Jenny TEMPLE (private). Parents: Phillip Lee (Phillip) TEMPLE-26655 and Dorothy (Dot) PARKER-94168.

Spouse: Jacob BERITIECH-123547.

Jenny TEMPLE (private). Parents: Harold TEMPLE-119387 and Ellen -119390.

Spouse: Ricky VAN SKIKE-119393.

Jenny TEMPLE (private). Parents: Frisco TEMPLE-86064 and Nellie -125355.

Spouse: Alan BOBO-125363.

Jenny TEMPLE7875,105450 was born about 1770. She died after 1823 at the age of 53. Parents: Major TEMPLE-4486 and Mary Jane KENNEDY-4488.

Spouse: John BERRY-23738. Jenny TEMPLE and John BERRY were married.7875

Jenny Lynn TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Matthew Brooks WADE-164765.

Jenny Lynn TEMPLE (private).105451,105452 Parents: Lonnie Burline (Lonnie) TEMPLE-53731 and Carolyn Sue BEASLEY-53733.

Jeppie TEMPLE105453 was born on 4 September 1901. She died on 24 September 1902 at the age of 1 in AR. Buried in Ebenezer Cemetery, near Warren, AR. Probably related to Patsy Temple, whose grave marker was very similar.

Jerald Andrew TEMPLE was born on 5 April 1944.69120,105454 He died on 10 June 2017 at the age of 73 in FL.105454 Buried in Miramar National Cemetery, San Diego, CA, Plot: SECTION 5 SITE 144. He served in the military.105454 Served in the Navy as a hospital corpsman, HN during Vietnam. Specific dates, ranks, units and locations unknown.

Spouse: Karen L. ROGERS-146888.

Jerald C. TEMPLE was born in 1897 in Peoria, Peoria, IL.72688 He lived in Omaha, Douglas, NE in 1929.72688 Neither he nor his parents were found in any census from 1900 to 1940. Parents: Luther TEMPLE-160992 and Mariam L. SMITH-160993.

Spouse: Evelyne SIMERSON-142159. Evelyne SIMERSON and Jerald C. TEMPLE were married on 4 September 1929 in Pottawattamie Co., IA.72689

Jerald Francis TEMPLE105455 was born on 31 December 1912 in KS.148,22269,105456,105457 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Oswego, Labette, KS.22269 He lived in Columbus, Cherokee, KS on 1 April 1935.105457 Jerald lived in Oswego, Labette, KS in 1936.105458 In April 1940 he was a rock company laborer in San Antonio Twp., Los Angeles, CA.105457 In October 1940 he was an employee of Consolidated Rock Products Company in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.105455 Jerald lived in Sun Valley, Los Angeles, CA in 1981.105456 He died on 8 August 1981 at the age of 68 in San Diego, San Diego, CA.148,105456 Buried in Eternal Valley Memorial Park, Newhall, CA. Parents: Earl Charles TEMPLE-62689 and Grace L. CHICK-62692.

Spouse: Katherine Juanita (Kate) TINNEY-80132. Katherine Juanita (Kate) TINNEY and Jerald Francis TEMPLE were married on 31 December 1935 in Parsons, Labette, KS.60868,105458 Children were: Sherry Jean TEMPLE-85986, Ronald Charles TEMPLE-80135, Jerry TEMPLE-80136, Linda TEMPLE-80137.

Jerald Leroy (Jerry) TEMPLE was born on 15 December 1921 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.35603,105459,105460 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.35603 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.105459 Enumerated as the nephew of Joseph and Grace Aleshire. Jerald died on 22 July 2002 at the age of 80 in Grove City, Franklin, OH.105461,105462 Buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens, Columbus, OH, Plot: Apostles. Parents: Dr. Oliver Perry (Perry) TEMPLE-40823 and Mary E. THORNE-40824.

Spouse: Ruth Mary LAUGHLIN-76029. Ruth Mary LAUGHLIN and Jerald Leroy (Jerry) TEMPLE were married on 6 December 1947 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.51881,51887 They51881,51887 were divorced on 21 March 1978 in Franklin Co., OH.51887 Divorce granted on basis of gross neglect of duty. At the time of the divorce, they had 1 minor child. Children were: Barbara TEMPLE-92614, Larry TEMPLE-92615, Jeffrey TEMPLE-92616, Judy A. TEMPLE-92617.

Spouse: Betty D. -76023.

Jerald Lynn TEMPLE (private).10766 Parents: John Sterling TEMPLE Jr.-185375 and Ellen Clariece BAKER-185386.

Spouse: Valencia Eileen SIVERAND-185494. Children were: Danzell Jerrod TEMPLE-185495.

Jere Michael TEMPLE (private). Parents: Mark Houston (Mark) TEMPLE IV-60213 and Mabel Jane CAMP-93108.

Jereeka L. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Carlus D. JOHNSON-148919.

Jeremia TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Matilda HINTON-141705. Matilda HINTON and Jeremia TEMPLE were married in 1870 in Pasquotank Co., NC.43760

Jeremiah TEMPLE3091 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Harriet -130006. Harriet and Jeremiah TEMPLE were married before 1887 in VA. Children were: Jeremiah (Jerry) TEMPLE-130007.

Jeremiah TEMPLE105463 served in the military in 1783. Private in Captain Sylvanus Smith's Company, 5th Militia Regiment, commanded by Lt.Col. David Cobb. Appears on a muster roll of Feb 1783. He was born in MA.

Jeremiah TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Annie M.T. -146283. Annie M.T. and Jeremiah TEMPLE were married before 1954. They were divorced in April 1954 in Montgomery Co., AL.678

Spouse: Mary W. -146284. Mary W. and Jeremiah TEMPLE were married before 1953. They were divorced in November 1953 in Montgomery Co., AL.5813

Spouse: Ethel B. -146285. Ethel B. and Jeremiah TEMPLE were married before 1959. They were divorced in May 1959 in Montgomery Co., AL.2526

Jeremiah TEMPLE was born on 6 October 1686 in Dunstable, Hillsborough, NH.1053,45871,80948,105464,105465,105466,105467 He died about 1750 at the age of 64.105465 Parents: Christopher TEMPLE-107 and Alice HASSELL-132.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-72170. Children were: Jeremiah TEMPLE-839.

Jeremiah TEMPLE11205,105468,105469 was born about 1750. His date of birth is based on his Revolutionary War records, which (in about 1781) gave his age as 30y3m. He served in the military between 1775 and 1781.102779 He is mentioned in James Barrett's returns of musters, number 4, dated 26 Feb 1777. Jeremiah mustered into Col Kise' Battalion, Capt Cory's Company.

From Littleton, served as a Private, Capt. Samuel Gilbert's company, Col. William Prescott's Regiment, company return dated Cambridge, Sept. 28, 1775; reported in the train of artillery.

Also, "Private, Capt. Samuel Reed's co. of Minute-men, Col. William Prescott's regt., which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; [p.476] service, 6 days; reported enlisted into the army; also, list of men returned as serving on main guard under Maj. Loammi Baldwin at Cambridge, dated May 15, 1775; also, certificate dated Cambridge, June 18, 1775, signed by Capt. Samuel Patch, certifying that said Temple and others in his company, Col. Prescott's regt., were in need of pouches and had each received one for which said Patch promised to be accountable; also, list of men returned as serving on main guard under Lieut. Col. L. Baldwin, dated June 22, 1775; also, Capt. Samuel Patch's co., Col. William Prescott's regt.; company return dated Oct. 7, 1775; also, list of men raised to serve in the Continental Army from Capt. Aaron Jewett's (3d) co., Col. Jonathan Reed's (6th Middlesex Co.) regt., as returned to Brig. Gen. Prescott; residence, Littleton; enlisted for town of Littleton; joined Capt. Corey's (also given Capt. Whipple's) co., Col. Putnam's regt.; enlistment, 3 years; also, Private, Capt. Whipple's co., Col. Rufus Putnam's 5th (also given 4th) regt.; Continental Army pay accounts for service from Feb. 2, 1777, to Dec. 31, 1780; also, descriptive list dated West Point, Jan. 10, 1781; Capt. Whipple's co., Col. Rufus Putnam's (5th) regt.; rank, Private; age, 30 yrs. 3 mos.; stature, 5 ft. 10 in.; complexion, dark; hair, light; eyes, blue; residence, Littleton; enlisted April 17, 1779, by Col. Putnam; enlistment, during war; also, Private, Capt. Job Whipple's co., Col. Rufus Putnam's regt.; muster rolls for Jan., Feb., and March, 1781, dated West Point; reported "Sick at the fly'g hospital Robertson" in Jan., 1781; also, (late) Capt. Whipple's co., Col. Putnam's regt.; muster roll for April, 1781, dated West Point." He an applicant for a Revolutionary War pension in 1790.11205 Mentioned in the Pension Files as a Private in the MA Line, applying for a pension 25 Mar 1790. Jeremiah honored on a Revolutionary War monument in Liberty Square in Littleton, Middlesex, MA.89561 Apparently unmarried. Exactly who his parents were is not clear, but he is clearly related to Temples in Littleton, MA. There appears to have been only one line of Temples in Littleton, that of Christopher and Jemima (Russell) Temple, who were the right age and had children of the right age, but did not have a son that we know of. Other information shows that Jeremiah, brother of Christopher, had a son named Jeremiah, but little more is known about either of them. It seems most likely, then, that the Jeremiah of the Revolution from Littleton was the son or grandson of Jeremiah and nephew (or grand-nephew) of Christopher. This requires proof, which is apparently lacking, tying Jeremiah, brother of Christopher, to the Littleton area. Parents: Jeremiah TEMPLE-133 and UNKNOWN-72170.

Jeremiah TEMPLE9549 was born in 1849 in PA. Parents: Charles S. TEMPLE-22753 and Mary Elizabeth (Mary) SMITH-22754.

Jeremiah (Jerry) TEMPLE105470 was born in 1799/1800 in NC.105471 He appeared in the census in 1840 in Wilson Co., TN.3455 Enumerated with 1 male 30-40 (himself), 1 10-15, and 2 5-10; 1 female 40-50, 2 10-15 and 1 0-5. He died in December 1849 at the age of 49 in Wilson Co., TN.105471 Died of unspecified fever.

Spouse: Jemima UNGER-52832. Jemima UNGER and Jeremiah (Jerry) TEMPLE were married on 31 March 1821 in Burke Co., NC.11861,47922,105470 Children were: John Grim TEMPLE(S)-52213, Martha TEMPLE(S)-52833, Joseph S. TEMPLE(S)-52834, Laura TEMPLE(S)-52835, Cleopatra Lucinda (Lucy) TEMPLE-52836, Lafayette TEMPLE-91278.

Jeremiah (Jerry) TEMPLE was born on 22 May 1887 in Rockingham Co., VA.3091 Parents: Jeremiah TEMPLE-130005 and Harriet -130006.

Jeremiah Christian TEMPLE was born on 29 August 1975 in Jeffersonville, Clark, IN.105472,105473 He died on 11 January 1992 at the age of 16 in Elizabeth, Harrison, IN.75353,105473,105474 Died of a broken neck sustained in a car-pickup truck accident. Buried in Rogers Campground Cemetery, Harrison Co., IN. Parents: Stephen L. (Steve) TEMPLE-24550 and Anita Rose HOLBERT-30699.

Jeremiah D'Wayne TEMPLE (private).89993 Parents: Danette Helene LEWIS-159353.

Jeremiah Jackson (J.J.\Jerry) TEMPLE9549,13830,39670 was born on 18 May 1894 in Eagles Mere, Sullivan, PA.8686,8689,8690,15027,15028,15030,15031 Gave May 1893 in 1900. He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Jordan Twp., Lycoming, PA.8689 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Davidson, Sullivan, PA.8690 In January 1920 Jeremiah was a dye works laborer in Lock Haven, Clinton, PA.15027,105475 In April 1930 he was a papermill laborer in Lock Haven, Clinton, PA.15028 In April 1940 he was a paper millscythe maker in Lock Haven, Clinton, PA.15030 In April 1942 Jeremiah was an employee of Castanea Paper Company in Castanea, Clinton, PA.15031 He lived in Williamsport, Lycoming, PA in 1949.39670 He died on 30 March 1971 at the age of 76 in Lock Haven, Clinton, PA.105476,105477 Died of undisclosed causes at the Lock Haven Hospital. Buried in Rest Haven Memorial Park, Lock Haven, PA. His obituary named no survivors. Parents: John Lloyd (John) TEMPLE-22916 and Martha Jane ALLEN-22918.

Spouse: Mary Anna (Anna) BOATMAN-28595. Mary Anna (Anna) BOATMAN and Jeremiah Jackson (J.J.\Jerry) TEMPLE were married on 12 March 1912.15025 Children were: Alberta May (Alberta) TEMPLE-28596, Eugene Lloyd TEMPLE-28597, Chalmer Larue (Chalmer) TEMPLE Sr.-28598, DeMonte William TEMPLE Sr.-28599, Betty Jane TEMPLE-28600.

Jeremiah Smith TEMPLE was born on 2 April 1804 in TN.56012,82029 He appointed as the Overseer of Roads in October 1827 in Knox Co., TN.86440 He appeared in the census in 1830 in Knox Co., TN.8370 Jeremiah appeared in the census in 1840 in Knox Co., TN.8370 He was elected as Constable on 5 April 1842 in Knox Co., TN.8370 In 1850 he was a farmer in Knox Co., TN.82029 Jeremiah died on 1 November 1858 at the age of 54 in Knox Co., TN.8417 He has reference number RFT # 43-2.4504 Temple People Vol. II treats the two wives of Jeremiah as having married different men, because some records definitely give different middle initials for them, one being an L and the other being an S. However, I believe that this is a transcription error, with all other evidence being the same, so have treated them as one. The most compelling argument in favor of my position is the presence of Jeremiah S. in the 1830 and 1840 censuses, but no Jeremiah L. except in the 1850 (in which Jeremiah S. was absent). I think the census taker or someone else transcribed the original record and made an error in the 1850.

Surname appears with the terminal S in 1850. Parents: William TEMPLE-4485 and Jane (Jinney) SMITH-4601.

Spouse: Nancy Elizabeth Dawson WILKINS-21339. Nancy Elizabeth Dawson WILKINS and Jeremiah Smith TEMPLE were married on 15 August 1826 in Knox Co., TN.7879,30552 Children were: Margaret A. TEMPLE-23941, Mary K. TEMPLE-23733, Elizabeth W. TEMPLE-23942, Nancy Abigail (Abigail) TEMPLE-23734, Benjamin W. TEMPLE-23200, William Harvey (Harvey) TEMPLE-23735, Tolasco L. TEMPLE-23943, Jeremiah Smith (Smith) TEMPLE-23736, Ann B. TEMPLE-23737, John Oliver TEMPLE-23944, Thomas Nelson TEMPLE-10813.

Spouse: Eveline ALEXANDER-21340. Eveline ALEXANDER and Jeremiah Smith TEMPLE were married on 21 June 1856 in Monroe Co., TN.7879 Children were: Nancy D. (Nanny) TEMPLE-23732.

Jeremiah Smith (Smith) TEMPLE was born on 4 March 1843 in Decatur, Meigs, TN.8370,8371,56012,82029 He appeared in the census in 1850 in Knox Co., TN.82029 In June 1860 he was a farmer in Knox Co., TN.8371 Jeremiah served in the military between 1861 and 1864.105478,105479 Enlisted and mustered on 14 Dec 1861, serving through his term of service and he was discharged on 10 Dec 1864 at Knoxville, TN. He was a private in Company A, 1st Regiment of TN Infantry. He appeared again as enlisting 21 Dec 1861, but this was a duplicate record. The duplicate record places him in Company H. He died before 1868 at the age of 25.9703,105480 His headstone says "Company H, 1st Tennessee Infantry." The stone is in Estes Cemetery,
Knox Co., TN, but has no dates - only the inscription, which may imply it is a cenotaph.

Smith appears to be a son from an earlier marriage, and may have been the son of Eveline by her first husband. Parents: Jeremiah Smith TEMPLE-21338 and Nancy Elizabeth Dawson WILKINS-21339.

Jeremy TEMPLE (private). Parents: James William TEMPLE Jr.-75645 and Linda HILL-75825.

Jeremy TEMPLE (private). Parents: Robert B. TEMPLE-79589 and Cheryle -79592.

Jeremy TEMPLE (private). Parents: John Allen TEMPLE-79657 and LaDonna Lynn (LaDonna) JOHNSON-84027.

Jeremy TEMPLE (private).105481 Parents: Reverend Terry Lane TEMPLE-113295 and Lindy -113299.

Jeremy TEMPLE (private).60972 Parents: Jackie Lee (Jack) TEMPLE-83303 and Linda PETROFF-83306.

Jeremy Allan TEMPLE105482 was born on 27 February 1971 in NY. He died on 26 July 1997 at the age of 26 in NY. Buried in Westview Cemetery, German Four Corners, NY.

Jeremy Allson TEMPLE7445 was born on 18 May 1987 in Wake Co., NC.7445 He died on 14 May 2022 at the age of 34 in Knightdale, Wake, NC.7445 He served in the military.105483 Served in the Marine Corps for 8 years, active and reserve. Served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Parents: Steven Allson (Steve) TEMPLE-110451 and Daphne MURRAY-110452.

Jeremy Carl TEMPLE (private).48817 Parents: Jesse Wayne (Wayne) TEMPLE-64914 and Barbara Dawn (Dawn) KAUFFMAN-64917.

Spouse: Suzanne -64929. Children were: Simeon TEMPLE-64930, Alex TEMPLE-64931, Jacob TEMPLE-64932, Zachary TEMPLE-64933.

Jeremy David TEMPLE (private).9686 Parents: Duane Louis TEMPLE-159190 and Stephanie Ann MC CONNELL-159191.

Jeremy Douglas TEMPLE (private).105484

Jeremy Harris TEMPLE (private).99191 Parents: Douglas Benjamin TEMPLE-33995 and Angela Dawn MORRIS-88868.

Spouse: Jeanie M. EVANS-124514.

Jeremy J. TEMPLE (private). Parents: Gary L. TEMPLE-29071 and Susan DE LORENZO-29073.

Jeremy Lawrence TEMPLE (private).50244 Parents: Christopher Stephen TEMPLE-56995 and Judith -56999.

Spouse: Kasey KLEPS-115060. Children were: Jase Timothy TEMPLE-115058.

Jeremy Randall TEMPLE (private). Parents: Kim Randall TEMPLE-81703 and Lisa ELDRIDGE-81704.

Jeremy Ryan TEMPLE105485 was born on 5 July 1993. He died on 17 March 2015 at the age of 21 in Arcadia, Bienville, LA.105486 Buried in Hillcrest Memorial Park and Mausoleum, Haughton, LA. Parents: Cleat F. TEMPLE-178643 and Pamela JONES-178644.

Spouse: Rita -178646.

Jeremy Thomas TEMPLE was born on 3 January 1986 in Portsmouth Co., VA.105487 He died on 21 February 2022 at the age of 36 in Suffolk, Suffolk, VA.34840 He was an owner and operator of Temple Roofing, Inc. in Suffolk, Suffolk, VA.34840 Parents: Lawrence Joseph (Larry) TEMPLE-63755 and Judith E. FOX-98009.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-127520. Children were: Jase TEMPLE-127521.

Jeremy Wayne TEMPLE (private).18472 Parents: Walter Lee TEMPLE Sr.-159293 and Patricia Ann WESLEY-159294.

Jeremy Wayne (Jeremy) TEMPLE (private).36966,71251,105488 Parents: Larry Dale TEMPLE-86683 and Geneva Christine SHELBURNE-86684.

Spouse: Jennifer R. SCOTT-86682. Children were: Andrew Blake TEMPLE-86686.

Jerene Delora (Jeri) TEMPLE12140 was born on 10 February 1936 in Beadle Co., SD.50999,62617 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Middleton Twp., Turner, SD.62617 She appeared in the census in 1945 in Middleton Twp., Turner, SD.6057 Jerene lived in Sioux Falls, Minnehaha, SD in 1954.8068 She died on 20 August 2017 at the age of 81 in Lennox, Lincoln, SD.50999 Buried in Lennox Cemetery, Lennox, SD. Given as Irene in 1945. Parents: John A. TEMPLE-29120 and Dora Irene (Dora) OSTERLOO-29128.

Spouse: Donald Eugene KUPER-29177. Jerene Delora (Jeri) TEMPLE and Donald Eugene KUPER were married on 22 August 1954 in Turner Co., SD.8068 Children were: Lori Ann KUPER-29178, Scott Donald KUPER-29179, Michael Lynn KUPER-29180.

Jeri Joy TEMPLE41341 was born on 7 August 1948 in Marysville, Marshall, KS.105489,105490 Find-A-Grave says 8 Aug, but she claimed 7 Aug in her SSAN application. She lived in KS before 1963.105491 She died on 15 April 2004 at the age of 55 in Lincoln, Lancaster, NE.105489,105491 SSDI gave 16 Apr, which is probably late reporting. Buried in Saint Gregorys Cemetery, Marysville, KS. Parents: Alvin Doyle (Doyle) TEMPLE-27343 and Joy Lorraine (Joy) MARQUARDT-27347.

Spouse: HERTZL-103761.

Jeri M. TEMPLE1211 was born on 12 February 1938. She died on 29 January 2019 at the age of 80 in PA. Temple may not be her maiden name.

Jerl D. TEMPLE was born in 1925 in TX.8698 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Red River Co., TX.8698 Parents: Ira Wayne (Ira) TEMPLE-26390 and Mary Althea Bell ALLEN-28206.