John C. DERRICK (private).

Spouse: Betty J. TEMPLES-81133. Children were: Timothy J. DERRICK-81136.

Josephine DERRICK28792 was born on 13 January 1834. She died before 1900 at the age of 66 in Texarkana, Miller, AR.

Spouse: Abner D. FOWLKES-29425. Josephine DERRICK and Abner D. FOWLKES were married. Children were: Georgia Derrick (Georgie) FOWLKES-29424.

Lois Claudine DERRICK (private). Parents: Claude Lewis DERRICK-34496 and Lilly May (Mae) TEMPLES-34491.

Robert Wendell DERRICK (private). Parents: Claude Lewis DERRICK-34496 and Lilly May (Mae) TEMPLES-34491.

Rosalie (Rose) DERRICK was born on 18 January 1901 in Saluda, Saluda, SC.12782,28790,28793,28794,28795 Gave 1905 in 1940. She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Germanville, Saluda, SC.28790 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Batesburg, Lexington, SC.12782 Rosalie appeared in the census in April 1940 in Chinquapin Twp., Aiken, SC.28795 She died on 31 December 1987 at the age of 86 in Batesburg, Lexington, SC.28793,28796 Buried in Mt. Ebal Cemetery, Batesburg, SC. Parents: George A. DERRICK-63131 and Amerius KEISLER-34448.

Spouse: Charles Webster (Webster) TEMPLE(S)-34434. Rosalie (Rose) DERRICK and Charles Webster (Webster) TEMPLE(S) were married in 1929 in Batesburg, Lexington, SC.12782,28793 Children were: Charles Webster TEMPLE Jr.-34449, Rebecca Jane TEMPLE-34450, William Earl TEMPLE-34451.

Timothy J. DERRICK (private). Parents: John C. DERRICK-81135 and Betty J. TEMPLES-81133.

DERRINGTON28797 was born in 1850 in IL.28798 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Murphysboro, Jackson, IL.28798 He died.

Spouse: Adeline E. (Addie) TEMPLE-24165. Adeline E. (Addie) TEMPLE and DERRINGTON were married before 1920.

Ruby E. DERRINGTON28799 died.

Spouse: Farley SURRETT-113876. Ruby E. DERRINGTON and Farley SURRETT were married before 1921. Children were: Vivian Lee SURRETT-44619.

Gertie Mae (Mae) DERRY27241 was born on 4 October 1880 in Marion Co., IA.27241,28800,28801,28802,28803 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Knoxville, Marion, IA.28800 She appeared in the census in 1925 in Knoxville, Marion, IA.28802 Gertie appeared in the census in April 1930 in Knoxville, Marion, IA.28801 She died on 4 March 1934 at the age of 53 in Knoxville, Marion, IA.27241,28803 Died of acute heart dilation. Buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Knoxville, IA. Her parents were both from OH in 1920, but both from IA in 1930. Parents: Jacob DERRY-42351 and Hannah OGDEN-42352.

Spouse: Harve DARRAH-45665. Gertie Mae (Mae) DERRY and Harve DARRAH were married before 1918.

Spouse: William Daniel (Bill) TEMPLE-42349. Gertie Mae (Mae) DERRY and William Daniel (Bill) TEMPLE were married on 9 July 1919 in IA.27241,28801

Jacob DERRY27241 died before 1920. He was born in OH.28804

Spouse: Hannah OGDEN-42352. Hannah OGDEN and Jacob DERRY were married in OH.28805 Children were: Gertie Mae (Mae) DERRY-42350.

Mertyl M. DERRYBERRY28806 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Charles W. NATION-101834. Mertyl M. DERRYBERRY and Charles W. NATION were married before 1926. Children were: Mertyl Charlene (Charlene) NATION-31378.

Michelle Lee DERSHAM (private).

Spouse: Mark Allan TEMPLE-159086. Children were: Carrie Ann TEMPLE-158898, James A. TEMPLE-158997.

DERTHICK (private).

Spouse: Ruth GRUBB-63573. Children were: Richard DERTHICK-63575.

Mary Helen (Mary) DERTHICK28807 was born on 12 July 1830 in Warren, Herkimer, NY.28808,28809,28810,28811,28812 Her obituary claimed Dunkirk, NY. She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Helt Twp., Vermillion, IN.28809 Her cousin June Taylor was enumerated with her family in 1860. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Helt Twp., Vermillion, IN.28810 Mary appeared in the census in April 1910 in Helt Twp., Vermillion, IN.28811 She died on 5 March 1912 at the age of 81 in Dana, Vermillion, IN.28813,28814 Died of senile dementia. Buried in Bono Cemetery, Bono, IN. Died in her daughter Anna's home. Some sources indicate a middle name of Hitchcock. Her parents were both from NY. Parents: Otis Birch DERTHICK-19780 and Mary HITCHCOCK-19769.

Spouse: George Winfield TEMPLE-19767. Mary Helen (Mary) DERTHICK and George Winfield TEMPLE were married on 2 February 1854 in Vermillion Co., IN.8604,10351 Children were: Reuben Ransom TEMPLE-19770, Elva TEMPLE-19771, Carlin Hamlin (Carl) TEMPLE-19772, Nelson Henry TEMPLE-19773, Addie TEMPLE-19774, Frank TEMPLE-19775, Martha TEMPLE-19776, Anna Myrtle/Leigh TEMPLE-19777.

Myrtle DERTHICK28815 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Fred LEONARDSON-97285. Myrtle DERTHICK and Fred LEONARDSON were married before 1912. Children were: Russell M. LEONARDSON-54860.

Otis Birch DERTHICK28807 was born on 6 September 1801 in Warren, Herkimer, NY.28816

Spouse: Mary HITCHCOCK-19769. Mary HITCHCOCK and Otis Birch DERTHICK were married before 1830. Children were: Mary Helen (Mary) DERTHICK-19768.

Richard DERTHICK (private). Parents: DERTHICK-63574 and Ruth GRUBB-63573.

DERWAE4299 was born in Norway.4300

Spouse: Lora -54082. Lora and DERWAE were married in 1894.4300 Children were: Arleen J. DERWAE-54080.

Arleen J. DERWAE4299,28817 was born on 29 June 1905 in Green Bay, Brown, WI.4300,28818,28819 Grave marker says 1908. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Appleton, Outagamie, WI.4300 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Appleton, Outagamie, WI.28818 Arleen died on 2 August 1959 at the age of 54 in Appleton, Outagamie, WI.28817,28820,28821 No death certificate number was recorded for her. Died at home of a long but undisclosed illness. Buried in Appleton Highland Memorial Park, Appleton, WI. Given as Arlyn in death records. Maiden name also appears as Deway in her death records, but as Derway in her marriage newspaper report and in her obituary. Parents: DERWAE-54081 and Lora -54082.

Spouse: Thomas Leigh (Tom) TEMPLE Sr.-41500. Arleen J. DERWAE and Thomas Leigh (Tom) TEMPLE Sr. were married on 27 August 1929 in Green Bay, Brown, WI.4299,4300 The married in the home of the bride's mother. Children were: Robert T. TEMPLE-88249, Thomas Leigh (Tom) TEMPLE Jr.-88250.

Laura Aldia DERY23,15760 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Alfred Henry BOURASSA-43650. Laura Aldia DERY and Alfred Henry BOURASSA were married before 1941. Children were: Jacqueline Florence BOURASSA-43649.

DESCHENES1503 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mabel M. DEGASPE-26859. Mabel M. DEGASPE and DESCHENES were married before 1918.1503 They1503 were divorced before 1918.1503

Frederick W. DESCHERMEIER28822 was born in 1915 in Bay Shore, Charlevoix, MI.28823 He lived in Bay Shore, Charlevoix, MI in 1942.28823 He died. Parents: John DESCHERMEIER-97335 and Margaret HAUFFBAUER-97336.

Spouse: Frieda Marie TEMPLE-25299. Frieda Marie TEMPLE and Frederick W. DESCHERMEIER were married on 6 March 1942 in Charlevoix, Charlevoix, MI.28822,28823

John DESCHERMEIER28823 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Margaret HAUFFBAUER-97336. Margaret HAUFFBAUER and John DESCHERMEIER were married before 1915. Children were: Frederick W. DESCHERMEIER-25313.

Arnold Duane DESCHNER28824 was born on 12 November 1934 in Newton, Harvey, KS.28825 Parents: Arnold Wesley DESCHNER-75835 and Birdie Faye FORNEY-75836.

Spouse: Mary Imogene MORROW-75834.

Spouse: Delores Ann (Dee) TEMPLE-31727. Delores Ann (Dee) TEMPLE and Arnold Duane DESCHNER were married on 8 June 1956 in Peabody, Marion, KS.28825 Children were: Scott Arnold DESCHNER-67910, Trent Aaron DESCHNER-67909.

Arnold Wesley DESCHNER (private).

Spouse: Birdie Faye FORNEY-75836. Children were: Arnold Duane DESCHNER-31729.

Scott Arnold DESCHNER (private).28825 Parents: Arnold Duane DESCHNER-31729 and Delores Ann (Dee) TEMPLE-31727.

Trent Aaron DESCHNER (private).28825 Parents: Arnold Duane DESCHNER-31729 and Delores Ann (Dee) TEMPLE-31727.

Felix E.J. DESCOTEAU was born about 1882 in Wellsville, York, ME.23 He died before 1990 at the age of 108. Parents: Oliver DESCOTEAU-37431 and Marie MARCOTTE-37432.

Spouse: Josephine Louisa (Louisa) TEMPLE-18385. Josephine Louisa (Louisa) TEMPLE and Felix E.J. DESCOTEAU were married on 8 November 1906 in Haverhill, Essex, MA.23,28826 Also registered in Newburyport, MA.

Oliver DESCOTEAU (private).

Spouse: Marie MARCOTTE-37432. Children were: Felix E.J. DESCOTEAU-37430.

Guisseppin DESECA (private).

Spouse: Cesisio TAMBURRI-170364. Children were: Theresa TAMBURRI-170363.

Grace DESJARDINS was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Joseph TEMPEL-163522. Grace DESJARDINS and Joseph TEMPEL were married on 28 May 1918 in Hennepin Co., MN.28827

Thomas Henry DESKIN was born on 14 April 1899 in IA.28828 He lived in Rock Island, Rock Island, IL in 1960.28829 He died on 21 February 1983 at the age of 83 in Rock Island, Rock Island, IL.28828

Spouse: Dorothy TEMPLE-77578. Dorothy TEMPLE and Thomas Henry DESKIN were married on 7 June 1952 in Rock Island, Rock Island, IL.28829,28830 This may not have been a first marriage for either of them.

Jacques DESLONDE (private).

Spouse: Michelle TEMPLES-144170.

John J. DESMOND was born in 1854 in Ireland.28831 He immigrated in 1874.28831 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.28831 John lived in Cambridgeport, Middlesex, MA in 1901.28832

Spouse: Cecelia (Celia) TEMPLE-179970. Cecelia (Celia) TEMPLE and John J. DESMOND were married in 1888.28831

Alyse M. DESOTO (private).

Spouse: Kyle KNUST-112163.

Florida Albina DESPATIO was born (date unknown). Known only from the MA marriage index.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-160013. Florida Albina DESPATIO and UNKNOWN were married in 1943 in North Adams, Berkshire, MA.28833

Spouse: TEMPLE-160014. Florida Albina DESPATIO and TEMPLE were married before 1943.

Sadie DESPER17375 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Emmett I. BROOKS-98735. Sadie DESPER and Emmett I. BROOKS were married before 1917. Children were: Glenwood Harry BROOKS-22565.

DESROCHES (private).

Spouse: TEMPLE-131940. Children were: Simon Francois TEMPLE-131939.

James DESS28834 died.

Spouse: Clara M. HILL-102810. Clara M. HILL and James DESS were married before 1918. Children were: Zelda Marie DESS-94354.

Zelda Marie DESS28834 was born on 2 November 1918 in Pontiac, Oakland, MI.28834,28835,28836 She gave 1912 in 1940. She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Endicott, Broome, NY.28835 She lived Vestal RD # 1 in Vestal, Broome, NY on 16 October 1940.28837 Zelda lived in NY before 1951.28834 She died on 6 August 1997 at the age of 78 in Brackney, Susquehanna, PA.28836,28838 Buried in Nanticoke Valley Cemetery, Union Center, NY. Identification of Zelda, wife of Ronald Temple in 1940, as Zelda Marie Dess, is based on her unusual name, unusual locations, and relative timing, and therefore requires proof such as a marriage certificate.

Parents: James DESS-102809 and Clara M. HILL-102810.

Spouse: Ronald TEMPLE-94353. Zelda Marie DESS and Ronald TEMPLE were married before April 1940.28834

Spouse: Roland Merrill (Curly) TEMPLE-102498. Zelda Marie DESS and Roland Merrill (Curly) TEMPLE were married before 1939.28839 The marriage of Roland Merrill Temple to Zelda Marie is secure and is from his claim for next of kin in his draft registration. Children were: Marilyn Joyce TEMPLE-115141, Helen Louise TEMPLE-115142, Patricia Ann TEMPLE-124232, James Leroy TEMPLE-124233.

Spouse: Edward J. MILLS-102811. Zelda Marie DESS and Edward J. MILLS were married before July 1955.28834

Johanna Poulena DESSAINT (private).

Spouse: Mark David TRAUDT Sr.-73976. Children were: Mark David TRAUDT Jr.-73975.

Anna Catherine DETERS28840 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Stephen Francis FRIEDMAN-66696. Anna Catherine DETERS and Stephen Francis FRIEDMAN were married before 1910. Children were: Helen Celeste (Clese) FRIEDMAN-10057.

George R. DETTMAN28841 was born in 1882. He died in 1940 at the age of 58.

Spouse: Margaret TEMPLE-180882. Margaret TEMPLE and George R. DETTMAN were married.

Miriam Marie DETTRA (private).

Spouse: James Calvin TEMPLE-165020.

Pansy Marie DETTY was born on 17 April 1924 in Chillicothe, Ross, OH.28842,28843,28844 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Liberty, Ross, OH.28844 She died on 7 June 2000 at the age of 76 in Chillicothe, Ross, OH.28843,28845 Buried in Londonderry Cemetery, Londonderry, OH. Parents: Raymond R. DETTY-60283 and Audrey L. STEWART-60284.

Spouse: Douglas Melvin (Jack) TEMPLE-47356. Pansy Marie DETTY and Douglas Melvin (Jack) TEMPLE were married on 16 January 1943.28846 Children were: Douglas R. TEMPLE-69656, Sharon TEMPLE-69657.

Raymond R. DETTY28846 was born in 1904 in OH.28844

Spouse: Audrey L. STEWART-60284. Audrey L. STEWART and Raymond R. DETTY were married before 1924. Children were: Pansy Marie DETTY-60282.

Patricia Ann DETWEILER was born on 27 June 1938 in Danville, Vermilion, IL.28847 She died on 4 October 2005 at the age of 67.28847 Parents: Wayne O. DETWEILER-31283 and Marian Ruth TEMPLE-31281.

Wayne O. DETWEILER28847,28848 lived in Danville, Danville, VA in 1934.28849 He died.

Spouse: Marian Ruth TEMPLE-31281. Marian Ruth TEMPLE and Wayne O. DETWEILER were married on 15 July 1934 in Danville, Danville, VA.28849,28850 Children were: Patricia Ann DETWEILER-104301.

Barbara DETWILER28822 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Frederic August HANS-25304. Barbara DETWILER and Frederic August HANS were married before 1912. Children were: Helen Isabelle (Helen) HANS-25303.

Marcia A. DETWILER (private).28851 Parents: Ross Edward DETWILER-182950 and Verna Jane TEMPLE-182949.