Thomas Richard FORSGREN (private).34534

Spouse: Ann Marie TEMPLE-172181.

Mary FORSHEE (private).

Spouse: Smith TURNER-70062. Children were: Mary Ann TURNER-51175.

FORSMAN was born on 24 August 1913 in Kitsap, Kitsap, WA.9591 Parents: Alexander E. FORSMAN-137790 and Marion J. TEMPLE-137789.

Alexander E. FORSMAN9591 was born in 1878 in IL.25117,34535 In 1930, he gave 1890 and WA. He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Suquamish, Kitsap, WA.34535 He appeared in the census in June 1926 in Tulalip, Snohomish, WA.28248 Alexander appeared in the census in April 1930 in Suquamish, Kitsap, WA.25117 His parents were both from Sweden in 1920. His parents were from CA (father) and OR (mother). Surname given as Forsman in 1926 and 1920, but also appears as Forseman. Parents: Oscar FORSMAN-160730 and Anna PETERSON-160731.

Spouse: Marion J. TEMPLE-137789. Marion J. TEMPLE and Alexander E. FORSMAN were married on 10 November 1914 in Seattle, King, WA.28233,34536 Children were: FORSMAN-137791, James William FORSMAN-137792, Virgil Irwin FORSMAN-137793, Joseph E. FORSMAN-138562.

James William FORSMAN was born on 23 September 1917 in Kitsap, Kitsap, WA.9591,25117,28248,34535,34537 Gave Tulalip, WA, in the 1926 census. He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Suquamish, Kitsap, WA.25117 He died on 1 March 2005 at the age of 87.34537 Parents: Alexander E. FORSMAN-137790 and Marion J. TEMPLE-137789.

Joseph E. FORSMAN was born in 1920 in WA.25117 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Suquamish, Kitsap, WA.25117 Parents: Alexander E. FORSMAN-137790 and Marion J. TEMPLE-137789.

Oscar FORSMAN28233 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Anna PETERSON-160731. Anna PETERSON and Oscar FORSMAN were married before 1878. Children were: Alexander E. FORSMAN-137790.

Virgil Irwin FORSMAN was born on 6 October 1919 in Kitsap, Kitsap, WA.9591,34535 Parents: Alexander E. FORSMAN-137790 and Marion J. TEMPLE-137789.

George FORSTER was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Jennie TEMPLE-173092. Jennie TEMPLE and George FORSTER were married in 1908 in NJ.34538

Elizabeth FORSYTH14585 was born on 5 December 1846 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA. She died on 16 February 1899 at the age of 52 in Marion Co., IA.

Spouse: Lucien Lindsey PARKER-11493. Elizabeth FORSYTH and Lucien Lindsey PARKER were married on 23 December 1869 in Kirksville, Wapello, IA.14585 Children were: Oscar Leo PARKER-11499, Jesse Theopolis PARKER-11500, Sarah Catherine PARKER-11501, Cora Belle PARKER-11502, Alice M. PARKER-11503, Mary Elizabeth PARKER-11504, Jennie PARKER-11505.

Jessie FORSYTH was born in 1903 in OK.34539 She lived in Jacksonville, Duval, FL on 1 April 1935.34539 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Norfolk City, VA.34539

Spouse: Charles William TEMPLE Sr.-143865. Jessie FORSYTH and Charles William TEMPLE Sr. were married on 1 June 1939 in Clay Co., FL.34540,34541

FORSYTHE (private).

Spouse: Christine Marie TEMPLE-172113.

Jennifer D. FORSYTHE (private).

Spouse: Timothy Scott TEMPLES-173916.

Lillian Myrtle FORSYTHE34542 was born on 26 January 1878 in Harrison Co., OH. She died on 18 June 1933 at the age of 55 in Freeport, Harrison, OH.

Spouse: Alfred Thomas JOHNSON-154524. Lillian Myrtle FORSYTHE and Alfred Thomas JOHNSON were married on 4 September 1912.34542 Children were: James Alfred JOHNSON-154523.

Ora Minetta Adella FORSYTHE13304 was born on 19 March 1872 in Liberty, Guernsey, OH. She died on 29 October 1921 at the age of 49 in Irwin, Westmoreland, PA. Place needs proof.

Spouse: Reverend William Wishart WILLIS-40742. Ora Minetta Adella FORSYTHE and Reverend William Wishart WILLIS were married on 11 September 1901 in Guernsey Co., OH. Place needs proof. Children were: Winifred Forsythe (Winnie) WILLIS-40753, Mary Craig WILLIS-40754, Wilma Miller WILLIS-40755, Elizabeth Wishart WILLIS-40756, William Grier WILLIS-40757, Paul WILLIS-40769, Annabelle I. WILLIS-40782.

Frederick FORT was born in 1744 in Sussex Co., VA.34543

Spouse: Mary Ann KNIGHT-147670. Mary Ann KNIGHT and Frederick FORT were married in 1760/1 in Sussex Co., VA.34543 Children were: Polly FORT-147668.

Polly FORT34544 was born about 1770 in Sussex Co., VA.34544 Her sister Dutchea was born 18 Jul 1768. Some people have suggested that Polly was actually another daughter of Frederick's, named Dutchea, because Dutchea does not appear in his will, but this is unlikely. Dutchea is thought to have married a Cox. Parents: Frederick FORT-147669 and Mary Ann KNIGHT-147670.

Spouse: TEMPLE-147667. Polly FORT and TEMPLE were married before 17 November 1818 in Sussex Co., VA.34544 She was named as a Temple in her father's will.

Henrietta FORTE (private).

Spouse: John TEMPLE-183857. Children were: Ernest Lee TEMPLE-183856.

Mary FORTE (private).

Spouse: Nick SILVESTRO-100314. Children were: Larry Wayne SILVESTRO-100313.

Sandra FORTENBERRY (private).

Spouse: Terrell Wayne TEMPLE-18808. Children were: Brian TEMPLE-123390, Kelly TEMPLE-123391.

Beatrice FORTH9993 died.

Spouse: Marvin ASHTON-116760. Beatrice FORTH and Marvin ASHTON were married before 1917. Children were: Virginia E. ASHTON-116759.

Eli E. FORTIER34545 was born in Waybridge, Addison, VT.1310

Spouse: Ella A. WISELL-153365. Ella A. WISELL and Eli E. FORTIER were married before 1922. Children were: Sarah Amelia (Sally) FORTIER-153363.

Lewis Henry FORTIER23 was born in July 1869 in Canada.107 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Huntington Twp., Shelton, Fairfield, CT.107

Spouse: Adiline -177077. Adiline and Lewis Henry FORTIER were married in 1890.107 Children were: Henry TEMPLE-134367.

Sarah Amelia (Sally) FORTIER was born on 21 February 1922 in Middlebury, Addison, VT.1310,34545 She lived in VT before 1951.34545 She died in November 1989 at the age of 67 in Ipswich, Essex, MA.34546 Parents: Eli E. FORTIER-153364 and Ella A. WISELL-153365.

Spouse: John Frederick TEMPLE-136865. Sarah Amelia (Sally) FORTIER and John Frederick TEMPLE were married on 23 July 1943 in Hartford, Hartford, CT.34547

Spouse: Ray Francis HASELTINE-153366. Sarah Amelia (Sally) FORTIER and Ray Francis HASELTINE were married on 5 July 1954 in Poultney, VT.1310

Spouse: MC GREGOR-168722.

Irene Roxa FORTIN (private).34548 Parents: John FORTIN-126275 and Maida SEDGELL-126276.

Spouse: Earle Arnold TEMPLE-3345.

John FORTIN34548 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Maida SEDGELL-126276. Maida SEDGELL and John FORTIN were married before October 1952. Children were: Irene Roxa FORTIN-126274.

FORTNER (private).

Spouse: Maggie TISDALE-67861. Children were: Ellen Sara FORTNER-67859.

FORTNER (private).

Spouse: Regina Sue LAWSON-106020.

Alta Dean FORTNER was born on 21 July 1928 in Cascade, Cascade, MT.34549 She died on 24 July 1999 at the age of 71 in Oceanside, San Diego, CA.34550 Parents: Lynn D. FORTNER-102521 and Clara L. MARSH-102522.

Spouse: Fred Burton (Fred/Burt) TEMPLE-66788. Alta Dean FORTNER and Fred Burton (Fred/Burt) TEMPLE were married on 20 February 1975 in Clark Co., NV.34549,34551

Spouse: STAFFORD-102519. Alta Dean FORTNER and STAFFORD were married before November 1952.34549

Spouse: GOODHART-102520.

Brenda FORTNER (private).

Spouse: Todd Aaron OFER-112261. Children were: Ty OFER-112262.

Denise FORTNER (private).

Spouse: Billy Carrol (Billie) TEMPLE-56428.

Ellen Sara FORTNER was born on 17 January 1917 in Manhattan, Riley, KS.322,34552 She lived 709 South Hudson Street in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK in 1937.34553 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Manhattan, Riley, KS.34552 Ellen lived in Seattle, King, WA in 1944.34554 She died on 9 March 1964 at the age of 47 in Juanita, King, WA.34555 Buried in Acacia Memorial Park and Funeral Home, Lake Forest Park, WA, Plot: Mausoleum MN107 (Cascade Vista), Lot 3, Niche 3. Parents: FORTNER-67860 and Maggie TISDALE-67861.

Spouse: Donald Irwin TEMPLE Sr.-10150. Ellen Sara FORTNER and Donald Irwin TEMPLE Sr. were married on 1 October 1937 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK.322,34553,34556 They322,34553,34556 were married on 28 July 1944 in Seattle, King, WA.34554 This was either a remarriage or an updating of their vows, as Ellen's name on the license and marriage cetificate was Ellen Temple. Children were: Dona Irene TEMPLE-67862, Donald Irwin TEMPLE Jr.-67866.

Hallie Bowman FORTNER (private).

Spouse: William Luther RATCLIFFE-99091. Children were: Thelma Cecilia RATCLIFFE-56544.

John E. FORTNER (private).

Spouse: Mary GALLOP-118964. Children were: Margie Marie (Margie) FORTNER-86047.

Lynn D. FORTNER (private).

Spouse: Clara L. MARSH-102522. Children were: Alta Dean FORTNER-66790.

Margie Marie (Margie) FORTNER was born on 27 April 1920 in Kinard, Calhoun, FL.34557 She died on 28 January 1976 at the age of 55.34558 Parents: John E. FORTNER-118963 and Mary GALLOP-118964.

Spouse: SMITH-118965. Margie Marie (Margie) FORTNER and SMITH were married before April 1943.34557

Spouse: KIRKLAND-118967. Margie Marie (Margie) FORTNER and KIRKLAND were married before 1943.34557

Spouse: Charles Marion TEMPLE-18959. Margie Marie (Margie) FORTNER and Charles Marion TEMPLE were married on 29 October 1944 in Broward Co., FL.34557,34559,34560 They34557,34559,34560 were divorced in 1950 in Miami-Dade Co., FL.34561

Spouse: Jack S. HOUCK-118961. Margie Marie (Margie) FORTNER and Jack S. HOUCK were married on 8 December 1950 in Miami-Dade Co., FL.34562,34563

Spouse: RASKEY-118966.

A. FORTNEY (private).

Spouse: Irene LENTZ-166132. Children were: Fay R. FORTNEY-166130.

Fay R. FORTNEY was born in 1889 in MI.34564 He lived in Grand Haven, Ottawa, MI in 1919.34564 Parents: A. FORTNEY-166131 and Irene LENTZ-166132.

Spouse: Helen TEMPLE-166126. Helen TEMPLE and Fay R. FORTNEY were married on 7 May 1919 in Grand Haven, Ottawa, MI.34564

FORTUNE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Ella Lorene (Lorene) MORAN-63228. Ella Lorene (Lorene) MORAN and FORTUNE were married about 1945.34565

George Joseph FORTUNE was born on 10 February 1919 in New Orleans, Orleans, LA.8931,34566 He died on 21 February 1972 at the age of 53 in Metairie, Jefferson, LA.8931,34566

Spouse: Vivian Edna TEMPLE-50250. Vivian Edna TEMPLE and George Joseph FORTUNE were married on 25 January 1941 in New Orleans, Orleans, LA.8931 Children were: Janis Lea FORTUNE-50273, Richard George FORTUNE-50274.

Henry FORTUNE Jr. was born about 1917. He lived in Kansas City, Jackson, MO in 1943.34567

Spouse: Ruth TEMPLE-42230. Ruth TEMPLE and Henry FORTUNE Jr. were married on 19 June 1943 in Richmond, Ray, MO.34567,34568,34569 Though recorded in Clay Co., MO, they were married in the Baptist Church in Richmond, MO, which was in Ray County.

Janis Lea FORTUNE (private).8931 Parents: George Joseph FORTUNE-50272 and Vivian Edna TEMPLE-50250.

Spouse: Everett Gerard COLLINS-50275. Children were: Cyril Joseph COLLINS-50276, Erik Joseph COLLINS-50277, Rory Patrick COLLINS-50278, Mark Andrew COLLINS-50279.

Lydia FORTUNE (private).972

Spouse: UNKNOWN-185795. Children were: Betty -185797.

Richard George FORTUNE (private).8931 Parents: George Joseph FORTUNE-50272 and Vivian Edna TEMPLE-50250.

Gene D. FORWARD (private).

Spouse: Terry S. TEMPLE-179247.

Mary Thorne FOSDICK (private).

Spouse: James GETTY-18330. Children were: Euphemia D. GETTY-2995.

Mandel Gilbert FOSGATE was born in 1809 in Berlin, Washington, VT.4544 He died in 1885 at the age of 76 in Washington, DC.4544

Spouse: Harriet Newell PARKER-7932. Harriet Newell PARKER and Mandel Gilbert FOSGATE were married in 1834 in Westborough, Worcester, MA.4544

Ethel Lou FOSKEY (private).34570

Spouse: Francis Leroy (Pee Wee) TEMPLE-35149. Children were: Janet Elaine TEMPLE-51499, Diana Lynn TEMPLE-51502, Lisa TEMPLE-72944, Scott Leroy TEMPLE-72948.

Arnelia C. FOSMER (private).

Spouse: John COONS-36041. Children were: Arthur M. COONS-19466.

Donald L. FOSNAUGHT34571 was born on 10 September 1904 in OH.34572 In October 1929 he was a mail carrier in Toledo, Lucas, OH.34572 He died in 1997 at the age of 93. Parents: Isaac FOSNAUGHT-116667 and Eva MERICLE-116668.

Spouse: Madalyn TEMPLE-53903. Madalyn TEMPLE and Donald L. FOSNAUGHT were married on 26 October 1929 in Toledo, Lucas, OH.34572 Children were: Kay Donald FOSNAUGHT-83848.