Frank TEMPLES was born on 12 December 1920 in LA.46934,130839,130841 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Washington Parish, LA.46934 He died on 31 January 1939 at the age of 18 in Washington Parish, LA.130839,130841 Buried in Sam Carroll Cemetery, Washington Parish, LA. Grave marker without terminal S. Parents: John T. (Johnnie) TEMPLES-17208 and Elizabeth J. (Lizzie) JARRELL-17216.

Frank Alvis TEMPLES130842 was born on 25 July 1903. He died on 13 February 1907 at the age of 3 in Sherwood, Franklin, TN. Buried in Sherwood Cemetery, Sherwood, TN. Parents: Franklin Calhoun (Frank) TEMPLE(S)-52202 and Mary Anne Katherine (Annie) BRAGG-52191.

Frank M. TEMPLES was born in 1868 in NY.1986 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Newton, Middlesex, MA.1986 Parents: Lynn W. TEMPLES-141184 and Kittie -141185.

Frank Stillson (Frank) TEMPLES12875,20910 was born on 30 September 1909 in Oakland, Coles, IL.9452,20911,20912,22661,22662,130843,130844 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Sargent, Douglas, IL.20912 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in East Oakland, Coles, IL.20911 In April 1930 Frank was a farm laborer in East Oakland, Coles, IL.9452 In April 1940 he was a farmer in East Oakland, Coles, IL.22661,130844 He lived RR 1 in Oakland, Coles, IL in 1942.130845 Frank died on 19 December 1985 at the age of 76 in Oakland, Coles, IL.12875,22662,130843,130846 Died of undisclosed causes at his home. Buried in Oakland Cemetery, Oakland, IL. Parents: Meade Stillson (Meade) TEMPLES-50442 and Martha A. (Mattie) CARRICO-50443.

Spouse: Gladys Alberta (Alberta) CLAPP-50445. Gladys Alberta (Alberta) CLAPP and Frank Stillson (Frank) TEMPLES were married on 25 December 1934 in IL.22662 Children were: Wayne Stillson (Wayne) TEMPLES-52106, Larry Edward (Larry) TEMPLES-50446.

Frankie M. TEMPLES130847 was born on 20 April 1924 in Columbia, Marion, MS.72424,72425,130848 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Marion Co., MS.72424 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Marion Co., MS.72425 Frankie died on 11 February 1999 at the age of 74 in Columbia, Marion, MS.130849 Buried in Good Hope Cemetery, Marion Co., MS. Parents: Frank TEMPLE(S)-17212 and Emeline SHOEMAKER-39810.

Spouse: Edward BENNETT-105013.

Franklin Seymour (Frank) TEMPLES was born on 16 June 1868 in Polk, Monroe, IN.9061,31015,31016,130850,130851 Age at death calculates the birth date as 15 Jun 1868. He appeared in the census in October 1870 in Polk, Monroe, IN.31015 In June 1880 he was a farm laborer in Polk, Monroe, IN.31016 In June 1900 Franklin was a quarryman in Shawswick Twp., Lawrence, IN.9061 He died on 27 August 1900 at the age of 32 in Pleasant Run Twp., Lawrence, IN.130850,130851 Died of consumption. Buried in Chapel Hill (Craecraft) Cemetery, Chapel Hill, IN. Seemed to be Seymour B. in 1870, he was clearly Franklin in 1880. Find-A-Grave says he was Franklin Seymour Temples. His parents were from NC (father) and KY (mother), in 1900. Living next to his brother and two doors from his sister and mother, but his name was spelled with the Germanic TEMPELS in 1900. Middle initial on his grave marker was S. Middle initial was S in his death certificate. Parents: Andrew Jackson (Andrew) TEMPLE(S)-34768 and Mary Ann (Polly) EADS-38408.

Spouse: Lula Bell (Lue) DECKERD-55946. Lula Bell (Lue) DECKERD and Franklin Seymour (Frank) TEMPLES were married in November 1886 in IN.9061,28477 The marriage could have taken place in Oct. They took out their license between 13 Oct and 11 Nov 1886 in Lawrence Co., IN. His initials were given as T.C., and her maiden name appeared as Deckard. Children were: Maud T. (Maudie) TEMPLES-55947, Elma Alice TEMPLES-55919, Millard William (Millard) TEMPLE-55949, Mary Alice (Mallie) TEMPLES-55950, Lillian TEMPLES-55951, Paul TEMPLE-107010.

Fred TEMPLES was born on 23 August 1914 in Dexter, Stoddard, MO.43394,68885 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Liberty, Stoddard, MO.43394 He lived Route 3 in Dexter, Stoddard, MO in 1935.68994 Fred died on 14 May 1936 at the age of 21 in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.24777,68885 Buried in Hill Cemetery, Bloomfield, MO. Parents: Charles (Charlie) TEMPLES-38520 and Mary Ann (Mollie) MC CLARD-44084.

Spouse: Nina Elizabeth ROBINSON-70222. Nina Elizabeth ROBINSON and Fred TEMPLES were married on 5 October 1935 in Bloomfield, Stoddard, MO.68885,68994

Fred Clarence (Fred) TEMPLES was born on 22 March 1895 in Blythe, Richmond, GA.57006,57007,130852,130853,130854,130855,130856 Gave Nov 1894 in 1900, but 1897 in later censuses. Gave his age as 24 in 1930. He claimed his birth was near Wrens, GA, in his SSAN application. Find-A-Grave adds to the date confusion with 22 Nov 1896, Blythe, GA. He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Richmond Co., GA.57007 In April 1910 he was a farm laborer in Richmond Co., GA.57006 In 1917 Fred was an accounting agent for the Southern Railroad in Wrens, Jefferson, GA.130853 In January 1920 he was a railroad yard clerk in Wrens, Jefferson, GA.130854 In April 1930 he was a railroad clerk in Wrens, Jefferson, GA.130852 Fred lived 13 Olliff Street in Statesboro, Bulloch, GA in October 1940.130857 He died on 29 September 1957 at the age of 62 in Augusta, Richmond, GA.130856,130858 Buried in Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Augusta, GA. Also reported as buried in Hillcrest Abbey East Cemetery, Savannah, GA, one of these is probably a cenotaph or an error. Hillcrest is the more likely of the two since the rest of his family is buried there. He holder of Railroad Pension # 705014065.4910 Parents: James Henry (Henry) TEMPLE(S)-55530 and Martha Victoria (Mattie) MC GEHEE-66940.

Spouse: Laura M. TERRY-73471. Laura M. TERRY and Fred Clarence (Fred) TEMPLES were married on 16 December 1915 in GA.130852,130859 Children were: Willis Henry (Willie) TEMPLES-73472.

Fred McArthur TEMPLES was born on 1 December 1942 in Lakeland, Polk, FL.130695,130860 He lived in FL in 1955.130861 He lived in Tavares, Lake, FL in 1966/7.29221,130478 Dates may not be inclusive. Fred lived in Blountstown, Calhoun, FL before 1992.130695 He moved in 1992 in Duck Hill, Montgomery, MS.130695 He died on 22 September 2002 at the age of 59 in Duck Hill, Montgomery, MS.130695,130861 Died in an auto accident. Buried in Fitzgerald Cemetery, Lakeland, FL. Fred served in the military.130695 Served in the Marine Corps. Parents: Eulous David (E.D.) TEMPLES Sr.-74098 and Bernice O. JOINER-74104.

Spouse: Sharon Jeanette DILLON-86198. Children were: Lee TEMPLES-86206, Jason TEMPLES-86207.

Spouse: Patricia D. BAILEY-96419.

Fred Wilson TEMPLES was born on 24 June 1924 in Fountain Run, Monroe, KY.25427,130862,130863 He lived in Fountain Run, Monroe, KY on 30 June 1942.130864 He died on 6 September 2006 at the age of 82 in Dawson Springs, Hopkins, KY.25427,130865 Buried in Fountain Run Cemetery, Fountain Run, KY. Parents: James Harrison (Harrison) TEMPLES-47196 and Tilda HARP-81291.

Freda S. TEMPLES (private).

Spouse: David L. ANDERSON-165966.

Freda V. TEMPLES was born on 22 March 1900 in Tallapoosa Co., AL.9363,25178,69075,130866 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Dadeville, Tallapoosa, AL.69075 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Red Ridge Twp., Tallapoosa, AL.25178 Freda died on 1 April 1985 at the age of 85 in Dadeville, Tallapoosa, AL.9363,130866 Buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Dadeville, AL. She claimed to be widowed in 1930, but she was apparently divorced. Name given as Frater in 1910. Parents: Albert Lee (Lee) TEMPLES-32931 and Catherine (Kate) ROECK-32943.

Spouse: Wingfield Terrell COSBY Jr.-32950. Freda V. TEMPLES and Wingfield Terrell COSBY Jr. were married on 2 March 1918 in Tallapoosa Co., AL.9363 They9363 were divorced before 1967.25183 Children were: Margaret A. COSBY-32953, Kathryn COSBY-32954.

Spouse: Joseph CAMPBELL-32951.

Frederick TEMPLES served in the military in 1812.129629 Served as a private in Wilson's Company of Hardee's Battalion of GA Militia in the Creek War. He lived in GA about 1812. I believe he was the Frederick Temple born 1770-1775 in Anson Co., NC.

Frederick TEMPLES79349 was born before 1755 in Anson Co., NC.89825 He appeared in the census in 1790 in Fayette, Anson, NC.79349 Appeared with 2 free white males over 16, 3 under 16, and 2 females. He appeared in the census in 1800 in Anson Co., NC.79349 Appeared with 1 male over 45, 1 female over 45, 1 male 16-26 and 1 female 16-26, and 1 male under 10. John Temple, his brother, was on the same page. Name appeared as Temples in 1800. Frederick moved before 1805 in Montgomery Co., GA.97017 He died about 1822 at the age of 67 in Jones Co., GA.97017,130867 Robert Temples indicated the death of Frederick was in Early County, GA, but the county clerk of Jones county was the one to whom John and James applied as co administrators of his estate. Frederick's family is created from the census records, since no record of a marriage has been found. Joyce Temple Barnett synthesized a family of four males and one female, which she considered to be the minimum for what was actually the case.

This person was a transition to Temples surname, appearing as a Temples after 1790 but before 1800. Parents: Frederick TEMPLE-34134.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-57797. Children were: TEMPLE-34539, TEMPLE-34540, Frederick TEMPLE(S)-34541, TEMPLE-34542, TEMPLE-34543.

Frederick TEMPLES was born in 1790 in GA.3817,60140,130868 Place of birth was illegible in the 1870 census. He appeared in the census in 1830 in Early Co., GA.49927 He appeared in the census in 1840 in Early Co., GA.49927 In August 1850 Frederick was a farmer in Early Co., GA.3817 In August 1870 he was a farmer in GA.60140 He died. In the 1850 census, Rachel appears alone as the head of the household. However, this may be because her husband was the Frederick enumerated with Rachel's mother-in-law. Frederick, enumerated with Mary, was 15 years younger than Mary, and was the right age to be Rachel's husband. May have had more children. Parents: Frederick TEMPLE(S)-34541 and Mary -34544.

Spouse: Rachel KING-34554. Rachel KING and Frederick TEMPLES were married on 8 April 1830 in Early Co., GA.16654 Although not commented upon in Temple People, Vol. II, it appears that Frederick Jr. and his father both married for a second time on the same day in Early County, GA. In Early County Marriage Book II, p. 31. Children were: Mary TEMPLES-34555, Hardy TEMPLES-34556, William TEMPLES-34557, Bennett TEMPLES-34558, James TEMPLES-34559, Washington TEMPLES-34560.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-55872. UNKNOWN and Frederick TEMPLES were married about 1820 in GA. Children were: Frederick TEMPLE(S)-78264.

Frederick TEMPLES22847 was born in 1825 in SC.23045 He died in 1859 at the age of 34 in Edgefield Co., SC.22847 Will was dated 4 Apr 1859, and probated 3 Oct 1859. His will named his wife and an expected child, who turned out to be Alice. Parents: James W. TEMPLES-70179 and Mary Ann CLAXTON-34147.

Spouse: Mary Ann KOON-34151. Mary Ann KOON and Frederick TEMPLES were married in 1846 in SC.50628 Children were: Milledge (Willeye) TEMPLE(S)-34498, Winfield TEMPLE(S)-34499, Buford TEMPLE(S)-34500, Eliza TEMPLES-34154, James Hansford TEMPLE(S)-34153, Alice TEMPLE(S)-34501.

Freida TEMPLES (private).130869 Parents: Herbert Lee TEMPLES-42185 and Jewell TAYLOR-105115.

Spouse: Larry GARLAND-105120.

Frieda W. TEMPLES130870 was born in 1944. She died in 1988 at the age of 44 in Columbia, Richland, SC. Buried in Crescent Hill Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum, Columbia, SC. Temple may not have been her maiden name.

G.B. TEMPLES was born on 3 March 1858.130871 He/she died on 29 July 1902 at the age of 44 in Siler City, Chatham, NC.130872 Buried in Rives Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery, Siler City, NC.

Gabriel TEMPLES (private).76784

Spouse: Rayanna TANGEN-181311.

Gabriel Wayne TEMPLES (private).130302 Parents: Billy Wayne TEMPLES-78537 and Martha Ann RYALS-126045.

Spouse: Kristie K. CLARK-126048.

Gaddis Matthew TEMPLES was born on 13 January 1932 in Columbus, Lowndes, MS.130873,130874 Find-A-Grave put the date in 1931. He lived in Columbia, Marion, MS in 1961.10489 He lived in Improver, Marion, MS in 1971.102666 Gaddis died on 3 March 1990 at the age of 58 in Marion Co., MS.130873,130874 Buried in Raybourn Cemetery, Marion Co., MS. Parents: Mike TEMPLE(S) Sr.-17213 and Elvira BAGBY-17225.

Gail TEMPLES (private).65967 Parents: Madison Jenkins TEMPLES-53335 and Willyne POWELL-86225.

Spouse: Harold DUNAGIN-91910.

Spouse: MOSS-126053.

Gardy TEMPLES was born (date unknown). He was not found in any census.

Spouse: Angeline SMITH-138967. Angeline SMITH and Gardy TEMPLES were married on 26 February 1870 in Richland Parish, LA.2065

Garlina TEMPLES was born on 7 May 1867.130875 He/she died on 21 July 1937 at the age of 70 in FL.130875 Buried in New Salem Cemetery, Kynesville, FL.

Garnet Margarette TEMPLES47173,47174 was born on 16 December 1907 in Winlock, Lewis, WA.29002,32280,130876,130877 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Pe Ell, Lewis, WA.32280 She lived in Lewis Co., WA in 1926. Garnet appeared in the census in April 1930 in Chehalis, Lewis, WA.130877 She was enumerated as the head of the family, said to be married, but her husband was not in evidence. She lived in WA before 1951.130876 She died on 15 August 1979 at the age of 71 in Lake Elsinore, Riverside, CA.130876,130878 Appears as Annette in 1920. She gave her middle name as Marguarette in her marriage papers with Antone Jensen. Her parents were from OK (father) and MN (mother) in 1930. She may have been the Garnet M. Crowley enumerated with husband Dan/Daniel F. Crowley in Diablo Heights, Balboa, Panama Canal Zone in 1940, but her husband's name does not match up with other records. She had two sons, Thorwald and Michael in the 1940 census. Parents: Henry Benton (H.B.) TEMPLES-91037 and Sarah Rachel (Sara) ERCKENBRACK-91040.

Spouse: Antone JENSEN-91065. Garnet Margarette TEMPLES and Antone JENSEN were married on 3 December 1926 in Mt. Vernon, Skagit, WA.47174 The witnesses included Mr. and Mrs. H.T. Jensen, who might be the groom's parents.

Spouse: Michael I. CROWLEY-91052. Children were: Dennis H. CROWLEY-91053.

Garry Joe TEMPLES was born on 6 March 1943 in Pyletown, Stoddard, MO.130879,130880 He lived in Dexter, Stoddard, MO in 1964.130879 He lived in Bernie, Stoddard, MO in 1998.68355 Garry lived in Bernie, Stoddard, MO in 2018.59634 He died on 23 September 2019 at the age of 76 in Bernie, Stoddard, MO.130880 Buried in Sycamore Cemetery, Stoddard Co., MO. Parents: Kenneth Gwendolph (Short) TEMPLES-55035 and Elsie Etta (Elsie) WHITE-63055.

Spouse: Peggy Louise RIDENOUR-70183. Children were: Tim TEMPLES-119698, Lisa TEMPLES-119699.

Gary TEMPLES (private).7322 Parents: Norris (Bud) TEMPLES-44211 and Lucille THROWER-55044.

Gary TEMPLES (private). Parents: Joshua (Billy) TEMPLES-42190 and Louise YOUNG-70392.

Spouse: Cheryl NORRED-70394.

Gary TEMPLES was born on 15 September 1894 in SC.182,44084,44085 Gave Apr 1894 in 1900 census. He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Shaw, Edgefield, SC.44084 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Wards Twp., Aiken, SC.182 Enumerated with his grandmother Angelina. Gary died on 1 February 1912 at the age of 17 in Edgefield Co., SC.44085 Buried in Philippi Baptist Church Cemetery, Edgefield, SC. Parents: Ramsey A. TEMPLES-34521 and Susan HOHENBACH-48490.

Gary Dent TEMPLES13135 was born on 5 June 1961 in Japan. He died on 14 June 2014 at the age of 53 in Sumter, Sumter, SC. Buried in Evergreen Memorial Park, Sumter, SC. Parents: Dent Manning (Manning) TEMPLES-34190 and Theola Myrtle BELT-91987.

Spouse: Teresa MILLER-91989. Children were: Chad Ryan TEMPLES-91990, Kyndall Angela TEMPLES-91991, Kelly Marie TEMPLES-91992.

Gary Duane TEMPLES8065 was born on 7 February 1960 in Oakland, Coles, IL.8065,130881 He died on 2 August 1986 at the age of 26 in Paris, Edgar, IL.130881,130882 Died of undisclosed causes in Paris Community Hospital. Buried in Oakland Cemetery, Oakland, IL, Plot: Section 11 Lot 116. He is buried in the plot adjacent to the markers for Robert Annin and Vashti (Ziegler) Temples, and is probably their grandson through either their son Charles or Robert. Parents: Charles Amos (Chuck) TEMPLES-86462 and Ella Mae WATSON-109450.

Gary E. TEMPLES130883 was born in 1938 in Elkhart, Elkhart, IN. He died in 1938 at the age of 0 in Elkhart, Elkhart, IN.130883 Buried in Prairie Street Cemetery, Elkhart, IN. Parents: Paul Robert TEMPLE(S)-82139 and Mildred M. BRODE-82146.

Gary Leon TEMPLES (private).14405

Spouse: Terry Ruth BLACK-149734.

Gary Lynn TEMPLES (private).13005 Parents: Lynn Cecil (Lynn) TEMPLES-68551 and Dollie Jean BELL-75431.

Spouse: Penny Renee (Penny) MC CARTER-94650.

Spouse: Joanna L. DEAL-88739.

Gary V. TEMPLES (private).130884 Parents: James Lawrence TEMPLES Sr.-45120 and Beatrice Louise (Beatrice) CROSS-62267.

Gaye S. TEMPLES (private).35642 Parents: Dancel Leonard (Dan) TEMPLES-85396 and Betty R. -85397.

Spouse: Phillip Steven CAIN-85402. Children were: Kathren Lee CAIN-85403, Phillip CAIN-85408.

Gayle TEMPLES (private).2945 Parents: F.L. TEMPLES-158138 and Gladys Mildred -158139.

Gena TEMPLES (private). Parents: Homer Gene TEMPLES-100699 and UNKNOWN-115982.

Spouse: Jack STOGNER-115990.

Gene Robert TEMPLES was born on 15 December 1918 in Cedar Springs, Early, GA.130885,130886 In October 1940 he was an employed by his brother-in-law William Hansofrd Cleveland in Damascus, Early, GA.130886 He served in the military in 1942/3.130887 Enlisted in the Navy Reserve V-6 26 Aug 1942 in Macon, GA. Received aboard the USS Sangamon (ACV26) on 3 Oct 1942, having come from the Naval Training Station, Norfolk, VA. Changed rating to S2C on 1 Nov 1942. On board when the Sangamon supported Operation Torch, which was the invasion of North Africa. Sangamon returned to Norfolk in mid-November for repairs. He was transferred on 4 Dec 1942 to the Receiving Station, Philadelphia, for further transport to the USS Independence (CV22, which became CVL22 on 15 Jul 1943) for its commissioning. He was aboard for the commissioning on 14 Jan 1943. Transferred to the Naval Dispensary, Trinidad, British West Indies, on 28 Apr 1943 and received back aboard on 28 Apr 1943. Transferred to the Naval Hospital Philadelphia on 5 May 1943. Service # 636-92-56. Gene lived in Blakely, Early, GA in 1954.21564 He died on 14 December 1991 at the age of 72 in Calhoun Co., GA.130888,130889 Buried in George Cemetery, New Hope, GA. SSACI places him as the son of James Taylor and Mary Elizabeth (Wright) Temples, but unless he was given as James in the 1920 census, he did not ever appear with that family. Parents: James Taylor (Taylor) TEMPLES-51159 and Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) WRIGHT-51160.

General Samuel (Sam) TEMPLES was born on 15 May 1894 in Salacoa, Cherokee, GA.38374,38375,130530,130890,130891,130892 Gave Jan 1892 in 1900. Cemetery and Social Security records gave 15 Jul 1889 which disagree with his draft registration, which made the date 22 May. He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Salacoa, Cherokee, GA.38374 In 1917 he was a farmer in Lindale, Floyd, GA.130890 In January 1920 General was a farmer in Euharlee, Bartow, GA.130530 In April 1930 he was a cotton mill slubber in Cartersville, Bartow, GA.38375 He died on 7 July 1960 at the age of 66 in Cartersville, Bartow, GA.130891 Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Cartersville, GA. Middle initial could be read as G in 1900. Parents: Thomas J. (Tom) TEMPLES-56965 and Harriet GRAVELEY-56966.

Spouse: Martha Dora (Dora) WIGLEY-73466. Martha Dora (Dora) WIGLEY and General Samuel (Sam) TEMPLES were married in 1913 in GA.38375 Children were: Charles William (Charlie) TEMPLES-73467, Addice I. (Addie) TEMPLES-73468, Dorthy Bell TEMPLE-110700, Clarence Samuel TEMPLE(S)-73469.

Geneva TEMPLES was born on 12 October 1915 in Liberty, Stoddard, MO.130893 She died on 10 September 1916 at the age of 0 in Liberty, Stoddard, MO.130893 Died of malaria. Buried in the Dowdy Graveyard, Dexter, MO. Parents: Elmer TEMPLES-44202 and Miza GARNER-44210.

Geneva TEMPLES was born about 1921. She died on 10 January 2010 at the age of 89 in Leominster, Worcester, MA.49618

Spouse: Henry R. KIELINEN Sr.-155483. Geneva TEMPLES and Henry R. KIELINEN Sr. were married in 1942.49618 Children were: Henry R. KIELINEN Jr.-155484, Sandra J. KIELINEN-155485.

Geneva TEMPLES was born in March 1926 in GA.2864,35023 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Kite, Johnson, GA.35023 She lived in Kite, Johnson, GA on 1 April 1935.2864 Geneva appeared in the census in April 1940 in Kite, Johnson, GA.2864 Parents: Henry Hudson (Hudson) TEMPLES-34437 and Meadie Bell (Meadie) FRANKS-34474.

Genia TEMPLES (private).38262 Parents: Rudolph TEMPLES-17218 and Melvina T ROGERS-42627.

Genobiba TEMPLES was born in 1918 in NM.820 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Pecos, San Miguel, NM.820 Parents: Teodolo TEMPLES-137905 and Berebe -137906.

George TEMPLES (private).50415 Parents: John Wesley (Wesley) TEMPLES-51165 and Irma KNIGHT-72287.

Spouse: Priscilla -72301.

George TEMPLES appeared in the census in 1841 in Itawamba Co., MS.83848 He was enumerated with two people in his household.

George TEMPLES20753 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Margaret PAGE-149403. Margaret PAGE and George TEMPLES were married before 1890. Children were: Ella TEMPLES-149401.

George TEMPLES130894 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Sallie M. WHITE-171966. Sallie M. WHITE and George TEMPLES were married before 1929. Children were: Joe TEMPLES-171964.