Victoria L. SNYDER (private).

Spouse: Barry A. TEMPLE Sr.-115384. Children were: Barry A. TEMPLE Jr.-115389.

William SNYDER7782 died.

Spouse: GRAY-118238. GRAY and William SNYDER were married before 1874. Children were: Roxanna (Anna) SNYDER-46834.

William SNYDER6453 was born about 1813 in NY.

Spouse: Eliza COOPER-51014. Eliza COOPER and William SNYDER were married about 1840. Children were: Eugene SNYDER-18416, Susan J. SNYDER-51017, Sarah F. SNYDER-51018, George W. SNYDER-51019, Alonzo SNYDER-51020, Egbert SNYDER-51021.

William Howard SNYDER Sr. (private).

Spouse: Virginia GOLDEN-79848. Children were: William Howard SNYDER Jr.-33717.

William Howard SNYDER Jr. (private).17048 Parents: William Howard SNYDER Sr.-79847 and Virginia GOLDEN-79848.

Spouse: Dorothy TEMPLE-33713. Children were: William Howard SNYDER III-79849.

William Howard SNYDER III (private).17048 Parents: William Howard SNYDER Jr.-33717 and Dorothy TEMPLE-33713.

William Moses SNYDER47280 was born in 1860 in IA.47281 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Yakima, Yakima, WA.47281

Spouse: Ella Arminta JEWELL-41499. Ella Arminta JEWELL and William Moses SNYDER were married. Children were: Sarah Mae (Mae) SNYDER-26968.

Eliza Anne SOCCI (private).23 Parents: Mario SOCCI-49089 and Amelia MEZZENGE-49090.

Spouse: Peter Thomas TEMPLE-27877.

Mario SOCCI (private).

Spouse: Amelia MEZZENGE-49090. Children were: Eliza Anne SOCCI-49088.

SOCHALSKI (private).

Spouse: Carol E. TEMPLE-103614. Children were: Stanley SOCHALSKI-103625, Carol SOCHALSKI-103626, Marie SOCHALSKI-103627, Trudy SOCHALSKI-103628.

Carol SOCHALSKI (private). Parents: SOCHALSKI-103624 and Carol E. TEMPLE-103614.

Marie SOCHALSKI (private). Parents: SOCHALSKI-103624 and Carol E. TEMPLE-103614.

Stanley SOCHALSKI (private). Parents: SOCHALSKI-103624 and Carol E. TEMPLE-103614.

Trudy SOCHALSKI (private). Parents: SOCHALSKI-103624 and Carol E. TEMPLE-103614.

Mary SOCHOR45138 died.

Spouse: Peter KNIZE-116887. Mary SOCHOR and Peter KNIZE were married before 1889. Children were: James Peter KNIZE Sr.-86885.

Trey L. SODEN (private).

Spouse: Breanna K. TEMPLE-179207.

John Charles SODER (private).6603

Spouse: La Delia Faye (Lottie) TEMPLE-63998.

Joshua David SODERLUND (private).

Spouse: Kerri Lynn TEMPLES-141850.

Clarence Lun SOE (private).74399

Spouse: Mary E. TEMPEL-152619.

SOEDER (private).

Spouse: Verena Mary TEMPLE-86579.

Agnes Rose SOEDER28967 was born on 1 July 1916 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH.28966,74400 She lived in OH before 1951.74400 She died on 8 June 1993 at the age of 76 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH.28966,74400,74401 Buried in Saint Mary Cemetery St.Bernard, OH. She may have been the mother of Ronald Tempel (1946-1979), who d in Cincinnatii, OH, and is buried in the same plot. Parents: Joseph SOEDER-154269 and Rose DICKENS-154270.

Spouse: FOSTER-171760. Agnes Rose SOEDER and FOSTER were married before January 1940.28967

Spouse: Isidore TEMPEL-154271. Agnes Rose SOEDER and Isidore TEMPEL were married before 1946. Date is a placeholder. They were divorced after July 1979. The date was before 1993. Children were: Ronald Edward (Ronnie) TEMPEL-152379.

Joseph SOEDER28966 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Rose DICKENS-154270. Rose DICKENS and Joseph SOEDER were married before 1916.28967 Children were: Agnes Rose SOEDER-152352.

William SOEHN (private).

Spouse: Veronica Barbara TSCHUDDE-51309.

Lewis SOFIELD (private).

Spouse: Joanne TEMPLE-177542.

SOFTY33285 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Roberta Jean (Jeannie) FEDOR-126296. Roberta Jean (Jeannie) FEDOR and SOFTY were married before August 1955.33285 They33285 were divorced before 8 July 1963.33286

Margaret SOGGINS (private).

Spouse: Arthur VEREKER-150518. Children were: Katherine Beatrice (Kate) VEREKER-150274.

Catherine SOKOLICH was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Harry E. TEMPLE-175368. Catherine SOKOLICH and Harry E. TEMPLE were married in April 1946 in Manhattan, New York, NY.74402 It is not clear when this marriage took place, but they took out a license, # 12911, 22 Apr 1946.

Eva SOKOLOWSKI (private).

Spouse: Bobby W. TEMPLE-15978.

Leon SOLAKIAN11513 lived in New Haven, New Haven, CT in 1950.11513

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth TEMPLE-179646. Mary Elizabeth TEMPLE and Leon SOLAKIAN were married before 1950.

Dennis Michael SOLARI (private).6603

Spouse: Joan Elizabeth TEMPLE-146195.

Helen Maria (Helen) SOLDANI23 was born on 7 September 1914 in Somerville, Middlesex, MA.23,74403 She died on 24 April 2003 at the age of 88 in Holbrook, Norfolk, MA.74404 Her father was from Italy and her mother was from MA. Parents: Vincent SOLDANI-46069 and Nicolene R. ALCIERE-46070.

Spouse: Prentiss Walker JORDAN-38205. Helen Maria (Helen) SOLDANI and Prentiss Walker JORDAN were married on 22 January 1933 in Somerville, Middlesex, MA.48447

Spouse: LONDEREE-126348. Helen Maria (Helen) SOLDANI and LONDEREE were married about 1941 in MA. They were divorced before 7 May 1948.53588

Spouse: Howard Russell TEMPLE-6547. Helen Maria (Helen) SOLDANI and Howard Russell TEMPLE were married on 14 May 1948 in Nashua, Hillsborough, NH.53588,74405 He claimed this was his second and she claimed it was her third marriage. Also registered in Boston, MA.

Vincent SOLDANI23,53588 was born (date unknown). Surname also appears as Soldam.

Spouse: Nicolene R. ALCIERE-46070. Nicolene R. ALCIERE and Vincent SOLDANI were married before 1914. Children were: Helen Maria (Helen) SOLDANI-38202.

Elsie Marie SOLDNER was born on 10 November 1922 in Wiesbaden, Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany.51964 She lived in NY before 1951.74406 She died on 7 January 1989 at the age of 66 in Bakersfield, Kern, CA.74406 Parents: Joseph C. SOLDNER-170550 and Elizabeth HANAMAN-170551.

Spouse: ASH-170554.

Spouse: TEMPLE-170548. Elsie Marie SOLDNER and TEMPLE were married before December 1938.51964

Spouse: LAWSON-170552. Elsie Marie SOLDNER and LAWSON were married before May 1942.51964

Spouse: MILLER-170553. Elsie Marie SOLDNER and MILLER were married before September 1951.51964

Joseph C. SOLDNER (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth HANAMAN-170551. Children were: Elsie Marie SOLDNER-170549.

Beverly J. SOLEM (private).74407

Spouse: Arthur Leslie (Wicket) TEMPLE-71089.

Brandon SOLES (private). Parents: Donnie Marvin SOLES-65666 and Myra Beatrice (Myra) TEMPLES-65663.

Donnie Marvin SOLES74408 was born on 7 November 1955 in GA.74409 He died on 14 January 2007 at the age of 51 in Vidalia, Toombs, GA.74409 Parents: Marvin Delmas SOLES-87802 and UNKNOWN-87803.

Spouse: Myra Beatrice (Myra) TEMPLES-65663. Myra Beatrice (Myra) TEMPLES and Donnie Marvin SOLES were married. Children were: Brandon SOLES-87804, Wendy SOLES-87805.

Jake SOLES was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Doris TEMPLE-174374. Doris TEMPLE and Jake SOLES were married on 18 July 1934 in Nueces Co., TX.74410

Marvin Delmas SOLES74409 was born in 1928. He died in 2004 at the age of 76.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-87803. Children were: Donnie Marvin SOLES-65666.

Wendy SOLES (private). Parents: Donnie Marvin SOLES-65666 and Myra Beatrice (Myra) TEMPLES-65663.

Wilma SOLESBEE was born on 22 March 1914.71084,74411 She died on 25 August 1944 at the age of 30 in CA.71084 Wilma remarried after Louis' death. Died shortly afterwards.

Spouse: Louis SCHUCHART-21351. Wilma SOLESBEE and Louis SCHUCHART were married on 17 June 1935 in CA.71084

Frank A. SOLIMINE (private).74412

Spouse: Sharon L. TEMPLE-147309.

Gary J. SOLIMINE (private).

Spouse: Jan E. TEMPLE-177218.

John SOLINO46712 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Tina TEMPLE-51538. Tina TEMPLE and John SOLINO were married before 1956.46712

Marisol SOLIS (private).

Spouse: Orlando Antonio TEMPLE-175016.

Ruth M. SOLIS (private).

Spouse: David E. TEMPLE-164371.

Albert R. SOLLENBERGER was born in March 1898 in PA.74413 Parents: Samuel R. SOLLENBERGER-136147 and Florence M. TEMPLE-136146.

Glen H. SOLLENBERGER was born in 1912 in PA.2640 Parents: Samuel R. SOLLENBERGER-136147 and Florence M. TEMPLE-136146.

Harry E. SOLLENBERGER was born in October 1896 in PA.74413 Parents: Samuel R. SOLLENBERGER-136147 and Florence M. TEMPLE-136146.

Howard S. SOLLENBERGER was born in October 1899 in St. Thomas Twp., Franklin, PA.2640,74413 Parents: Samuel R. SOLLENBERGER-136147 and Florence M. TEMPLE-136146.