William Henry CROWDER26276 was born in 1883 in Brunswick Co., VA.26267 He died on 30 December 1913 at the age of 30. Probably the brother of Nettie Ruth Crowder.

Spouse: Mary Edmund (Edna) TEMPLE-22568. Mary Edmund (Edna) TEMPLE and William Henry CROWDER were married on 17 April 1909.26276 Children were: Doris Sterling CROWDER-98503.

John Temple CROWDUS26277 was born in 1908 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX.26278 He died on 6 February 1956 at the age of 48 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX. Death certificate gives his surname as Crowdus. Parents: R.L. CROWDUS-89292 and Maude TEMPLE-30888.

John Temple CROWDUS26277 was born in 1908 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX. He died on 6 February 1956 at the age of 48 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX. Parents: R.L. CROWDUS-160420 and Maude TEMPLE-160419.

R.L. CROWDUS (private).

Spouse: Maude TEMPLE-160419. Children were: John Temple CROWDUS-160421.

R.L. CROWDUS was born in 1859 in KY.26277,26278 He died before 1953 at the age of 94. Also appeared as Cowden in the census.

Spouse: Maude TEMPLE-30888. Maude TEMPLE and R.L. CROWDUS were married in 1906.26278,26279 Children were: John Temple CROWDUS-89351.

CROWE (private).

Spouse: Frances TEMPLES-79694.

CROWE (private).

Spouse: Helen Virginia TEMPLE-85154.

CROWE17377 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Etta BROOKS-73389. Etta BROOKS and CROWE were married after 1918.

Audly L. CROWE26280 was born on 23 February 1907 in AL. He died on 22 December 1982 at the age of 75 in Crockett, Houston, TX. Parents: Ruffus CROWE-160190 and Gladys -160191.

Spouse: Gladys TEMPLE-160188.

Cornelius P. CROWE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Helen TEMPLE-174398. Helen TEMPLE and Cornelius P. CROWE were married on 19 March 1943 in Nueces Co., TX.26281 Their license was dated 19 Mar, which may be the same as the date of marriage, as the minister's return was quick, being registered on 22 Mar.

Hannah A. CROWE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Frank PARKER-7449. Hannah A. CROWE and Frank PARKER were married in 1879.4544

John H. CROWE24682,24683 died.

Spouse: Bertha A. COOKINGHAM-108128. Bertha A. COOKINGHAM and John H. CROWE were married before 1924. Children were: Ruth Adelaide CROWE-18931.

Mary Dorothy CROWE26282 was born on 27 September 1923. She died on 14 December 2003 at the age of 80 in Frederick, Frederick, MD. Buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Frederick, MD.

Spouse: TEMPLE-156464.

Ruffus CROWE (private).

Spouse: Gladys -160191. Children were: Audly L. CROWE-160189.

Ruth Adelaide CROWE9044,9045 was born on 23 January 1924 in Troy, Lincoln, MT.24682,24683 She lived in Kalispell, Flathead, MT in 1945.24683 She died on 12 December 2016 at the age of 92 in Dallas, Dallas, TX.26283 Buried in Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery, Dallas, TX. Parents: John H. CROWE-108127 and Bertha A. COOKINGHAM-108128.

Spouse: William Henry (Duck) TEMPLE Jr.-9995. Ruth Adelaide CROWE and William Henry (Duck) TEMPLE Jr. were married on 21 April 1945 in Kalispell, Flathead, MT.9045,24683,26284 Children were: Linda TEMPLE-18932, David William (David) TEMPLE-18933.

Clarence M. CROWELL was born in 1849.4544 He died in 1922 at the age of 73.362

Spouse: Susan Emma PARKER-8666. Susan Emma PARKER and Clarence M. CROWELL were married in 1875 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.4544

Floy CROWELL was born on 13 December 1892 in IL.1430,22746,26285,26286,26287 Gave 1892 in 1930. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Carbondale, Jackson, IL.26287 She lived 604 Carico Street in Carbondale, Jackson, IL in 1918.26288 Floy appeared in the census in January 1920 in Carbondale, Jackson, IL.26286 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in East St. Louis, St. Clair, IL.26285 She died on 21 December 1953 at the age of 61.22746 Her parents were both from IL in 1910 and 1920, but IL (father) and TN (mother) in 1930. By 1910, she had had 1 child who survived. Parents: Hezekiah CROWELL-67097 and Cathrine GRAMMER-67098.

Spouse: Charles Edward TEMPLE-29408. Floy CROWELL and Charles Edward TEMPLE were married in 1908 in IL.26287,26289 The date of 1909 is based on her claim of being age 17 when they married, and the age she claimed in 1920. If based on the age she gave in 1930, they would have married in 1912, They26287,26289 were divorced before 1926. Children were: Awanda Genevieve (Wanda) TEMPLE-42534, Lorraine May TEMPLE-42535.

Spouse: Thomas A. LEDFORD-42533. Floy CROWELL and Thomas A. LEDFORD were married in 1926.26285

Hezekiah CROWELL (private).

Spouse: Cathrine GRAMMER-67098. Children were: Floy CROWELL-42530.

Jerusha CROWELL was born in 1833 in Bloomfield, Trumbull, OH.26290 She died. Parents: Willard CROWELL-31703 and Elizabeth (Betsey) TEMPLE-1334.

Mae CROWELL was born in 1894.26291 She lived in Chicago, Cook, IL in 1925.26291

Spouse: W.B. TEMPLE-173175. Mae CROWELL and W.B. TEMPLE were married on 18 November 1925 in Okmulgee, Okmulgee, OK.26291

Martha Ellen CROWELL was born on 27 April 1918 in Denver, Humphreys, TN.26292 She lived in TN before 1951.26293 She died in September 1989 at the age of 71 in Wesson, Copiah, MS.26293 Parents: Orlanda CROWELL-170465 and Tera THORNTON-170466.

Spouse: TEMPLE-170463. Martha Ellen CROWELL and TEMPLE were married before May 1956.26292

Spouse: HERRINGTON-170467.

Orlanda CROWELL (private).

Spouse: Tera THORNTON-170466. Children were: Martha Ellen CROWELL-170464.

Pamelia H. CROWELL (private).

Spouse: Samuel CLAFLIN-36475. Children were: John H. CLAFLIN-17447.

Willard CROWELL26294 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elizabeth (Betsey) TEMPLE-1334. Elizabeth (Betsey) TEMPLE and Willard CROWELL were married in June 1832 in Gustavus, Trumbull, OH.26294 License issued 5 Jun 1832. Children were: Jerusha CROWELL-97663.

Margaret CROWFOOT23 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Nathaniel WHITTEMORE-16268. Margaret CROWFOOT and Nathaniel WHITTEMORE were married before 1734. Children were: Mary WHITTEMORE-6765.

CROWL26295 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary S. TEMPLE-129552. Mary S. TEMPLE and CROWL were married before 1919.

Carroll CROWL26296 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Bessie ISAACS-168558. Bessie ISAACS and Carroll CROWL were married before 1922. Children were: Wannetta Rosemond CROWL-168556.

John S. CROWL465 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Viola Vere (Viola) TEMPLE-5640. Viola Vere (Viola) TEMPLE and John S. CROWL were married on 19 January 1886 in Columbiana Co., OH.465 Children were: Lola V. CROWL-90982.

Lola V. CROWL was born on 27 September 1888 in Bayard, Columbiana, OH.26297 She died. Parents: John S. CROWL-39307 and Viola Vere (Viola) TEMPLE-5640.

Wannetta Rosemond CROWL was born on 13 October 1922 in Newark, Essex, NJ.26296 She lived in MN before 1951.26298 She died on 18 December 1994 at the age of 72 in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.26298,26299 Buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, Jennings, MO, Plot 15/272/2. Parents: Carroll CROWL-168557 and Bessie ISAACS-168558.

Spouse: TEMPLE-168555.

CROWLEY (private).

Spouse: Joan Frances (Joan) TEMPLE-83836.

CROWLEY26300 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary Alice TEMPLE-41157. Mary Alice TEMPLE and CROWLEY were married before 2 January 1946.

Dennis H. CROWLEY (private). Parents: Michael I. CROWLEY-91052 and Garnet Margarette TEMPLES-91041.

Helen Louise CROWLEY26301 was born on 9 April 1914 in Marion, Marion, OH.26302 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Marion, Marion, OH.26302 She died on 21 January 2003 at the age of 88. Parents: James F. CROWLEY Jr.-117208 and Myrtle Wilson TEMPLE-117207.

James F. CROWLEY Sr.26303 died.

Spouse: Mary NEU-117211. Mary NEU and James F. CROWLEY Sr. were married before 1883. Children were: James F. CROWLEY Jr.-117208.

James F. CROWLEY Jr. was born on 6 April 1883 in La Rue, Marion, OH.26303 In May 1909 he was a clothier in La Rue, Marion, OH.26303 He died. Parents: James F. CROWLEY Sr.-117210 and Mary NEU-117211.

Spouse: Myrtle Wilson TEMPLE-117207. Myrtle Wilson TEMPLE and James F. CROWLEY Jr. were married on 5 May 1909 in Marion, Marion, OH.26301,26303 They26301,26303 were divorced on 14 May 1921.26301 Children were: Helen Louise CROWLEY-117209.

James F. CROWLEY was born on 5 August 1884 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.13672 In May 1924 he was a clerk in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH.13672 He died. Except for the identical name, he has no known relationship to the former husband of Myrtle Temple. The two men had completely different parents. Parents: John J. CROWLEY-117215 and Margaret MC CARTHY-117216.

Spouse: Louisa E. JUILLERAT-47585. Louisa E. JUILLERAT and James F. CROWLEY were married on 3 May 1924 in Hamilton Co., OH.13672

John J. CROWLEY13672 died.

Spouse: Margaret MC CARTHY-117216. Margaret MC CARTHY and John J. CROWLEY were married before 1884. Children were: James F. CROWLEY-117212.

Kathryn CROWLEY (private).

Spouse: Archie Amos MASLIN-77234. Children were: Margaret Ellen MASLIN-39376.

Michael I. CROWLEY (private).

Spouse: Garnet Margarette TEMPLES-91041. Children were: Dennis H. CROWLEY-91053.

Nancy CROWLEY was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Henry TEMPLES-155068. Nancy CROWLEY and Henry TEMPLES were married on 9 March 1857 in Russell Co., AL.26304

Sarah Louise CROWLEY (private).

Spouse: Leonard Levi PIZZEY-70638. Children were: Robert Edward PIZZEY-70637.

Tricia Joy CROWLEY (private).

Spouse: Michael John TEMPEL-71392.

Zester CROWLEY was born about 1891 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX. She died before 1940 at the age of 49. Given name also appears as Zepher, as in the newspaper report of her marriage.

Spouse: James Benjamin (James) TEMPLE-10817. Zester CROWLEY and James Benjamin (James) TEMPLE were married on 31 December 1913 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX.26305

Abigail (Abbie) Inez CROWN was born on 6 December 1861 in Milton, Chittenden, VT. She died on 21 December 1952 at the age of 91 in Essex Junction, Chittenden, VT. Buried in Fairview Cemetery, Winooski, Chittenden, VT. Parents: George Washington CROWN-3800 and VeNorma Orrolane AUSTIN-3801.

Spouse: William Job (Willie) PARKER-3679. Abigail (Abbie) Inez CROWN and William Job (Willie) PARKER were married on 5 November 1881 in Milton, Chittenden, VT. Children were: Maude Evangeline Fairchild PARKER-3704, Blanche Capatolla PARKER-3712, George Seymour PARKER-3724, Lucia Agnes VeNorma Crown PARKER-3717, Vernon Wilma PARKER-3681, Edmund Mosley PARKER-3718, Donald Fayette PARKER-3710, William Job PARKER Jr.-3732.

Agnes CROWN was born on 19 July 1686 in NH. She died in 1750 at the age of 64 in MA. Parents: Henry CROWN-3790 and Alice ROGERS-3791.

Spouse: James ADDISON-3859. Agnes CROWN and James ADDISON were married on 5 October 1710 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.

Alfred Corliss CROWN was born on 25 July 1809 in Milton, Chittenden, VT. He died on 7 March 1849 at the age of 39 in VT. Parents: John CROWN-3798 and Hannah CORLISS-3799.

Spouse: Elvira HALL-3985. Elvira HALL and Alfred Corliss CROWN were married in 1835 in VT.

Amanda Marie (Mandy) CROWN was born on 15 January 1841 in Milton, Chittenden, VT. She died on 12 June 1921 at the age of 80 in Milton, Chittenden, VT. Parents: George Washington CROWN-3800 and VeNorma Orrolane AUSTIN-3801.

Anna CROWN was born in 1730 in Topsham, Orange, VT. She died in 1820 at the age of 90 in New Castle, Rockingham, NH. Buried in New Castle, Rockingham, NH.

Spouse: John CROWN-3794. Anna CROWN and John CROWN were married in 1745 in Topsham, Orange, VT. Children were: John CROWN-3796.

Augustus Harvey CROWN was born on 30 December 1844 in Milton, Chittenden, VT. He died on 7 April 1913 at the age of 68 in Tonawanda, Erie, NY. Buried in Tonawanda, Erie, NY. Parents: George Washington CROWN-3800 and VeNorma Orrolane AUSTIN-3801.

Spouse: Adelaide Isabella BROUGHTON-3889. Adelaide Isabella BROUGHTON and Augustus Harvey CROWN were married on 5 November 1868 in Tonawanda, Erie, NY. Children were: Ve Norma Broughton CROWN-3991.