Oscar Martin TEMPLE58526 was born on 20 October 1931 in PA.27301,34086 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Upper Turkeyfoot, Somerset, PA.34086 He served in the military between 1948 and 1955. Served as a private first class in the infantry from 30 Sep 1948 to 21 Apr 1955. Service # 13 298 465. Oscar lived in Rockwood, Somerset, PA in September 1952.58528 Before 1969 he was an emplyee of the Screw and Bolt Division of Modulus Corporation in Mt. Pleasant Twp., Washington, PA.117637 He died on 20 May 1969 at the age of 37 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA.27301,117637,117638 He died in the Presbyterian University Hospital in Pittsburg of injuries sistained while at work near Mt. Pleasant. He was apparently struck in the face by a bolt-making machine he was operating. Buried in Mt. Nebo Cemetery, Saltlick Twp., Fayette, PA. His obituary said he was the father of 6. Parents: Ralph Edward TEMPLE-22873 and Blanche PRITTS-84085.

Spouse: Alice Gayle MILLER-84088. Alice Gayle MILLER and Oscar Martin TEMPLE were married about September 1952 in Westmoreland Co., PA.58528 They took out their license on or shortly before 16 Sep. Their license was reported in Connellsville, PA, but the two of them lived in different places, so the place of marriage is uncertain for the moment. Children were: Paul Joseph (Paul) TEMPLE-84095, Jerry TEMPLE-119331, Richard TEMPLE-119332, Randy TEMPLE-119333, John TEMPLE-119334.

Oscar Otis TEMPLE was born on 29 June 1899 in Hawesville, Hancock, KY.148,69664,114509,117639,117640,117641,117642 He appeared in the census in May 1910 in Hancock Co., KY.114509 In 1918 he was a farm helper in Hawesville, Hancock, KY.117640 In January 1920 Oscar was a farm laborer in Elk Horn, Shelby, IA.69664 In April 1930 he was a farm laborer in America, Plymouth, IA.117639 He lived 505 Fort Street in Sioux City, Woodbury, IA in 1934.117643 Oscar lived in Marcus, Cherokee, IA on 1 April 1935.117641 In April 1940 he was a farm laborer in Remsen, Plymouth, IA.117641 He lived 801 East 7th Street, care of the Salvation Army in Remsen, Plymouth, IA in February 1942.117642 Oscar lived in CA in 1949.114512 He died on 6 January 1954 at the age of 54 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.148,117644 Buried in Downey District Cemetery, Downey, CA. His parents were both from KY. Apparently unmarried. Parents: Stephen Alexander (Alex) TEMPLE-34978 and Maggie RUDDER-74270.

Oscar Phillip (Oscar) TEMPLE was born on 6 June 1913 in Clark Twp., Perry, IN.7786,36703,36705,36706,71092,71095,71097,117645,117646 Book CO-5, p. 17. He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Clark Twp., Perry, IN.36705 In April 1930 he was a farm laborer in Madison, Dubois, IN.36706 In April 1940 Oscar was a truck driver in Madison, Dubois, IN.71095 He lived in Ireland, Dubois, IN in 1949.117647 He died on 11 October 2003 at the age of 90 in Jasper, Dubois, IN.71092,71097,117648,117649 Died of respiratory failure. Buried in Saint Marys Catholic Cemetery, Ireland, IN. Appeared with german spelling in 1940. Parents: Peter John (Pete) TEMPEL-72971 and Louisa C. (Lula) GERHARDT-72972.

Spouse: Genevieve (Jenny) SCHULER-72978. Genevieve (Jenny) SCHULER and Oscar Phillip (Oscar) TEMPLE were married on 5 September 1938 in French Lick Twp., Orange, IN.71094 Children were: Shirley A. TEMPLE-72982, Kathleen Ceclia (Kathy) TEMPLE-72980, Mary Louise TEMPLE-72983, Myron John TEMPLE-72981, Duane Allan TEMPLE-72979.

Oscar Redford (Oscar) TEMPLE64633,64640 was born on 14 October 1879 in Wiconisco, Dauphin, PA.8952,59773,64634,64635,64636,64638,64642,117650,117651 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Wiconisco, Dauphin, PA.59773 He served in the military between 1898 and 1901.8952,64633,64641 Enlisted 1 Nov 1898. Served in the Army 42nd Coast Artillery during the Spanish American War. Attained the rank of sergeant before mustering out31 Oct 1901. Pension XC 250 4851. About 1900 Oscar was a trapper in NE.8952,64633 Earned the nickname "Prairie Dog Jack" as a government trapper. In April 1910 he was a powder factory laborer in Platte Twp., Douglas, CO.8952,117650 Worked with acids and high explosives for E.I. DuPont Co. The DuPont company used him to set up a new plant in Hopewell, VA. He lived in NJ about 1917.8952 He set up another plant for DuPont in Deep Water, NJ. In 1918 Oscar was a nitric acid foremant for E.I. DuPont DeNemours and Company in Louviers, Douglas, CO.64638 He moved about 1919 in Elizabethville, Dauphin, PA.64633 In January 1920 he was a dye works foreman in Lower Pennsneck, Salem, NJ.64634 In April 1930 Oscar was a farmer in Jackson, Dauphin, PA.64635 In April 1940 he was a service station proprietor in Jackson, Dauphin, PA.64636 In April 1942 he was an employee of the American Legion Home Association in Halifax, Dauphin, PA.64640 Oscar lived 76 Vine Street in Elizabethville, Dauphin, PA in 1957.64642 He died on 9 August 1957 at the age of 77 in Elizabethville, Dauphin, PA.8952,64642,117652 Died at home of a coronary thrombosis. Buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Elizabethville, PA. He was a munitions worker for DuPont. Attempted to homestead in Nebraska, but also worked for Dupont at Louviers in Colorado, and in Deep Water, NJ. Placed in an orphanage in Harrisburg, PA after the death of his father. In his WWI draft registration, he noted that he had a crippled right leg due to its having been broken and dislocated. The 1930 census has two Oscar Temples with fathers from England and mothers from either NJ or PA - and they are distinctly different. The other Oscar was found only in 1930. Parents: John TEMPLE-47958 and Mary POTTEIGER-47959.

Spouse: Sarah Grace (Grace) PERRY-47961. Sarah Grace (Grace) PERRY and Oscar Redford (Oscar) TEMPLE were married on 8 June 1913 in Denver, Denver, CO.8952,64633,64643 Colorado Families gives 6 June, while the History of Douglas County gives 8 June. Children were: Ralph Oscar (Ralph) TEMPLE-47963, Sidney James (Sid) TEMPLE-47964.

Oscar Robert TEMPLE Sr. was born on 5 June 1907 in Fort Wingate, Mc Kinley, NM.11199,11200,75942,75944,117653 He lived in Junction City, Geary, KS in March 1908.75947 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ.75942 Oscar appeared in the census in April 1930 in Cartwright, Maricopa, AZ.75944 He lived in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ on 1 April 1935.11200 In April 1940 he was an office building assistant engineer in Maricopa Co., AZ.11200 In October 1940 Oscar was an employee of The Professional Building in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ.11199 He died on 9 May 1974 at the age of 66 in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ.117653,117654 Buried in Greenwood Memory Lawn Cemetery, Phoenix, AZ. He may be related to Vidas Temple, enumerated in the AZ State Hospital, as she was born in 1905 in NM. Parents: Brigadier General Oscar Fitzhugh (Oscar) TEMPLE-3259 and Susanna M. STOUT-3261.

Spouse: Grace Anastasia (Anna) BALMES-87384. Grace Anastasia (Anna) BALMES and Oscar Robert TEMPLE Sr. were married about 1934. Children were: James Donald (Jim) TEMPLE-87385, Oscar Robert TEMPLE Jr.-87381.

Oscar Robert TEMPLE Jr. was born on 4 January 1935 in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ.6714,11200,117655 He lived in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ on 1 April 1935.11200 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Maricopa Co., AZ.11200 Oscar died on 5 August 1967 at the age of 32 in Parker, La Paz, AZ.6714,117655,117656 Died at home when a fire destroyed it. Buried in Greenwood Memory Lawn Cemetery, Phoenix, AZ. Parents: Oscar Robert TEMPLE Sr.-39548 and Grace Anastasia (Anna) BALMES-87384.

Spouse: Patricia Lee PAYNE-107776. Patricia Lee PAYNE and Oscar Robert TEMPLE Jr. were married on 18 June 1955 in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ.64093

Spouse: Martha Ellen SANDERS-87382. Martha Ellen SANDERS and Oscar Robert TEMPLE Jr. were married on 20 October 1956 in Clark Co., NV.7837 Children were: Cynthia Ann TEMPLE-124674, Kelly Lynn TEMPLE-124675.

Spouse: Ruby -124673.

Oscar Willard TEMPLE9188 was born on 13 September 1899 in Mauston, Juneau, WI.9190,95568,117657,117658 He died on 23 April 1904 at the age of 4 in Mauston, Juneau, WI.9886,95568,117659,117660 Buried in Mauston Cemetery, Mauston, WI. Did not appear with this family in 1900. Parents: Willard A. TEMPLE-2313 and Margaret J. ARNTZ-2869.

Oscar Willis (Oscar) TEMPLE44939 was born on 1 July 1853 in Chicopee, Hampden, MA.15772,15775,44939,44940,44941,44942,44943,85970,117661 He appeared in the census in July 1860 in Chicopee, Hampden, MA.15772 He appeared in the census in July 1870 in Wilbraham, Hampden, MA.117661 Enumerated at school. In June 1880 Oscar was a furniture dealer in Chicopee, Hampden, MA.44943 In June 1900 he was a traveling salesman in Chicopee, Hampden, MA.44942 In April 1910 he was a leather goods salesman in Chicopee, Hampden, MA.44941 In January 1920 Oscar was a carpet salesman in Chicopee, Hampden, MA.44940 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Chicopee, Hampden, MA.85970 He died on 26 November 1930 at the age of 77 in Springfield, Hampden, MA.23,44939 Buried in Fairview Cemetery, Chicopee, MA. Oscar was a Salesman.44939 Sometimes appears as William W., but I don't know why. Perhaps there was a twin? Also, in 1920 he was enumerated with a Gertrude De Witt living with his family as a sister-in-law. I know of no male sibling that lived to be married, so I don't see how Gertrude could be that relation, unless there is another male sibling. Parents: Lafayette TEMPLE-1594 and Ann E. BOURKE-2246.

Spouse: Anne Lincoln (Anee) HOSLEY-2815. Anne Lincoln (Anee) HOSLEY and Oscar Willis (Oscar) TEMPLE were married on 29 August 1876 in Chicopee, Hampden, MA.23,8304,44939,44941,44942 Children were: Carroll Lafayette (Carl) TEMPLE-2816, Eddie Ray TEMPLE-2817.

Osceola TEMPLE117662 was born in 1875. He/she died in 1958 at the age of 83 in Greensboro, Greene, GA. Buried in Monongahela Hill Cemetery, Greensboro, PA.

Osie TEMPLE was born on 9 December 1907 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.65569,117412 The TN archives include two different indexs of births - one for Nashville specifically, and one for Davidson Co. Both agree that the day was 9 Dec, but one gives 1907 and the other 1909. Also given as Ocie Temple. Parents: Olly TEMPLE-185205 and Susie POINTER-185206.

Ossie TEMPLE was born on 22 August 1884.117663 He died after 3 March 1939 at the age of 54.117663 His SSAN was issued in TN.

Oswell J. TEMPLE274,117664 was born on 26 March 1860 in Hopkinton, Middlesex, MA.23,18282 He appeared in the census in July 1860 in Hopkinton, Middlesex, MA.18282 He died on 1 August 1860 at the age of 0 in Hopkinton, Middlesex, MA.23 Parents: Isaac Dalston TEMPLE-4917 and Abigail Aldrich (Abigail) BRUCE-4918.

Oswell T. TEMPLE was born on 19 May 1872 in Madison Twp., Butler, OH.2829,10684 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Madison Twp., Butler, OH.2829 He died on 26 February 1888 at the age of 15 in Madison Twp., Butler, OH.1933,10684 Buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Monroe, Butler, OH. Parents: Oliver Perry (Perry) TEMPLE-24685 and Eliza Wampler (Eliza) BAKE-26022.

Otha TEMPLE (private).77032

Spouse: Oma Bell TAYLOR-180070. Children were: Harry TEMPLE-180071, Violet TEMPLE-180072.

Otha TEMPLE26499 was born on 24 January 1896 in Seymour, Sevier, TN.14776,26500,26502,26503,26504,117665,117666,117667 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Sevier Co., TN.26504 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Sevier Co., TN.26503 Otha served in the military in 1917.117665 Enlisted in the Army from Sevier County. In 1917 he was a farm laborer in Seymour, Sevier, TN.117666 In January 1920 he was a street car conductor in Sevier Co., TN.26502 Otha lived in Dearborn, Wayne, MI on 1 April 1935.14776 In April 1940 he was an auto factory machine operator in Dearborn, Wayne, MI.14776 He lived in Detroit, Wayne, MI in 1952.63945 Otha died on 10 September 1959 at the age of 63.117667,117668 TN death records indicate he died in 1925 in Blount Co., TN, but that must be a confusion with his wife, as he was married, alive and well in the 1940 census. Identification of Otha and Pauline (Harmon) as the parents of Jack and Taylor Temple is based on their ages and their being enumerated with relatives in 1930. Therefore, this association requires proof. Parents: Andrew Jackson (Jack) TEMPLE-10832 and Rachel Franklin (Frank/Rachel) CUMMINGS-10833.

Spouse: Pauline HARMON-30444. Pauline HARMON and Otha TEMPLE were married after January 1920.26502 Children were: Jack Harmon TEMPLE-45354, Frank Taylor (Taylor) TEMPLE Sr.-45356.

Spouse: Essie Lee BLAZER-86957. Essie Lee BLAZER and Otha TEMPLE were married on 23 September 1925 in Hamblen Co., TN.14780 Children were: Charles Otha (Charley) TEMPLE-86958.

Otha Burtis (Bert) TEMPLE Sr.99767 was born on 12 June 1883 in Blacksville, Monongalia, WV.52185,69153,69155,69156,69157,117669,117670 Gave PA in 1910 and 1920. Death certificate, informed by his son Otho, said the date was 17 Jun 1874, and gave the place as Blacksville, WV. In his SSAN application, he gave Blacksville, WV, but put the date in 1879, which conflicts with his brother Jasper. Some Temple Pedigrees gave the date shown. In April 1910 he was a farmer in Whiteley, Greene, PA.69157 He lived in Kirby, Greene, PA in November 1911.69158 In January 1920 Otha was a farm laborer in Monongahela Twp., Greene, PA.69155 In April 1930 he was a farm laborer in Wayne Twp., Greene, PA.69156 He died on 25 February 1940 at the age of 56 in Franklin Twp., Greene, PA.69153,117671 Died of auricular fibrillation and chronic myocarditis. Buried in Phillips Cemetery, Greene, PA. His parents were both from PA. He was issued two different SSANs. Parents: John Reeves (John) TEMPLE-1989 and Mary Elizabeth WATTERS-2597.

Spouse: Sarah Belle (Sadie) ROGERS-45040. Sarah Belle (Sadie) ROGERS and Otha Burtis (Bert) TEMPLE Sr. were married in 1907 in WV.69156,69157 They claimed 3 years of marriage, and that this was a first marriage for both, when their eldest child was born 5 years earlier. Children were: Haddie May TEMPLE-49923, Estella Ellen (Stella) TEMPLE-45047, Emma Minerva TEMPLE-45046, Spencer Luther Harmon (Luther) TEMPLE-45048, Carl David (Davy) TEMPLE-45049, June Rosa (Rose) TEMPLE-45050, William Rogers (Billy) TEMPLE-45041, Anna Olive TEMPLE-45042, Elsie Katherine TEMPLE-45043, Oma Grace (Oma) TEMPLE-45044, Otho Burtis (Bert) TEMPLE Jr.-45045, TEMPLE-92315, TEMPLE-92318.

Otha R. TEMPLE was born on 5 August 1893 in Gentry Co., MO.94286,117672 He died on 23 April 1896 at the age of 2 in Gentry Co., MO.117672,117673 He shares a grave marker with his aunt Emma Temple. Buried in Jennings Cemetery, Willson Twp., MO. Parents: Joseph S. (Joe) TEMPLE-21929 and Temperance Cynthia (Tempie) LITTIN-37813.

Otha Theodore TEMPLE22633 was born on 29 November 1912 in Johnsville, Bradley, AR.22633,22634,33124,54029,62516 He put the date in 1911 in his WWII draft registration. He appeared in the census in February 1920 in Palestine, Bradley, AR.62516 In April 1930 he was a farm laborer in Palestine, Bradley, AR.33124 In April 1940 Otha was a Pumphrey saw mill teamster in Palestine, Bradley, AR.22634 He lived in Warren, Bradley, AR in 1945.85071 He died on 9 December 2017 at the age of 105 in Monticello, Drew, AR.745 Buried in Palestine Cemetery, Bradley Co., AR. Parents: David Franklin (David) TEMPLE(S)-20882 and Maude Bell (Maude) ORR-20888.

Spouse: Dovie Mae LOWRY-41850. Dovie Mae LOWRY and Otha Theodore TEMPLE were married in August 1934 in Bradley Co., AR.54032 Children were: James Harold TEMPLE-80078.

Othel Eugene (Eugene) TEMPLE55392 was born on 31 May 1918 in Jackson Twp., Washington, IN.7786,14704,55395,55396,55397,117674 Book H-11, p. 44. He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Polk Twp., Washington, IN.55395 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Polk Twp., Washington, IN.55396 In April 1940 Othel was a farm laborer in Polk Twp., Washington, IN.55397 He served in the military between 1941 and 1945.1006,117675 Dates approximate. Drafted in the Army of the US on 17 Sep 1941 at Louisville, KY, as a private with a 3 year contract. At the time of his marriage to Minnie May, he was a staff sergeant stationed at Camp Shelby, MS. Service # 35108658. He lived in Canton, Madison, MS in 2011.55393 Othel died on 11 November 2015 at the age of 97 in Hattiesburg, Forrest, MS.117676 Buried in Bethany Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Midway, MS. Parents: John Orville (John) TEMPLE-19782 and Fern Zella MARTIN-19781.

Spouse: Minnie Lee MAY-19786. Minnie Lee MAY and Othel Eugene (Eugene) TEMPLE were married on 23 July 1944 in Hattiesburg, Forrest, MS.56016,56019 Children were: Keith E. TEMPLE-19787, Lionel Dean TEMPLE-19788, Diana TEMPLE-19789.

Othelia TEMPLE died on 8 August 1938 in Findlay, Hancock, OH.117677 Temple may not be her maiden name. She may have been married to Edward Temple.

Othell B. TEMPLE was born on 15 May 1891.109187 He/she died on 29 July 1976 at the age of 85 in Amite, Tangipahoa, LA.109187 Buried in Butler Cemetery, Amite, LA. Possibly related to Josephine and Willie P. Temple, also buried in the same cemetery.

Othnal TEMPLE104502,117678 was born on 21 February 1841. He died on 23 February 1841 at the age of 0 in Eagle Creek, Lake, IN.117679 Buried in Southeast Grove Cemetery, Southeast Grove, Lake, IN. Parents: Thomas Jefferson (Thomas) TEMPLE-502 and Harriet A. WALLACE-677.

Othniel Orson (Orson) TEMPLE88022 was born on 29 April 1843 in Sunderland, Bennington, VT.14860,14866,18292 He appeared in the census in 1850 in Sunderland, Bennington, VT.14860 He appeared in the census in July 1860 in Sunderland, Bennington, VT.14866 Othniel died on 22 October 1866 at the age of 23 in Sunderland, Bennington, VT.23,117680 Buried in Lawrence Cemetery, Sunderland, VT. Died unmarried. Parents: Stephen Warren Bates TEMPLE-507 and Cornelia T. FIELDS-693.

Othniel T. TEMPLE54468 was born on 20 December 1810 in Sunderland, Bennington, VT.4728,7239,54468,54470,54471,117681 Gave his age as 47 in 1860. Gave 1813 in his marriage to Mrs. Alice Butler. In 1850 he was a lumberman in Sunderland, Bennington, VT.54470 In July 1860 he was a farmer in Manchester, Bennington, VT.54471 Othniel served in the military between 1861 and 1865.117682 Served in the 102nd NY Infantry. He moved before 1865 in Nankin, Wayne, MI.37874 Appears in the 1870 Census living with Albert S. TEMPLE. In June 1870 he was a farm laborer in Nankin, Wayne, MI.36293 Living with his son Albert. In June 1880 Othniel was a saloon keeper in Nankin, Wayne, MI.7239 He lived in Romulus, Wayne, MI in 1881.166 He died on 17 September 1889 at the age of 78 in Wayne Co., MI.4728,54468,117682,117683 Buried in Old Wayne Cemetery, Wayne, Wayne, MI. Othniel has reference number RLT # 442.67112 Parents: Palmer Columbus TEMPLE-496 and Rhoda KING-4954.

Spouse: Alice -96555. Alice and Othniel T. TEMPLE were married on 21 November 1881 in Dearborn, Wayne, MI.166

Spouse: Martha J. LYON-684. Martha J. LYON and Othniel T. TEMPLE were married on 22 July 1832.4728,54468 Children were: Sylvia Ann TEMPLE-548, Jerome B. TEMPLE-549, Ruby TEMPLE-550, Albert S. TEMPLE-551, Robert Sydney (Robert) TEMPLE-552, Stephen Warren Bates (Warren) TEMPLE-553, Jane Martha (Jennie) TEMPLE-554, Ellen TEMPLE-555.

Spouse: Susan Ann -50845. Susan Ann and Othniel T. TEMPLE were married about 1873 in MI. Children were: Flora TEMPLE-50846, Charlotte TEMPLE-50847.

Otho Burtis (Bert) TEMPLE Jr.50803 was born on 11 July 1928 in Spraggs, Greene, PA.27301,59071,64938,69156,69159 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Wayne Twp., Greene, PA.69156 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Franklin Twp., Morrisville, Greene, PA.64938 Otho lived 52 South Liberty street in Waynesburg, Greene, PA in July 1946.69159 He served in the military in 1946/7.27301,59071 Exact dates, locations, units and ranks unknown. Served as a private in the Ordnance Replacement Training Center from 26 Jul 1946 to 17 Jan 1947. His death certificate said he was a verteran of WWII. He convicted of larceny and issuing worthless checks on 12 January 1952 in Greene Co., PA.117684 His sentence was 2 to 5 years. Otho lived RD # 1 in Graysville, Greene, PA in 1962.59071 He died on 16 July 1962 at the age of 34 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA.27301,59071,117685 Died of generalized peritonitis following perforation of the small bowel due to metastatic cancer. Buried in Phillips Cemetery, Wayne Twp., PA. He was also known as Albert Temple, Jr..27301,59071,117685 Died of generalized peritonitis following perforation of the small bowel due to metastatic cancer. Buried in Phillips Cemetery, Wayne Twp., PA. Parents: Otha Burtis (Bert) TEMPLE Sr.-2604 and Sarah Belle (Sadie) ROGERS-45040.

Spouse: Kathleen MINTON-93898. Kathleen MINTON and Otho Burtis (Bert) TEMPLE Jr. were married before 1948. Children were: Bert (Buck) TEMPLE-93899, Terry TEMPLE-93901.

Otho H. (Otha) TEMPLE6488 was born on 1 July 1869 in Plainview, Linn, OR.5156,57686,65131,73331,73333,73334 He gave Jul 1870 in 1900. He appeared in the census in September 1870 in Sand Ridge, Linn, OR.65131 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Center Twp., Linn, OR.5156 In June 1900 Otho was a farmer in Center Twp., Linn, OR.73333 In April 1910 he was a farmer in Center Twp., Linn, OR.73334 In January 1920 he was a saw mill lumberman in Berlin, Linn, OR.73331 Otho died on 22 June 1927 at the age of 57 in Dorena, Lane, OR.117686,117687,117688 Died of mitral regurgitation with heart dilation. Buried in Sand Ridge Cemetery, Lebanon, OR. He has reference number RLT # U2656.4328 Enumerated as William in 1870. Parents: William Kennedy (William) TEMPLE-23341 and Julia Ann PICKENS-24269.

Spouse: Icia (Icie) SMIDDY-26933. Icia (Icie) SMIDDY and Otho H. (Otha) TEMPLE were married on 29 December 1897 in OR.11440,73334 Children were: Roy William (Roy) TEMPLE-30999, Julia Irene (Irene) TEMPLE-26939, Clarence Almon (Almon) TEMPLE-31000, Naomi Oleta (Oleta) TEMPLE-31001.

Otis TEMPLE Sr. (private).

Spouse: Thelma ALBERT-178502. Children were: William Albert TEMPLE-178500, Otis TEMPLE Jr.-178503.

Otis TEMPLE Jr. (private). Parents: Otis TEMPLE Sr.-178501 and Thelma ALBERT-178502.

Otis TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: D.P. GRANTHAM-179737. D.P. GRANTHAM and Otis TEMPLE were married on 1 January 1958 in Vernon Parish, LA.38353

Otis TEMPLE was born in 1816.117689 He died in 1861 at the age of 45 in Chautauqua Co., NY.117689 Buried in Old Stockton Cemetery, Chautauqua Co., NY.

Otis TEMPLE117690 was born on 4 October 1820 in Heath, Franklin, MA.10032,22768,22770,75856,99566,117690 He was baptized on 9 October 1828 in Heath, Franklin, MA.75856 He appeared in the census in 1850 in Heath, Franklin, MA.22767 In July 1860 Otis was a farm laborer in Heath, Franklin, MA.22768,117690 In July 1870 he was a farmer in Heath, Franklin, MA.22770 In June 1880 he was a farmer in Heath, Franklin, MA.99566 Otis died on 16 June 1894 at the age of 73 in Heath, Franklin, MA.23,10032,22397,117690 Buried in Center Cemetery, Heath, MA. No issue. It is possible that he married Asa March. Parents: Solomon TEMPLE-986 and Elizabeth (Betsy) STONE-1765.

Otis TEMPLE was born in 1847 in Steuben Co., NY.117691 He appeared in the census in June 1860 in Corning, Steuben, NY.117691 Enumerated with the family of Joseph Hallenbeck. Possibly a son of Joseph H. Temple. May be related to David Temple, enumerated in Urbana, NY, in 1850.

Otis TEMPLE was born in 1895 in OH.3119 In January 1920 he was a farm laborer in Fairfield, Madison, OH.3119 He may be the Otis W. Temple whop died in Champaign Co., OH on 9 Feb 1942. Parents: John W. TEMPLE-47270 and Harriett -53845.

Otis TEMPLE was born in 1911.117692,117693 Enlistment records gave 1911, but medical records gave 1913. In March 1942 he was a farmer.117693 He served in the military in 1942/3.117692,117694 Dates may not be inclusive. Drafted at Fort Lauderdale, FL, on 13 Mar 1942 as a private. He was in the infantry or possibly the quartermaster corps when he was admitted to treatment at Camp Cooke in Santa Maria, CA, for a non-line-of-duty condition, the daignoses of which were withheld by NARA, in Dec 1943. He was discharged for disability, not in the line of duty for conditions which pre-existed his entry to service, in Dec 1943. Svc # 34235489. In 1940, there were 9 Otis Temples enumerated, and none with a birthyear of 1911, and none were livign in FL.

Otis Albert TEMPLE116688 was born on 12 June 1826 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.10442,40880,47443,93295 In 1850 he was a shoe maker in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.21686 In June 1860 he was a farmer in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.47443 Otis died on 30 November 1863 at the age of 37 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.23 He had his estate probated in 1864 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.117695 Estate turned over to an administrator. He has reference number RLT # 9A.4848 No issue. Parents: Ethan Thayer TEMPLE-1462 and Catherine JOHNSON-2057.

Spouse: Catharine Amanda (Catharine) CHAFFIN-20966. Catharine Amanda (Catharine) CHAFFIN and Otis Albert TEMPLE were married on 5 November 1846 in West Boylston, Worcester, MA.16978,21685 Children were: James Albert TEMPLE-35867.

Spouse: Mary J. SMITH-17763. Mary J. SMITH and Otis Albert TEMPLE were married on 7 January 1857 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.23,22539

Otis Alfred (Alfred) TEMPLE was born on 17 October 1915 in TX.2142,11778,11779,117696 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Snyder, Scurry, TX.11778 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Snyder, Scurry, TX.11779 Otis served in the military between 1938 and 1961.42736,117696,117697 Enlisted in the Navy on 14 May 1938 in Long Beach, CA. On 15 Nov 1939, he was received aboard the USS Wyoming from the US Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Changed rating to EM 1C 16 Nov 1940. Transferred to the Receiving Ship, New York, 20 Nov 1940. Received aboard the USS Harry Lee 15 Jan 1941 and sailed from Norfolk to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Transferred to IC School, Bellevue, (sic) DC, 26 Dec 1941. Received aboard the USS Essex (CV-9) as a ACEMM(AA) from VT-9 for duty on 9 Mar 1943. Transferred to NAS Pearl Harbor for temporary duty with Commander, Air Group Nine on 8 Sep 1943. Received back aboard 20 Sep 1943. Also credited with service in the Korean War. Service # 355-87-44.

Cemetery records give his service in the Navy as an ATC (possibly Air Traffic Controller), from 30 Aug 1941 to 1 Sep 1961. He lived 3301 Aberdeen Street in El Paso, El Paso, TX in 1964.117698 He died on 13 May 1964 at the age of 48 in El Paso, El Paso, TX.109,117696,117698,117699 Died of coronary thrombosis. Buried in Ft. Bliss National Cemetery, Section D, Site 1017. May be related to Elizabeth A. Temple, who also served in the Navy. Single when he died.

Parents: William Alfred (William) TEMPLE-26096 and Lottie May (Lottie) BARNHART-26127.

Spouse: Helen M. HENSLEY-79635. Helen M. HENSLEY and Otis Alfred (Alfred) TEMPLE were married. Children were: Rosemary TEMPLE-125297.

Otis Calvin (Otis) TEMPLE was born on 30 January 1897 in Pickaway Twp., Pickaway, OH.72413,72419,72420,75527,75528,117700,117701 Gave 1898 in 1930. His grave marker gives the date in 1899. He put the date in 1896 for his draft registration, but in 1897 for his SSAN application and his marraige to Bessie Shoemaker. In his marriage to Bessie, he claimed the place was Wayne Twp. He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Guyan, Gallia, OH.75527 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Fairfield, Madison, OH.75528 In 1917 Otis was a laborer in Columbus, Franklin, OH.117700 He lived in Darby, Madison, OH in March 1919.72413 In April 1930 he was a farm laborer in Midway, Madison, OH.72420 Enumerated two doors away from James and Emma Temple, possibly his parents. In between was Floyd and Bertha Strickland, of no obvious relationship unless through Bertha. In April 1940 Otis was a W.P.A. ditching project laborer in Paint Twp., London, Madison, OH.72419 He lived in Madison Co., OH in 1964.117702 He died on 12 January 1964 at the age of 66 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.117702,117703 Buried in Dennison Chapel Cemetery, Mount Sterling, OH. His parents were both from OH. In his WWI draft registration, he noted he had only one eye. Parents: James E. TEMPLE-47276 and Emma Elizabeth (Emma) STEWART-47277.

Spouse: Bessie SHOEMAKER-101903. Bessie SHOEMAKER and Otis Calvin (Otis) TEMPLE were married on 15 March 1919 in Circleville, Pickaway, OH.72413,72420 Their ages at first marriage were inconsistent, and might indicate she was not the mother of Elizabeth. Children were: Elizabeth Irene TEMPLE-47280, Anna Belle TEMPLE-47281, Evelyn TEMPLE-47282, Harold Edwin TEMPLE-47283, Robert S. TEMPLE-47284, Dale TEMPLE-87530, Adam TEMPLE-87531, Dolly Rose TEMPLE-87532, Howard Allen TEMPLE Sr.-116812, Williams TEMPLE-124928.

Otis E. TEMPLE21206 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Vertie CARTER-172009. Vertie CARTER and Otis E. TEMPLE were married on 28 March 1956 in Carson City, Carson City, NV.21206

Otis Edward (Odie) TEMPLE7862,39879 was born on 24 November 1899 in Pennington, Bradley, AR.7055,7523,7862,43127,43129,63680,63683,117704,117705 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Pennington, Bradley, AR.7055 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Pennington, Bradley, AR.43129 In 1918 Otis was a farmer in Warren, Bradley, AR.117705 In February 1920 he was a farmer in Pennington, Bradley, AR.43127 In April 1930 he was a farmer in Pennington, Bradley, AR.63680 In April 1940 Otis was a farm operator in Pennington, Bradley, AR.63683 He lived in Warren, Bradley, AR in June 1942.117501 He died on 19 January 1974 at the age of 74 in Warren, Bradley, AR.7523,7862,117704 Buried in Oakland Cemetery, Warren, Bradley, AR. Otis has reference number TIC # S41.117706 His parents were both from AR. Name also given as Odus. Parents: Hervey Edward (Harvey) TEMPLE(S)-20920 and Capitola Evola (Ola) HICKEY-20925.

Spouse: Mittie Irene PARNELL-26652. Mittie Irene PARNELL and Otis Edward (Odie) TEMPLE were married on 25 April 1920 in Bradley Co., AR.63680,63684 Children were: Noel E. TEMPLE-26641, Oril Edward TEMPLE-26642, Ada Maxine (Maxine) TEMPLE-26643, Clyde Langston (Clyde) TEMPLE-26644, James Ellis TEMPLE Sr.-26645, Shirley Mae TEMPLE-26646, Joyce Ann TEMPLE-26647.

Otis Jack TEMPLE was born in 1930 in TX.68455 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in La Porte, Harris, TX.68455 Parents: Cecil Eugene (Cecil) TEMPLE-54718 and Marguerite Ruby (Ruby) RIGGS-54719.

Otis Lee TEMPLE was born on 27 April 1932 in Columbus, Muscogee, GA.42159,117707,117708 NJ death index used unexplained abbreviations for place, and his was especially difficult to interpret. His place of death was given as "EAORA" in "FEDS" county, neither of which were found. He lived in New Brunswick, Middlesex, NJ in 1994.117707 Death records used abbreviations which could mean his residence was North Brunswick, in the same county. He died on 30 May 1994 at the age of 62 in NJ.117708,117709,117710 Buried in Brig Gen Wm C Doyle Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Arneytown, NJ. Otis served in the military.117708 Dates unknown. Served as a private in the Army during WW2 and Korea. Specific dates, ranks, units and locations unknown. Parents: Walter Lee TEMPLE-184915 and Jessie Mae HEDD-184914.

Otis M. TEMPLE68952,82832 was born on 8 March 1869 in Wilton, Will, IL.33,41235,68863,68953,68954,68955 He appeared in the census in June 1870 in Wilton, Will, IL.68954 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Wilton, Will, IL.68953 Otis lived in Fillmore Co., MN in 1881.28942 In June 1900 he was a farmer in Sicily, Gage, NE.68863 In April 1910 he was a farmer in Sicily, Gage, NE.41235 Otis died on 31 October 1910 at the age of 41 in Beatrice, Gage, NE.68955,117711 Buried in Old Beatrice Cemetery, Beatrice, NE. Parents: William E. TEMPLE-46902 and Jane (Jennie) ROBINSON-46903.

Otis N. TEMPLE82832 lived in Fillmore Co., MN in 1881.28942 Despite the naming similarity, the locations and timing are wrong for him to be the son of William E. and Jennie (Robinson) Temple.

Spouse: Amelia DIBBLE-152967. Amelia DIBBLE and Otis N. TEMPLE were married before 1881. Children were: Arthur TEMPLE-135303, Lida TEMPLE-152968.

Otis Reynolds TEMPLE92286 was born on 21 November 1886 in Kansas City, Jackson, MO.1287,7838,55504,67893,67894,117712,117713 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Olathe, Johnson, KS.67894 In April 1910 he was a railroad machinist in Olathe, Johnson, KS.55504 In 1918 Otis was a machinist for the Tobias Machine Works in Kansas City, Jackson, MO.117713 In January 1920 he was a machinist in Kansas City, Wyandotte, KS.67893 In April 1930 he was a machine shop welder in Clinton, Henry, MO.117712 Otis died on 12 March 1954 at the age of 67 in Clinton, Henry, MO.1287,107295,117714 Buried in Englewood Cemetery, Clinton, MO. Unmarried. Mistakenly given in his father's obiruary as D.L. Temple. Parents: James TEMPLE-21361 and Eleanor M. (Ella) REYNOLDS-21385.

Otis Swayne (Otis) TEMPLE59750 was born on 31 March 1853 in Concord, Essex, VT.23,1219,17633,17634,17635,46022,59750,59751,59752,59753,59754 Gave his birth as Mar 1855 in 1900. Some sources give Concord, NH, as birthplace (as in his daughter Blanche's birth certificate), but he gave VT in 1900, and MA in 1940. He gave his age as 45 when his daughter Blanche was born in 1900. He appeared in the census in June 1860 in Concord, Essex, VT.1219 He appeared in the census in June 1870 in Concord, Essex, VT.17635 Otis was described as carpenter in June 1880 in Concord, Essex, VT.17634 In June 1900 he was a house carpenter in Berlin, Coos, NH.59751 Between 1910 and 1931 he was a carpenter in Stoneham, Middlesex, MA.1503 In April 1910 Otis was a carpenter in Stoneham, Middlesex, MA.59753 In April 1930 he was a carpenter in Stoneham, Middlesex, MA.59752 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Stoneham, Middlesex, MA.46022 Enumerated with his daughter Blanche's family. Otis died on 8 October 1945 at the age of 92 in Carroll, Coos, NH.23,59750,117715,117716 Died of uremia due to heart disease, arteriosclerosis and an enlarged prostate. Buried in Lindenwood Cemetery, Stoneham, MA. He was an automobile mechanical engineer in Berlin, Coos, NH.11268,59750 Parents: John Swane (Jane) TEMPLE-1551 and Caroline BROWN-2213.

Spouse: Lepha Luella (Letha) MORGAN-2740. Lepha Luella (Letha) MORGAN and Otis Swayne (Otis) TEMPLE were married on 11 April 1878 in Concord, Essex, VT.23,59750,59751,59752,59753 Children were: George Ernest (George) TEMPLE-2741, Clifton Otis (Clifton) TEMPLE-2742, Thomas Arthur (Thomas) TEMPLE-2743, Karl Irving (Karl) TEMPLE Sr.-2744, Ralph Earl (Ralph) TEMPLE-2745, Blanche Agnes TEMPLE-2746.

Otis W. TEMPLE died on 9 February 1942 in Champaign Co., OH.117717

Otis Walter TEMPLE23998,117718 was born on 16 April 1879 in Renick, Randolph, MO.1173,11585,11586,23999,117719 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Renick, Randolph, MO.23999 He lived in Slater, Saline, MO in 1909.24001 Otis lived in Slater, Saline, MO in 1917.11587 In January 1920 he was an unemployed in Slater, Saline, MO.11584 In April 1930 he was a locomotive engineer in Cambridge, Saline, MO.11585 In April 1940 Otis was a steam railroad locomotive engineer in Slater, Saline, MO.11586 He executor and sole legatee of Robert C. Collins' estate on 10 January 1947 in Randolph Co., MO.117720 As the sole legatee, Otis received the whole 220 acre Collins farm, possibly because Robert's sister Ellen, mother of Otis, had been cut out of their parents' will with a $1 legacy. Three months after Robert Collins' death, men named Henderson Wilcox of Moberly, MO, and Ray Truesdell of Clark, MO, produced a deed to the farm dated 11 Jan 1938 in which Robert had sold them the farm for $ 1 and other valuable consideration. Wilcox and Truesdell sued for possession, and won. Otis appealed to the Supreme Court of Missouri, where the decision was reversed. A fuller explanation and discussion of the court's decision are included in the Collins Genealogy. He lived 336 North Main Street in Slater, Saline, MO in 1962.117718 Otis died on 31 May 1962 at the age of 83 in Marshall, Saline, MO.11588,117718 Died of an acute coronary thrombosis. Buried in Slater City Cemetery, Slater, MO. He holder of Railroad Pension # 709109605.4910 Parents: Lieutenant Isaac Cannon TEMPLE-47988 and Ellen Nora (Ellen) COLLINS-55235.

Spouse: Anna Belle BARKSDALE-55247. Anna Belle BARKSDALE and Otis Walter TEMPLE were married on 10 May 1917 in MO.11585,11587 Their license was dated 9 May 1917.

Otis Wayne (Otis) TEMPLE (private).9630 Parents: William Ferguson (Ferguson) TEMPLE-20603 and Juanita DAY-20667.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-87518. Children were: Roger TEMPLE-87519, Rebecca TEMPLE-87520.

Spouse: Linda Kaye ARD-65008.

Spouse: Suzanne -108867.

Ottice E. TEMPLE53014 was born on 4 October 1884 in Byhalia, Union, OH.53014,73014,93972,117721 Gave Oct 1884 in 1900 and her obituary gave 4 Oct 1884. When she married Wilbur Sivey, she gave her birth as 13 Jun 1884. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Westfield Twp., Morrow, OH.93972 She lived in Prospect, Marion, OH in April 1904.53014 Ottice appeared in the census in April 1910 in Thompson, Delaware, OH.73014 She lived in Richwood, Union, OH in 1911.74842 She lived in Prospect, Marion, OH in 1972.102198 Ottice died on 23 August 1977 at the age of 92 in Marion, Marion, OH.117721 Buried in Prospect Cemetery, Prospect, OH. Parents: Joseph Morrison (Joseph) TEMPLE-30416 and Jennie Eliza LIMES-31628.

Spouse: Wilbur C. SIVEY-49588. Ottice E. TEMPLE and Wilbur C. SIVEY were married on 3 April 1904 in Prospect, Marion, OH.53014,73014 This was his second and her first marriage. Children were: Gerald V. SIVEY-49589.

Ottie M. TEMPLE117722 was born in 1886. He/she died in 1908 at the age of 22 in Glenmont, Holmes, OH. Buried in Christian Church Cemetery, Glenmont, OH. Probably related to Ora C. Temple based on timing and burial location.