Clarence JAMES was born in June 1890 in TX.4300 Parents: John W. JAMES-159897 and Nancy TEMPLE-159896.

Douglas R. JAMES (private).

Spouse: Bobbie J. TEMPLES-148179.

Edna Walter JAMES43964 was born on 23 December 1900 in Sugartown, Chester, PA.43965,43966,43967 Gave TX in 1930 and PA in 1940. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Haverford Twp., Delaware, PA.43965 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Haverford Twp., Delaware, PA.43966 Edna lived 608 Woodland Drive in Llanerch Twp., Upper Darby, Delaware, PA in April 1942.43968 She lived 608 Woodland Drive in Havertown, Delaware, PA in 1959.43967 She died on 23 March 1959 at the age of 58 in Haverford Twp., Delaware, PA.43967 Died of a coronary thrombosis. Buried in Philadelphia Memorial Park, Frazier, Chester, PA. Her parents were both from PA. Parents: Howard H. JAMES-93885 and Jessie MC GONAGLE-93886.

Spouse: Richard Griffith (Richard) TEMPLE-45006. Edna Walter JAMES and Richard Griffith (Richard) TEMPLE were married in 1923 in PA.43965 Children were: Gordon E. (Ted) TEMPLE-74113, Richard J. TEMPLE-84400.

Elizabeth JAMES10654 died.

Spouse: Garfield Franklin BALDWIN-68057. Elizabeth JAMES and Garfield Franklin BALDWIN were married before 1878. Children were: Margery Ione (Mary) BALDWIN-31629.

Ester JAMES (private).

Spouse: George MC FARLAND-52620. Children were: Emeline MC FARLINE-46979.

Frances A. (Fannie) JAMES11419 was born in 1845. She died in 1917 at the age of 72.

Spouse: William Hezekiah MOSBY-17595. Frances A. (Fannie) JAMES and William Hezekiah MOSBY were married in 1866. Children were: Margaret Shepherd MOSBY-17597, Elizabeth MOSBY-17603, Annie L. MOSBY-17611.

Frederick JAMES (private).

Spouse: Martha HILL-76347. Children were: Mahala Jane JAMES-15305.

George A. JAMES42384 died.

Spouse: Alice M. HOWARD-65252. Alice M. HOWARD and George A. JAMES were married. Children were: Mildred I. JAMES-65250.

Georgia S. JAMES (private).

Spouse: Walter E. STAFFORD-169414. Children were: Nancy Virgina STAFFORD-169410.

Gloria Erlaine JAMES (private).

Spouse: John Emmitt NORCUTT-100278. Children were: John Charles Gaynor NORCUTT-100277.

Horace JAMES2402 appeared in the census in 1910 in Lincoln Co., AR.2402

Children were: JAMES-125482.

Howard H. JAMES (private).

Spouse: Jessie MC GONAGLE-93886. Children were: Edna Walter JAMES-52067.

Ira Oscar JAMES10315,43969 died.

Spouse: Myrtle Mae VENRICK-102384. Myrtle Mae VENRICK and Ira Oscar JAMES were married before 1900. Children were: Ruth Elizabeth JAMES-52450.

James JAMES (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth -67706. Children were: Amanda JAMES-28823.

Janet Leigh JAMES (private).43970

Spouse: Alvin Lee TEMPLES Jr.-63043.

Jessie Emma (Jessie) JAMES146,12795 was born on 4 June 1873 in OH.146,43971,43972,43973 Gave her age as 35 in 1910. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Marcellon, Columbia, WI.43972 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.43971 Jessie appeared in the census in April 1930 in San Rafael, Marin, CA.43974 She lived in Elliot Twp., San Joaquin, CA on 1 April 1935.43973 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Elliot Twp., San Joaquin, CA.43973 Jessie died on 11 January 1957 at the age of 83 in Sacramento, Sacramento, CA.146,34795,43975 Buried in Harmony Grove Cemetery, Lockeford, San Joaquin, CA. Her parents were from PA (father) and NJ (mother) in 1920, but both from OH in 1910. By 1910, she had had 6 children, 4 of whom survived. Parents: William M. JAMES-40666 and Emma E. WARMAN-40667.

Spouse: Reverend Olney Munson (Mon) TEMPLE-40668. Jessie Emma (Jessie) JAMES and Reverend Olney Munson (Mon) TEMPLE were married on 30 November 1892 in Tuscarawas Co., OH.43972,43974,43976 Claimed they were 21 and 20 when first married in 1930, which would have put the year as 1894. Children were: James Blair (Blair) TEMPLE-40675, Hugh Daniel TEMPLE Sr.-40664, TEMPLE-40734, TEMPLE-40735, Grace E. TEMPLE-40673, Gladys M. TEMPLE-40679.

John JAMES43977 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lollie TEMPLE-171757. Lollie TEMPLE and John JAMES were married before 1893. Children were: Roy William JAMES-171755.

John W. JAMES was born in September 1859 in MO.4300,43978 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Dallas Co., TX.4300 Parents: Joseph JAMES-160069 and Louisa -160070.

Spouse: Nancy TEMPLE-159896. Nancy TEMPLE and John W. JAMES were married before August 1880.4300 They claimed only 17 years of marrigae in 1900. If true, then Nancy was a second wife and not the mother of Stella, despite that identification in Stella's death certificate. Children were: Stella JAMES-159898, Annie L. JAMES-160065, William JAMES-160066, Clarence JAMES-160067, Pearl P. JAMES-160068.

Jonathan JAMES5392 was born in Nantucket, Nantucket, MA. He died in Nantucket, Nantucket, MA.

Spouse: Mary (Polly) -129477. Mary (Polly) and Jonathan JAMES were married. Children were: William H. JAMES-129475.

Joseph JAMES was born in December 1829 in MO.4300

Spouse: Louisa -160070. Louisa and Joseph JAMES were married. Children were: John W. JAMES-159897.

Kathy J. JAMES (private).43979 Parents: JAMES-161826 and Jennie TEMPLE-161825.

Lavonda M. JAMES (private).

Spouse: Cornelius TEMPLE-147877.

Linda Ann JAMES (private).

Spouse: Richard Oliver TEMPLE Jr.-102353.

Spouse: HEILEMAN-102427.

Linda K. JAMES (private).43980

Spouse: Thomas Robert (Tom) TEMPLE-148952. Children were: Jared TEMPLE-150474, Bailey TEMPLE-150475.

Linda Louise JAMES (private).43981

Spouse: Steven Lynn TEMPLE-172355. Children were: Jennifer Irene TEMPLE-166251, Steven Lewis TEMPLE-166277.

Lola Von JAMES was born on 26 July 1921 in Roseville, Warren, IL.43982 She lived in IN before 1951.43982 She died on 25 October 1992 at the age of 71 in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ.10811 Parents: Bertha L. JAMES-168870 and Edna M. EVANS-168871.

Spouse: TEMPLE-168868.

Louise JAMES (private).

Spouse: Charles PIERCE-60753. Children were: Albin Wesley PIERCE-60752.

Lula Maude JAMES (private).

Spouse: Richard Everett COLE-25452. Children were: Harmon James COLE-18488.

Mahala Jane JAMES70,25150 was born on 19 June 1830 in AL.39943,43983 She died on 14 June 1890 at the age of 59 in Marion, Perry, AL.25150,43983 Buried in Hopewell Cemetery, Marion, AL. Some sources give her surname as Jones. Parents: Frederick JAMES-76346 and Martha HILL-76347.

Spouse: Charles HORTON-15304. Children were: William Foster HORTON-15234, Ann Charlotte (Lottie) HORTON-15235, Lorenza C. (Ren) HORTON-14323, Lillie Marcella (Marcella) HORTON-15236, Virginia S. (Jennie) HORTON-15237, Amizon Parilu (Paralee) HORTON-15238, Nancy Lucy (Nancy) HORTON-15239, Charlie Frank HORTON-15240.

Mildred I. JAMES was born on 10 October 1917 in New Boston, Mercer, IL.42384,43984,43985 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Muscatine, Muscatine, IA.43984 She died on 24 December 2004 at the age of 87 in Muskegon, Muskegon, MI.42384 Buried in Sunrise Memorial Gardens, Muskegon, MI. Parents: George A. JAMES-65251 and Alice M. HOWARD-65252.

Spouse: George Albert (George) TEMPLE-48405. Mildred I. JAMES and George Albert (George) TEMPLE were married on 6 April 1932 in Aledo, Mercer, IL.42384 Children were: Albert D. TEMPLE-65259, Kenneth A. TEMPLE-65255, Robert TEMPLE-65258, Ron TEMPLE-65254, Patricia (Pat) TEMPLE-65253.

Nedra K. JAMES43986,43987 died.

Spouse: John M. MC LEOD-117051. Nedra K. JAMES and John M. MC LEOD were married before 1931. Children were: Nan Jean MC LEOD-117050.

Patti Ellen JAMES (private).

Spouse: Michael Edward TEMPLE-26654. Children were: Adam Stewart TEMPLE-52459, James Edward TEMPLE-26754.

Paul JAMES (private).

Spouse: Della TEMPLE-82466.

Pearl P. JAMES was born in January 1892 in TX.4300 Parents: John W. JAMES-159897 and Nancy TEMPLE-159896.

Prentiss JAMES (private).

Spouse: Mary J. TEMPLE-127701.

Robert L. JAMES (private).43943 Parents: JAMES-161826 and Jennie TEMPLE-161825.

Roy William JAMES was born on 10 December 1893 in Thomas, Tucker, WV.43977 Parents: John JAMES-171756 and Lollie TEMPLE-171757.

Ruth Elizabeth JAMES was born on 7 December 1900 in New Moorefield, Clark, OH.10315,39415,43969,43988 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Springfield, Clark, OH.43988 She died on 16 September 1988 at the age of 87 in Springfield, Clark, OH.10315,39415,43989 Buried in Fairfield Cemetery, Fairborn, OH. Her marker in Fair View Cemetery, Mutual, OH, had no death date as of 2011. Parents: Ira Oscar JAMES-102383 and Myrtle Mae VENRICK-102384.

Spouse: Clarence Albert HAYSLIP-63194. Ruth Elizabeth JAMES and Clarence Albert HAYSLIP were married about 1920. Children were: Richard HAYSLIP-63195.

Spouse: Steve Hobart BAIN-113402. Ruth Elizabeth JAMES and Steve Hobart BAIN were married before 1936.10315

Spouse: William Thompson (William) TEMPLE-46454. Ruth Elizabeth JAMES and William Thompson (William) TEMPLE were married in 1936.10315

Sam JAMES was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Margaret E. TEMPLE-99867. Margaret E. TEMPLE and Sam JAMES were married in September 1949 in Tarrant Co., TX.43990 License taken out 16 Sep 1949, but no minister's return was reported.

Sam JAMES was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Margaret E. TEMPLE-174614. Margaret E. TEMPLE and Sam JAMES were married in September 1949 in Tarrant Co., TX.43990 License taken out 16 Sep 1949, but no minister's return was reported.

Sara Ann JAMES was born on 9 August 1929 in Harris, Meriwether, GA.43991,43992 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Harris, Meriwether, GA.43991 She died on 26 June 2007 at the age of 77.43992 Parents: Terry A. JAMES-73036 and Velmerance (Velma) TEMPLE-73032.

Stella JAMES43978 was born on 19 August 1880 in Elam, Dallas, TX. She died on 9 August 1953 at the age of 72 in Dallas, Dallas, TX. Parents: John W. JAMES-159897 and Nancy TEMPLE-159896.

Susanna (Susan) JAMES (private).

Spouse: Daniel MORSE-50171. Children were: Cornelia MORRIS-23316.

Suzanne Marie JAMES (private).43993

Spouse: Daniel Lee TEMPLE-143880.

Sylva JAMES13827 lived in Coles Co., IL in May 1943.43994 She lived in Fort Collins, Larimer, CO in 1987.13827 She died.

Spouse: Albert Owen TEMPLE-67971. Sylva JAMES and Albert Owen TEMPLE were married on 26 November 1932 in Terre Haute, Vigo, IN.946,13827,43994 Children were: Sandra TEMPLE-121937.

Terry A. JAMES39034 was born (date unknown). Parents: JAMES-73037 and UNKNOWN-73038.

Spouse: Velmerance (Velma) TEMPLE-73032. Velmerance (Velma) TEMPLE and Terry A. JAMES were married in 1929 in GA.39034,43991 Children were: Sara Ann JAMES-73040.

Viola B. JAMES (private).

Spouse: Seth H. MORFORD-101819. Children were: Carolyn Myrta MORFORD-88941.

Virgie B. JAMES (private).

Spouse: Vernie J. EVERETT-119317. Children were: Janelle Elizabeth (Janelle) EVERETT-119313.

Wiley JAMES14502 died.

Spouse: Lena BOGAN-116868. Lena BOGAN and Wiley JAMES were married before October 1908. Children were: Chester A. JAMES-32285.

William JAMES (private).

Spouse: Catherine BARBER-54852. Children were: Catharine Margaret (Catherine) JAMES-5645.