Mary Iretia (Mary) SMITH was born on 18 May 1886 in Albia, Monroe, IA.73763,73953,73954,73955,73956 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Corydon, Wayne, IA.73954 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in The Dalles, Wasco, OR.73953 Mary lived in Emerson, Mills, IA in 1933.73957 She lived in Mills Co., IA on 1 April 1935.73955 In April 1940 she was a housekeeper in Maupin, Wasco, OR.73955 Mary lived 1140 East Front Avenue in Albany, Linn, OR in 1952.73958 She died on 11 December 1952 at the age of 66 in Albany, Linn, OR.73763,73958,73959,73960 Died at home of malnutrition while suffering from breast cancer. Buried in Riverside Cemetery, Albany, OR. Her parents were from US (father) and IA (mother) in 1930, but both from IA in 1910. By 1910, she had had 1 child who survived. Parents: James Poke SMITH-98264 and Clarisa Anna WOODCOCK-98265.

Spouse: Jesse Wade TEMPLE-2608. Mary Iretia (Mary) SMITH and Jesse Wade TEMPLE were married on 13 December 1905 in Red Oak, Montgomery, IA.73764,73953,73954 Children were: Mable Corrine (Corrine) TEMPLE-98257.

Mary J. SMITH22539 was born in 1837 in South Walden, Caledonia, VT.23,47443 She reported no birthplace in 1860. She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.47443 Parents: Horatio SMITH-35865 and Dorcas -35866.

Spouse: Otis Albert TEMPLE-2059. Mary J. SMITH and Otis Albert TEMPLE were married on 7 January 1857 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.23,22539

Mary J. SMITH was born on 13 April 1846 in Hopkinton, Middlesex, MA.23 She died. Parents: John SMITH-4925 and Emily Fanny TEMPLE-4924.

Mary Lee (Mary) SMITH was born on 25 May 1892 in GA.25315,73961,73962,73963 Gave her age as 36 in 1930. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Salacoa, Cherokee, GA.73963 She lived in Rydal, Bartow, GA in 1918.73964 Mary appeared in the census in January 1920 in Sonoraville, Gordon, GA.73961 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Sonoraville, Gordon, GA.73962 She died on 25 February 1970 at the age of 77 in Tunnel Hill, Whitfield, GA.25315,73965 Buried in Salacoa Baptist Church Cemetery, Salacoa, GA. Claimed her parents were from SC (father) and NC (mother) in 1920, but both from GA in 1930 and 1910. Her middle initial was illegible in 1910. By 1910, she had had 1 child, who survived. Parents: Albert SMITH-68845 and Sallie L. COLSTON-68846.

Spouse: Blufford M. TEMPLES-49006. Mary Lee (Mary) SMITH and Blufford M. TEMPLES were married on 17 November 1917 in Cherokee Co., GA.9611,73962,73963 Children were: Lois L. TEMPLE-49028, Albert Andrew TEMPLES-49029, Jewel M. TEMPLE-49030, Millard Lawrence TEMPLE-49033, Mildred LaNell TEMPLE-49034.

Mary R. SMITH64822 died.

Spouse: James R. PETTWAY-110886. Mary R. SMITH and James R. PETTWAY were married before November 1888. Children were: Vira Lorena PETTWAY-56120.

Mary Temple SMITH26032 was born on 16 October 1853. She died on 16 June 1879 at the age of 25. Parents: Reverend J. Sanford SMITH-17286 and Mary TEMPLE-1285.

Matilda SMITH43768 died.

Spouse: Joseph Paul HIPP-117549. Matilda SMITH and Joseph Paul HIPP were married before 1919. Children were: Dorothy HIPP-117548.

Matthew E. SMITH (private).73966

Spouse: Tracy Lynn (Tracy) TEMPLES-140485.

Matthew Vernon SMITH (private).73967

Spouse: Crystal Dawn TEMPLE-139641.

Maude SMITH was born about 1882. She died on 23 October 1917 at the age of 35 in Richmond City, VA.27287 Buried in Woodland Cemetery, Richmond, VA. Parents: Daniel SMITH-182097 and Matilda DAVENPORT-182098.

Spouse: George TEMPLE-182099. Maude SMITH and George TEMPLE were married before 1917.

Maude SMITH57262 was born on 1 September 1886 in OR.148,73968 She lived in Tulare, Tulare, CA before 1954.57262 She died on 1 May 1954 at the age of 67 in Stanislaus Co., CA.148,57262,73969,73970 Buried in Modesto Pioneer Cemetery, formerly IOOF Wildey Lodge Cemetery, Modesto, CA.

Spouse: MC KELVEY-180290. Maude SMITH and MC KELVEY were married about 1915. Children were: Winston B. MC KELVEY-180291, Stanley M. MC KELVEY-180292, J. Alton MC KELVEY-180293.

Spouse: Howard TEMPLE-159756. Maude SMITH and Howard TEMPLE were married on 13 May 1949 in Stanislaus Co., CA.73968

Max SMITH was born in January 1929 in Houston Co., TX.44907 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Houston Co., TX.44907 Parents: Willie SMITH-114575 and Roena HORTON-114396.

Mayton SMITH73971 was born on 26 November 1905 in NC. Parents: Richard Henderson (Bud) SMITH-30613 and Alvie Helen (Helen) TEMPLE-30612.

Medad SMITH (private). Parents: Phineas SMITH-18001 and Eleanor BELL-18002.

Spouse: Hannah CHANDLER-18000. Children were: Azor SMITH-17997.

Melanie J. SMITH (private).

Spouse: Henry W. TEMPLES-162563.

Melissa Elinor SMITH73360 was born in 1864. She died in 1938 at the age of 74. Parents: George A. SMITH-126070 and Elizabeth Ann TEMPLE-126069.

Mellen SMITH56895 was born in 1832 in Richmond, Sagadahoc, ME.56897 He appeared in the census in July 1860 in Stiles, Oconto, WI.56897 He died in 1905 at the age of 73.73972 Parents: John SMITH-23096 and Martha -23097.

Spouse: Rachel H. TEMPLE-13110. Rachel H. TEMPLE and Mellen SMITH were married on 10 December 1853 in Stiles, Oconto, WI.5057,8771,13267,56895 Some sources indicate location was Richmond, Sagadahoc, ME. Children were: George Mellen SMITH-13603, Ella May SMITH-13604.

Melva SMITH (private).73973

Spouse: Ernest Mullen (Ernest) TEMPLE-20579.

Melvin H. SMITH73414 was born on 25 June 1916 in Johnston Co., NC. Parents: Richard Henderson (Bud) SMITH-30613 and Alvie Helen (Helen) TEMPLE-30612.

Melvin J. SMITH73786 died before 1999.

Spouse: Cora A. WILLETTS-128783. Cora A. WILLETTS and Melvin J. SMITH were married before 1931. Children were: Lera (Lee) SMITH-128781, Jessie SMITH-128784, Hazel SMITH-128785.

Meribah SMITH was born in 1635 in NH. She died in 1675 at the age of 40 in NH. She was buried in 1675 in NH.

Spouse: Francis PAGE-4265. Meribah SMITH and Francis PAGE were married in 1669 in MA.

Merriman Franklin SMITH (private).

Spouse: Constance TEMPLE-174743.

Mertie M. SMITH7815 was born on 3 May 1929 in Shelby Co., KY.73974,73975 She lived in Waddy, Shelby, KY in 2007.73976 She died on 4 May 2007 at the age of 78 in Frankfort, Franklin, KY.73974 Her death year is most confusing. The obituary is datelined 6 May 2007, but printed 3 Apr 2008. Buried in Bagdad Cemetery, Shelby Co., KY. Mertie was a line worker at Genesco Shoe Company.73976 Her pallbearers included Mike Temple, who was apparently a grandson. Parents: Robert Allen SMITH-63169 and Sallie HEDGES-63170.

Spouse: Gilbert TEMPLE-50706. Mertie M. SMITH and Gilbert TEMPLE were married before 1945.1006 Children were: Philip W. TEMPLE-63168, Diana TEMPLE-63171.

Michael Bradley SMITH (private).

Spouse: Beth Ann TEMPLE-164060.

Michael L. SMITH (private).65558

Spouse: Teresa J. POGUE-140468.

Michael Murray SMITH (private).

Spouse: Linda Maureen TEMPLE-165518.

Michael Wayne SMITH (private).73977

Spouse: Rebecca Ann TEMPLE-9902.

Michael William (Mike) SMITH (private).73978

Spouse: Janet Susan TEMPLE-179323.

Mildred SMITH was born on 5 January 1920 in Anniston, Calhoun, AL.29561,73979,73980 Her sister Ottie was born in Gadsden, AL. Some sources make the place TN. She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Peaceburg, Calhoun, AL.73980 She lived in Venice, Sarasota, FL in 1995.73981 Mildred died on 7 September 2006 at the age of 86 in Nokomis, Sarasota, FL.73979 Parents: Joseph C. SMITH-102932 and Annie GRIFFITH-102933.

Spouse: William Davis (Will) TEMPLE-51065. Mildred SMITH and William Davis (Will) TEMPLE were married before November 1939.38971 They38971 were divorced in June 1958 in Miami-Dade Co., FL.73982 Children were: Judy Ann TEMPLE-75675, Debra L. TEMPLE-75676, Donna D. TEMPLE-75677.

Spouse: EDENFIELD-102934.

Mildred SMITH was born on 14 December 1920 in Marshall Co., TN.7838 She died on 2 November 2007 at the age of 86.7838 Parents: Joe SMITH-169718 and Della E. PUTMAN-169719.

Spouse: TEMPLE-169716.

Spouse: MEADOR-169720.

Spouse: SULLIVAN-169721.

Mildred Frances SMITH34414 died before 1988.

Spouse: Herman Wayne PERRY-100317. Mildred Frances SMITH and Herman Wayne PERRY were married. Children were: Richard Lee (Lee) PERRY-68642.

Mildred Loraine SMITH was born on 8 May 1911 in Grand Prairie, Dallas, TX.73797,73983 Gave 191 in 1940. She lived in Dallas, Dallas, TX on 1 April 1935.73983 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Dallas, Dallas, TX.73983 Mildred lived 7951 Roanoke Street in Lake Crest, Vernon, TX in October 1940.73984 She died on 29 March 1996 at the age of 84 in Austin, Travis, TX.109,73985,73986 Buried in Austin Memorial Park Cemetery, Austin, TX. Parents: John T. SMITH-102566 and Mary F. WEATHERFORD-102567.

Spouse: Aubrey Frank TEMPLE-87879. Mildred Loraine SMITH and Aubrey Frank TEMPLE were married on 23 August 1938 in Rockwall Co., TX.73987 Children were: Bobby John TEMPLE-87889.

Miley Wayne SMITH (private).73988

Spouse: Gloria Jean (Gloria) TEMPLE-41070.

Millard T. SMITH was born in September 1894 in IL.73501 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Mt. Vernon, Posey, IN.73501 Parents: John T. SMITH-54729 and Dora Jane (Dora) TEMPLE-53946.

Milton H. SMITH9591 was born in February 1891 in Butler Co., IA.42316,42317,73730,73989 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Monroe, Butler, IA.42317 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Chicago, Cook, IL.73989 In August 1912 Milton was a rancher in Benton Co., WA.42316 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Baker, Kingsbury, SD.73730 He died. His parents were from IA (father) and PA (mother) in 1920, and PA (father) and IL (mother) in 1910. Parents: Robert S. SMITH-77816 and Martha HEISZ-77817.

Spouse: Juvia E. TEMPLE-77812. Juvia E. TEMPLE and Milton H. SMITH were married on 26 August 1912 in Prosser Twp., Benton, WA.42316 Children were: Marian Temple SMITH-77814, Howard Heisz SMITH-77815, Robert SMITH-87669.

Milton J. SMITH24738 was born in Waterboro, York, ME.

Spouse: Milecent Ernistyn (Millie) TEMPLE-518. Milecent Ernistyn (Millie) TEMPLE and Milton J. SMITH were married on 15 May 1897 in Shapleigh, York, ME.24738

Minnie SMITH73990 was born on 8 May 1885 in TN.73991,73992,73993 She died on 10 July 1972 at the age of 87 in Shelbyville, Bedford, TN.73991,73992,73993 Buried in Willow Mount Cemetery, Shelbyville, TN.

Spouse: TEMPLE-169960.

Spouse: Thomas D. FANN-169961. Minnie SMITH and Thomas D. FANN were married before 1910. Children were: Anderson A. FANN-169962.

Minnie SMITH71 was born on 13 September 1890 in AL.6579,44921 She appeared in the census in May 1910 in Choctaw Corners, Clarke, AL.44921 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Choctaw Corners, Clarke, AL.6579 Minnie died on 19 October 1980 at the age of 90. Buried in Stoneville, Washington, MS. Her parents were both from AL.

Spouse: William Riley (Riley) HORTON-14805. Minnie SMITH and William Riley (Riley) HORTON were married on 3 October 1909 in Grove Hill, Clarke, AL. Children were: Ramon HORTON-14877, Sheldon O. (Lester) HORTON-14811, Braxton Leroy (Roy) HORTON-14812, Mildred Estelle (Estelle) HORTON-14813, Marjorie HORTON-14814, Robert Chester HORTON-14816, J. W. HORTON-14815, William Ralph HORTON-14817, Ora Mae HORTON-14818.

Minnie Estell SMITH13675 was born on 24 November 1914 in LA.72922 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in De Soto Parish, LA.72922 She lived Rt 3 Box 238 in Mansfield, De Soto, LA in 1956.73994 Minnie died on 14 June 2013 at the age of 98 in De Soto Parish, LA.73995 Buried in Magnolia Baptist Church Cemetery, Hunter, VA.

Spouse: Curtis Lee TEMPLE-19202. Minnie Estell SMITH and Curtis Lee TEMPLE were married on 2 May 1932 in De Soto Parish, LA.15801 Children were: Terrel Smith TEMPLE-19209, Benoyd TEMPLE-19210, Billie Ruth TEMPLE-19211, Peggy Joyce TEMPLE-19212, Vicki Lynn TEMPLE-19213.

Minnie Louise SMITH21217,73990 was born on 29 December 1886 in Brentwood, Williamson, TN.148,48686,73996 She lived 824 12th Avenue South in Nashville, Davidson, TN in 1918.73997 She lived 122 Rains Avenue in Nashville, Davidson, TN in 1924.38649 Minnie appeared in the census in April 1930 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.73998 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.48686 She lived 122 Rains Avenue in Nashville, Davidson, TN in 1952.73999 Minnie died on 2 August 1980 at the age of 93 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.148 Buried in Pacific Crest Cemetery, Redondo Beach, CA. Her parents were both from TN. Find-a-grave results give contradictory maiden names for her. The other is Smith, and her parents under that assumption were Frederick Bradford and Annie Lee (Cartwright) Smith.

Find-a-grave has confused her with Minnie Fann, wife of Walter Bond Temple. She might be the mother of Fred Mathis Temple. Parents: Frederick Bradford SMITH-91375 and Annie Lee CARTWRIGHT-86170.

Spouse: Walter Bond TEMPLE-51343. Minnie Louise SMITH and Walter Bond TEMPLE were married on 19 November 1911 in Davidson Co., TN.73998,74000 TN Marriage Book 28, certificate 2447. Children were: Ann Louise (Annie) TEMPLE-73334, Jane Lee TEMPLE-73335, Patrick TEMPLE-73336, Walter Bond TEMPLE Jr.-73337, Charles Clifford TEMPLE-86487.

Minnie Mae Ola SMITH54515 was born in 1882. She died in 1980 at the age of 98.

Spouse: John Melvin MABERY-114547. Minnie Mae Ola SMITH and John Melvin MABERY were married. Children were: Yeida Helena MABERY-114546.

Miriam SMITH74001 was born between 1755 and 1774.74002 She appeared in the census in 1800 in Pasquotank Co., NC.74002 She appeared in the census in 1810 in Pasquotank Co., NC.74002

Spouse: James TEMPLE-4508. Miriam SMITH and James TEMPLE were married on 29 April 1791 in Pasquotank Co., NC.19961,47922 Ralph Berlyn Temple found this in the Pasquotank County Marriage Records 1767-1868. Children were: Gilico TEMPLE-5318, Rhoda TEMPLE-5319, Lodwick TEMPLE-5320.

Missouri SMITH6156,66831,74003 was born in June 1837 in AR.22163,74004,74005,74006 Gave 1842 in 1880. Gave AL in later censuses. She appeared in the census in November 1850 in Bird, Jackson, AR.74006 She appeared with several people who appear to be her siblings, the eldest of whom was 10 years older than she and was Jane Frazier. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Girard, Russell, AL.74004,74005 Missouri appeared in the census in June 1900 in Columbus, Muscogee, GA.22163 She died on 11 November 1901 at the age of 64 in Phenix City, Russell, AL.74007 Buried in Girard Cemetery, Girard, AL. Her father was from NC in 1880, but her parents were both from SC in 1900. Given name appeared as Masura in 1900, indicating how she pronounced it. By 1900, she had had 5 children, of whom 3 survived. She had had 3 children prior to her marriage to Ransom Temples.

Spouse: FRAZIER-73695. Missouri SMITH and FRAZIER were married about 1855. Children were: Virginia Eugenia (Eugenia) FRAZIER-48016.

Spouse: Ransom (Rance) TEMPLES-47244. Missouri SMITH and Ransom (Rance) TEMPLES were married on 5 December 1867 in Muscogee Co., GA.74003 Children were: Benjamin R. (Ben) TEMPLES-47246, Dewitt TEMPLES-47247, Jonathan Henry (John) TEMPLES-47248.

Monte Zuma SMITH was born on 29 May 1875 in Smithville, Ritchie, WV.73815,74008 He lived in Kingman Co., KS in 1899.74008 He died on 1 January 1937 at the age of 61 in Kingman, Kingman, KS.73815 Buried in Walnut Hill Cemetery, Kingman, KS. Parents: Silas Leonides SMITH-68738 and Mary Jane MC CRAY-68739.

Spouse: Abby Rita (Rita) TEMPLE-2858. Abby Rita (Rita) TEMPLE and Monte Zuma SMITH were married on 26 September 1899 in Kingman, Kingman, KS.73815,74008 Children were: Julia R. SMITH-68735, Lelah SMITH-68736, Anna SMITH-68737.

Morris Clayborn SMITH Sr. (private).

Spouse: Minnie Lee RECTOR-99701. Children were: Morris Clayborn SMITH Jr.-99699.

Morris Clayborn SMITH Jr. (private).74009 Parents: Morris Clayborn SMITH Sr.-99700 and Minnie Lee RECTOR-99701.

Spouse: Shirley Lee TEMPLE-81207.

Moses SMITH was born (date unknown). Parents: SMITH-132583.

Spouse: Sarah TEMPLE-132581. Sarah TEMPLE and Moses SMITH were married on 17 March 1825 in Clinton Co., OH.74010

Muriel Anita SMITH74011 was born on 5 May 1905 in Salem Depot, Rockingham, NH.23,1503,74012,74013 SSDI gave 6 May. She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Westborough, Worcester, MA.74013 She lived 114 East Main Street in Westborough, Worcester, MA in 1942.74014 Muriel lived in Westborough, Worcester, MA in 1972.74012 She died on 18 December 1972 at the age of 67 in Worcester, Worcester, MA.23,74012,74015,74016 Buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, Westboro, MA. Parents: Edward A. SMITH-26840 and Mabel GLINES-26841.

Spouse: Gilbert Leroy (Gilbert) TEMPLE-2364. Muriel Anita SMITH and Gilbert Leroy (Gilbert) TEMPLE were married on 31 October 1936 in Nashua, Hillsborough, NH.1503,74011,74017,74018 Also registered in Westboro, MA. This was his first and her second marriage. Children were: Beverly Elaine TEMPLE-3197, Shirley Irene TEMPLE-3198.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-26839. Muriel Anita SMITH and UNKNOWN were married before 1936.1503,74019 Her first marriage was not found in a database of NH marriages and may have been in MA. They1503,74019 were divorced before 1936.1503

Myra Ann SMITH (private). Parents: Burnice Homer SMITH-20403 and Lucille Almeda TEMPLE-20384.

Myron SMITH (private). Parents: SMITH-89015 and Gladys Helen (Helen) KERBY-52864.