Kenneth TEMPLES (private).43896 Parents: Johnnie TEMPLES-42626 and Azzie Lee DYKES-105247.

Spouse: Joanne -105255.

Kenneth Farrell TEMPLES was born on 14 May 1945 in Altha, Calhoun, FL.36465,131482 He died on 19 June 2005 at the age of 60 in Calhoun Co., FL.36465,131482,131483 Buried in Poplar Head Baptist Church Cemetery, Clarksville, FL. Parents: Benjamin Panic (Ben) TEMPLE-47238 and Estelle Idelle GAY-69230.

Kenneth Gwendolph (Short) TEMPLES was born on 23 October 1921 in Stoddard, Stoddard, MO.36220,36222,131484,131485,131486 He claimed Dexter, MO, in his WWII draft registration. He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Liberty, Stoddard, MO.43394 In April 1940 he was a farmer in Liberty, Stoddard, MO.36222 Kenneth lived in Dexter, Stoddard, MO in 1941.131484 He lived RFD # 1 in Bernie, Stoddard, MO in February 1942.131486 He served in the military between 1943 and 1945.131487 Dates approximate. Served as a seaman first class in the Navy in WWII. Kenneth lived in MI before 1951.131488 He died on 6 April 1992 at the age of 70 in Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau, MO.131488,131489 Buried in Sycamore Cemetery, Stoddard Co., MO. Parents: Charles Samuel (Sam) TEMPLES-55033 and Ethna J. GARNER-55034.

Spouse: Elsie Etta (Elsie) WHITE-63055. Elsie Etta (Elsie) WHITE and Kenneth Gwendolph (Short) TEMPLES were married in January 1941 in MO.131484 Children were: Garry Joe TEMPLES-70182, Kenneth Leon TEMPLES-63057.

Kenneth Leon TEMPLES (private).59634 Parents: Kenneth Gwendolph (Short) TEMPLES-55035 and Elsie Etta (Elsie) WHITE-63055.

Spouse: Janis Lynn SLUSHER-63058.

Kenneth P. TEMPLES was born in 1901 in NE.4040 In April 1930 he was a farm laborer in Lillian, Custer, NE.4040 His parents were from WI (father) and IL (mother). Surname may be TEMPLER.

Spouse: Laura P. -137843. Laura P. and Kenneth P. TEMPLES were married in 1923.4040 Children were: Kenneth P. TEMPLES Jr.-137844.

Kenneth P. TEMPLES Jr. was born in 1925 in NE.4040 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Lillian, Custer, NE.4040 He held the title of Jr.. Parents: Kenneth P. TEMPLES-137842 and Laura P. -137843.

Kenneth R. TEMPLES (private). Parents: Corporal Kenneth Ray TEMPLES-109294 and Betty Jean BATES-109298.

Spouse: Lisa M. MILLER-109311.

Corporal Kenneth Ray TEMPLES was born on 29 August 1944 in FL.12209,110216,131490 He served in the military in 1965/6 in Vietnam.12209,12210 Enlisted 3 Jun 1963 in the Marine Corps. Served in the Marines as a corporal with D Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division. He was serving as an administrative messenger with the 1st Battalion when he was shot by a sniper.
Service # 2055839. He died on 19 June 1966 at the age of 21 in Quang Ngai, Vietnam.12209,12210,110216,130478,131491 Died from sniper fire in battle, Quang Ngai Province, South Vietnam. He has a grave marker in Socrum Cemetery, Lakeland, FL. Parents: Eulous David (E.D.) TEMPLES Sr.-74098 and Bernice O. JOINER-74104.

Spouse: Betty Jean BATES-109298. Children were: Kenneth R. TEMPLES-109310.

Kenneth Richard TEMPLES was born on 4 March 1918 in PA.40596,40597 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Harrisburg, Dauphin, PA.40597 He died on 27 April 1921 at the age of 3 in Harrisburg, Dauphin, PA.40596,131492 Died at home of diphtheria. Buried in East Harrisburg Cemetery, Harrisburg, PA. Appeared with the terminal S in 1920. Parents: George Josiah (George) TEMPLE-47909 and Marion Frances HARDY-47910.

Kenneth Wayne TEMPLES Sr. was born on 15 September 1935 in Titus Co., TX.9686 He served in the military between 1954 and 1964. Dates approximate. He was in the Navy when his daughter was born at Portsmouth Naval Hospital in 1962. Specific dates, units, ranks and locations unknown. He lived in Naples, Collier, FL in 1975.131493 Kenneth died on 26 January 2016 at the age of 80 in Cookville, Titus, TX.37900 Parents: Marshall Morris (Marshall) TEMPLES-51800 and Annie Lucille (Lucille) KAY-62407.

Spouse: Mary Lou TIDWELL-78534. Mary Lou TIDWELL and Kenneth Wayne TEMPLES Sr. were married on 31 March 1954 in Titus Co., TX.131494 They131494 were divorced before 1964. Children were: Billy Wayne TEMPLES-78537, Mitchell Allen TEMPLES-78539, Donna Gail TEMPLES-78538, TEMPLES-112832.

Spouse: Coleen GOODWIN-103765. Coleen GOODWIN and Kenneth Wayne TEMPLES Sr. were married.

Spouse: Constance Bernice GORMAN-62414. Children were: Kenneth Wayne TEMPLES Jr.-78547, Deborah Anne TEMPLES-78548.

Kenneth Wayne TEMPLES Jr. (private).37900 Parents: Kenneth Wayne TEMPLES Sr.-62408 and Constance Bernice GORMAN-62414.

Kennith Paul TEMPLES was born on 22 December 1947 in GA.131495,131496 He served in the military about 1971.131496 Served as a sergeant in the Army in Vietnam. Specific dates, ranks, units and locations unknown. He lived in Hartwell, Hart, GA in 2005.17464 Kennith died on 22 May 2021 at the age of 73 in GA.131495,131496 Buried in Georgia National Cemetery, Canton, GA. Parents: James Walter (Bud) TEMPLES-53327 and Ione BROOM-79599.

Kerri Lynn TEMPLES (private).

Spouse: Joshua David SODERLUND-141851.

Kevin TEMPLES (private).131497 Parents: Tharon Wallace (Wallace) TEMPLES-57657 and Shirley SIRMANS-57660.

Kevin TEMPLES (private). Parents: Terry L. TEMPLES-115170 and Charlene EXLEY-115173.

Kim TEMPLES (private). Parents: George David (Dave) TEMPLES-65695 and Sandra -65696.

Kimberly TEMPLES (private).7408 Parents: Sherron TEMPLES-72502 and Vera Mae -79700.

Spouse: LEE-79706.

Kimberly TEMPLES131498 was born on 24 February 1965 in Columbus, Muscogee, GA. She died on 26 February 1965 at the age of 0 in Columbus, Muscogee, GA. Buried in Evergreen Memory Gardens Cemetery, Columbus, GA.

Kimberly A. TEMPLES (private).

Spouse: Ronald A. PHILO-166012.

Kimberly Ann TEMPLES (private).11719 Parents: Alton TEMPLES-138453 and Ann COTHAM-153843.

Spouse: Kyle Martin SMITH-153845.

Kimberly Ann TEMPLES was born on 4 January 1961 in Coldwater, Branch, MI.44077 She died on 9 January 1961 at the age of 0 in Coldwater, Branch, MI.44077 Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Coldwater, MI. Parents: James Carlton TEMPLES-70191 and Carol J. PAYNE-70193.

Kimberly Jo TEMPLES was born on 20 January 1965 in Bowling Green, Warren, KY.131499 She lived in Warren Co., KY in 1992.49408 She died on 4 November 2021 at the age of 56 in Rocky Hill, Barren, KY.131499 Buried in Fountain Run Cemetery, Fountain Run, KY. Parents: Herbert Q. (Buddy) TEMPLES-81300 and Brenda Gail HARDY-102173.

Spouse: KEOWN-126992. Children were: Timothy Allen KEOWN-126993.

Spouse: MORGAN-126994. Children were: Marcus Alan MORGAN-126995, Samantha Jo MORGAN-126996.

Kimberly Y. TEMPLES (private).

Spouse: Clifford A. STANTON-149001.

Kimerly TEMPLES (private).47946 Parents: TEMPLES-158215 and Patricia Ann JOINER-158216.

Spouse: WILLIAMS-158226. Children were: Alex WILLIAMS-158227.

Krista TEMPLES (private). Parents: Steve TEMPLES-125869 and Linda -125872.

Spouse: Matt HOLBROOK-125874.

Krista R. TEMPLES (private).

Spouse: William L. HIPPS-166067.

Kristi Lea TEMPLES (private).21843

Spouse: Jorge David CHAN-174953.

Kristy TEMPLES (private).131497 Parents: Tharon Wallace (Wallace) TEMPLES-57657 and Shirley SIRMANS-57660.

Spouse: Aaron GAITHER-126125.

Kyle TEMPLES (private). Parents: Johnnie TEMPLES-98428 and Dollie -98431.

Kyle TEMPLES (private).47946 Parents: TEMPLES-158215 and Patricia Ann JOINER-158216.

Kyler TEMPLES was born in February 1893 in AL.31805,35123 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Girard, Russell, AL.35123 In April 1910 she was a candy factory candy maker in Girard, Russell, AL.31805 Kyler died. She clearly married Rolin Gorham, but was not found after that, and her husband reported himself to be single - not widowed or divorced - in 1920. Perhaps Kyler's parents had the wedding annulled - but then that does not explain what happened to her. Parents: Benjamin Karl (Ben) TEMPLES-47254 and Virginia Eugenia (Eugenia) FRAZIER-48016.

Spouse: Rolin GORHAM-90076. Kyler TEMPLES and Rolin GORHAM were married on 9 October 1911 in Muscogee Co., GA.37991

Kyndall Angela TEMPLES (private).13135 Parents: Gary Dent TEMPLES-91988 and Teresa MILLER-91989.

L. Linnie TEMPLES was born in May 1894 in AL.38433,60141,60142 Gave 1896 in 1920. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Newville, Henry, AL.60141 Enumerated living with her grandmother. In April 1910 she was a farm laborer in Newville, Henry, AL.60142 L. appeared in the census in January 1920 in Henry Co., AL.38433 She lived in Webb, Houston, AL in November 1936.37339 She died. She might be the Louise Temple enumerated in 1920 in Henry Co., AL, with her mother who appeared to be named Olive (poor handwriting). Parents: Ethalinda Olive (Olive\Ollie) TEMPLES-85293.

Spouse: Benny GIVENS-122860. L. Linnie TEMPLES and Benny GIVENS were married before 1936.

L. Russell TEMPLES was born in 1905 in OH.2573 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Scott, Montgomery, IN.2573 Parents: Lee Roy TEMPLES Jr.-135258 and Eulacy -135259.

L.T. TEMPLES was born on 6 August 1943 in Houston Co., AL.4889,131500 He lived Route # 2 in Columbia, Houston, AL in 1956.130399 He died on 2 September 2005 at the age of 62 in Ashford, Houston, AL.4889,131501 Buried in the Shiloh Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery, Dothan, AL. Parents: John W. TEMPLES Sr.-64091 and Eula Mae SMITH-65771.

Lacey Jae TEMPLES (private).695,85242 Parents: Larry Jay TEMPLES-82509 and Nancy Lynn (Nancy) GOLDSMITH-82512.

Spouse: David James BLOOM-88839.

Lacey Shae TEMPLES (private).695,130302 Parents: Ronald Keith TEMPLES-159272 and Latoynia Kay VAUGHN-159273.

Spouse: David A. NORTON-159055.

Lafayette TEMPLES was born in June 1880 in MO.56367 In June 1900 he was a farm laborer in Liberty, Stoddard, MO.56367 His parents were from MO (father) and TN (mother).

LaFayette (Fate) TEMPLES14937 was born on 2 December 1860 in GA.16479,20880,20882,27751,110754 In June 1880 he was a farm laborer in Bloodworth, Wilkinson, GA.20882 In June 1900 he was a farmer in Bloodworth, Wilkinson, GA.27751 In April 1910 LaFayette was a farmer in Irwinton, Wilkinson, GA.16479 Enumerated with a boarder named John D. Temples, a relation but I don't know what kind. He died on 24 March 1918 at the age of 57 in Wilkinson Co., GA.20880 Buried in Temples Family Cemetery, McIntyre, Wilkinson, GA. Parents: Dr. John Jackson (John) TEMPLE(S) Sr.-34173 and Sara (Sally) TEMPLE-34221.

Spouse: Nancy A.S. (Annie) DAVIS-34231. Nancy A.S. (Annie) DAVIS and LaFayette (Fate) TEMPLES were married on 21 December 1882 in Wilkinson Co., GA.16479,27752 This was a first marriage for both of them. Children were: Leon Hudson TEMPLES-34337, Eulah M. TEMPLES-34338, Aurelia (Arelie) TEMPLES-70536, John Docktor (Doc) TEMPLES-56092, Bonnie Belle TEMPLES-34176, Lonnie Tell (Lonnie) TEMPLE(S)-34342, Amelia S. TEMPLES-34341, M.A. TEMPLES-34339, Pearl TEMPLES-48207, Mamie W. TEMPLES-70535.

Lamar TEMPLES (private).17859 Parents: Curtis Owen TEMPLES-53339 and Dorothy Jean (Dot) BURDETTE-104147.

Spouse: Julie -104152. Children were: Chad TEMPLES-104154, Cody TEMPLES-104155.

Lana TEMPLES (private).20330 Parents: Michael Howard (Mike) TEMPLES-68548 and Judy CAMPBELL-82508.

Spouse: Rusty SCHULZ-82514. Children were: Harlee SCHULZ-82516, Hattie SCHULZ-82517.

Landa Carl (Carl) TEMPLES (private).23398 Parents: Richard Earnest (Earnest) TEMPLES-70273 and Florence Lizzie HUNT-70294.

Spouse: Bernese -70285.

Spouse: Shirley A. LEROY-70286.

Spouse: Sherri L. PERKINS-96422.

Landon P. TEMPLES (private).3724 Parents: Jerry Douglas TEMPLES Jr.-125950 and Renee -125953.

Laney TEMPLES was born in 1846 in GA.3818,129543 Since all the children cut two years off their ages (at least) in 1860, Laney may well have been born earlier, but did not appear in the 1850 census. In context, she was probably born about 1843. However, she claimed to be 16 in 1870. She appeared in the census in July 1860 in Early Co., GA.3818 In June 1870 she was a pauper in Early Co., GA.2332 Laney died. Did not appear with the family in 1850 and therefore may be a cousin. Parents: William Holden (Holden) TEMPLES-34548 and Julia (Judy) -34567.

Lannie TEMPLES (private).48083 Parents: Henry Paul TEMPLES Sr.-104382 and Evelyn Christine JONES-119360.

Spouse: Edward GRANT-119370. Children were: Charles GRANT-119374, Suzanne GRANT-119375.

Larina TEMPLES was born in December 1888 in TX.2701 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Pickens, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.2701 I think it is likely she went by Linnie and married Virgil Reeves in 1908. Parents: Joseph S. TEMPLES-173157 and Flora -173158.

Larkin TEMPLES was born in 1810 in Chatham Co., NC.22955,22956,22957 Age given in 1864 was 52y6m. He appeared in the census in 1840 in Chatham Co., NC.22955 In October 1850 he was a farmer in Pickens Co., SC.22956 In June 1860 Larkin was a farmer in Grassy Knob, Pickens, GA.22957 Enumerated next door to his son Patrick. In 1864 he was a farmer in Pickens Co., GA.131502 He died before 1880 at the age of 70. Larkin has reference number RLT # U4082.4764

Spouse: Susan CLARK-49009. Susan CLARK and Larkin TEMPLES were married before 1838. Children were: Patrick Henry (Henry) TEMPLES-49018, Minna TEMPLES-49010, Sarah C. (Sallie) TEMPLES-49035, William Edward TEMPLE(S)-49003, Mary Elizabeth (Elizabeth) TEMPLES-49011, Rutha G. (Ruth) TEMPLES-49012, Anna L. TEMPLES-49013, Amanda Wayne (Manda) TEMPLES-49014, Vanessa Parzada (Nancy) TEMPLES-49015, John Joseph (John) TEMPLE(S)-49016, George W. TEMPLES-49017.

Larry TEMPLES (private).1417 Parents: Hubert TEMPLES-114059 and Betty Jean ROBINSON-115166.

Spouse: Christie -115171. Children were: Brittney TEMPLES-122659, Bryanne TEMPLES-122660.

Larry TEMPLES (private).130361 Parents: Thomas Benton (Tom) TEMPLES Sr.-70187 and Hazel GAINES-70188.

Spouse: Jennie -119595.

Larry TEMPLES (private).7837

Spouse: Debbie Jacquelyn FRY-145776.