Betty (private).

Spouse: James P. TEMPEL-71645.

Betty (private).

Spouse: Denny TEMPLE-79302.

Betty (private).

Spouse: Michael Alan TEMPLE-83359.

Betty959 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John Waldrop TEMPLE Jr.-45341. Betty and John Waldrop TEMPLE Jr. were married in 1953.959 They959 were divorced in 1954.959 Children were: Shirley Ann TEMPLE-86346.

Betty (private).

Spouse: Billy Carrol (Billie) TEMPLE-56428.

Betty (private).

Spouse: Wesley TEMPLES-104384.

Betty (private).960

Spouse: Sherwin Earl TEMPLE-87398. Children were: Elissa K. TEMPLE-106321.

Betty (private).

Spouse: Carl E. HUMPHREYS Sr.-108992. Children were: Carl E. HUMPHREYS Jr.-108991.

Betty (private).961

Spouse: Roger HORTON-114504.

Betty (private).962

Spouse: Larry Wayne TEMPLE-107094.

Betty (private).

Spouse: Turney TEMPLE-119889.

Betty963 died.

Spouse: William LAMBKA-120017. Betty and William LAMBKA were married before 1950. Children were: Carolyn S. LAMBKA-120016.

Betty (private).

Spouse: Sidney SHUMAN-121672. Children were: Judith SHUMAN-121671.

Betty lived in Inkster, Wayne, MI in 1968.964

Spouse: Warren Charles TEMPLE-97053. Betty and Warren Charles TEMPLE were married after April 1940. Children were: Robert TEMPLE-124577, Michael TEMPLE-124578, Patrick TEMPLE-124579, Mary Jo TEMPLE-124580, Mark TEMPLE-124581.

Betty lived in Forest Run, Monroe, KY in 1918.965

Spouse: Davis TEMPLES-153077. Betty and Davis TEMPLES were married before 1918.

Betty (private).966

Spouse: TEMPLE-154667. Children were: Billy E. TEMPLE-154664, Rita TEMPLE-154670.

Spouse: JOHNSON-154669.

Betty (private).

Spouse: Jesse TEMPLE-159604.

Betty (private).

Spouse: William TEMPLE-159618.

Betty (private).

Spouse: John TEMPLE-159637.

Betty (private).

Spouse: Terry TEMPLE-156170.

Betty (private).

Spouse: James J. JACOOB-161837. Children were: Jeffrey J. JACOOB-147105.

Betty (private).967

Spouse: Larry TEMPLE-172400. Children were: Steven A. TEMPLE-172399.

Betty (private).

Spouse: Paul TEMPLE-174086.

Betty lived 2522 North Halstead Street in Chicago, Cook, IL on 16 October 1940.968 At present, she is known only from the reverse of Jack's 1940 draft registration, where she was said to be his wife, but the information was entered under "Other obvious physical characteristics that will aid in identification." She was not found in Chicago in 1940.

Spouse: Jack TEMPLE-136456. Betty and Jack TEMPLE were married before October 1940.

Betty lived in Washington, DC in 1885.969

Spouse: John TEMPLE-185479. Betty and John TEMPLE were married before 1885. Children were: Ella TEMPLE-185478.

Betty970 died about 1867.

Spouse: Luke Valentine (Luke) TEMPLE(S)-47054. Betty and Luke Valentine (Luke) TEMPLE(S) were married before 1869. Children were: Sarah Alice (Alice) TEMPLES-106682.

Betty971 died before 2021.

Spouse: Walter THOMAS-180395. Betty and Walter THOMAS were married before November 1959. Children were: Lisa Waleen THOMAS-159343.

Betty was born in 1860.972 She died on 10 February 1931 at the age of 71 in Ashland, Hanover, VA.972,973 Died of myocarditis. Buried in Kings Chapel Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Ashland, VA. Parents: UNKNOWN-185795 and Lydia FORTUNE-185796.

Spouse: TEMPLE-185798. Betty and TEMPLE were married. Children were: Jim TEMPLE-185799.

Betty was born in 1875 in MO.974 She lived in Johnson Co., MO on 1 April 1935.974 In April 1940 she was a private family housekeeper in Blue Twp., Jackson, MO.974 Her marital status made her a widow, but she was either divorced or getting a divorce, as her husband did not die until 6 years later. Betty died.

Spouse: Harold James (Harold) TEMPLE Jr.-27661. Betty and Harold James (Harold) TEMPLE Jr. were married before 1940.

Betty was born in 1894.227 She died on 14 May 1972 at the age of 78 in Pasquotank Co., NC.227

Spouse: TEMPLE-141506. Betty and TEMPLE were married.

Betty (private).975

Spouse: Billy TEMPLE-159586.

Betty A. (Roz) was born on 29 October 1921 in Mason City, Cerro Gordo, IA.976,977 She died on 26 August 1997 at the age of 75 in Palm Bay, Brevard, FL.976,977

Spouse: Robert TEMPLE-144202. Betty A. (Roz) and Robert TEMPLE were married in 1953.977 Children were: Jay TEMPLE-144203.

Spouse: SMITH-144204. Betty A. (Roz) and SMITH were married before 1953. Children were: Tom SMITH-144205.

Betty Anne was born in 1900 in KY.978 She lived in Leslie Co., KY on 1 April 1935.978 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Leslie Co., KY.978

Spouse: Foster TEMPLE-158100. Betty Anne and Foster TEMPLE were married. Children were: Edwin TEMPLE-158102, Junior TEMPLE-158103, Dezzie TEMPLE-158104, Oma TEMPLE-158105, Lelia TEMPLE-158106, Sara Jane TEMPLE-158107.

Betty D. (private).979

Spouse: Jerald Leroy (Jerry) TEMPLE-44405.

Betty F. was born on 7 May 1933.980,981 She lived in Graceville, Jackson, FL in 1998.981 She died on 2 November 1998 at the age of 65 in Fort Lauderdale, Broward, FL.980,981 Buried in Damascus Baptist Church Cemetery, Graceville, FL.

Spouse: Glenn C. TEMPLES-179470. Betty F. and Glenn C. TEMPLES were married.

Betty J. was born in IN.982

Spouse: Harry E. SNIDER-105968. Betty J. and Harry E. SNIDER were married before 1951. Children were: Dawn Elizabeth SNIDER-52272.

Betty J. was born in 1927 in WV.983 She lived 4887 Clifton Avenue in Lorain, Lorain, OH in 1960.984 She lived in Amherst, Lorain, OH in 1987.983 Betty died on 8 May 1987 at the age of 60 in Lorain, Lorain, OH.983 Possibly the wife of Bobby D. Temple, also of Amherst, OH.

Spouse: Bobby D. TEMPLE-142221. Betty J. and Bobby D. TEMPLE were married in 1951.985 They985 were divorced on 14 December 1973 in Lorain, Lorain, OH.985 Divorce granted on teh grounds of gross neglect and extreme cruelty.

Betty J. (private).986

Spouse: Woodrow Kermit (Woodrow) TEMPLE-31692.

Spouse: JOHNSON-53210. Children were: Gary JOHNSON-53211, Neil JOHNSON-53212.

Betty J. (private).256

Spouse: Larry G. TEMPLE-140906.

Betty Katherine (Kathryn) (private).

Spouse: Warren Francis Bartlebaugh CAUDILL-147728. Children were: Lucinda CAUDILL-147727.

Betty L. (private).987

Spouse: Michael Arthur TEMPLE-40982.

Betty Lou lived Red Bud Street in Blakely, Early, GA in 1958.988 She an applicant for a veteran's headstone for Calvin Coolidge Temples on 10 March 1958 in Blakely, Early, GA.988 She may have married Calvin Coolidge Temples after the death of his first wife. This requires proof, however.

Spouse: Calvin Coolidge TEMPLES-81318. Betty Lou and Calvin Coolidge TEMPLES were married before 6 October 1957. Children were: Tommy Hayward TEMPLES-81324.

Betty Lou (private).

Spouse: LANDER-139931. Children were: Vondell Mae (Vondell) LANDER-139930.

Betty R. (private).

Spouse: Dancel Leonard (Dan) TEMPLES-85396. Children were: Janet L. TEMPLES-85398, Douglas Edward TEMPLES Sr.-85399, Gaye S. TEMPLES-85400, Phillis A. TEMPLES-85401.

Betty V. died on 18 August 1938 in Albany, Albany, NY.989,990 Buried in Graceland Cemetery, Albany, NY, Plot: B-0150-6.

Spouse: Ernest James TEMPLE-132480. Betty V. and Ernest James TEMPLE were married. Marriage is assumed since they are buried in adjacent plots, and died within a few years of each other. However, this could also be the case if they were siblings.

Beulah (private).

Spouse: Ellsworth Vernon TEMPLE-70677.

Beulah was born in 1901 in ID.991 She died.

Spouse: Theodore RICHARZHAGEN-90474. Beulah and Theodore RICHARZHAGEN were married before 1923. Children were: Katherine RICHARZHAGEN-26970.

Beulah was born in 1902 in LA.992 She lived in Slidell, St. Tammany, LA on 1 April 1935.992 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Franklin, St. Mary, LA.992 Beulah died.

Spouse: Robert Wycliffe TEMPLE Jr.-35317. Beulah and Robert Wycliffe TEMPLE Jr. were married before 1940.

Beulah L. (private).

Spouse: John R. TEMPLE-174071. Children were: TEMPLE-174073.

Beulah M.L. was born in 1905.993 She lived in Paulding Co., GA in 1968.993 She died on 1 July 1968 at the age of 63 in Thomas Co., GA.993 Possibly Beulah Langston, wife of Isaac Taylor Temple. Alternatively, possibly the daughter to Jasper and Beadie (Massey) Temple.

Spouse: TEMPLE-132283.