Shane TEMPLE (private).5238 Parents: Larry TEMPLE-77100 and Betty LUCAS-127804.

Spouse: Tammy -127809. Children were: Austin TEMPLE-127810, Brooke TEMPLE-127811, Michael TEMPLE Jr.-127812.

Shane A. TEMPLE was born on 23 October 1971 in Yamhill Co., OR.90740,123044 His death certificate gave 22 Oct. He lived Route 1 in Willamina, Yamhill, OR in 1979.123044 He died on 8 June 1979 at the age of 7 in Bunker Hill, Miami, IN.90740,123044 Died of injuries in an auto acciden at the junction of US 31 and Grissom AFB. Buried in Buck Hollow Cemetery, Willamina, Yamhill, OR. Possibly the son of Donald A. Temple, 1942-1978. He is almost certainly the brother of Richard B. Temple, as they died on the same date in the same place and are buried together, Parents: Donald Allen TEMPLE-142607 and Marla Jean LOVEJOY-142851.

Shane Andrew TEMPLE (private).123045 Parents: TEMPLE-140627 and Jamie L. REXER-140628.

Shane D. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Katherine WADE-148828.

Shanna TEMPLE (private).85149 Parents: Jimmy Dale TEMPLE-93254 and Nora S. WRIGHT-93250.

Shanna TEMPLE (private). Parents: J. Frank TEMPLE-154959 and Sharen FRICK-154960.

Spouse: FOXWORTH-154962.

Shannon TEMPLE (private).63774 Parents: Charles Allen (Charles) TEMPLE-21048 and Cleone Elizabeth PARTIN-31245.

Spouse: Brian TRUETT-77637.

Shannon TEMPLE (private). Parents: Odelle (Honey) TEMPLE-20529 and Irma STAFFORD-20532.

Shannon TEMPLE (private).74429 Parents: John Douglas (Doug) TEMPLE-83619 and Patricia (Patty) SOMMER-83623.

Spouse: Brian STROHL-103796.

Shannon TEMPLE (private). Parents: Richard TEMPLE-147627 and Marcia CREVELING-147628.

Shannon TEMPLE (private). Parents: Albert TEMPLE-155784 and Gloria -155785.

Spouse: CRISCO-155793.

Shannon Claire TEMPLE (private).13644 Parents: Lancelot Alexander (Lance) TEMPLE-127576 and Madelaine Georgette BERUBE-127577.

Spouse: Ronald EICHINGER-127584. Children were: Robin Claire EICHINGER-127585, Helen Rae EICHINGER-127586.

Shannon Dee TEMPLE (private).76277

Spouse: Tina Marie STUTZMAN-181912. Children were: Austin Dee TEMPLE-181910, Kaden Eugene TEMPLE-182032.

Shannon Dewayne TEMPLE (private).20855 Parents: Donald Roger (Donald) TEMPLE-81677 and Bonnie Fay CARR-81684.

Shannon Douglas TEMPLE (private).123046

Shannon Elizabeth TEMPLE (private).123047

Shannon Lee TEMPLE (private).54956 Parents: Hilery Taylor TEMPLE-108496 and La Marr MEEK-108528.

Spouse: Larry BAKER-119566. Children were: Hannah BAKER-121599.

Shannon Louise TEMPLE (private). Parents: Wayne W. TEMPLE-119939 and Kathryn Ann (Kitty Ann) HUFFMAN-119940.

Spouse: Atherton Clark Matthew LOWRY-119946.

Shannon Lynn TEMPLE (private).36443 Parents: David Wayne (David) TEMPLE Jr.-3271 and Lillian Ann PHILLIPS-3418.

Spouse: VEST-63708.

Shannon Victoria TEMPLE (private).115271 Parents: Steven Paul TEMPLE-142346 and Cora Kathleen TOMPKINS-142347.

Shantel Marie TEMPLE (private).85242 Parents: David Sylvester TEMPLE-93398 and Sheila Marie MERCANTEL-93408.

Sharee Lynn TEMPLE (private).123048 Parents: James Roderick (Jim) TEMPLE-113136 and Betty Ann BAKER-113138.

Spouse: JACOBS-113154.

Shari Lou TEMPLE (private).8171 Parents: John Arthur (Johnny) TEMPLE-48740 and Betty Lou JACKSON-52565.

Spouse: Charles Wiley ORR-108105.

Spouse: Gerald F. STEWART-52568.

Spouse: Manfred KOHL-52569.

Shari Lynn (Shari) TEMPLE (private).8854 Parents: Harry Thomas TEMPLE Sr.-184927 and Peggy J. YOKLEY-184928.

Spouse: DIXON-184940.

Sharilyn Gwen TEMPLE (private).6603

Spouse: Terry Dean THOMPSON-146210.

Sharlene TEMPLE (private). Parents: Alfred Irving TEMPLE-44847 and Lavece -81865.

Sharlene TEMPLE (private). Parents: TEMPLE-180490 and Jennifer Elaine YOUNG-180491.

Spouse: WESTER-180495. Children were: Shylan WESTER-180498, Laurel WESTER-180499.

Sharlot Rachael TEMPLE (private).22400 Parents: Charles Ray TEMPLE-102086 and Leila Ann WILSON-102087.

Spouse: Clint LINDLEY-102092. Children were: Kiley Rachael LINDLEY-102097, Charles Riley LINDLEY-102098.

Sharlotty TEMPLE21486 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Jonathan CASTEEL-173392. Sharlotty TEMPLE and Jonathan CASTEEL were married on 6 July 1834 in Spencer Co., KY.21486

Sharlyne TEMPLE (private).5029 Parents: TEMPLE-138112 and Lorna Elizabeth LE MIEUX-138113.

Spouse: BURKE-138117.

Sharlyne Elizabeth TEMPLE (private).25751

Spouse: Dale Maurice CRANE-145565.

Sharon TEMPLE (private). Parents: Lawrence Herbert (Lawrence) TEMPLE-44976 and Iva Eloise LIVINGSTON-68433.

Sharon TEMPLE (private). Parents: Douglas Melvin (Jack) TEMPLE-47356 and Pansy Marie DETTY-60282.

Spouse: Earl ROGERS-69659.

Sharon TEMPLE (private). Parents: Jesse Ellsworth (Jesse) TEMPLE-44876 and Helen Gertrude CURTIS-64892.

Sharon TEMPLE (private). Parents: Allen Dale TEMPLE-84128 and Wilma Louise LONG-84129.

Spouse: Ronald DUNN-85217.

Sharon TEMPLE (private). Parents: Louis George TEMPLE-85417 and Marilyn J. VAN VUREN-85433.

Spouse: Bill Alan (Allen) GILLIS-85445.

Sharon TEMPLE (private). Parents: Peter F. TEMPLE-89887 and Christine SCHRAMM-89886.

Spouse: John MAKSYMEW-89909.

Sharon TEMPLE (private).112008 Parents: Reverend Paul Charles (Paul) TEMPLE-48454 and Iris Aleine WOLFE-48458.

Spouse: James COUGHLIN-90219.

Sharon TEMPLE (private).7206 Parents: Howard George (Howard) TEMPLE-21023 and Rita Sonia COACHE-105709.

Sharon TEMPLE (private). Parents: Sergeant Mallie Graham (Mallie/Nick) TEMPLE-54536 and Erika -108589.

Spouse: Alvin ELLSWORTH-108596. Children were: Shanna ELLSWORTH-108597, Shelby ELLSWORTH-108598.

Sharon TEMPLE (private). Parents: Gerald Edwin TEMPLE-44827 and Eldora MEHLBERG-63670.

Sharon TEMPLE (private). Parents: Emil Curley TEMPLE-105420 and Florence Louise JOHNSTON-105442.

Spouse: Glen DEVORE-124490.

Sharon TEMPLE (private).54318 Parents: Kenneth Leroy (Kenneth) TEMPLE Sr.-29046 and Shirley Ann SCHNEIDER-77582.

Spouse: CHAPMAN-125500.

Sharon TEMPLE (private). Parents: Ernest TEMPLE Jr.-137045 and Betty Lucille MC DANIEL-146367.

Sharon TEMPLE (private).36824 Parents: Alan TEMPLE-150028 and UNKNOWN-150029.

Spouse: Michael MESSINA-150031.

Sharon TEMPLE (private).8068

Spouse: Larry WILLIAMS-165809.

Sharon TEMPLE was born on 22 January 1947 in Manhattan, New York, NY.123049,123050 The NY Birth Index is illegible in many places, including birth certificate number. She lived in NY in 1965/6.123049 She died on 14 October 2009 at the age of 62 in New York City, New York, NY.123049 Temple may not be her maiden name. If it was, she might be Sharon Ann Temple, who married a Carrico and Gerald Xaver.

Sharon A. TEMPLE (private).27583 Parents: William Merle (Merle) TEMPLE-105635 and Helen Loreen (Loreen) DAVIS-128520.

Spouse: Gary BRANDON-128527.

Sharon A. TEMPLE (private).44598

Spouse: Robert W. HOOVER-147305.

Sharon Anita (Sharon) TEMPLE (private).55286 Parents: Harold Patterson (Harold) TEMPLE-21266 and Edna Nina (Edna) SQUIER-21270.

Spouse: Dick ENGDAHL-78791.

Spouse: Larry Allan OATMAN-57591.