Thelbert Reed TAYLOR was born on 27 July 1928.47852 He lived in Hood River Co., OR in 1974.47852

Spouse: Carol KUNSMAN-80743.

Thomas Best TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth RUNNER-25755. Children were: Reverend William Irven TAYLOR-22014.

Thomas Franklin TAYLOR72060 was born in 1836. He died in 1926 at the age of 90.

Spouse: Ellen TEMPLE-157099. Ellen TEMPLE and Thomas Franklin TAYLOR were married.

Timothy E. TAYLOR was born in 1826 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.6127

Spouse: Nellie -147335. Nellie and Timothy E. TAYLOR were married on 13 September 1882 in Emporia, Lyon, KS.6127

Tom TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Dr. Linda Jo TEMPLE-66319.

Tonya Deanna TAYLOR (private).48710 Parents: Larry TAYLOR-106173 and Wilhelmina STAINBACK-106174.

Spouse: Bobby Glenn TEMPLE Sr.-106171. Children were: Bobby Glenn TEMPLE Jr.-106170.

Viola Betty TAYLOR was born on 24 September 1908 in TX.146,32937 She died on 8 September 1983 at the age of 74 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.146,32937 Buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood, CA. Parents: TAYLOR-130717 and WHITE-130718.

Spouse: TEMPLE-130715.

Walter TAYLOR was born in 1908 in Fremont, Wayne, NC.2283 Parents: Jesse C. TAYLOR-134266 and Mary Ann TEMPLE-134265.

Walter A. TAYLOR63944 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lucy RIDEOUT-98699. Lucy RIDEOUT and Walter A. TAYLOR were married before 1900. Children were: Richard Smith TAYLOR-50137.

Warren E. TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Ada A. MAYNARD-37909. Children were: Winona Perry TAYLOR-37907.

Wendy Karen TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Darryl DeWayne TEMPLE-164513.

William TAYLOR was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elnora TEMPLE-126467. Elnora TEMPLE and William TAYLOR were married on 17 July 1910 in Fayette Co., TN.72061

William TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Sarah BRAY-133426. Children were: Sarah Ada TAYLOR-133424.

William TAYLOR58500 was born in 1762. He died in 1805 at the age of 43.

Spouse: Mary OSBORN-30396. Mary OSBORN and William TAYLOR were married about 1785. Children were: Emmor TAYLOR-30394.

Reverend William TAYLOR36820 was born in 1828.

Spouse: Henrietta Alvira GROUT-12933. Henrietta Alvira GROUT and Reverend William TAYLOR were married in 1852. Children were: Kittie Blanche TAYLOR-17569, Carrie B. TAYLOR-17989.

William A. TAYLOR Jr. held the title of Jr..

Spouse: Mary A. TEMPLE-175431. Mary A. TEMPLE and William A. TAYLOR Jr. were married in June 1930 in Manhattan, New York, NY.72062 It is not clear this marriage took place, but they took out a license, # 12660, 4 Jun 1930.

William A. TAYLOR72040 was born on 30 January 1901 in Bartholomew Co., IN.72039,72042 Marriage records make the date 31 Jan 1901. He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Columbus, Bartholomew, IN.72040 He died. Parents: Robert T. (Otto) TAYLOR-60536 and Bertha Ellen TEMPLE-60535.

William Ernest TAYLOR (private). Parents: William Ernest TAYLOR Sr.-22580 and Mary Edmund (Edna) TEMPLE-22568.

William Ernest TAYLOR Sr.24834 was born on 18 October 1892. He died on 15 August 1951 at the age of 58.

Spouse: Mary Edmund (Edna) TEMPLE-22568. Mary Edmund (Edna) TEMPLE and William Ernest TAYLOR Sr. were married before 1959.7736 Children were: Robert Clayton TAYLOR-84994, Ernestine TAYLOR-103924, William Ernest TAYLOR-84995.

Hon. William Fowler TAYLOR12277 was born on 12 June 1812 in Manchester, Salem, VA.35036

Spouse: Elizabeth Skyren TEMPLE-5237. Elizabeth Skyren TEMPLE and Hon. William Fowler TAYLOR were married on 4 April 1833 in Chesterfield Co., VA.8732

William G. TAYLOR71935 was born on 18 May 1826. Parents: Emmor TAYLOR-30394 and Lydia P. TEMPLE-30393.

Reverend William Irven TAYLOR72063 was born on 2 March 1854 in Richardsville, Warren, KY.71946 He died on 31 December 1934 at the age of 80 in New Castle, Lawrence, PA.71946,72064 Buried in Neshannock Cemetery, New Wilmington, PA. Parents: Thomas Best TAYLOR-25754 and Mary Elizabeth RUNNER-25755.

Spouse: Gertrude Earl TEMPLE-22003. Gertrude Earl TEMPLE and Reverend William Irven TAYLOR were married on 16 August 1882 in Bowling Green, Warren, KY.71946,72064,72065 Children were: Dr. Gilbert Hawthorne TAYLOR-27595, William Temple (Temple) TAYLOR-27596, George TAYLOR-27597, Mary Elizabeth TAYLOR-27598.

William L. (Will) TAYLOR was born on 24 September 1879 in GA.9382,9383,9384,22330,32749,71962 The Archer genealogy says AL, but he was born in GA. Gave 1878 in 1880 and gave Sep 1877 in 1900. He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Hickory Flat, Cherokee, GA.9382 In June 1900 he was a farm laborer in Persimmon, Pickens, GA.9383 In April 1910 William was a marble letterer in Ball Ground, Cherokee, GA.9384 In January 1920 he was a farmer in Ball Ground, Cherokee, GA.22330 In April 1930 he was a farmer in Harbins, Cherokee, GA.32749 Enumeratednext door to Arthur Temples and his family. William died. Buried in Big Springs Church, Big Springs, AL. Parents: James TAYLOR-78285 and Matilda ARCHER-78286.

Spouse: Lucy Delia TEMPLES-56930. Lucy Delia TEMPLES and William L. (Will) TAYLOR were married on 27 September 1909 in Cherokee Co., GA.9384,72066 Children were: Terrel COFFEE-78287.

William M. TAYLOR was born in 1805 in NC.5241 He appeared in the census in July 1860 in Telico, St. Francis, AR.5241

Spouse: Mary -28370. Mary and William M. TAYLOR were married.

William Madison TAYLOR43784,72067 lived in Ashland City, Cheatham, TN in 1963.72067 He died.

Spouse: Jennie L. TEMPLE-35453. Jennie L. TEMPLE and William Madison TAYLOR were married after February 1931.49432

William Temple (Temple) TAYLOR71946 was born on 16 October 1884 in Evanston, Cook, IL.71947,72068 He appeared in the census in 1925 in Lowden, Cedar, IA.72068 He died on 10 May 1973 at the age of 88 in Manchester, Delaware, IA.71947 Parents: Reverend William Irven TAYLOR-22014 and Gertrude Earl TEMPLE-22003.

Willie Mae TAYLOR (private).72069

Spouse: Charles Henry (Sonny) TEMPLE-25089. Children were: Toni TEMPLE-108848, Tia TEMPLE-108849.

Winona Perry TAYLOR was born on 10 July 1891 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.22,72070 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.72070 She died on 23 March 1916 at the age of 24 in Worcester, Worcester, MA.22,72071 Buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Marlborough, MA. Her parents were from MA (father) and NH (mother). She had no children by 1910. Parents: Warren E. TAYLOR-37908 and Ada A. MAYNARD-37909.

Spouse: Corporal Kenneth Edric (Kenneth) TEMPLE-2391. Winona Perry TAYLOR and Corporal Kenneth Edric (Kenneth) TEMPLE were married on 28 February 1909 in Waltham, Middlesex, MA.22,72070,72072 Also registered in Waltham, MA.

Zillah TAYLOR21037,39424,72073 was born on 15 March 1738 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.42504,42505 Some sources, notably the Family Register of Shrewsbury, MA, gives her name as Taylor, and has her the daughter of Lt. Eleazar Taylor and his wife Judith Hapgood. Parents: Lt. Eleazer TAYLOR-27568 and Judith HAPGOOD-27567.

Spouse: Lt. Jonas TEMPLE-889. Zillah TAYLOR and Lt. Jonas TEMPLE were married on 10 March 1789 in Boylston, Worcester, MA.9116,21037,25018,39424,72074

Spouse: Captain Nathan HOWE-16852. Zillah TAYLOR and Captain Nathan HOWE were married in 1771.42504,42505

Elizabeth TAYNTER7835 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Thomas SMITH-16854. Elizabeth TAYNTER and Thomas SMITH were married before 1746. Children were: Elizabeth SMITH-1054.

Aram F. TCHIVIDJIAN (private).

Spouse: Julie C. TEMPLE-166275.

Aram Franklin TCHIVIDJIAN (private).35969 Parents: Stephen TCHIVIDJIAN-106462 and Virginia GRAHAM-106463.

Spouse: Julie Claire TEMPLE-78132.

Stephen TCHIVIDJIAN (private).35969

Spouse: Virginia GRAHAM-106463. Children were: Aram Franklin TCHIVIDJIAN-78134.

Susan TEABOUT72075 died.

Spouse: Wilson TURNER-102510. Susan TEABOUT and Wilson TURNER were married. Children were: Ada TURNER-44727.

Donald TEACHOUT was born in 1907.

Spouse: Blanch Beatrice PARKER-3714. Blanch Beatrice PARKER and Donald TEACHOUT were married in 1928 in VT. Children were: Mahlon George TEACHOUT-3837, Janet Edna TEACHOUT-3836, Donald TEACHOUT Jr.-3838.

Donald TEACHOUT Jr. (private). Parents: Donald TEACHOUT-3715 and Blanch Beatrice PARKER-3714.

Spouse: Nancy HAGEN-3949.

Douglas B. TEACHOUT (private).72076

Spouse: Sheryln J. TEMPLE-146481.

Gina TEACHOUT (private).

Spouse: Mahlon George TEACHOUT-3837.

Janet Edna TEACHOUT (private). Parents: Donald TEACHOUT-3715 and Blanch Beatrice PARKER-3714.

Spouse: Dominic MARABELLA-3839.

Mahlon George TEACHOUT (private). Parents: Donald TEACHOUT-3715 and Blanch Beatrice PARKER-3714.

Spouse: Gina TEACHOUT-3950.

Margaret Ann (Peggy) TEACHOUT72077 was born on 11 August 1928.72078 Parents: William Trafford TEACHOUT-375 and Elizabeth Dewey TEMPLE-374.

Nancy TEACHOUT was born on 26 September 1925.72078 Nancy was the provider of the information on her Temple chain from Joseph down to herself. Parents: William Trafford TEACHOUT-375 and Elizabeth Dewey TEMPLE-374.

William Shiland TEACHOUT (private).

Spouse: Luella Ann READ-59995. Children were: William Trafford TEACHOUT-375.

William Temple TEACHOUT (private).72078 Parents: William Trafford TEACHOUT-375 and Elizabeth Dewey TEMPLE-374.

William Trafford TEACHOUT27297 was born on 27 May 1895 in Essex, Chittenden, VT.72078,72079 He died in April 1969 at the age of 73 in North Brooklin, Hancock, ME.72078,72079 Had 3 children Parents: William Shiland TEACHOUT-59994 and Luella Ann READ-59995.

Spouse: Elizabeth Dewey TEMPLE-374. Elizabeth Dewey TEMPLE and William Trafford TEACHOUT were married on 15 June 1922 in Montpelier, Washington, VT.1284,27297,72077 Children were: Nancy TEACHOUT-376, Margaret Ann (Peggy) TEACHOUT-59996, William Temple TEACHOUT-59997.

Reverend Thomas TEACKLE (private).

Spouse: Margaret NELSON-12959.

Ann TEAGLE4077 died on 4 February 1663 in Haverhill, Essex, MA.4078 Died as a result of the firing of their home. Name also given as Tagall. Reported in The Great Migration that her name was TEAGLE ______.

Spouse: Matthias BUTTON-12870. Ann TEAGLE and Matthias BUTTON were married about 1650.4077,4078 Children were: Sarah BUTTON-12869, Hannah BUTTON-12879, Daniel BUTTON-12880, Abigail BUTTON-12881, Matthias BUTTON-12882, Peter BUTTON-12883, Patience BUTTON-12884.

Austin TEAGUE (private).

Spouse: Patricia TRAMMELL-117924. Children were: Stacie Rena TEAGUE-117922.

Stacie Rena TEAGUE (private).72080 Parents: Austin TEAGUE-117923 and Patricia TRAMMELL-117924.

Spouse: Wilfred David TEMPLE Jr.-117921.

Timothy Wayne TEAGUE (private).47911

Spouse: Linda Gayle LEMOND-172559. Children were: William Joseph TEAGUE-166297.