5587.

Samuel Y. (Sam) TEMPLE was born on 12 September 1859 in Reading, Berks, PA.29216,29218,122578 He appeared in the census in July 1870 in Reading, Berks, PA.29216 In June 1900 he was a hotel waiter in Reading, Berks, PA.29218 Samuel died on 26 December 1926 at the age of 67 in Reading, Berks, PA.122578 Buried in Charles Evans Cemetery, Reading, PA. Parents: John TEMPLE-185360 and Mary DILLON-185361.

Sanda Semandia TEMPLE (private).122579

Sanders Edwin TEMPLE Sr.80256 was born on 15 June 1883 in Milford, Kosciusko, IN.8656,23483,23484,23486,23487,122580,122581,122582 In his WWII draft registration and his son Russell's birth certificate, he claimed LaGrange Co., IN. This was also reflected in his death certificate. In 1918 he was a woodworker in Kendallville, Noble, IN.23487 In January 1920 he was a case factory woodworker in Wayne, Noble, IN.23486 In April 1930 Sanders was a refrigerator factory mechanic in Kendallville, Noble, IN.23483 In April 1940 he was a refrigerator factory machinist in Kendallville, Noble, IN.23484 In 1942 he was an employee of McCray Refrigerator Company in Kendallville, Noble, IN.122580 In 1943 Sanders was a millwright for McCray Refrigerator ompany.122582 He died on 2 November 1943 at the age of 60 in Kendallville, Noble, IN.122581,122582 Died of a coronary thrombosis. Buried in Lake View Cemetery, Kendallville, IN. Sometimes appears with middle initial T. He did not give his wife as the person who would always know where he was in his WWII draft registration, but instead gave Phil Temple, who was his first cousin, and worked in the same refrigerator plant. Parents: George Luther (George) TEMPLE-2101 and Mary Ann (Mollie) SANDERS-3248.

Spouse: Ethel Luella COCHRAN-42439. Ethel Luella COCHRAN and Sanders Edwin TEMPLE Sr. were married on 23 December 1904 in La Grange Co., IN.23483,23490 Children were: Mary Avonna (Avonna) TEMPLE-66187, George Wilmer TEMPLE-66188, Russell Edwin TEMPLE Sr.-66189, Donald Carroll (Donald) TEMPLE-42440, Sanders Edwin (Sandy) TEMPLE Jr.-42441, Gloria Maxine (Gloria) TEMPLE-26150.

Sanders Edwin (Sandy) TEMPLE Jr. was born on 18 December 1921 in Kendallville, Noble, IN.1006,1759,23483,23484,122583,122584,122585,122586 SSDI put the date in 1921, but he claimed it in 1920 in his SSAN application. He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Kendallville, Noble, IN.23483 In April 1940 he was a home construction laborer in Kendallville, Noble, IN.23484 Sanders served in the military between 1942 and 1945.1006,122587,122588 Dates approximate. Drafted in the Army of the US on 3 Jul 1942 at Toledo, OH, as a private and he serve in the engineers. Admitted to treatment in Jul 1944 for pappataci or sandfly fever. Treated and returned to duty in Jul 1944. He was admitted to a field hospital in Aug 1944 for malaria and released that same month. He had another bought with malaria in Jan 1945, and was not discharged until Apr 1945. At the time, he was an engineer in Iran or Iraq. Service # 35330533. He lived in Noble Co., IN in 1942.1006 In July 1942 he was an unskilled worker in processing of dairy products in Noble Co., IN.122588 Sanders lived in Kendallville, Noble, IN in 1960.23489 He died on 24 September 2007 at the age of 85 in Kendallville, Noble, IN.1759,122583,122585 Died of emphysema. Buried in Lake View Cemetery, Kendallville, IN. His family name was Junior. Parents: Sanders Edwin TEMPLE Sr.-3252 and Ethel Luella COCHRAN-42439.

Spouse: Delores Beverly MC GAHEN-69584. Delores Beverly MC GAHEN and Sanders Edwin (Sandy) TEMPLE Jr. were married about 1943. They were divorced before 1965.56273 Children were: David TEMPLE-69585, Walter TEMPLE-69586, Sandra Kay TEMPLE-77431.

Spouse: Bonnie Lou (Bonnie) MC CANN-69583. Bonnie Lou (Bonnie) MC CANN and Sanders Edwin (Sandy) TEMPLE Jr. were married on 6 February 1965 in Albion, Noble, IN.1759,56274,56277 Children were: Kimberly Dawn TEMPLE-77421, Kristin Denise (Kris) TEMPLE-77422, Kirk Douglas TEMPLE-77423, Annette Linnea TEMPLE-77429, Aaron Lee TEMPLE-80717.

Sandi TEMPLE (private).55247 Parents: Dr. William Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-84800 and Helen Lorene (Helen) MARSH-84801.

Sandi TEMPLE (private).122589 Parents: Claus Martin TEMPLE-88643 and Betty Jane BIDLACK-88644.

Spouse: MASTRACCHIO-88662.

Sandi TEMPLE (private).122590 Parents: TEMPLE-162795 and Bobbie -162796.

Spouse: Tim TERRILL-162792.

Sandra TEMPLE (private). Parents: Milo Freeman (Milo) TEMPLE-3209 and Aili NIEMI-3344.

Sandra TEMPLE (private).26370 Parents: Robert (Bob) TEMPLE-31751 and Ellen Virginia (Virginia) SMITH-39897.

Spouse: VENABLE-31763.

Sandra TEMPLE (private).90211 Parents: Earl Jackson (Jack/E.J.) TEMPLE(S) Sr.-40612 and Ruth Ann CHAMPION-65424.

Spouse: Rod HOHING-65431.

Sandra TEMPLE (private).61597 Parents: Thomas Hugh (Tom) TEMPLE-28983 and Sophrona Marie (Sophie) WARREN-29006.


Sandra TEMPLE (private). Parents: George TEMPLE-72539 and Jacqueline -77359.

Spouse: PICRAY-77366.

Sandra TEMPLE (private).19381 Parents: Tommie Gene TEMPLE-66575 and Janet Louise BURRUSS-68659.

Spouse: Jimmy MC MURRAY-81502.

Sandra TEMPLE (private).44312 Parents: Colonel Richard Robert TEMPLE-82354 and Malissa KING-82356.

Spouse: Larry HUBBARD-82359.

Sandra TEMPLE (private).33377 Parents: George Robert TEMPLE-49731 and Emma Nellora FENTON-84023.

Spouse: Ken LITTLE-84484.

Sandra TEMPLE (private).11178 Parents: Bobby Jones TEMPLE-87791 and Shelby Ann BALLENGER-89183.

Sandra TEMPLE (private). Parents: Theldon P. TEMPLE-100050 and Effie L. POARCH-100051.

Spouse: AYSCUE-100055.

Sandra TEMPLE (private). Parents: Floyd Earnest TEMPLE Sr.-55086 and Myrtie Lou LEE-113949.

Sandra TEMPLE (private).14437 Parents: Albert Owen TEMPLE-67971 and Sylva JAMES-67978.

Spouse: NEWLIN-121938.

Sandra TEMPLE (private).33469

Spouse: Harrison Rey FERNANDEZ-145555.

Sandra TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Wilbur BILLINGTON-160085.

Sandra TEMPLE (private). Parents: Stephen TEMPLE-163253 and Frankie Lee CALKINS-163254.

Spouse: CIBERAY-163257.

Sandra TEMPLE (private).69317

Spouse: ROSE-178350. Children were: Brad Allan ROSE-178351.

Sandra TEMPLE (private). Parents: Richard Allen TEMPLE-154112 and Lynnette K. -154114.

Sandra TEMPLE (private). Parents: James R. TEMPLE-181470 and UNKNOWN-181471.

Sandra TEMPLE (private).19619 Parents: Collis Benton TEMPLE Sr.-183403 and Shirley Lee CROSS-183406.

Spouse: HALL-183419.

Sandra TEMPLE (private). Parents: Henry TEMPLE Jr.-184956 and Lillian BOWENS-184957.

Spouse: LINDSEY-184971.

Sandra TEMPLE died on 14 July 1971 in Atlantic City, Atlantic, NJ.122591 Temple may not be her maiden name.

Sandra TEMPLE (private).75453 Parents: Billy Wall TEMPLE-70342 and Naomi Wyntre STEVENS-86782.

Spouse: SUSMILCH-124564.

Sandra TEMPLE was born on 8 March 1966 in Manhattan, New York, NY.122592 She died on 21 March 2006 at the age of 40 in Bridgeport, Fairfield, CT.122592

Spouse: Pierre AGNANT-166608.

Sandra-Dee TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Anthony F. DE TORO-177370.

Sandra (Sandy) TEMPLE (private).50590 Parents: Howard Earle TEMPLE Jr.-80147 and Caroline May KOFKE-80148.

Spouse: Brian SMITH-80156. Children were: Christopher Brian SMITH-96207.

Sandra (Sandy) TEMPLE was born on 11 March 1931 in Queens, Queens, NY.52736,122593 She lived in NY before 1951.122594 She died on 13 February 1998 at the age of 66 in Columbus, Burlington, NJ.122594 Parents: Thomas TOMPOLSKY-148230 and Pearl Rose ROSEN-148231.

Spouse: LEVINE-170686. Sandra (Sandy) TEMPLE and LEVINE were married before June 1949.52736

Sandra Ann TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Robert Morris JONES-174504. Sandra Ann TEMPLE and Robert Morris JONES were married on 29 August 1958 in Jefferson Co., TX.48301

Sandra C. TEMPLE (private).1308

Spouse: Jeffrey W. BLODGETT-164603.

Sandra Cecile TEMPLE (private).32681 Parents: Judson Eugene TEMPLE-20093 and Mary Lucille (Lucille) EVANS-20096.

Spouse: David POTTS-71104.

Sandra Darlene TEMPLE (private).8901 Parents: William Leland (Bill) TEMPLE-73370 and Marna Gustava (Marna) HANSEN-93086.

Spouse: John P. HAW-94515.

Spouse: Robert William RAUSE-93102.

Sandra Dawn TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Billy Howard MC GEE-165197.

Sandra Dean (Sandy) TEMPLE was born on 8 October 1939 in Plantersville, Lee, MS.59426,63483 She appeared in the census in May 1940 in Lee Co., MS.63483 She was a music teacher.59426 Her marker in Plantersville Cemetery, Plantersville, MS, had no death date as of 2010. Parents: Eugene Frank (Pete) TEMPLE-39809 and Lola Montez (Tez) PARKER-72996.

Spouse: Tommy Farrar MONTS Sr.-73002. Sandra Dean (Sandy) TEMPLE and Tommy Farrar MONTS Sr. were married on 27 October 1956.59426

Sandra Dee TEMPLE (private).22491 Parents: Harry Charles TEMPLE-55361 and Diane Eleanor NORRIS-106228.

Spouse: Timothy Scott LEWIS-106233.

Sandra Denise TEMPLE122595 was born in 1970 in MS. She died in 1978 at the age of 8 in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY. Buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse, NY, Plot: Sect 80 grave 522.