John R. SOLLENBERGER was born in 1917 in PA.2640 Parents: Samuel R. SOLLENBERGER-136147 and Florence M. TEMPLE-136146.

Samuel M. SOLLENBERGER was born in 1903 in PA.2640 Parents: Samuel R. SOLLENBERGER-136147 and Florence M. TEMPLE-136146.

Samuel R. SOLLENBERGER was born in September 1873 in PA.2640,74413 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in St. Thomas Twp., Franklin, PA.74413 In January 1920 he was a farmer in St. Thomas Twp., Franklin, PA.2640 His parents were both from PA.

Spouse: Florence M. TEMPLE-136146. Florence M. TEMPLE and Samuel R. SOLLENBERGER were married in 1895 in PA.74413 Children were: Harry E. SOLLENBERGER-154856, Albert R. SOLLENBERGER-154857, Howard S. SOLLENBERGER-136148, Samuel M. SOLLENBERGER-136149, Wilber H. SOLLENBERGER-136150, Glen H. SOLLENBERGER-136151, John R. SOLLENBERGER-136152.

Wilber H. SOLLENBERGER was born in 1906 in PA.2640 Parents: Samuel R. SOLLENBERGER-136147 and Florence M. TEMPLE-136146.

William J. SOLLIS was born in 1886 in NY.34885,34886 In April 1930 he was an oil field driller in Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA.34885 His parents were both from NY in 1930.

Spouse: Edith M. FRAME-41813. Edith M. FRAME and William J. SOLLIS were married about December 1929 in Los Angeles Co., CA.34885,34886

Isiah SOLTES was born in 1916 in WI.8853 He lived 1826 1/2 Lucille Street in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA in 1957.8853 Parents: Samuel SOLTES-164111 and Gertrude ALPERT-164112.

Spouse: Raveli BRODSKY-131508. Raveli BRODSKY and Isiah SOLTES were married on 27 April 1957 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.8853

Samuel SOLTES (private).8853

Spouse: Gertrude ALPERT-164112. Children were: Isiah SOLTES-164110.

Alexander SOMBADI was born in 1877 in Hungary.1153 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Trenton, Mercer, NJ.1153

Spouse: Caroline TEMPEL-152058. Caroline TEMPEL and Alexander SOMBADI were married in 1906.1153 Children were: Bill SOMBADI-152061.

Bill SOMBADI was born in August 1909 in Trenton, Mercer, NJ.1153 Parents: Alexander SOMBADI-152060 and Caroline TEMPEL-152058.

Charles Wilfrid SOMERS74414 was born on 19 July 1901. He died on 29 March 1951 at the age of 49.

Spouse: Isobel Ridley TEMPLE-64165. Isobel Ridley TEMPLE and Charles Wilfrid SOMERS were married.

George W. SOMERS (private).

Spouse: Mary MILLS-70674. Children were: Stewart SOMERS-70672.

Margaret SOMERS (private).

Spouse: Thomas DUNN-77730. Children were: William Mason DUNN-44074.

Mary A. SOMERS28128 was born on 5 November 1858 in Ireland.74415,74416,74417 Gave 186\55 in 1880. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Easton Twp., Ionia, MI.74416 She died on 12 July 1898 at the age of 39 in Ionia, Ionia, MI.74417 She died of heart failure. Buried either in the Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg, VA, or in Highland Park Cemetery, Ionia, MI, both of which seem to have completed markers for her. Ionia, MI, seems more likely of the two. Appears in the census with middle initial A, but in cemetery records with middle initial C. Find-A-Grave gave her maiden name as Summers which disagrees with her marriage records.

Spouse: Daniel E. TEMPLE-54426. Mary A. SOMERS and Daniel E. TEMPLE were married about 1875. Children were: Lewis Clyde TEMPLE-54433, Orren F. TEMPLE-54450, Orlan C. TEMPLE-124548.

Stewart SOMERS was born in 1891 in Mountain Home, Ontario, Canada.74418 He lived in Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1916.74418 Parents: George W. SOMERS-70673 and Mary MILLS-70674.

Spouse: Ella TEMPLE-70670. Ella TEMPLE and Stewart SOMERS were married on 18 April 1916 in Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.74418

Emily Paige SOMERVILLE (private). Parents: Peter Marley SOMERVILLE-33383 and Mary Paige TEMPLE-22526.

Florence Maurine SOMERVILLE was born in 1904 in Midland, Midland, MI.74419 She lived in Detroit, Wayne, MI in 1946.74419 She died. Parents: Otis Emmit SOMERVILLE-97141 and Emma DAVY-97142.

Spouse: MC MULLEN-97143. Florence Maurine SOMERVILLE and MC MULLEN were married about 1925.

Spouse: Charles Roosevelt TEMPLE-52655. Florence Maurine SOMERVILLE and Charles Roosevelt TEMPLE were married on 26 January 1946 in St. Clair Shores, Macomb, MI.74419

John Adam SOMERVILLE56,74420 died on 21 January 1928 in Woodlawn, Beaver, PA.62359 Name also given as John. E. Summerville.

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) TEMPLE-24837. Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) TEMPLE and John Adam SOMERVILLE were married.

Mary SOMERVILLE56837 died before 1873 in Bloomington, McLean, IL.74421 No issue.

Spouse: Corporal James Ray (Ray) TEMPLE-3052. Mary SOMERVILLE and Corporal James Ray (Ray) TEMPLE were married about 1865.18633,56837

Otis Emmit SOMERVILLE (private).

Spouse: Emma DAVY-97142. Children were: Florence Maurine SOMERVILLE-97140.

Peter Marley SOMERVILLE (private).74422 Parents: Ronald Lee SOMERVILLE-99582 and Kathleen Ann MARLEY-99583.

Spouse: Mary Paige TEMPLE-22526. Children were: Emily Paige SOMERVILLE-79197.

Ronald Lee SOMERVILLE (private).

Spouse: Kathleen Ann MARLEY-99583. Children were: Peter Marley SOMERVILLE-33383.

Stephen (Steve) SOMERVILLE74423 was born in 1913 in Antrim Co., MI.74424,74425 He lived in Central Lake, Antrim, MI in 1951.74425 He died in 1989 at the age of 76.74424 Parents: William SOMERVILLE-96549 and Belle HESS-96550.

Spouse: Margaret Lillian TEMPLE-38503. Margaret Lillian TEMPLE and Stephen (Steve) SOMERVILLE were married on 2 June 1951 in Clawson, Oakland, MI.74425

William SOMERVILLE (private).

Spouse: Belle HESS-96550. Children were: Stephen (Steve) SOMERVILLE-96548.

Vincent Patrick SOMMA was born on 1 June 1934 in New York City, New York, NY. He died on 1 March 1995 at the age of 60 in Las Vegas, Clark, NV. Buried in Las Vegas, Clark, NV.

Spouse: Jane Sandra PARKER-3688. Jane Sandra PARKER and Vincent Patrick SOMMA were married on 5 June 1955 in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

Gertrude SOMMER74426,74427,74428 lived in East Berlin, Germany in 1983.74428

Spouse: TEIGE-155187. Gertrude SOMMER and TEIGE were married before 1926. Children were: Ursula TEIGE-152364.

Patricia (Patty) SOMMER (private).74429

Spouse: John Douglas (Doug) TEMPLE-83619. Children were: Heather TEMPLE-103791, Carrie TEMPLE-103792, Shannon TEMPLE-103793.

SOMMERFIELD (private).

Spouse: Peggy TEMPLE-110493.

SOMMERS (private).

Spouse: Betty Beryl WELLIVER-22884. Children were: Larry SOMMERS-80456.

Johanna SOMMERS was born on 10 May 1861 in Springfield, Sangamon, IL.28869,68300,74430,74431,74432,74433 In June 1900 she was a grocer in Springfield, Sangamon, IL.74432 In April 1910 she was a grocer in Springfield, Sangamon, IL.74430 Johanna lived 412 Black Avenue in Springfield, Sangamon, IL in 1918.74434 In January 1920 she was a seamstress in Springfield, Sangamon, IL.74431 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Springfield, Sangamon, IL.68300 Enumerated with her daughter Isabella's family. Johanna died on 23 August 1930 at the age of 69 in Springfield, Sangamon, IL.74433,74435 Buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, IL. Her parents were both from Ireland. By 1900, she had had 6 children, 4 of whom survived. By 1910, she had had 8 children, of whom 6 survived.

Also appears as Summers. Parents: Michael SOMMERS-114876 and Margaret DEVEREAUX-114877.

Spouse: James Charlton TEMPLE-88625. Johanna SOMMERS and James Charlton TEMPLE were married on 22 January 1885 in Sangamon Co., IL.440,74432,74436 Children were: George Morgan (George) TEMPLE-88630, James Charleton (Charles) TEMPLE-88620, Isabelle (Isabel) TEMPLE-88627, William C. TEMPLE-88621, Florence E. TEMPLE-88628, Lt. Colonel Joseph TEMPLE-88617.

Larry SOMMERS (private). Parents: SOMMERS-80451 and Betty Beryl WELLIVER-22884.

Michael SOMMERS was born in Ireland.28869 He died.

Spouse: Margaret DEVEREAUX-114877. Margaret DEVEREAUX and Michael SOMMERS were married before 1861. Children were: Johanna SOMMERS-88626.

Kara SOMMERVILLE (private).

Spouse: Timothy Wayne SCHNAUS-112455.

Etta SONDAN was born in 1870 in Switzerland.16125 She was adopted between 1878 and 1880.16125 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Sparta, Randolph, IL.16125 Etta died before 1933 at the age of 63. Parents: Reverend Alfred H. (Fred) TEMPLE-30107 and Martha Ann (Mattie) BOYD-55309.

Amanda E. SONES was born in July 1886 in PA.8686 Parents: Thomas K. SONES-22855 and Hannah Mary TEMPLE-22851.

Charles Henry SONES8686 was born in June 1888 in PA. Parents: Thomas K. SONES-22855 and Hannah Mary TEMPLE-22851.

Edith SONES was born in April 1900 in PA.8686 Parents: Thomas K. SONES-22855 and Hannah Mary TEMPLE-22851.

Elizabeth SONES was born in PA.68567 She died.

Spouse: Daniel RITTER-92050. Elizabeth SONES and Daniel RITTER were married. Children were: Charlotte (Lottie) RITTER-21685.

Elsie May SONES was born on 17 November 1892 in Lairdsville, Franklin, Lycoming, PA.74437 She died on 13 June 1991 at the age of 98.74437 Parents: Thomas K. SONES-22855 and Hannah Mary TEMPLE-22851.

Fannie A. SONES8686 was born in August 1890 in PA. Parents: Thomas K. SONES-22855 and Hannah Mary TEMPLE-22851.

Harvey Oscar SONES was born on 1 May 1896 in Franklin Twp., Lycoming, PA.8686 Parents: Thomas K. SONES-22855 and Hannah Mary TEMPLE-22851.

John H. SONES22781 was born in 1844 in PA.22782 He died in 1898 at the age of 54.

Spouse: Elizabeth Ann CLARK-92238. Elizabeth Ann CLARK and John H. SONES were married before 1875. Children were: Sarah M. (Sallie) SONES-22829.

Peter SONES (private).

Spouse: Sarah LOWE-69623. Children were: Thomas K. SONES-22855.

Sarah M. (Sallie) SONES8684 was born on 14 May 1875 in PA.13888,74366,74438 She gave May 1878 in 1900. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Jordan Twp., Lycoming, PA.74366 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Wolf Twp., Lycoming, PA.13888 Sarah lived in Jordan Twp., Lycoming, PA on 19 August 1911.74439 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Moreland Twp., Muncy, Lycoming, PA.74438 She lived in Anthony, Montour, PA before 1927.74440 She lived in Anthony Twp. until the death of her husband. Sarah appeared in the census in April 1930 in Liberty, Montour, PA.57545 She died on 17 June 1939 at the age of 64 in Liberty, Montour, PA.22782,74440 Died at her son Rolland's home of chronic myocarditis and pneumonia. Her obituary said the place was in Milton RD but her death certificate said Liberty Twp. Buried in Washingtonville Cemetery, Montour Co., PA. Her parents were both from PA. By 1900, she had had 5 children, all of whom survived. That means of the 6 pre-1900 children, one must be mis-assigned, and that is apparently Thomas Richard. By 1910, she had had 7 children, all of whom survived. Parents: John H. SONES-92237 and Elizabeth Ann CLARK-92238.

Spouse: Samuel Henry (Henry) TEMPLE-22850. Sarah M. (Sallie) SONES and Samuel Henry (Henry) TEMPLE were married on 10 August 1890 in Jordan Twp., Lycoming, PA.8684,13888,74366 Children were: Elizabeth Marie (Lizzie) TEMPLE-22830, Hannah Eva (Eva) TEMPLE-22831, Thomas Richard TEMPLE-22832, William Richard (Willie) TEMPLE-22833, Mildred E. (Mella or Millie) TEMPLE-22834, Rolland Edward TEMPLE-22835, Sherman Lester (Lester) TEMPLE-22836, Ruth Irene TEMPLE-22837, Leon Leroy (Leon) TEMPLE-22838, Helen May (Helen) TEMPLE-22839.

Thomas K. SONES8684,74441 was born on 23 October 1849 in Lycoming Co., PA.8686,58349 He died on 2 October 1934 at the age of 84 in Lycoming Co., PA.8686,58349 Middle initial when he informed his wife's death certificate was L. Parents: Peter SONES-69622 and Sarah LOWE-69623.

Spouse: Hannah Mary TEMPLE-22851. Hannah Mary TEMPLE and Thomas K. SONES were married in 1884.8686 Children were: Amanda E. SONES-28549, Charles Henry SONES-28550, Fannie A. SONES-28551, Elsie May SONES-28552, Harvey Oscar SONES-28553, Edith SONES-28554.

SONNEBERG (private).

Spouse: DeAnna BATES-88680.

Nora L. SONNER was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Charles W. TEMPLE-182568. Nora L. SONNER and Charles W. TEMPLE were married about October 1923 in Washington, DC.74442

SONS49495 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary Glenna TEMPLE-87361. Mary Glenna TEMPLE and SONS were married before November 1947.49495

Dennis John SONSTENG (private).6603

Spouse: Linda Mae TEMPLE-53644.

Etta R. SONTAG was born on 14 September 1868 in St. Charles Twp., Winona, MN.71042,74443,74444,74445 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Aberdeen, Brown, SD.74445 She moved in 1923 in Salem, Mc Cook, SD.42954 Etta moved in 1927 in Aberdeen, Brown, SD.42954 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Aberdeen, Brown, SD.74444 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Aberdeen, Brown, SD.74443 Enumerated as a widow and lodger. Etta died on 11 February 1953 at the age of 84 in Aberdeen, Brown, SD.71042,74446 Died of an unspecified illness that had lasted two years. She died in an unnamed Aberdeen hospital.Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Winona, MN. Parents: Otto N.P. SONTAG-123408 and Rosalie SCHORSE-123409.

Spouse: HERZBERG-123452. Etta R. SONTAG and HERZBERG were married about 1890. Children were: Hans HERZBERG-123453, Paul HERZBERG-123454.

Spouse: Charles SUTTER-128601. Etta R. SONTAG and Charles SUTTER were married before 1920.74444

Spouse: Charles L. TEMPLE-50833. Etta R. SONTAG and Charles L. TEMPLE were married on 14 August 1940 in Cedar Falls, Black Hawk, IA.74447

Otto N.P. SONTAG71042 was born in 1841. He died in 1911 at the age of 70.

Spouse: Rosalie SCHORSE-123409. Rosalie SCHORSE and Otto N.P. SONTAG were married before September 1868. Children were: Etta R. SONTAG-123407.