Edwardo O. MARSIGLI (private).

Spouse: Deborah S. TEMPLE-177370.

MARSTON was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Fern Marie TEMPLE-61594. Fern Marie TEMPLE and MARSTON were married about 1900.13787

William MARSTON Sr. (private).18712

Children were: William MARSTON Jr.-4268.

William MARSTON Jr. was born in 1634 in NH. He died in 1700 at the age of 66 in NH. Parents: William MARSTON Sr.-13357.

Spouse: Rebecca PAGE-4267. Rebecca PAGE and William MARSTON Jr. were married in 1657 in NH.

MARTELL (private).

Spouse: Ruth Emily TEMPLE-73806.

Luther Paul MARTENS (private).

Spouse: Margaret Diane (Diane) TEMPLE-45904.

Mary MARTES (private).

Spouse: John H. EASON-163910. Children were: James E. EASON-163909.

MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Ethel Kathleen (Ethel) TEMPLE-53509.

MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Chayse (Joyce) TEMPLE-78841.

MARTIN was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Donna Jean YORK-81934. Donna Jean YORK and MARTIN were married about 1949. Children were: Roy (Marty) MARTIN-81938, Susan MARTIN-81939.

MARTIN51548 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Patricia Marion TEMPLE-85937. Patricia Marion TEMPLE and MARTIN were married before May 1945.51840

MARTIN (private).

Spouse: WHITE-89883. Children were: Hellen Nell (Helen) MARTIN-47698.

MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Winfield WILLIAMS-97067. Children were: Vera Mae (Vera) WILLIAMS-52718.

MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Frances Laverne TEMPLE-48362.

MARTIN51841 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Sara Annelle (Annelle) TEMPLE-45594. Sara Annelle (Annelle) TEMPLE and MARTIN were married before January 1951.51841

MARTIN16978 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Dorothy Evelyn TEMPLE-57097. Dorothy Evelyn TEMPLE and MARTIN were married before September 1951.16978

MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Evelyn Florene TRIPP-59896.

MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Darlene TEMPLE-113232.

MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Terri TEMPLE-114006.

MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Irene Esther (Irene) TEMPLE-114830.

MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Jean TEMPLE-28221.

MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Carolyn TEMPLE-119229.

MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Debbie Marie -119292.

MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Linda Gail (Gail) TEMPLE-32898.

MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Rebecca TEMPLE-135691. Children were: Quincy MARTIN-135698.

MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Starr TEMPLE-141845.

MARTIN was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Orilla Temple PAYNE-167423. Orilla Temple PAYNE and MARTIN were married about 1939. They were divorced before June 1966.51842

MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Mary Edna SCARLATTA-169517.

MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Lou Emma LAWLER-171972.

MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Patsy Ann JULIAN-177948. Children were: Greg MARTIN-177953.

MARTIN7993 was born on 3 October 1735 in Dracut, Middlesex, MA.

Spouse: Sarah PARKER-11635. Sarah PARKER and MARTIN were married.

Abbie M. MARTIN (private).

Spouse: William H. BUCK-96493. Children were: Roy Alger BUCK-83730.

Abram MARTIN was born in 1839.51843

Spouse: Sarah E. TEMPLE-23754. Sarah E. TEMPLE and Abram MARTIN were married on 3 May 1859 in Johnson Co., AR.51843

Agnes M. (Poonie) MARTIN2694 was born in 1929.2695 She died on 31 January 2006 at the age of 77 in St. James, St. James, LA.2695 Buried in St. Luke Cemetery, St. James, LA. Parents: Eddie MARTIN Sr.-125823 and Florestine B. -125824.

Spouse: Willie TEMPLE Sr.-125826. Agnes M. (Poonie) MARTIN and Willie TEMPLE Sr. were married. Children were: Patricia TEMPLE-125827, Brenda TEMPLE-125828, Kathleen TEMPLE-125829, Willie J. TEMPLE Jr.-125830, Floyd TEMPLE Sr.-125831, Lionel TEMPLE Sr.-125832.

Allen MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Helen Varniece TEMPLE-80091. Children were: Bill MARTIN-80095, Linda MARTIN-80096.

Alma Alberta MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Charlie Jack HAYWOOD-70307. Children were: Nellie Ruth (Boots) HAYWOOD-70306.

Alma Jane MARTIN51844 was born in 1915 in IN.36746,51845 She appeared in the census in February 1920 in Wood Twp., Clark, IN.51845 She lived in Clark Co., IN in 1969.36746 Parents: James Norman "Tay" MARTIN-128846 and Lennie POTTS-128847.

Spouse: John GRINER-172635. Alma Jane MARTIN and John GRINER were married on 15 September 1969 in Jeffersonville, Clark, IN.36746 This was his second and her third marriage.

Spouse: TEMPEL-128854. Alma Jane MARTIN and TEMPEL were married before 1968. They were divorced before 15 September 1969.36746

Alma L. MARTIN51846 died.

Spouse: Henry P. WORICK-110441. Alma L. MARTIN and Henry P. WORICK were married. Children were: Alma Frances (Frances) WORICK-110439.

Alva Clarence MARTIN24553,51847 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Myrtle Lillian TRAINER-19800. Myrtle Lillian TRAINER and Alva Clarence MARTIN were married on 23 December 1891 in Washington Co., IN.51847 Children were: Fern Zella MARTIN-19781.

Alyce MARTIN was born on 18 June 1932.51848 She died on 28 October 2019 at the age of 87 in CA.51848 Cremated.

Spouse: TEMPLE-179196.

Amy Le Ann MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Richard Allen TEMPLE-144602.

Andrew P. MARTIN was born in 1887 in NC.15711 He died.

Spouse: Caroline (Callie) BRANCH-83951. Caroline (Callie) BRANCH and Andrew P. MARTIN were married before 1916. Children were: Hazel Florence MARTIN-83947.

Angie MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Jordan Charles WHITAKER-103875. Children were: Harold B. WHITAKER-103874.

Anna MARTIN (private).

Spouse: William TEMPLE-126610. Children were: Lizzie TEMPLE-126606.

Annie MARTIN was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William TEMPLE-31599. Annie MARTIN and William TEMPLE were married on 26 June 1886 in Logan Co., KY.51849 One of the witnesses was Isaiah Temple.

Annie Laura MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Lee Odis TEMPLE-164787.

Arnold MARTIN (private). Parents: Arnold W. MARTIN Sr.-65031 and Dorothy Minerva (Dorothy) TEMPLE-43053.

Arnold W. MARTIN Sr.51850 died before 2008.

Spouse: Dorothy Minerva (Dorothy) TEMPLE-43053. Dorothy Minerva (Dorothy) TEMPLE and Arnold W. MARTIN Sr. were married on 26 March 1932 in North Bennington, Bennington, VT.51851 Children were: Arnold MARTIN-65032, Randy MARTIN-65033, Gordon MARTIN-65034, Gary MARTIN-65035.

Aroy N. MARTIN was born on 27 December 1917 in Spencer Co., KY.51852,51853 He/she appeared in the census in April 1930 in Little Mount, Spencer, KY.51853 Name is from birth records, given as Norman R. in 1930. Parents: Minior MARTIN Jr.-92750 and Mamie TEMPLE-50700.

Arthur MARTIN (private).51854

Spouse: Brenda C. TEMPLE-145709.