Louise GRAVES was born in 1882 in VA.38401 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Washington, DC.38402 She lived 135 T Street NW in Washington, DC in January 1931.38403 Louise died on 28 January 1931 at the age of 49 in Washington, DC.38403,38404 Died at home. Buried in Pendletons, VA. Maiden name is from her brother Charles W. Graves, enumerated with her and her family in 1930.

Spouse: Charles TEMPLE-185372. Louise GRAVES and Charles TEMPLE were married in 1901.38401

Lova Janice GRAVES was born on 8 June 1923 in Salem, Washington, IN.11181,20126 She died on 17 February 2018 at the age of 94 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.20126 Buried in Mount Pleasant Church Cemetery, New Pekin, IN. Her son Craig said her middle name was Jeanette in his marriage record with Linda Ward. Parents: Jason O. GRAVES-67212 and Milea CALLAWAY-67213.

Spouse: Walter Raleigh (Walter) TEMPLE Jr.-42461. Lova Janice GRAVES and Walter Raleigh (Walter) TEMPLE Jr. were married on 14 August 1949 in Washington Co., IN.11181 Children were: Terry TEMPLE-83318, Craig Dean TEMPLE-83319, Ken TEMPLE-83320, Jan TEMPLE-83321.

Lucius GRAVES (private). Parents: Aaron GRAVES-28913.

Children were: Horace GRAVES-28904.

Lucy T. GRAVES38405 was born on 12 May 1843 in Rutland, Rutland, VT.38406,38407,38408,38409,38410 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Rutland, Rutland, VT.38409 She Sailed to England in September 1896 in Rutland, Rutland, VT.38411 Lucy appeared in the census in April 1910 in Washington, DC.38408 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Washington, DC.38407 She died on 17 January 1920 at the age of 76 in Washington, DC.38412,38413 Buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Rutland, TN. Her parents were both from VT. By 1910, she had had 4 children, of whom 2 survived. Parents: George GRAVES-21176 and Lucretia Adeline COLLINS-28906.

Spouse: Edward Lowe TEMPLE-5647. Lucy T. GRAVES and Edward Lowe TEMPLE were married on 29 September 1869 in Rutland, Rutland, VT.14531,38405,38406,38414 Children were: Granville TEMPLE-38991, Arthur Winthrop TEMPLE-38992, Edith Graves (Edith) TEMPLE-5952, Edward Clarence (Edward) TEMPLE-5951.

Lydia GRAVES (private).

Spouse: Jason GLEASON-32598. Children were: Lydia GLEASON-1469.

Lydia GRAVES (private).

Spouse: Amos TEMPLE-60823. Children were: Amos W. TEMPLE-60819.

Mary Frances GRAVES38380 was born in 1846 in ME.38381 She died in 1926 at the age of 80. Parents: Daniel G. GRAVES-174354 and Sophina B. TEMPLE-174353.

Mary L. GRAVES was born on 4 April 1860 in Girard, Erie, PA.38379 Parents: Austin GRAVES-28920 and Mary TEMPLE-28922.

Mitchell GRAVES (private). Parents: Lester Leo GRAVES-26151 and Gloria Maxine (Gloria) TEMPLE-26150.

Moses GRAVES (private). Parents: Benjamin GRAVES-28916.

Children were: Enos GRAVES-28918.

Deacon Nathan GRAVES (private). Parents: John GRAVES-28909.

Children were: Daniel GRAVES-28907.

Nathaniel GRAVES (private).

Spouse: Sophia WHITTIER-32674. Children were: Jacob GRAVES-19328.

Olice A. GRAVES was born in November 1849 in Gouverneur, St. Lawrence, NY.21950 She appeared in the census in August 1850 in Gouverneur, St. Lawrence, NY.21950 Parents: James GRAVES-17284 and Catherine TEMPLE-1277.

Philip Abernathy GRAVES38415 was born on 11 October 1872 in Beloit, Rock, WI. He died on 17 July 1936 at the age of 63 in Oak Park, Cook, IL. Parents: Simon H. GRAVES-61639 and Mary E. TEMPLE-53074.

Preston Ellsworth GRAVES was born on 28 November 1895 in Hopkinton, Middlesex, MA.23 His wife said he was born in England in 1920. He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Medford, Middlesex, MA.9974 He died on 20 April 1962 at the age of 66 in Medford, Middlesex, MA.23 Parents: Elmer E. GRAVES-37898 and Susan M. (Susie) COMEY-16181.

Spouse: Marion Bertha (Marion) TEMPLE-18079. Marion Bertha (Marion) TEMPLE and Preston Ellsworth GRAVES were married on 9 September 1925 in Medford, Middlesex, MA.23 Children were: Elizabeth Grace YATES-37896, Marjorie E. YATES-37897.

Reginald Stanton GRAVES was born on 10 May 1869 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA.23 Parents: Alonzo GRAVES-28903 and Eleanor Dickinson TEMPLE-17720.

Richard Stanley GRAVES was born on 19 October 1863 in Colrain, Franklin, MA.23 Parents: Alonzo GRAVES-28903 and Eleanor Dickinson TEMPLE-17720.

Robert GRAVES was born in December 1876 in MS.494 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Wilkinson Co., MS.494

Spouse: Anna -55607. Anna and Robert GRAVES were married in 1895 in MS.494 Children were: Jefferson (Jeff) GRAVES-52683.

Rollie Chester GRAVES (private).

Spouse: Mary Anastasia MOLARGIK-26153. Children were: Lester Leo GRAVES-26151.

Simon H. GRAVES was born in Beloit, Rock, WI.38416 Parents: Valorous GRAVES-61640 and Louisa -61641.

Spouse: Mary E. TEMPLE-53074. Mary E. TEMPLE and Simon H. GRAVES were married on 1 January 1872 in Beloit, Rock, WI.38416,38417 Children were: Philip Abernathy GRAVES-114840.

Sophia GRAVES38418 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: David WILLSON-9662. Sophia GRAVES and David WILLSON were married before 1830. Children were: Jane Sarah (Jane) WILSON-1441.

Stephen Allen GRAVES (private). Parents: Frank Shanks GRAVES-85837 and Pauline May TEMPLE-42464.

Thomas GRAVES (private).

Children were: John GRAVES-28910, Isaac GRAVES-28915.

Valorous GRAVES (private).

Spouse: Louisa -61641. Children were: Simon H. GRAVES-61639.

Vesta F. (Bessie) GRAVES38419,38420,38421 died.

Spouse: Harry E. THACKER-89943. Vesta F. (Bessie) GRAVES and Harry E. THACKER were married before 1924. Children were: Catherine Burdell THACKER-89942.

Zelma GRAVES (private).

Spouse: Daniel B. MC MILLAN-164228. Children were: Nolan Moore MC MILLAN-164227.

Craig GRAVETTE (private).

Spouse: Julie TEMPLE-182498.

Alexandra Lynn GRAVINK (private).38422 Parents: Paul Alan GRAVINK-125465 and Cindy Ann TEMPEL-71289.

Paul Alan GRAVINK (private).6603

Spouse: Cindy Ann TEMPEL-71289. Children were: Alexandra Lynn GRAVINK-125466.

Henry GRAVITT was born in VA.38423

Spouse: Catherine GREEN-127555. Catherine GREEN and Henry GRAVITT were married before 1868. Children were: Carrie May PARROTT-2818.

GRAVLEY (private).

Spouse: Norma Jeanne KRENEK-169062.

James J. GRAVOIS11389 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary E. BARBIER-168797. Mary E. BARBIER and James J. GRAVOIS were married before 1939. Children were: Jane Faye GRAVOIS-168795.

Jane Faye GRAVOIS was born on 6 February 1939 in New Orleans, Orleans, LA.11389 She died on 6 January 2005 at the age of 65.11389 Parents: James J. GRAVOIS-168796 and Mary E. BARBIER-168797.

Spouse: TEMPLE-168794. Jane Faye GRAVOIS and TEMPLE were married before 1958.11389

Spouse: Thomas G. LANDRY-168798. Jane Faye GRAVOIS and Thomas G. LANDRY were married on 25 July 1958 in Park Co., WY.11389,38424 She did not update her Social Security records until 1964.

GRAY (private).

Spouse: Vivan Katherine TEMPLE-41713.

GRAY38425 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Golda TEMPLE-19830. Golda TEMPLE and GRAY were married before November 1943.38425

GRAY7782 died.

Spouse: William SNYDER-118237. GRAY and William SNYDER were married before 1874. Children were: Roxanna (Anna) SNYDER-46834.

GRAY (private).

Spouse: Miriam -153642. Children were: Robert A. GRAY-139834.

GRAY (private).

Spouse: Joanna PHILLIPS-134227.

GRAY was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Doris U. TEMPLE-162129. Doris U. TEMPLE and GRAY were married before 1942. Children were: Marian C. GRAY-162131, Marie A. GRAY-162132, Margaret G. GRAY-162133, Cynthia Lynn GRAY-162134.

GRAY (private).

Spouse: Donna G. MC COMIS-172504.

GRAY38426 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Ethelyn TEMPLE-182625. Ethelyn TEMPLE and GRAY were married before 1945.

Abigail M. GRAY (private).

Spouse: Elmon PARKER-7486.

Abraham GRAY (private).

Spouse: Rachel SILLS-50533. Children were: Michael GRAY-50531.

Alice M. GRAY38427 was born on 7 April 1849 in Mercer, Somerset, ME.23,6508,12084,13859,36774,38428,38429 She gave Apr 1852 in 1900. Gave her age as 23 in 1880 and 67 in 1920. Charlotte Holbrook found her grave site and confirmed her age with the town clerk, yielding the proof of the birth date. Her parents were both from ME. She claimed to have been born in Smithfield, ME in the birth records for Sadie. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Detroit, Somerset, ME.12084 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Detroit, Somerset, ME.38429 Alice appeared in the census in April 1910 in Detroit, Somerset, ME.13859 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Detroit, Somerset, ME.36774 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Detroit, Somerset, ME.38428 Alice died on 16 December 1935 at the age of 86 in Detroit, Somerset, ME.6508 Buried in the Village Cemetery, Detroit, ME. She had a child by William Blaisdell in 1869 or 1870, named Jennie, who grew up in the Temple household. By the way this is phrased in Descendants of Levi Temple, Danny Smith may be implying they never married. Her parents were both from ME. By 1900, she had had 8 children, 7 of whom survived. By 1910, she had had 9 children, 4 of whom survived.

Spouse: Charles Giles (Charles\Giles) TEMPLE-2188. Alice M. GRAY and Charles Giles (Charles\Giles) TEMPLE were married on 6 February 1872 in Detroit, Somerset, ME.6508,13859,38427,38428,38429 Intention filed 30 Jan 1872. Claimed she was married first at age 16. If true and the birth date is correct, she had another husband. they claimed 31 years of marriage in 1900, and 40 years of marriage in 1910. Children were: Jennie TEMPLE-50725, Charles Melvin TEMPLE-3519, Lizzie D. TEMPLE-3520, Rose A. TEMPLE-37348, Nettie Janet TEMPLE-3521, Nellie May TEMPLE-3522, Cora N. TEMPLE-3524, Sadie Rae TEMPLE-3523.

Allison Michelle GRAY (private). Parents: Joe Glen GRAY-58981 and Leta Roy CRAWFORD-58982.

Alma GRAY38430 was born in 1881 in Jefferson Co., OH. Not found as a Gray in OH in 1900. Parents: George W. GRAY-178150 and Helena TEMPLE-178149.

Anna Catherine (Annie) GRAY was born on 13 May 1885 in Jones Co., MS.38431,38432 She died on 22 September 1964 at the age of 79 in MS.38432 Parents: James M. (Jim) GRAY-20787 and Isabel Dreweth (Betty) TEMPLE(S)-20781.

Annie Spencer GRAY was born on 6 June 1877 in Greensboro, Caroline, MD.6001 She died on 3 August 1877 at the age of 0 in Greensboro, Caroline, MD.6001 Parents: M. Hooper GRAY-131276 and Miriam -131278.

Ashley GRAY was born in 1907 in Henry Co., AL.38433,38434 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Balkum, Henry, AL.38434 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Henry Co., AL.38433 Ashley died. Parents: Lazrus Z. GRAY-122861 and Ida TEMPLES-85288.

Barsheba GRAY30273 was born in 1785 in MA.38435 She died in 1842 at the age of 57 in VT. Shows up correctly in 1810, 1820 and 1830 Vermont Census.

Spouse: Ariel PARKER-302. Barsheba GRAY and Ariel PARKER were married in 1801. Children were: Clement PARKER-3748, Clarise PARKER-3749, Lucius R. PARKER-5834, Isaiah Gray PARKER-26, Laura PARKER-3750, La Fayette PARKER-2702, Harriet PARKER-3751, Maria PARKER-3752, Lucius PARKER-2704, Aurelia PARKER-3753.