Virginia LAND (private). Parents: LAND-95573 and Dorothy E. WONACKS-95570.

William F. LAND (private).695

Spouse: Brittany Marie TEMPLE-159077.

Douglas LANDEEN (private).

Spouse: Katherine (Kay) ZYLLA-72538.

LANDER died before 2005.

Spouse: Betty Lou -139932. Children were: Vondell Mae (Vondell) LANDER-139930.

John LANDER (private).

Spouse: Debbie TEMPLE-77643.

Sarah Ann (Sadie) LANDER50040 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Charles Herman Henry Edward KIRCHHERR III-41538. Sarah Ann (Sadie) LANDER and Charles Herman Henry Edward KIRCHHERR III were married before 1909. Children were: Charles Edward KIRCHHERR-41537.

Vondell Mae (Vondell) LANDER (private). Parents: LANDER-139931 and Betty Lou -139932.

Spouse: Bruce Courtney TEMPLE-139929. Children were: Steven Bruce TEMPLE-139934, Valerie Dawn TEMPLE-139933.

Wilhelm LANDER (private).

Spouse: Wilhelmina TEMPEL-157385.

LANDERNEAU51455 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Nettie TEMPLE-142386. Nettie TEMPLE and LANDERNEAU were married before 1946.51455

LANDERS was born in ME.1566

Spouse: Rose N. CAMPBELL-13556. Rose N. CAMPBELL and LANDERS were married in 1886.1566 Children were: Ray L. LANDERS-40297, Benjamin B. LANDERS-42655, George LANDERS-123348, Elva (Elvie) LANDERS-123349.

LANDERS was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Edith O. PELLAM-169075. Edith O. PELLAM and LANDERS were married before July 1940.51456

Albert L. LANDERS was born in 1927 in ME.20391 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Pittsfield, Somerset, ME.20391 Parents: Benjamin B. LANDERS-42655 and UNKNOWN-42656.

Benjamin B. LANDERS was born in 1907 in ME.1566 He was adopted before 1930. Appears as a step-son surnamed Temple in 1930. In April 1930 he was a wool mill laborer in Pittsfield, Somerset, ME.1566 Enumerated with his mother and step-father. Parents: Harry Amisy TEMPLE-13555 and Rose N. CAMPBELL-13556. Parents: LANDERS-28940 and Rose N. CAMPBELL-13556.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-42656. UNKNOWN and Benjamin B. LANDERS were married in 1926 in ME.1566 Children were: Albert L. LANDERS-86872.

Charles N. LANDERS (private).

Spouse: Frances C. RINKER-43570. Children were: Charles R. LANDERS-43568.

Charles R. LANDERS (private).23 Parents: Charles N. LANDERS-43569 and Frances C. RINKER-43570.

Spouse: Shirley May TEMPLE-37130.

Cynthia H. LANDERS15213 was born on 31 March 1908 in Shell, Big Horn, WY.51457,51458,51459 Some sources give Pottawattamie, IA. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Sheridan, Sheridan, WY.51457 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Cody, Park, WY.51459 Cynthia lived 1326 Alger Avenue in Cody, Park, WY in February 1942.51460 She died on 19 October 1997 at the age of 89 in Casper, Natrona, WY.51461 Buried in Highland Cemetery, Natrona Co., WY. Her parents were both from IL.

Parents: James Robert LANDERS-68447 and Laura Belle BOGUS-68448.

Spouse: Herbert Joseph (Herbert) TEMPLE-49053. Cynthia H. LANDERS and Herbert Joseph (Herbert) TEMPLE were married on 2 April 1927 in Riverton, Fremont, WY.51457,51458 Children were: Herbert Joseph TEMPLE Jr.-61436, Lucille Vivian TEMPLE-88272, Keith Ronald TEMPLE-68449.

E. Jane LANDERS51462 was born in 1920 in AL.51463 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Chisholm, Montgomery, AL.51463 Parents: Percy Cleveland LANDERS-22069 and Nancy Emily (Nannie) TEMPLE-22065.

Elva (Elvie) LANDERS51464 was born about 1910. She lived in Everett, Middlesex, MA in 1953.20392 Parents: LANDERS-28940 and Rose N. CAMPBELL-13556.

George LANDERS died.

Spouse: Lavinia ROBARGE-108673. Lavinia ROBARGE and George LANDERS were married before 1877. Children were: Gertrude LANDERS-85561.

George LANDERS20392 was born about 1900. Parents: LANDERS-28940 and Rose N. CAMPBELL-13556.

Gertrude LANDERS was born in 1877 in Brewerton, Onondaga, NY.51465,51466,51467 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in De Witt, Onondaga, NY.51468 She lived 237 Fremont Street in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY in 1918.51469 Gertrude appeared in the census in January 1920 in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY.51465 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY.51470 She lived in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY on 1 April 1935.51466 Gertrude appeared in the census in April 1940 in De Witt, Onondaga, NY.51466 She died on 6 June 1956 at the age of 79 in Onondaga, Onondaga, NY.51471 Her parents were both from NY. Parents: George LANDERS-108672 and Lavinia ROBARGE-108673.

Spouse: WING-85562. Gertrude LANDERS and WING were married before 1900. Children were: Hazel M. WING-91712, Gladys I. WING-85563, Frank A. WING-91713, Howard O. WING-85564.

Spouse: George Henry TEMPLE-85560. Gertrude LANDERS and George Henry TEMPLE were married on 3 June 1908 in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY.51467,51468,51470 Their license was dated 3 Jun, which may also be the date of marriage. this was his first and her second marriage. Children were: Hazel M. WING-91712, Gladys I. WING-85563, Frank A. WING-91713, Howard O. WING-85564, Paul Henry (Paul) TEMPLE-85565.

Jack D. LANDERS (private).48537,51472

Spouse: Teresa Lynn (Terri) TEMPLE-103494.

Jack D. LANDERS (private).51472

Spouse: Terri L. TEMPLE-147368.

James Robert LANDERS15213 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Laura Belle BOGUS-68448. Laura Belle BOGUS and James Robert LANDERS were married before 1908. Children were: Cynthia H. LANDERS-49054.

Joseph Temple (Joe) LANDERS was born in 1917 in AL.51463 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Chisholm, Montgomery, AL.51463 Parents: Percy Cleveland LANDERS-22069 and Nancy Emily (Nannie) TEMPLE-22065.

Martha A. LANDERS11522,51473,51474 was born in 1821 in IN.51475,51476,51477,51478 She appeared in the census in June 1850 in Sterling Twp., Crawford, IN.51478 She appeared in the census in July 1860 in Sterling Twp., Crawford, IN.51475 Martha appeared in the census in July 1870 in Leavenworth, Crawford, IN.51477 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Leavenworth, Crawford, IN.51476 She died in 1898 at the age of 77 in Leavenworth, Crawford, IN.51479 Buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery, Leavenworth, IN. Her parents were both from NC. Maiden name also appears as Landiss in her daughter Martha's death certificate. Maiden name also appears as Longest in her son Rufus' death certificate.

Spouse: William Lewis TEMPLE-28751. Martha A. LANDERS and William Lewis TEMPLE were married on 4 January 1838 in Crawford Co., IN.1644,11522,51475 Children were: Sarah Jane TEMPLE-51240, Letitia (Letta) TEMPLE-30586, Bidda (Biddie) TEMPLE-50477, Lucy A. TEMPLE-30587, Martha Frances TEMPLE-30588, Mary Elvira TEMPLE-30589, Nancy A. TEMPLE-30590, Rebecca A. TEMPLE-51241, Lively Jane TEMPLE-30591, William Lewis TEMPLE Jr.-30584, TEMPLE-50479, Luther TEMPLE-50476, Rufus TEMPLE-50475.

Martha Belle LANDERS was born in 1914 in AL.51463 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Chisholm, Montgomery, AL.51463 Parents: Percy Cleveland LANDERS-22069 and Nancy Emily (Nannie) TEMPLE-22065.

In 1912 Percy Cleveland LANDERS10395 was a railroad man in Birmingham, Jefferson, AL.51480 He lived in Birmingham, Jefferson, AL after 21 November 1912.51480 He died before 1930.51463 Percy was born in AL.51463

Spouse: Nancy Emily (Nannie) TEMPLE-22065. Nancy Emily (Nannie) TEMPLE and Percy Cleveland LANDERS were married on 21 November 1912 in Montgomery, Montgomery, AL.51480 Children were: Martha Belle LANDERS-41709, Joseph Temple (Joe) LANDERS-41710, Thomas Judson (Tom) LANDERS-41711, E. Jane LANDERS-41712.

Ray L. LANDERS51464 was born in 1896 in Pittsfield, Somerset, ME.1565,1566 In January 1920 he was a wool mill laborer in Pittsfield, Somerset, ME.1565 In April 1930 he was a wool mill laborer in Pittsfield, Somerset, ME.1566 Ray died before 1953 at the age of 57. Appeared briefly as a Temple before taking his father's name. Given as Earl in his step-father Harry's obituary. Parents: LANDERS-28940 and Rose N. CAMPBELL-13556.

Spouse: Daisy B. -40298. Daisy B. and Ray L. LANDERS were married in 1918 in Pittsfield, Somerset, ME.1565,1566

Thomas Judson (Tom) LANDERS was born in 1918 in AL.51463 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Chisholm, Montgomery, AL.51463 He died in 1991 at the age of 73.51481 Parents: Percy Cleveland LANDERS-22069 and Nancy Emily (Nannie) TEMPLE-22065.

LANDGREN (private).

Spouse: DAY-131956. Children were: LaVerne Marion LANDGREN-131954.

LaVerne Marion LANDGREN was born on 27 August 1932 in MN.148 She died on 18 April 1988 at the age of 55 in Kern Co., CA.51482 Buried in Mount Owens Cemetery, Kern Co., CA. Parents: LANDGREN-131955 and DAY-131956.

Spouse: TEMPLE-131953.

Roxsana LANDIN (private).

Spouse: Ricky Lee TEMPLE Sr.-156024.

LANDIS was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Annitta (Ann) LEVIN-169092. Annitta (Ann) LEVIN and LANDIS were married before October 1943.51483

Dorothy Jean LANDIS51484 was born on 16 August 1928 in Wabash, Wabash, IN.51485,51486 She died on 8 November 1987 at the age of 59 in Burnettsville, Jackson Twp., White, IN.51486 Died of ovarian cancer. Buried in Seceder Cemetery, Lockport, IN. Parents: Gordon L. LANDIS-107220 and Mildred E. SUNDHEIMER-107221.

Spouse: John Lewis (Jack) TEMPLE Jr.-42416. Dorothy Jean LANDIS and John Lewis (Jack) TEMPLE Jr. were married before September 1948.51485

Gordon L. LANDIS (private).

Spouse: Mildred E. SUNDHEIMER-107221. Children were: Dorothy Jean LANDIS-107219.

Roberta E. LANDIS (private).41137

Spouse: William C. HARRISON-172446. Children were: Bradley Scott HARRISON-166481.

Mary LANDISS51487 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elijah ROBERSON-107095. Mary LANDISS and Elijah ROBERSON were married before 1860. Children were: Sarah Ann (Sallie) ROBERSON-107070.

LANDON (private).

Spouse: Karen Elaine TEMPLE-27101.

L.C. LANDON was born in 1890 in Marlette, Sanilac, MI.51488 He lived in Jackson, Jackson, MI in 1942.51488 He died. Parents: Nelson LANDON-97063 and Carolyn REDMOND-97064.

Spouse: Edythe I. TEMPLE-762. Edythe I. TEMPLE and L.C. LANDON were married about April 1940.28727

Leona LANDON47614 died.

Spouse: James SCHULA-117939. Leona LANDON and James SCHULA were married before December 1919. Children were: Vivian L. SCHULA-97060.

Margaret L. LANDON was born on 21 November 1935 in Prospect, Marion, OH.42915 She lived in Prospect, Marion, OH in 1955.42915 She lived in Marion, Marion, OH in 1974.51489 Parents: Ray LANDON-116341 and Carol SAUM-116342.

Spouse: William Haskell (Hank) TEMPLE-79079. Margaret L. LANDON and William Haskell (Hank) TEMPLE were married on 20 May 1956 in Marion Co., OH.42915,51489 This was a first marriage for both. They42915,51489 were divorced on 14 January 1974 in Marion Co., OH.51489 Divorce granted to Margaret on basis of gross neglect of duty. At the time of the divorce, they had 3 minor children.

Mary Frances LANDON8277 was born on 18 December 1768 in Bethnal Green, London, England, United Kingdom. Christened in Bethnal Green, London, UK on December 8, 1768

Mary Frances Landon is recorded as christened on June 30, 1765 at Saint Matthew, Bethnal Green, London by Penny Temple-Watts on Park Temple's website. She got the info from the Latter Day Saints website. As Mary Frances' parents are recorded as Samuel and Mary Landon, I suspect this Mary Frances died young and their second child was named Frances Mary Landon. This appears to have been a fairly common practice at this time period. Other family members have done the same thing, see: William Temple's and Sarah Ann Hinge's children. Parents: Samuel LANDON-26212 and Mary -30182.

Spouse: Thomas A. TEMPLE-26210. Mary Frances LANDON and Thomas A. TEMPLE were married on 9 May 1789 in Stepney Parish, London, England, United Kingdom.51490 Children were: Reverend William H. TEMPLE-4588, Thomas Allen TEMPLE-26213, Samuel Landon TEMPLE-26214, Mary Ann TEMPLE-26215, George TEMPLE-26216.

Nelson LANDON (private).

Spouse: Carolyn REDMOND-97064. Children were: L.C. LANDON-96477.

Ray LANDON42915 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Carol SAUM-116342. Carol SAUM and Ray LANDON were married before November 1935. Children were: Margaret L. LANDON-116340.

Richard Henry LANDON41717 was born in 1855 in England, United Kingdom.17772

Spouse: Anna Maria HAWKINS-48429. Anna Maria HAWKINS and Richard Henry LANDON were married before 1885. Children were: Winifred Ethel (Winnie) LANDON-48427.

Samuel LANDON (private).

Spouse: Mary -30182. Children were: Mary Frances LANDON-26211.

Winifred Ethel (Winnie) LANDON41717 was born on 17 April 1885 in Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.17772,41953,51257,51491,51492,51493,51494 She claimed IA in 1910. She immigrated in 1896.51257 She appeared in the census in 1905 in Jefferson, Polk, IA.51495 In 1905, she was living next door to her future husband, Carl Temple. Winifred appeared in the census in April 1910 in Jefferson, Polk, IA.51491 She appeared in the census in 1915 in Jefferson, Polk, IA.51496 She lived in Paul, Minidoka, ID in 1918.51497 Winifred appeared in the census in 1925 in Jefferson, Polk, IA.17772 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Jefferson, Polk, IA.51494 She lived in Polk City, Polk, IA in 1968.51498 Winifred died on 3 October 1979 at the age of 94 in Des Moines, Polk, IA.51493,51499,51500 Buried in Ridgedale Cemetery, Jefferson, Polk, IA, Section S, plot 5. Her parents were both from England. By 1910, she had had 2 children, both of whom survived. Parents: Richard Henry LANDON-48428 and Anna Maria HAWKINS-48429.

Spouse: Carl TEMPLE-48420. Winifred Ethel (Winnie) LANDON and Carl TEMPLE were married on 1 January 1906 in Des Moines, Polk, IA.51257,51501,51502,51503 Marriage Book 12, p. 260. Soem records indicate the date was 1 Jan, but others give 6 Jan. Children were: Ethel May (Ethel) TEMPLE-48450, Melvin Carl (Melvin) TEMPLE-48434, Dorothy Virginia (Dorothy) TEMPLE-48422, Geneva M. TEMPLE-48435, Evelyn Marie (Evelyn) TEMPLE-48421, Lois Lorraine TEMPLE-48423, Lowell Landon (Lowell) TEMPLE-48430.

Alvin Earl (Earl) LANDRETH4562 was born on 29 October 1892 in KS.15535 He died on 14 October 1964 at the age of 71 in Rolling Meadows, Cook, IL.15535,51504 Buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Axtell, KS.

Spouse: Imogene (Imo) TEMPLE-27760. Imogene (Imo) TEMPLE and Alvin Earl (Earl) LANDRETH were married on 24 February 1917 in Frankfort, Marshall, KS.51505 The wedding took place at the home of the bride's grandparents, northeast of Frankfort. Children were: Paul A. LANDRETH-52914, Grace I. LANDRETH-52915.

Beverly E. LANDRETH (private).7745,51506,51507

Spouse: Francis Pliny Fisk TEMPLE IV-25953.

Spouse: Kenneth M. LANE-59890.