Sophia Jameson TEMPLE100161 was born on 28 December 1822 in Antrim, Hillsborough, NH.11047,27011 She died on 22 April 1828 at the age of 5 in Antrim, Hillsborough, NH.23,11047 Buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Antrim, NH. Parents: Zenas TEMPLE-4405 and Margaret (Peggy) JAMESON-5961.

Sophia Jane TEMPLE (private).18172 Parents: Robert Brown (Rob) TEMPLE-33571 and Lorin Michele (Lori) DREZIN-65634.

Sophia Lyscomb TEMPLE81392 was born on 20 December 1824 in Southborough, Worcester, MA.94038 She died on 7 February 1825 at the age of 0 in Southborough, Worcester, MA.93324 Parents: Lowell TEMPLE-21000 and Mary (Mollie) BRUCE-23157.

Sophia R. TEMPLE84263 was born on 9 September 1875.123452 She died on 31 December 1969 at the age of 94 in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, VA.123452 Buried in Beulah Cemetery, Arcadia, VA. Temple may not be her maiden name.

Sophie TEMPLE died on 11 May 1914 in Flushing, Queens, NY.123453 Buried in Mount Hebron Cemetery, Flushing, NY. Based on timing and death location, she must be related to Isidore Temple, d 1918. Temple may not be her maiden name. She may be the same Sophia Temple whom death records say died on 17 May 1914 in Kings Park, Suffolk, NY.

Sophie DeWolf TEMPLE was born on 1 June 1865 in St. Stephens, New Brunswick, Canada.123454,123455,123456 She lived in St. Stephens, New Brunswick, Canada in 1893.123457 She died on 26 February 1903 at the age of 37 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.123455,123458 Buried in Charlottetown People's Cemetery, Charlottetown, PEI. Parents: Reverend Robert Alder (Alder) TEMPLE-26218 and Mary HARRIS-30179.

Spouse: Major William Harry (Harry) WATTS-31016. Sophie DeWolf TEMPLE and Major William Harry (Harry) WATTS were married on 7 June 1897 in Bedford, Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada.123457,123459,123460,123461 Some sources give only 1893 which may be a handwriting issue. However, that same source gave the place as Halifax, NS. Children were: Mary Agnes WATTS-31017, Harry Temple WATTS-31018, Dorothy Hearn WATTS-31019.

Sophie Louisa TEMPLE died between 1876 and 1880 at the age of 0 in NC.8230 She was born on 13 June 1876 in Pasquotank Co., NC.8230 Parents: William James (James) TEMPLE-35107 and Parthenia Frances (Parthenia/Francis) ALBERTSON-35118.

Sophina TEMPLE93401 was born on 11 November 1809 in Bowdoin, Sagadahoc, ME.58977,120127 Bowdoin ME vital records give her name as Sophiniea. She died on 2 June 1846 at the age of 36 in Union, Rock, WI.58977,123462 Parents: Reverend Ichabod TEMPLE-4470 and Mary CLARK-24066.

Spouse: Allen MINER-23179. Sophina TEMPLE and Allen MINER were married on 4 August 1825 in Clermont Co., OH.465,10092,58977,58980 Children were: Jacob MINER-34935, Ichabod T. MINER-34936, David MINER-34937, Elizabeth MINER-34938, Lucinda Amelia MINER-34939, Cyrus MINER-34940, Mary Amanda MINER-34941.

Sophina B. TEMPLE was born in 1819 in ME.38380 She appeared in the census in August 1850 in The Forks, Somerset, ME.38381 She died on 11 November 1856 at the age of 37 in Grass Valley, Nevada, CA.38380 Buried in Odd Fellows and Masonic Cemetery, Grass Valley, CA. Possibly the daughter of Jacob and Faitha (Smith) Temple, who were in Somerset Co., ME, at the right time. There is a large gap in their known children, from 1817-1829, in which Sophina might fit. There are no other families known to be having children in Somerset Co., ME, at the time, but placing her in that family requires some documentary proof.

Spouse: Daniel G. GRAVES-174354. Sophina B. TEMPLE and Daniel G. GRAVES were married before 1845.38381 Children were: Hannah P. GRAVES-174356, Mary Frances GRAVES-174355.

Sophira (Sophia) TEMPLE82091 was born on 27 November 1800 in Marlborough, Cheshire, NH.17568,29517,36889,68248 She lived in Gilsum, Cheshire, NH in 1833.68249 She appeared in the census in August 1850 in Warren, Grafton, NH.68248 Sophira died. Name also appears as Sophira, as in her marriage records. Parents: Lieutenant Ebenezer TEMPLE-4397 and Olive GIBBS-5806.

Spouse: Oliver Robbins RICHARDSON-19309. Sophira (Sophia) TEMPLE and Oliver Robbins RICHARDSON were married on 18 April 1833 in Marlborough, Cheshire, NH.23,29517,36889,68249 The History of Gilsum, NH, appears unreliable, as it got Oliver's surname wrong, and said he and Sophia married 18 Apr 1838, but the 1905-1906 transcription of original NH marriage and divorce records gave the date as 18 Apr 1833.

Sophronia TEMPLE79866 was born on 17 May 1837 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.35184,35236,96334 The vital records of Reading, MA give the date in 1837, but her gravestone gives the date in 1838. She appeared in the census in 1850 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.12543 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Springville, Adams, WI.35184 Sophronia died on 1 April 1882 at the age of 44 in Adams Co., WI.35236 Buried in Olin Cemetery, Adams Co., WI. She moved in Reedsburg, Sauk, WI. Parents: Timothy TEMPLE-5722 and Sophronia W. FLINT-6061.

Spouse: Thomas Rush FREEMAN-19397. Sophronia TEMPLE and Thomas Rush FREEMAN were married on 26 November 1856.35236 Children were: Clara L. FREEMAN-59725, Frank L. FREEMAN-59726, Herbert L. FREEMAN-59727, Eliza L. FREEMAN-59728.

Sophronia TEMPLE55693,75021 was born in 1866 in Johnston Co., NC.55697 She appeared in the census in August 1870 in Ingrams, Johnston, NC.55698 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Ingrams, Johnston, NC.55697 Sophronia died on 26 October 1926 at the age of 60 in Erwin, Harnett, NC.123463 Died of apoplexy. Buried in her family cemetery. Her death certificate identified her father as Caswell Temple, but they were first cousins. Parents: Starling Epsie (Epsey) TEMPLE-9869 and Elizabeth Jane (Betsey) MASSENGILL-9887.

Spouse: Jonathan W. STANLEY-31136. Sophronia TEMPLE and Jonathan W. STANLEY were married on 25 February 1892 in Johnston Co., NC.8583,75021

Sophronia Tommie (Phronie) TEMPLE14656 was born on 28 March 1896 in TX.26623,26624,26625,26626,26627,26628,57051,123464,123465 Claimed to be 30 in 1930. Death certificate gave 30 Mar. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Karnes Co., TX.26627 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Karnes Co., TX.26626 Sophronia appeared in the census in January 1920 in Karnes Co., TX.26624 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Karnes Co., TX.26625 In April 1940 she was a house maid in Nixon, Gonzales, TX.26628 Sophronia lived in Nixon, Gonzales, TX in 1976.123464 She died on 7 January 1976 at the age of 79 in Floresville, Wilson, TX.109,14656,57051,123464,123465 Died of cardia arrest. Buried in Nixon Cemetery, Nixon, Gonzales, TX. Unmarried. Parents: John Byston (Byston) TEMPLE-30860 and Ninette Tennessee (Nina\Ninnie) CURE-30863.

Sorelle Petrice TEMPLE (private).22400 Parents: Charles Ray TEMPLE-102086 and Leila Ann WILSON-102087.

Spouse: Chris L. MANNING-102112. Children were: Krysta Michelle TEMPLE-102095.

Spouse: Rainer Otmar JONAS-102113. Children were: Jehremie Michael JONAS-102096.

Spouse: Lewis Glen (Glen) LEMON-102085.

Spouse: Barry J. CHRISTENSEN-102104.

Sorilla TEMPLE was born in PA.16168 Her given name from her daughter Catherine's death certificate seems to be a bit off, as no one of that name is known.

Spouse: Eli BOYER-161743. Sorilla TEMPLE and Eli BOYER were married before 1879 in PA. Children were: Catherine Cecelia BOYER-161744.

Spence TEMPLE (private). Parents: Dr. Rufus Henry TEMPLE Jr.-51601 and Margaret SPENCE-63784.

Spencer TEMPLE (private).3562 Parents: Brad TEMPLE-179442 and Stacy WASSERMAN-179443.

Spencer Grant TEMPLE was born on 22 January 1981.123466 He died on 14 October 2011 at the age of 30 in British Columbia, Canada.123466

Spencer Luther Harmon (Luther) TEMPLE45112,69158 was born on 30 November 1912 in Kirby, Greene, PA.69155,69156,123467 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Monongahela Twp., Greene, PA.69155 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Wayne Twp., Greene, PA.69156 Spencer lived in Spraggs, Greene, PA before 1935.123467 He claimed to have contracted his fatal disease at his home, which waqs given as Spraggs. He died on 10 March 1935 at the age of 22 in Polk, Venango, PA.123467 Died of post-encephalitic Parkinson's diseas and tuberculosis. Buried in Polk State School Cemetery, Polk, PA. Parents: Otha Burtis (Bert) TEMPLE Sr.-2604 and Sarah Belle (Sadie) ROGERS-45040.

Spencer Newman TEMPLE (private).74666 Parents: Walter Lee TEMPLE-87863 and Grace Camille SPENCER-93252.

Spouse: Juanita Lynn HEATH-93248. Children were: Christopher Robert TEMPLE-93245.

Spouse: Connie Ruth BROWN-93249.

Spirit Rose Yellowbird TEMPLE (private).123468 Parents: Nicolas Wayne TEMPLE-84787 and Tasha Marie LEACH-126984.

Squire Mason (Squire/Mason) TEMPLE63622 was born on 30 May 1821 in Smithfield, Madison, NY.2317,12796,13142,58503,63622,63623,63624 Gave NJ in 1900. In August 1850 he was a farmer in Smithfield, Madison, NY.58503 He moved in 1856 in Augusta, Oneida, NY.12796 In August 1860 Squire was a farmer and fruit grower in Augusta, Oneida, NY.63622,63623 In June 1865 he was a farmer in Augusta, Oneida, NY.63627 In June 1870 he was a farmer in Augusta, Oneida, NY.63624 Squire moved in 1884 in Vernon Twp., Oneida, NY.12796 In June 1900 he was a farmer in Vernon Twp., Oneida, NY.2317 He died on 7 June 1909 at the age of 88 in Vernon Twp., Oneida, NY.63622,112792,123469 Died on a visit to his daughter Alva's home. He sang a hymn (probably late Sunday evening) and passed away shortly thereafter. Buried in Vernon Village Cemetery, Vernon, NY. Squire has reference number RLT # 649.75114

His parents were both from NY. Parents: Solomon TEMPLE-1170 and Marian (Mary) MILLARD-1611.

Spouse: Sarah Charlotte (Charlotte) PARKHURST-2296. Sarah Charlotte (Charlotte) PARKHURST and Squire Mason (Squire/Mason) TEMPLE were married on 4 June 1844 in Smithfield, Madison, NY.12796,63622 Children were: Mary Lucinda (Mary) TEMPLE-2297, Alva Viroqua (Alva/Elvie) TEMPLE-2298, Horatio Seymour TEMPLE-2299.

Squirrel TEMPLE was born in 1889 in IL.123470 He lived in Nokomis, Montgomery, IL on 1 April 1935.123470 In April 1940 he was a Hargrave Lumber Company clerk in Nokomis, Montgomery, IL.123470 His marital status indicated he was separated or getting a divorce. His given name is clear in 1940, but no one of that name was otherwise known.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-158002. UNKNOWN and Squirrel TEMPLE were married before 1940.

Stacey TEMPLE (private).4206 Parents: Alton Leon TEMPLE-20540 and Carolyn Mae (Carolyn) HOUSE-20546.

Spouse: Billy DUNCAN-63548.

Stacey TEMPLE (private). Parents: Jack Verne TEMPLE-91633 and Mary Constance PAPAFRANGOS-91632.

Stacey TEMPLE (private). Parents: Donald Glen (Don) TEMPLE-105311 and Dana HURST-105312.

Stacey TEMPLE (private). Parents: Ted Oliver TEMPLE-105711 and Sharon -105714.

Stacey TEMPLE (private).4185 Parents: Norman TEMPLE-174042 and Michele BRATTON-174043.

Spouse: Jeremy BAUGH-174047. Children were: Jerestin BAUGH-174048, Jayden BAUGH-174049, Tristan BAUGH-174050.

Stacey TEMPLE (private).123471

Spouse: David WINSTON-140449.

Stacey Dawn TEMPLE (private).52563 Parents: Herman Frank (Herman) TEMPLE-74836 and BROOKS-74854.

Spouse: James Allen LENESKI-93225.

Stacey L. TEMPLE (private).6604

Spouse: Clarence J. GILL IV-163792.

Stacey Lynn TEMPLE (private).70779

Spouse: Eric Peter MC CRAW-174822.

Spouse: Stephen J. SCHERER-180692.

Stacey R. TEMPLE (private).81319 Parents: Ronald R. (Ronnie) TEMPLE-103550 and UNKNOWN-103552.

Stacha TEMPLE (private).45043 Parents: Paul Arthur (Paul) TEMPLE-22741 and Vivian Robbins SHANER-22742.

Spouse: Tony EICHENLAUB-104263.

Staci TEMPLE (private).88157 Parents: Floyd Joseph (Joe) TEMPLE-123185 and Carolyn Sue GOWEN-123186.

Staci TEMPLE (private).30459 Parents: Ronald L. (Ron) TEMPLE-124660 and Patricia B. (Pat) DUMAS-124661.

Staci Ann TEMPLE (private).57721

Spouse: Shawn Charles MC QUILLAN-139712.

Stacia TEMPLE (private).123472 Parents: Leo Marvin TEMPLE-105578 and Phyllis June ABBOTT-105585.

Spouse: Phillip STALNAKER-127176. Children were: Matthew STALNAKER-127177, Benjamin STALNAKER-127178.

Stacie TEMPLE (private). Parents: Michael TEMPLE-69150 and Shelly -69154.

Stacie A. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Brooke E. TUCKER-148972.

Stacie Anne TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Brandon Leigh ARMOCK-163123.

Stacie Carolyn TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Jeffrey Scott PROSSER-165521.

Stacy TEMPLE (private).48406 Parents: Wayne Morton TEMPLE-48388 and Dorothy Mae JORDAN-105831.

Stacy TEMPLE (private).62376 Parents: Robert L. TEMPLE Jr.-145420 and Sharon Anne OLLETT-145421.

Stacy TEMPLE was born in 1813 in VA.3496 In November 1850 he was a farmer in Knox Co., IL.3496 He has reference number RLT # U1584W.8741 He may be the father of Stacy E. Temple of IA. Parents: Thomas TEMPLE-138692 and Jane -138693.

Spouse: Mary -138695. Mary and Stacy TEMPLE were married before 1850 in OH. Children were: Hannah J. TEMPLE-138696, James TEMPLE-138697, Townsend TEMPLE-138698, Franklin TEMPLE-138699.

Stacy Allen TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Rachel Christine PICKETT-145607.

Stacy D. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: James D. MASHBURN-148974.

Stacy Edward (Edward) TEMPLE was born on 5 June 1891 in Cedar Rapids, Linn, IA.148,23796,23797,41955,41956,45884,45889,123473,123474,123475 He claimed Des Moines, IA, in his WWI draft registration and in the birth certificate for his daughter Donna. He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Madison, Polk, IA.45889 He appeared in the census in 1905 in Jefferson, Polk, IA.123476 Stacy appeared in the census in April 1910 in Jefferson, Polk, IA.45884 He appeared in the census in 1915 in Jefferson, Polk, IA.123473 In 1917 he was a dairyman for Haynes Dairy in Johnston, Polk, IA.41956 In January 1920 Stacy was a truck driver in Des Moines, Polk, IA.23796 He appeared in the census in 1925 in Cedar Rapids, Linn, IA.123474 Enumerated with his in-laws. In April 1930 he was an electric company sales supervisor in Cedar Rapids, Linn, IA.23797 In April 1940 Stacy was a dry goods mercantile company traveling salesman in Cedar Rapids, Linn, IA.41955 He moved in 1942 in CA.123477 He died on 8 February 1966 at the age of 74 in San Diego, San Diego, CA.148,123475,123477 Buried in San Diego. Her parents were from IA (father) and MO (mother) in 1920, but both from IA in 1930. Appears as S. Edward Temple in 1930. Parents: John D. TEMPLE-48409 and Mary Amy HUNT-48437.

Spouse: Helena Gertrude (Helena) HAZELRIGG-57263. Helena Gertrude (Helena) HAZELRIGG and Stacy Edward (Edward) TEMPLE were married on 12 October 1916 in Dallas Co., IA.19685,23797 Dallas County, IA, Marriage Book 2, p. 220. Children were: Charlene Helena TEMPLE-60203, Sidney Edward TEMPLE-57264, Donna Janette TEMPLE-57267.

Stacy G. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Rodney D. LIGHTHIZER-164472.

Stacy Jo TEMPLE (private).108841 Parents: Joseph Franklin (Joe) TEMPLE-75736 and Susan Ellen (Susan) KING-75737.

Spouse: David NAMDAR-75733.