Keith Ellsworth (Keith) TEMPLE16071 was born in 1926 in MT.103586 He died on 30 December 1926 at the age of 0 in Glendive, Dawson, MT.50962,103586,103587 Buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Livingston, MT. Identification of Keith Ellsworth Temple as Keith E. Temple, who married and divorced Capitola R. Horn, is based on timing and general location, so requires proof. The SSDI does not contain many Keiths, and the only one born before 1930 who might have married Capitola was born 4 Feb 1924, but his locations were all in and around IA. While the month of his birth is early, the locations are not clearly associated with his parents. All this suggest that perhaps Capitola married a different Keith E. Temple, who was the son of Albert Claude and Florence (Roberts) Temple, or Keith E., son of Othel Eugene and Minnie Lee (May) Temple. Parents: Reverend Newton Magrue TEMPLE-23133 and Flossie May (Flossie) LYALL-24788.

Keith Eric TEMPLE (private).60053 Parents: Gary Ray TEMPLE-158695 and Carolyn Kay WALLACE-158696.

Keith Eugene TEMPLE was born on 4 February 1924 in Paton, Greene, IA.37700,42009,64286,64288,103588,103589 He appeared in the census in 1925 in Paton, Greene, IA.37700 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Paton, Greene, IA.64286 In April 1940 Keith was a farm laborer in Dawson, Greene, IA.64288 He served in the military between 1943 and 1949.103589,103590 He enlisted in the Navy 17 Mar 1943. Served as a GM2. Assigned to the Armed Guard Center (Pacific). Assigned to the SS Yorba Linda and later the Liberty Ship SS Carole Lombard and the SS Thomas Jefferson. Finally assigned to the USS Molala (ATF 106), an Abnaki-class tugboat. Discharged 18 Mar 1949. Service # 829 17 52. He lived RFD 1 in Paton, Greene, IA in 1943.103589 Keith lived Box 1224 in Vallejo, Solano, CA in 1950.103589 He died on 25 March 1987 at the age of 63 in Jefferson, Greene, IA.42002,103588 Buried in Paton, Greene, IA. Parents: Albert Claude TEMPLE-50587 and Florence H. ROBERTS-50589.

Spouse: Betty ABERLACHI-66987. Betty ABERLACHI and Keith Eugene TEMPLE were married before 1953. Children were: Marvin Lee TEMPLE-66988.

Spouse: Capitola Ruth HORN-103785. Capitola Ruth HORN and Keith Eugene TEMPLE were married in 1966.42009 They42009 were divorced in February 1969 in El Dorado Co., CA.42009

Keith Eugene TEMPLE was born on 5 August 1960 in Mc Pherson, Mc Pherson, KS.25709,103591,103592 The Rollins genealogy gave 10 Jul 1960. SSDI gave 10 Aug 1960, but he claimed 5 Aug 1960 in his SSAN application. She died on 20 August 1995 at the age of 35.103592 Parents: Larry Keith (Larry) TEMPLE-69350 and Karen Jean ALLISON-69351.

Keith K. TEMPLE (private).20989

Spouse: Pamela C. CHAVEZ-146129.

Keith L. TEMPLE (private).1282

Spouse: Sheila B. PIERRE-164456.

Keith Lawrence TEMPLE (private).103593

Keith M. TEMPLE was born in December 1908 in KS.5989 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Lyons, Rice, KS.5989 His name was illegible in 1910. Parents: Otto TEMPLE-180205 and Myrtle H. -180206.

Keith Melvin TEMPLE was born on 28 April 1934 in Rome, Floyd, GA.16507,16510 He lived Rt. 4 in Guntersville, Marshall, AL in 1937.16510 He lived in OH in 1952.103594 Keith died on 8 December 1996 at the age of 62 in Guntersville, Marshall, AL.103594 Parents: Hartley James TEMPLE-53384 and Berma A. BROOKS-66561.

Spouse: Betty Christine (Christine) CAMERON-92561. Betty Christine (Christine) CAMERON and Keith Melvin TEMPLE were married before 26 June 1984.19172

Keith Michael TEMPLE (private).22 Parents: Gordon Earl TEMPLE Jr.-37161 and Kathleen Marie MC CURLEY-38684.

Keith R. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Judith N. MARANO-162180.

Spouse: Stephanie GOODWIN-147761.

Keith Robert (Keith) TEMPLE53180,53181 was born on 4 June 1917 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT.11351,30750,53179,83814,103595 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT.103595 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT.83814 In April 1940 Keith was a railroad time keeper in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT.53179 In October 1940 he was an employee of the Bingham and Garfield Railway in Magna, Salt Lake, UT.53180 He served in the military in 1944/5.11351 Served in the maritime, probably meaning merchant marine. Utah records indicate he was enrolled 8 May 1944, and sent to Avalon (NFI) 12 May 1944. Keith lived 1520 Westminster Street in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT in 1948.103596 He died on 23 October 2012 at the age of 95 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT.30750 Buried in Salt Lake City Cemetery, Salt Lake City, UT, Plot: WEST-4-111-1E. Parents: Thomas TEMPLE-63678 and Margaret Ellen (Margaret) WALKER-63683.

Spouse: Ruth Patricia (Patricia) MC DONALD-79217. Ruth Patricia (Patricia) MC DONALD and Keith Robert (Keith) TEMPLE were married on 18 October 1939 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT.30750,53181 Children were: Lauren TEMPLE-91622, Anthony Robert TEMPLE-103011, Pamela Ruth (Pamela) TEMPLE-103012, Lance McDonald TEMPLE-103013.

Keith Ronald TEMPLE was born in October 1941 in Cody, Park, WY.95655 He died on 22 May 1942 at the age of 0 in Cody, Park, WY.95655,103597 Died of bronchopneumonia. Buried in Highland Cemetery, Natrona Co., WY. He was moved there from Cody, WY. He may be the son or grandson of Herbert Joseph Temple, Sr. Parents: Herbert Joseph (Herbert) TEMPLE-49053 and Cynthia H. LANDERS-49054.

Keith Wallace TEMPLE was born on 28 February 1929 in CA.20471,20472 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.20471 He died on 15 February 1935 at the age of 5 in Los Angeles Co., CA.20472,103598 Sources vary, with the Caver genealogy giving 4 Feb 1937, and Forest Lawn giving 15 Feb 1935. Buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Los Angeles, CA, Plot: Babyland, Lot 1183-1. Parents: Sydney Wallace (Wallace) TEMPLE-55261 and Clois Adalee CAVER-55268.

Kelley Michael TEMPLE (private).41331 Parents: Richard Loren TEMPLE-29955 and Kathleen J. LANZA-37079.

Kelley Nicole TEMPLE (private).676,17565 Parents: Jack Roland TEMPLE Jr.-34035 and Wanda Lena (Lena) WILLIS-88826.

Spouse: Jonathan E. BACA-88830.

Kellie M. TEMPLE (private).31741

Spouse: Richard W. FINCH-146131.

Kelly TEMPLE (private). Parents: Robert Leroy TEMPLE-3658 and Anne -3666.

Kelly TEMPLE (private).9884 Parents: Philip Dale (Dale) TEMPLE-59966 and La Bonnie J. -59969.

Kelly TEMPLE (private). Parents: Allen Duane (Allen) TEMPLE-5159 and Carol HOBSON-63292.

Kelly TEMPLE (private). Parents: Charles Paul TEMPLE-63552 and Sondra Lee BURNS-63554.

Kelly TEMPLE (private). Parents: Steven TEMPLE-63899 and Jana TARVER-63902.

Kelly TEMPLE (private).17783 Parents: Richard Mack (Mack) TEMPLE-22593 and Dixie Irene WILKERSON-22595.

Spouse: Joanne -104328.

Kelly TEMPLE (private).79729 Parents: Richard Ernest TEMPLE Jr.-42845 and Norma Ruth (Norma) O'NEILL-67146.

Spouse: Mike LAWSON-115036. Children were: Courtney LAWSON-115046, Morgan LAWSON-115047, Emily LAWSON-115048, Michael LAWSON-115049, Carson LAWSON-115053.

Kelly TEMPLE (private). Parents: Terrell Wayne TEMPLE-18808 and Sandra FORTENBERRY-18812.

Spouse: CROCKER-123392.

Kelly TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Joanne DUMETT-142012.

Kelly TEMPLE (private).2456 Parents: James (Jim) TEMPLE-151138 and Carol -151139.

Spouse: Gary HOWELL-151147.

Kelly TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Sydney -159267.

Kelly TEMPLE (private).62846 Parents: William (Bill) TEMPLE-174094 and Theresa (Tody) RAY-174095.

Spouse: Bruce WALLACE-174102.

Kelly TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Victor THEISEN-154800. Children were: Sean THEISEN-154801, Nicholas THEISEN-154802, Derek THEISEN-154803.

Kelly TEMPLE (private).4782

Spouse: Margaret -153675.

Kelly (Kelli) TEMPLE (private). Parents: Carl Roland TEMPLE-41581 and Judy LEEB-107883.

Spouse: Jeremy ANDERSON-107882.

Kelly A. TEMPLE (private).103599

Spouse: Michael V. VACHA-146133.

Kelly A. TEMPLE (private).79818 Parents: Dr. Donald Kelly (Don) TEMPLE-24147 and Betty M. COOPER-62199.

Spouse: Todd WAGONER-114197.

Kelly Allison TEMPLE (private).73232 Parents: Steven Allen TEMPLE-144752 and Jana Lynn DILLON-144753.

Kelly Ann TEMPLE (private).48345 Parents: Michael Philip (Mike) TEMPLE-36546 and Linda Lee (Linda) WEBB-45502.

Kelly Ann TEMPLE (private).14609 Parents: David McRae TEMPLE-158731 and Sandra Marie (Sandy) STEEL-158732.

Kelly Charles TEMPLE was born on 5 November 1956 in Marquette, Marquette, MI.67039,103600 In September 1988 he was a construction employee in Vancouver, Clark, WA.67039 He died on 23 December 2010 at the age of 54 in Clark Co., WA.103600,103601

Spouse: Portia V. SEXTON-160543.

Kelly Dale (Kelly) TEMPLE10794 was born on 14 November 1888 in Attala Co., MS.19015,42849,42850,42851,65386,65387,65388,103602,103603,103604 Gave his age as 30 in 1920. He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Attala Co., MS.42850 In May 1910 he was a farmer in Attala Co., MS.19015 Enumerated working on his parents' farm. Kelly the clerk for the Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church in 1913/4 in Sallis, Attala, MS.76553 In 1917 he was a farmer in Sallis, Attala, MS.103604 In January 1920 he was an express company agent in Kosciusko, Attala, MS.103605 Enumerated twice, once with his parents. In April 1930 Kelly was an express company clerk in Brookhaven, Lincoln, MS.65387 In April 1940 he was an express office chief clerk in Brookhaven, Lincoln, MS.65388 He died on 9 April 1974 at the age of 85 in Memphis, Shelby, TN.103602,103603,103606 Buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, Memphis, TN. Kelly holder of Railroad Pension # 712188949.4848 Parents: Curtis Hughes (Curtis) TEMPLE-20217 and Martha L. (Mattie) HUGHES-20227.

Spouse: Maynie Edna RUSSELL-20232. Maynie Edna RUSSELL and Kelly Dale (Kelly) TEMPLE were married on 14 January 1919 in Attala Co., MS.10794,65387 Children were: Everett Kelly TEMPLE-42746, Robert Hughes TEMPLE-42747, Jean Carolyn TEMPLE-42748.

Kelly J. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: John M. LAWSON-162238.

Spouse: Travis L. PIERCE-147828.

Kelly Jay TEMPLE12607 was born on 3 April 1963.103607 He lived in KS in 1977/8.103607 He lived in Beatrice, Gage, NE in 2007.103607 Kelly died on 2 September 2007 at the age of 44 in Lincoln, Lancaster, NE.7100,103607 Parents: William R. (Bill) TEMPLE Sr.-88464 and Juanita M. (Nita) BELLEVILLE-88465.

Spouse: Susan -88468. Children were: Sheree TEMPLE-88473, Carl TEMPLE-88474.

Kelly Jean TEMPLE (private).

Children were: Timothy Brock TEMPLE-158908.

Spouse: Arnaldo GARCIA-174975.

Kelly Jo TEMPLE (private).103608 Parents: George TEMPLE-145380 and Marlyss Dorene ALBERTSON-145381.

Spouse: Ricky Allen LARSON-163145.

Kelly L. TEMPLE (private).103609 Parents: Michael David TEMPLE-28355 and Linda L. RICCITTI-65232.

Spouse: Mark ERICKSON-65237.

Kelly Lynn TEMPLE (private).49323 Parents: Earnest Leroy (Leroy) TEMPLE-45025 and Sarah M. WATKINS-63824.

Kelly Lynn TEMPLE (private). Parents: Oscar Robert TEMPLE Jr.-87381 and Martha Ellen SANDERS-87382.

Kelly Lynn TEMPLE (private).103610

Kelly Ryan TEMPLE (private).79865 Parents: Roy Everett TEMPLE-60112 and Marcia Diane BIGGERSTAFF-119753.

Kelly S. TEMPLE (private).59851 Parents: Doug TEMPLE-65058 and UNKNOWN-65061.

Spouse: Dwain G. PATTON-65063.

Kelly Shane TEMPLE was born on 13 August 1957 in CA.146 He died on 16 November 1957 at the age of 0 in San Diego, San Diego, CA.146 Buried in Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, CA. Possibly the son of Thomas Stephen Temple. Parents: TEMPLE-130355 and LEWIS-130356.